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NFASL Game of the Week 10


Game of the Week 10



   Carolina Panthers (6-3)31            New Orleans Saints (6-3)10

Team Leaders:

  • C. Newton 211yds, 0td, 1int     P. Wall 278yds, 1td, 5int
  • C. McCaffrey 19att, 36yds, 2tdP. Wall 1att, 15yds, 0td
  • A. Carr 3rec, 62yds, 0td           M. Thomas 8rec, 169yds, 1td


  Panthers Prayers are Answered!

          New Orleans, LO. In the NFASL Game of the Week 10 The New Orleans Saints took care of business on the road blow out their Division Rival the New Orleans Saints 31-10. With the Atlanta Falcons 9-0 and running away with the Division a loss here for the Panthers would have been Devastating to their playoff chances. Well disaster averted for at least a week, as the Panthers door prize is the undefeated Atlanta Falcons in week 11. The Panthers Defense will look for a repeat performance as they all but shut down the Saints offense. intercepting Saints Quarterpack Paul Wall 5 times, and sacking him 4. With the Panthers Defense playing lights out the Panther offense lead by Super Star Quarterback Cam Newton was able to play the role of Game Manager. Newton threw for 211 yards, with 1 interception. He did not take any sacks, and didn't do anything that would cost the team this game that they desperately needed..

             The New Orleans Saints reeling from this weeks blow ouut loss will have to get back to worlk in week 11 as they take on NFC North Division Leading Minnesota Vikings. The Carolina Panthers get what they have asked for and that's another shot at the Atlanta Falcons. The undefeated Atlanta Falcons, who are a full 3 games ahead of both the Saints, and Panthers. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Up Week 10


         NFL Match Up week 10


       Away                                        Home

(5-3) @   (6-2)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!! Easily the most intriguing match up of the week as the NFC South battle for second place is underway. The Falcons are running away with the Division, so keeping pace becomes paramount for these two teams!

 (5-3)      @          (3-5)

Preview: Redskins Quarterback Hansen Biletinikofff threw up all over himself a week ago throwing 4 interceptions, and 3 pick 6's. He will look to redeem himself this week against the dangerous Pittsburgh Steelers.

 (7-2)      @           (8-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! These two teams are battling it out in the AFC East, and this game should carry with it all kinds of meaning as we approach the end of the season. The Bills won the East last season, and are looking to do it again this one! 

 (3-5)       @           (5-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! This NFC North Match up will see the Vikings try to extend the slightest of leads in the Division. The Packers are still in striking distance however, and can ill afford a loss here. 

 (5-3)       @           (4-4)

Preview: These two teams are in the Mix of everything hovering around .500 The Bengals need this game a smidgeon more than the Jaguars so I will give them the slight nod in this match up.

 (0-8)       @           (6-2)

Preview: The once Proud owner Hitskah showing up to Jerry World with a 0-8 record, is almost surprising as the Cowboys leading the NFC East. The Lions play for pride, and will look to upset the highly favored Cowboys .

 (1-7)       @           (4-4)

Preview: King Bubbaloe gave the Titans everything they could handle a week ago, but managed to lose the game no matter. They take on the 2 time winning Super Bowl winning coach Jbeast who is trying despartely to make the playoffs.

 (1-7)       @           (1-7)

Preview: Rivalry game!!! The AFC East is on display in this match up and both teams have the same record which is 1-7. The Jets were in the mix of the Playoffs a year ago, and now have become a laughing stock. the Dolphins headcoach Savi is still figuring things out, and will look to start putting some wins together!

 (1-7)       @           (0-8)

Preview: Coach Dwillsavage is still looking for his first win of his career in the NFASL. This week he takes on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a team that has one win. If it's going to happen this is the Week to do it.

 (7-1)       @           (1-7)

Preview: Melblaze vs Tommanowns in this match up might as well be David Vs Goliath, except David doesn't have a rock, he has a spit ball. Look for the 4 time Super Bowl winning coach to mop the floor with the Eagles!

 (1-7)       @           (5-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! This used to be a marquee game however with the departure of Itzbraff this game has become less than stellar. Look for the Niners to win this one easily!

 (7-1)       @           (3-5)

Preview: The Titans are once again among the leagues most dangerous teams. They take their show on the road as the take on the Oakland Raiders in the black hole. will the comfy confines give the Raiders the Much Needed boost to win this game?

 (6-3)       @           (8-1)

Preview: The Atlanta Falcons are the leagues best teams, and undefeated team in the league at 8-0. They will look to take it to 9, however they will have to get it done in Lambeau field!

 (5-3)       @           (1-7)

Preview: It's never a good sign when  you have the Defending Super Bowl Champs on your schedule, and it becomes even worse when your team is 1-7. This should be a blowout of the highest order.


ESPN Breaking News it's a Banner Season Fellas! Super Bowl XXV! Who will hang a Banner in the Hall of Chanmpions!


         On this edition of ESPNEWS We are at the half way point of the season and things are becoming clearer in the NFASL as the contenders, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, and New England Patriots. Then you have the Pretenders Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers, and the Green Bay Packers are showing the world just what they are. At the Halfway point you start getting a clearer picture of who will be making that Deep playoff push.  It seems like their will be a collision course as the Atlanta Falcons are the only undefeated Team in the NFASL, but the Seattle Seahawks have only lost one game. They could find themselves in the Cross hairs in the NFC Championship Game. They have clearly been the most dominant two teams in the Conference. With this Being a Banner year could this be the season that Caesar, or Joey Bockus finally breakthrough and hang a Banner in the Hall of Champions. In any regard Let's take a look at the Divisions and see how things are shaking out. !


NFC West:

  • Seattle Seahawks 7-1
  • Arizona Cardinals 5-2
  • San Francisco 49ers 5-3
  • Los Angeles Rams 0-7

      Overview: This is always one of the best divisions in football with thise season being no different. With the Seahawks leading the way at 7-1, but the Cardinals, and the Niners right behind them this could go down to the final weeks of the season. As of now Russell Wilson has been playing like a MVP candidate, and are one of the Leagues, not just division most dangerous teams. The Arizona Cardinals after a great season a year ago, a playoff season are looking to make another deep run this year. They will however have their hands full with the San Francisco 49ers who have hit the skids as of late. The Rams should be mentioned, however with the losses mounting many are wondering if they will even be an impediment to anyone in the league.

NFC North:

  • Minnesota Vikings 5-3
  • Chicago Bears 4-3
  • Green Bay Packers 3-5
  • Detroit Lions 0-7

      Overview: The NFC North is in control of the Minnesota Vikings as of now, however time will tell if they can hold on to it. As long as the Two time, back to back defending Champs Chicago Bears are in the Division they are the team to beat. They started out slow as Super Bowl fatigue kicked in, but they have since gotten their act together which should strike fear into any team that has to play the. The Green Bay Packers are a up and down team, and you think some weeks they have gotten it together. However at 3-5 they cannot be taken seriously as a contender in the North.  Which leaes the once mighty coach Hitskah, and the Detroit Lions. They are a shell of their former selves, and have all but given up on the season.

NFC South:

  • Atlanta Falcons 9-0
  • New Orleans Saints 4-5
  • Carolina Panthers 5-3
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-7

      Overview: The NFC South Would belongs to the Atlanta Falcons as of now, and nothing but a trip to Super Bowl XXV will do! The Falcons have been roughing up the entire league with one of the most balanced teams in the whole of the NFASL. At 9-0 the playoffs are pretty much an afterthought. They cannot take winning the Division for granted as long as they have the New Orleans Saints, and the Carolina Panthers in the Division as they are no slouches themselves. The Saints are in 2nd place, and the Panthers are right behind them in third. The team pulling up the rear are the 1-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Even though the Buccaneers record is poor, their coach is proud and bfore its all said and done they will spoil someones playoff chances!

NFC East:

  • Dallas Cowboys 6-2
  • New York Giants5-4
  • Washington Redskins 3-5
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1-6

      Overview: The NFC East Belongs to the Dallas Cowboys for now! The Giants put together damn near a perfect game a week ago against the Washington Redskins, where as the Dallas Cowboys fell apart against the Baltimore Ravens. The Cowboys have the best roster in the Division, but the Coaches constant loathing when things don't go his way could be the teams undoing. The Giants have owned the Division for the last 3 seasons, and might just need a few hiccups along the way to rev them up for these regular season games. With the Washington Redskins still struggling with an up and down season, they have become something other than to be feared. Until they settle the Quarterback Situation the Redskins will be on the outside looking in of the playoffs for the 4th season in a row. The final team is the Philadelphia Eagles who are once again among the Leagues worst teams. A sad sight as the Real life Eagles are playing for it all come next week.

ESPN Match Ups Week 9


         NFL Match Up week 9


       Away                                        Home

(6-1) @   (6-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Two teams atop their respective divisions are paired up in this Match up in Week 9. The Cowboys, and the Ravens are trying to make amends for less than stellar seasons a year ago, and the Winner of this game will have a major lead on the playoff race!

 (6-1)      @          (1-6)

Preview: The Browns are in for another tough game as they take on the Titans who has perenially been one of the leagues best teams over the past 4 seasons.

 (5-2)      @           (1-6)

Preview: The Jets season of discontent continues for the Jets as a 1-6 start has pretty much ended their season. They take on the Cardinals who are looking to keep pace with both the Seahawks, and the Niners in the West! 

 (4-4)       @           (3-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The last time these two teams the Washington Redskins took a step in balancing the scales as the Giants have had their way with the Redskins over the last few seasons. This 2nd Game should be one for the record Books!

 (4-3)       @           (1-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC South match up will see the Texans look to get back on track, and the Jaguars to take a step toward the Playoffs that has eluded him since his Super Bowl loss.

 (4-3)       @           (0-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The NFC North is home of the Defending Super Bowl Champs Chicago Bears. They take on the winless Lions. The Lions won't be playing for anything but pride, but Pride is all you have sometimes .

 (1-6)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivarly Game!! The Dolphins are taking on the Patriots a team who is coming off a 62 point blowout win in week 8. With the Patriots hitting their stride this mountain might just be too great for the team from South Florida.

 (4-3)       @           (1-6)

Preview: Rivalry game!!! The Panthers got a much needed win a week ago against the AFC West Division leading Chargers. They will look to make it two in a row as they take on the Buccaneers a team who has struggled so far in the early Season!

 (1-6)       @           (0-7)

Preview: As things Change, they Remain the same as the Rams with a new owner has zero wins, just like you expect when the Eagles roll around they have 1 win themselves.

 (5-2)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! this NFC West match up will see the Seahawks look to extend their lead in the division as they will take on San Francisco 49ers. no love lost between these two teams and I expect this to be blood sport!

 (3-5)       @           (5-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Chargers took a loss to the Panthers in week 8, and wll look to take on their Divisional Rival the Kansas City Chiefs who lost in specatcular fashion to the Patriots!

 (3-4)       @           (4-3)

Preview: The Raiders are trying to track down the Chargers for the lead in the AFC West. They take on the Steelers who are still reeling from the loss to the Ravens!

 (8-0)       @           (3-5)

Preview: The Atlanta Falcons are the leagues best teams, and undefeated team in the league at 8-0. They will look to take it to 9, however they will have to get it done in Lambeau field!


NFASL Game of the Week 8


Game of the Week 8



   Seattle Seahawks (6-1)38            New York Giants (4-4)35

Team Leaders:

  • R. Wilson 372yds, 0td, 0int   D. Beck 419yds, 0td, 0int
  • T. Rawls 0att, 00yds, 0td       O. Darkwa 00att, 00yds, 0td
  • D. Baldwin 0rec, 000yds, 0tdO. Beckham JR. 3rec, 134yds, 0td


  Bombs away in the Big Apple!

          East Rutherford, NJ. In the NFASL Game of the Week 8 the Seattle Seahawks held on to defeat the New York Giants in what turned out to be a Defense need not apply affair as the Seahawks won in a shootout 38-35. The Giants have come back to the Pack this season as they ran away with the NFC East the past 3 seasons However the Giants mortgaged the future for Super Bowls and since those Super Bowls Banners did not materialize they are paying the price now for one of their most incomplete teas in recent memory. The Giants are finding out the Hard way that just merely showing up and bullying people can no longer be done. The Seahawks on the other hand, have build for the long haul, all the while keeping their hand in the Playoff pot. They lead the NFC West, and should be a team to be feared come playoff time. Only time will tell if they can make the next step to great.

             The New York Giants now 2 full games behind the division leading Dallas Cowboys will take on the Washington Redskins in Week 9. The Giants lost to the Redskins a few weeks back, and have revenge on their minds. Extra incentive for them to come out and play well in their game. The Seattle Seahawks are leading the NFC West, and will take on their closest competition in the Division in the San Francisco 49ers who have come back to earth after winning their first 4 game. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Ups Week 8


         NFL Match Up week 8


       Away                                        Home

(6-1) @   (4-4)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! These two teams have designs of making a deep playoff push, however the Giants have looked anything but less than stellar this year. Turning it around starts now for the Giants !

 (5-2)      @          (3-3)

Preview: The Panthers at 3-3 are digging themselves a hole only an ocean of water can fill with the Falcons running away with the Division at 8-0. The Panthers need this game a whole hell of a lot more than the Chargers.

 (6-1)      @           (1-6)

Preview: Rivlary Game!!!! The Difference a season makes as the Cowboys were an all time bad team last year going 0-16. A last place schedule, and a completely loaded team has done the Cowboys well! 

 (5-1)       @           (3-4)

Preview: The Promise of a playoff season for the Chiefs is slipping away as the losses are starting to mount. They now take on a Patriots team that has finally found their stride after the retirrment of Tom Brady!

 (3-4)       @           (1-5)

Preview: The Bengals last few losses have been in spectacular Blowout fashion. They will take on a Texans team that is full of talent, but are strruggling in the early parts of the season.

 (0-8)       @           (8-0)

Preview: As with all new coaches they quickly learn that winning in the NFASL is no easy feat. Welcome to the NFASL Dwillsavage, and for your door prize we give you the only undefeated team in the league.

 (3-3)       @           (3-3)

Preview: These Two teams are in the mix of everything in the NFC, and AFC respectively. However creating some wiggle room is paramount when trying to make sure you are in contention come the end of the season.

 (5-1)       @           (4-2)

Preview: Rivlary Game!!! This AFC North Match up could easily be the game of the Week, as Tommanowns is looking for revenge as that only blemish on the Ravens Record came at the hand of the Steelers!

 (6-2)       @           (5-2)

Preview: The New Orleans Saints are trying to keep pace with the undefeated Falcons in the NFC South, where as the Niners are hunting down the seahawks. This game should be one to watch .

 (1-6)       @           (7-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! No one can fully explain what  happened to the Jets in the offseason, as this playoff team from a season ago is now one of the worst in the league. Things will now go from bad to worse as they take on Division Rival the Bills who smell blood in the water!

 (4-2)       @           (0-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! Coach Grace gets his 2nd, first tast of a Divisional game. However it might end badly if the Rams are unable to shake the Pick 6 bug!

 (5-1)       @           (4-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The last time these two teams met it was the Titans in a blow out. The Colts have a chance at revenge at home, however some have accused Coach Jbeast of Ducking. Sacrilegious, I know from a two time Supr Bowl Winning coach!

 (1-5)       @           (4-3)

Preview: This North VS South Match up looks like it should be a blow out in favor of the Vikings, however the Vikings recent struggles on Offense, could come back to bite them as the Buccaneers if anything has one of the best defenses in the league.

NFASL Game of the Week 7


Game of the Week 7



   Minnesota Vikings (4-3)03            Chicago Bears (4-3)10

Team Leaders:

  • D. Carrve 121yds, 0td, 3intM. Treubisky 234yds, 1td, 3int
  • L. Bell 8att, 25yds, 0td     J. Langford 14att, 32yds, 0td
  • S. Diggs 4rec, 111yds, 0tdK. Allen 5rec, 81yds, 0td


  Bears Feast on Vikings!

          Chicago, IL. In the NFASL Game of the Week 7 The chicago Bears Dominance over the Minnesota Vikings continued with a 10-7 win. The Vikings once potent offense has been incognito in the last few weeks, and Coach e30zack is looking for answers. The Vikings have been held to sub 20 points in 3 of the last 4 games. Second Year Quarterback Derek Carrve out of Georgia has struggled only completing 62% of his passes, with 12 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions on the season so far. The Vikings also squandered the Division lead to the Bears who now find themselves in dual first place in the North. The Bears Struggled out of the gate, but have now caught the Vikings, who were hoping to go wire to wire in the North. Mitchell Trubisky has been working out the Kinks with his New receiver Kenaan Allen, and once that connection becomes second nature, The Bears could be in line for a 3 peat.   With the Bears Defense holding the Vikings to 101 yards in the game, sacking Carrve 7 times, and intercepting him thrice it's a miracle that this game wasn't a blow out.

   The Chicago Bears head into their bye week feeling good after throwing themselves into a tie in the NFC North Standings. They will take on the Detroit Lions at 0-6 is having a season to forget. The Minnesota Vikings will look to get their offense back on track as they will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No Easy task as the Buccs have one of the best defenses in the league, even if they don't have a record to show for it. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Up Week 7


         NFL Match Up week 7


       Away                                        Home

(4-2) @   (3-3)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! This NFC North Match up is easily the most compelling match up of the Week as the Vikings have had trouble in recent years dispatching the Bears. The Vikings have a slight lead in the Division, and would go a long way for their future plans if they can pull out a win here!

 (0-6)      @          (2-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Green Bay Packers will look to pull their record to .500 if they can defeat the winless Lions, whose season is over before it has started.

 (1-5)      @           (4-1)

Preview: Rivlary Game!!!! Coach Bubbaloe announced himself to the League by dropping 36, and defeating Coach Moon, and the Washington Redskins. He now will face Tommanowns 4 time Super Bowl Winner, in his first Rivalry Game! 

 (5-1)       @           (3-3)

Preview: Bills Quarterback Baker Mayfield, threw 4 touchdown Passes in their game of the Week match up against the Titans in week 6. They will look to keep the train rolling as they travel to Kansas City to take on the suddenly slumping Chiefs!

 (4-1)       @           (1-4)

Preview: The Dallas Cowboys are already announcing on Social Media that they will make the Playoffs. Chances are they will after the Way their Defense played a week ago sacking Bengals QB 6 times, forcing 3 fumbles.

 (0-5)       @           (2-4)

Preview: A week aftet the Redskins put on a Defensive Clinic against the High Powered Vikings offense holding them to 10 points. The Browns dropped 36 on them shocking them at home.

 (3-3)       @           (2-3)

Preview: Both these teams are looking up at teams in their respective Divsions, and both are coming off losses in week 6. Cam Newton will look to bounce back after a 4 interception performance.

 (4-1)       @           (1-5)

Preview: Rivlary Game!!! The Dolphins fumbled away their Chances in week 6 against the Jaguars, and now will take on the Division Leading New England Patriots Sanz Tom Brady. This is a Must win for the Dolphins if they expect to make any noise this Season!

 (0-6)       @           (4-2)

Preview: Coach Dwillsavage10 makes his debut against a Saints team coming off a let down game against the Packers. THe Saints were held to 9 points in the loss, so expect the Broncos to try to follow that same formula .

 (6-0)       @           (5-1)

Preview: The Falcons are the only Remaining undefeated team, however they will take on the 5-1 Los Angeles Chargers who expect to turn out the Lights, Excuse the pun!

 (1-4)       @           (3-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Injury to Pat Mahomes might be just to much for the Colts to overcome as Sam Bradford now has the reins to the Colts offense. If they Texans expect to make any hay this season they can ill afford to lose this game!

 (1-4)       @           (3-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Giants headcoach blowout loss then subsequwent Meltdown on Social Media gets just what the Doctor Ordered. Melblaze, and the Eagles on your schedule!

 (3-2)       @           (3-2)

Preview: The Jaguars looked like their old selves with a blowout win a week ago. They will now take on the Steelers with a amped Leonard Fournette who is looking to make a point against the team that traded him away.

 (3-3)       @           (4-1)

Preview: The Bengals are coming off an embarrassing 51-7 shalacking to the Cowboys, and now will take on the Titans who are more than angry after getting beat themselves in primetime!

NFASL Game of the Week 6


Game of the Week 6



   Buffalo Bills (5-1)41            Tennessee Titans (4-1)17

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 228yds, 4td, 0intM. Mariota 177yds, 2td, 5int
  • D. Cook 17att, 40yds, 0td     E. Elliott 17att, 66yds, 0td
  • M. Murdock 4rec, 38yds, 1tdC. Davis 4rec, 99yds, 1td


  Titans Learn the Blues!

          Memphis, TN. In the NFASL Game of the Week 6 The Buffalo Bills Defense was on full display defeating the Tennessee Titans 41-17. In what many believed could be a preview of the AFC Championship game the Buffalo Bills Defense Put on a stellar performance harrassing Titans Star Quarterback Marcus Mariota All night. Sacking him twice, and intercepting him a career high 5 times. The Bills just might have the best defense in the league, and look to be ready to take the next step to legendary if they can somehow manage to win Super Bowl XXV. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was exceptional throwing 4 touchdown passes in the win. The Bills 3rd year signal caller is showing he can do it multiple ways, as the running game was shut down as Dalvin Cook only managed 40 yards on 17 carries. With the Bills being a complete team, the league has been put on notice after this win, now only time will tell if they have what it takes to finally win it all!

   The Buffalo Bills will take on the AFC Wests Kansas City Chiefs in what should be a good match upp between two teams with big plans. The Tennessee Titans willl look to get back on track with a game against the Cincinatti Benglas. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Ups Week 6


         NFL Match Up week 6


       Away                                        Home

(5-1) @   (4-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Two teams who have Super Bowl XXV dreams are matched up in this game. That means all eyes will be squarely affixed on this game between two Titans. Excuse the pun!

 (1-5)      @          (2-1)

Preview: The New Dolphins headcoach is finding out that he isn't the fastest kid in the world as he has entered the brutal arena of the NFASL. That means honing your craft becomes a must if you want to make a name for yourself here!

 (0-5)      @           (2-3)

Preview: Another new owner who has yet to feel the thrill of Victory in the NFASL, Papa Mav takes on the 2-3 Redskins who are coming off of a Defensive clinic against the Vikings in week 5. 

 (0-5)       @           (3-1)

Preview: Coach Hork will take on 4 time Super Bowl Winner Tommanowns and the Baltimore Ravens, whose 3-1 start has been somewhat of a surprise. Look for a trial By fire for the Broncos!

 (3-1)       @           (3-2)

Preview: Dont look now but the Dallas Cowboys are back after a 0-16 season . They now are in sole possession of first place, and will want to win this game against the Bengals to make sure they stay there.

 (4-1)       @           (1-3)

Preview: The Saints are putting together a season as they have very quietly won 4 games out of 5. They will look for a signature win as they will take on Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau. No Easy task no matter what the teams record is.

 (3-2)       @           (0-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Vikings were held in check by the Redskins Defense in week 5, and now will find themselves paired up against Division Rival the Lions headcoach Hitskah the Inventor of the Infamous Clamps Defense.

 (2-3)       @           (3-2)

Preview: The New York Giants get a chance to take the Barmoter of their team as they will take on a angry 2-3 Defending Back to Back Champion in the Chicago Bears. The Giants are also looking up at a team in the Division for the first time in 3 seasons!

 (3-2)       @           (5-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Smack talk started before the Week advanced. The Niners have the best team money can buy, literally, and will take on the Ever Dangerous David Johnson and the Cardinals.

 (0-4)       @           (4-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Coach Grace has returned to the league without much fanfaire, and a 73-6 loss to the Niners one that saw him throw 8 interceptions in a game is the Reason why.

 (2-2)       @           (3-2)

Preview: The Colts are one of the hottest teams in the league winning three in a row, and taking out the Championship Bears a week ago. They will look to take on the Steelers this week in what should be a great match up!

 (5-0)       @           (2-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Falcons are undefeated, and wil take on the 2-2 Panthers in what should be a good match up. The Panthers would love to cut into that lead, however the Falcons have other plans!

 (0-5)       @           (3-2)

Preview: The Jets Season has crashed and burned after a playoff run a year ago. at 0-5 their season is all but over, however stranger things have happened. This is a Must win for Gotham Cities Finest.

 (4-1)       @           (3-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC West match up will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the 4-1 Chargers. The Chiefs after a 2-0 start has hit a bump in the road, and will want to get on track pronto!

NFASL Game of the Week 5


Game of the Week 5



   Kansas City Chiefs (3-2)10       Atlanta Falcons (5-0)52

Team Leaders:

  • B. Roethlisberger 222yds, 1td, 3intT. Bridgewater 229yds, 4td, 1int
  • P. Perkins 13att, 55yds, 0td           D. Freeman 13att, 55yds, 0td
  • T. Hill 5rec, 79yds, 1td                  D. Walker 4rec, 54yds, 1td


  Dirty Birds take flight!

          Atlanta, GA. In the NFASL Game of the Week 5 The Dirty Birds are back as the Atlanta Falcons Flexed their muscles blowing out the Kansas City Chiefs 52-10. The Falcons are now 5-0, and are in the lead in the NFC South and will look to extend their lead in the coming weeks. The Falcons Gameplan was simple this game and that was give the Ball to Teddy Bridgewater, and let him carve up the Chiefs Defense. Well Mission accomplished as Teddy B threw for 229 yards, 4 touchdpowns, and a near perfect Quarterback rating of 156.4. The Falcons looked like a team that could be in for a deep playoff run, as their Defense played just as well. The Chiefs with their free agent quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger had his worst game of the year throwing 3 interceptions. The Chiefs after starting the season out with a 2-0 start have now lost 2 of their last 3 games, and are now looking for answers. With Roethlisberger struggling they tried to rely on their running game, however the Falcons Defense was ready for that to holding Paul Perkins to just 55 yards, on 13carries.

   The Atlanta Falcons moved their record to 5-0 with a commanding win in week 5 and will look ot keep the train rolling when they take on The Carolina Panthers their closest competitor in the Division in week 6. The Kansas City Chiefs will look to get back on track as they take on their Division Rival the Los Angeles Chargers in their week 6 match up Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


NFL Network weekly Wrap up

         Weekly NFL Wrap up show on the NFL Network. Week 5 is rolling along with several big match ups throughout the Week. Will the Giants Bounce back vs the Eagles. Will the Niners come back to Earth against Mrgrace, and the Rams? Or will it be a young upstart quarterback willing his way to win in Washington as they take on the Highly favored Minnesota Vikings. We are at the 1/4 mark of the season, and teams are beginning to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The Niners, Seahawks, Falcons, and Titans all look to be among the top tier. Whereas teams after starting out fast have come back to Earth, IE: the Giants, Chiefs, and Cardinals. Keep your eye on the next 4 games as we roll through the Leagues 25th Anniversary season! Lets look at some of the finals that are rolling across the Sports Desk!



     10 Final 52  


Wrap up: The Game of the Week turned out to be a snore fest as Big Ben Roethlisberger threw 3 interceptions in the Loss. In the Kansas City Chiefs first primetime game they were not ready for the spot light it seems. The Falcons have moved their record to 5-0, and are securely in the Drivers seat in the NFC South.

     22 Final 18  

Wrap up: Derek Carr put up Monster numbers in this win as he threw for 353 yards, and 3 touchdowns. he needed every one as Tim Tebow II seemingly matched him throw for throw. However when it all shook out the Raiders came away with the win.

     27 Final 25  

Wrap up: After a rocky start, a 0-2 start the Indianapolis Colts have put together 3 wins in a row, including a signature win agains the Chicago Bears the defending Super Bowl Champs. The Colts did it the old fashioned way leaning on a solid run game that saw Giovani Bernard rush for 132 yards, and a touchdown.

     10 Final 12     

Wrap up: Defense, and special teams were on full display in this game as 4 Brandon McManus Field Goals was good enough to dispatch the Minnesota Vikings. The Redskins defense sacked Derek Carrve 5 times, and intercepted him thrice.

     42 Final 19  

Wrap up: Russell Wilson did his best Tom Brady impersonation throwing 5 touchdown passes, as they easily defeated their Division Rival the Arizona Cardinals.

     27 Final 00  

Wrap up: Another shutout for the Philadelphia Eagles Offense as Carson Wentz was intercepted 6 times. The Giants stopped the Bleeding after two straight losses, with a blowout win.

     44 Final 14  

Wrap up: The Jets season of discontent continues as they fall to 0-5 as they are blown out by the Patriots. The Jets also have a Quarterback Controversy brewing as Drew Brees was benched after throwing his 4th interception of the game.

     73 Final 06  

Wrap up: A Laugher as crazy 8's were on full display in this Rivalry game. The 8 touchdown passes thrown by Niners Quarterback Yazan Duqmaq, and the 8 intercptions thrown by Matt Ryan the Rams Quarterback.



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