NFASL Match Ups Weeks 4-8

         The AFC is rounding out with the expected teams taking center stage, and a few suprise teams stepping up to

take a leadership role. In the first four games of the season only the Los Angeles Chargers were able to come out unscathed. The Chargers are 4-0, and will look to carry that over into their next 4 games. The other teams of note are the Titans, Jaguars, Browns, Patriots, and Chiefs which are all 3-1. The next batch of games will be a determing factor for a lot of these teams as we approach the half way portion of the league. The teams on the lower end of the spectrum such as the Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Colts, and Texans all have 1 win with the exception of the Texans which is 0-3 presently but still looking for the outcome of week 4. They cannot afford to fall to far behind, or it will take a monumental effort to make the playoffs.

*JD's Sportsbook Predictions in Parentheses

AFC North:



Baltimore Ravens 2-2

  • Next Four games -
  1. @ Pittsburgh Steelers - (Ravens -3) Rivalry Game!!! The Ravens are coming off a huge win over the Browns in week 4, and will look to carry that over into this Divisional game. The Steelers are 2-2 as well so this game could carry huge meaning down the stretch. 
  2. Cincinatti Bengals -
  3. @ Seattle Seahawks -
  4. Bye Week -


Cincinnati Bengals 2-2

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Arizona Cardinals (Bengals -9)  A 7 point loss for the Bengals to the Steelers a week ago still sticks in the craw of the Bengals head coach bgreat238. They will take on the Cardinals who have come to look like the worst team in the league, so winning this game has become an absolute must.                           .
  2. @ Baltimore Ravens -
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars -
  4. @ Los Angeles Rams - 


Cleveland Browns 3-1

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. @ San Francisco 49ers (Browns +6).Rivalry Game!!!! This game has easily been dubbed Game of the Week as these two teams will square off in primetime. The Browns have pretty much an allstar team, and the Niners will like to know if they can even compete                                                    .
  2. Seattle Seahawks -
  3. Bye Week
  4. @ New England Patriots - 


Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2

  • Next Four Games - 
  1.  Baltmore Ravens (Steelers +6) .Rivalry Game!!!!  This AFC North Match up will see the Steelers take on their bitter rivals Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens. Both teams are coming off wins, and both teams have identical records. Look for this one to to be played with a little animosity .
  2. @ Los Angeles Chargers -
  3. Bye Week
  4. Miami Dolphins - 

AFC West:



Kansas City Chiefs 3-1

  • Next Four games -
  1. Indianapolis Colts (Chiefs -5) The Chiefs have come to life which is bad news for the rest of the league as their offensive firepower is literally second to none. They will be looking to go full speed ahead in this match up between the comeback player of the year a year ago, Andrew Luck, and the Lgs MVP in Patty Mahomes  . 
  2. Houston Texans -
  3. @ Denver Broncos -
  4. Green Bay Packers -


Los Angeles Chargers 4-0

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Denver Broncos (Chargers -8). Rivalry Game!!!! The Chargers are the only undefeated team in the AFC with a perfect 4-0 record. They will look to continue that good fortune as they will welcome in the Denver Broncos .
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers -
  3. @ Tennessee Titans -
  4. @ Chicago Bears -


Denver Broncos 2-2

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. @ Los Angeles Chargers (Broncos +8) Rivalry Game!!!! The Denver Broncos have dropped two in a row with their second being in glorious fashion on primetime giving up close to 75 points in the loss. For a door prize they get division rival, and undefeated Los Angeles Chargers in week 5  .
  2. Tennessee Titans -
  3. Kansas City Chiefs -
  4. @ Indianapolis Colts - 


Oakland Raiders 2-2

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Chicago Bears (Raiders +4) . The Raiders tied up their record winning two in a row, but will now have their toughest test of the season as they welcome in Khalil Mack their former player and the Chicago Bears.
  2. Bye Week
  3. @ Green Bay Packers -
  4. @ Houston Texans - 


AFC South:


Indianapolis Colts 1-3

  • Next Four games - 
  1. @ Kansas City Chiefs (Colts +5) The Colts are officially reeling as they drop to 1-3, and now look at a 0-4 possibility with the High Powered Kansas City Chiefs on the schedule. The Colts run game will need to get cranked up to keep the ball out of the hands of Pat Mahomes   .
  2. Bye Week
  3. Houston Texans -
  4. Denver Broncos -   


Tennessee Titans 3-1

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Buffalo Bills (Titans -12) The Titans are coming off a blowout win over the Falcons in week 4, and will look to garner another one as they will be taking on the 1 win Buffalo Bills in week 5. Look for Marcus Mariota to continue his hot streak in this match up .
  2. @ Denver Broncos -
  3. Los Angeles Chargers -
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -  


Houston Texans 0-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Atlanta Falcons (Texans -2) Not many thought that the Texans would start the season at 0-3 possibly 0-4 as we are still awaiting the outcome of his week 5 game at the time of this article. They will be taking on the Atlanta Falcons who need a win just as much as they do  .
  2. @ Kansas City Chiefs -
  3. @ Indianapolis Colts -
  4. Oakland Raiders - 


Jacksonville Jaguars 3-1

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. @ Carolina Panthers (Jags -2) The Jaguars announced themselves to the rest of the league with a blowout win on primetime one in which saw Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Nick Foles throw countem, 6 tds in the win. The Panthers are on deck, and the possibility of a 4-1 start is music to the ears of every Jaguar fan.
  2. New Orleans Saints -
  3. @ Cincinatti Bengals -
  4. New York Jets -  

AFC East:



New England Patriots 3-1

  • Next Four games -
  1. @ Washington Redskins (Pats -3) Tom Brady, and the Patriots will be visiting Donald Trumps White House, and viewing all the attractions in the Nations Capitol. O, and BTW they will take on a Redskins team while they're there.
  2. New York Giants - 
  3. @ New York Jets - 
  4. Cleveland Browns -   


Miami Dolphins 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Bye Week -
  2. Washington Redskins -
  3. @ Buffalo Bills -
  4. @ Pittsburgh Steelers -  


New York Jets 1-2

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Philadelphia Eagles (Jets -15) There's an old saying that goes best way to get over a girlfriend, is to get underneath a new one. i'm saying the best way to get over a 1-2 start is to have Melblaze on the schedule...... .
  2. Dallas Cowboys -
  3. New England Patriots -
  4. @ Jacksonville Jaguars -   


Buffalo Bills 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Tennessee Titans (Bills +12) The Buffalo Bills got off the snide with a much needed win over the Patriots in week 4, and will look to carry that momentum over this week as they take on criticalnews and the Titans. The Bills can ill afford to fall to 1-4 so this has become a must win .
  2. Bye Week
  3. Miami Dolphins -
  4. Philadelphia Eagles - 


 The NFC will be the focus as we look at the first 4 games of each team in the NFC divisions. With only a 16 game regular season every game matters and the first quarter of the season is just as important as the last. Lets look at some teams that have started out hot, teams that have startedslow and some teams that are right in the middle. 


NFC North:



Green Bay Packers 4-0

  • Next Four games -
  1. @ Dallas Cowboys - (Packers -12)  Packers look to take their high flying offense into Big D this week. With their offense scoring a ridiculous 44 ppg and their defense averaging 5 takeaways a game its not hard to see why they are favored by 12 on the road. 
  2. Detroit Lions - 
  3. Oakland Raiders - 
  4. @ Kansas city Chiefs -     


Detroit Lions 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Bye Week
  2. @ Green Bay Packers -
  3. Minnesota Vikings -
  4. New York Giants -   


Chicago Bears 2-2

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Oakland Raiders - (Bears -4) Da Bears squeezed out a close one last week in a divisional game against the Vikings. The defense has been leading the way for Da Bears this season but the offense hasn't got on the train. Their 3rd down percentage is at 32% while their redzone percentage is 62% these are horrific numbers and not gonna get Da Bears very far.  
  2. Bye Week -
  3. New Orleans Saints -
  4. Los Angeles Chargers -   


Minnesota Vikings 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ New York Giants - ( Vikings +15) Vikings are walking into buzzsaw as the Giants have a 71 point differential this season. If the Vikings have any chance they need to do two things: Heavy dose of Dalvin Cook and convert in the redzone. They are 39% in the redzone this season which will not win you games especially on the road.   
  2. Philadelphia Eagles -
  3. @ Detroit Lions -
  4. Washington Redskins -

NFC West:



Arizona Cardinals 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @Cincinanati Bengals - (Cardinals +9) This is do or die for the Cardinals as they go on the road 3 of the next 4 games. Already at 1-3 they are going to pull out everything in the bag to have a chance of coming out of this stretch alive. And to keep their number 1 pick alive the oline is going to have to start blocking for Murray who has already been sacked 30 times. 
  2. Atlanta Falcons -  
  3. @ New York Giants - 
  4. @ New Orleans Saints -     


Seattle Seahawks 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Los Angeles Rams - ( Seahawks -2) This is basically a playoff game for Seattle as dropping to 1-4 with the Browns and Ravens coming up could end any hope of contention rather early. Seattle will need to rely their stud RB Chris Carson and the best home crowd in football. A heavy dose of Chris Carson and ball control offense could be the best defense vs the best offenses in the league. 
  2. @ Cleveland Browns -
  3. Baltimore Ravens -
  4. @ Atlanta Falcons -        


San Francisco 49ers 3-0

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Cleveland Browns - (49ers -6) 49ers have been salivating during the bye week to get to this game. After three wins to start the season this is their biggest test so far. This game will be won in the trenches. The 49ers are only giving up 89.0 rushing yards per game while the Browns average 156 yards led by controversial offseason pickup Kareem Hunt. This is going to be a straight dawg fight.  
  2. @ Los Angeles Rams -
  3. @ Washington Redskins -
  4. Carolina Panthers -  


Los Angeles Rams 2-2

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Seattle Seahawks - (Rams +2) This is not do or die for the Rams but it is much better to be over .500 than be under it. They are going to have to match the desperation from the 1-3 Seahawks but with the last ranked defense in points allowed and 31st in yards allowed the Rams can't be trusted on the road. Defense wins on the road. 
  2. San Francisco 49ers -
  3. @ Atlanta Falcons -
  4. Cincinatti Bengals - 


AFC South:


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-4

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ New Orleans Saints - (Buccs +18) Usually I would advise to stay away from big point spreads especially in the NFL where anything can happen but the key word here is usually. With the Buccs giving up 38 ppg and it being a road game this can get ugly. On the other hand if Jameis wants the big dollars this offseason this is a game that balling out could go a long way along with a few Hail Marys or whichever prayer you believe in. 
  2. Carolina Panthers -
  3. Bye Week
  4. @ Tennessee Titans -      


Carolina Panthers 2-1

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - (Panthers +2) This is pretty much a pickem game as these two teams aren't very familiar with each other which can make for a nailbiter. The Panthers look to make the Jags a one dimensional team as they have been stingy againt the run this year. Cam Newton is completing 75% of his passes and spreading the ball around to his wrs. If the Panthers are smart they will try to take advantage of the Jags 29th ranked run denfense this week with a heavy dose of McCaffrey.  
  2. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
  3. Bye Week
  4. @ San Francisco 49ers -   


Atlanta Falcons 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. ​@ Houston Texans - (Falcons +2) The Falcons are searching for an identity as they haven't exceled on offense or defense so far which for such a talented team is dissappointing. This would be a good week to start finding some answers as they travel to Houston. Being 2-3 keeps you very much alive in the playoff hunt. 
  2. @ Arizona Cardinals -
  3. Los Angeles Rams -
  4. Seattle Seahawks -


​​New Orleans Saints 4-0

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - (Saints -18) The Saints have been dominant all season and it doesn't seem like it will stop here. They are going against a Buccs team that has not been able to figure it out and the answers probably won't be in Superdome with Who Dat Nation causing all kinds of commotion. 
  2. @ Jacksonville Jaguars -
  3. @ Chicago Bears -
  4. Arizona Cardinals -

NFC East:



The Dallas Cowboys 1-3

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Green Bay Packers - (Cowboys +12) The most dissapointing team for the 1st quarter of the season was the Dallas Cowboys. They should be insulted to be underdogs by 12 at home agaisnt anybody but they just haven't shown they have it figured out yet. This could be the week as a win here could get them going on the right path. One of the biggest storylines this week is who will be the QB going foward with Cody Kessler throwing for 345 yds and 3 tds last week. My money would be that he gets the nod this week.
  2. @ New York Jets - 
  3. Philadelphia Eagles - 
  4. Bye Week     

Washington Redskins 2-2

  • Next Four Games -
  1. New England Patriots - (Washington +3) Washington will need to carry that top 5 pass defense into this week as they host the never aging Tom Brady. Washington plays a style that could give the Pats problems as they are about ball control and defense. That formula will give you a chance most of the time. This is my upset pick of the week. 
  2. @ Miami Dolphins -
  3. San Francisco 49ers -
  4. @ Minnesota Vikings -   


New York Giants 4-0

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Minnesota Vikings - (-15) Unless an upset happens the Giants have a good chance of keeping their undefeated record in tact. Eli Manning has never looked better and as he has done many times in his career he led the Giants on game winning drive capped off by Saquon Barkley as the clock hit 0. Only concern here for the Giants is the temptation to look past this game and onto the powerhouse New England Patriots next week. 
  2. @ New England Patriots -
  3. Arizona Cardinals -
  4. @ Detroit Lions -  


Philadelphia Eagles 0-4

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. New York Jets - (Eagles +15) If the Eagles can limit turnovers this week they could have a chance to win. Easier said than done though as they have been a turnover machine all season. Good thing for them is so have the Jets. This one could be sloppy and these two teams like to engage in a game of hot potato.  
  2. @ Minnesota Vikings -
  3. @ Dallas Cowboys -
  4. @Buffalo Bills -

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