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Madden 20 End of the Season report

         On this edition of ESPNEWS We Wrap up John Madden Football 2020 on the PS4. With the Football seaon over the League is now in the Off-Season, and on Summer Break. This is a good a time as any to get a broad overview of the league, and how it's owners did on this rendition of Madden. The AFC Dominated this Season of the NFASL winning 5 Super Bowls to 2 for the NFC.  League G.O.A.T. Tommanowns hung 2 more banners in the Hall of Champions Winning Super Bowls XXX, and XXXV with his Baltimore Ravens. Tommanowns now has more rings than he has fingers on one hand. 3 Year veteran ThePacificCowboy hung his first Banner in the Hall of Champions winning Super Bowl XXXI with the Jacksonville Jaguars. And Newly Minted Maddenrox9 won his second Super Bowl in 3 seasons with the Houston Texans hanging two banners as a new member. In the NFC 3 year headcoach EddieHendrixx won his third Super Bowl in the NFASL with the New Orleans Saints winner of Super Bowl XXXII. The Young Gun, and headcoach spyversusspy hung his 1st banner in the Hall of Champions winning Super Bowl XXXIII with which i'm sure are many more to come.

           It's been a wild ride in the NFASL with some long time members leaving the league for a myriad of reasons. Jboc27 was the most senior member in the league save for me hung his cleats up. I think he forgot that moon if anything is fair, and sometimes does the least popular opinion based on facts, not feelings. 3 time Super Bowl winning coach EddieHendriix forgot the most important thing of all that no one man is above the league, not even me. I have been the commissioner in thid league for going on 9 years, and I dare anyone to name one time where I pull the because I said so card. I have not forgotten that this is a Symbiotic Society, and I need you guys, just as much as you need me. I'm not so arrogant to think that my poo doesn't stink. Not as bad as shooter's but still it smells...... A few owners along the way surprised me, and some didn't with sticking it out through another tough developement year of Madden. Coach DHontos, and raw_Diaw comes to mind in terms of pleasant surprise. However Guys like MRT, and Caesar hate the game, and the league apparently and always surprise me why the hell they want to comeback at the start of Madden. This game has been the same for 20 years, at some point you gotta say it is, what it is......   . 

          Before I get to the Conferences I want to give a Special Shoutout to my Two lieutenants Coach JD of the Chicago Bearsd, and Active Shooter for all their help this year in running the league. JD paid for Daddy Leagues, which helped immensely in helping make short blurbs for the chat, and put the league stats and whatnot at my fingertips on the go. They also helped fine tune a few rules that needed tweaking, and just generally kept the league moving at a consistent pace. We were able to get in 7 seasons which is a direct testiment to their hard work.


        The NFC was dominated in terms of Win percentage wise by Coach Spyversusspy as he finished up with a 46-7 record, with 3 trips to the Super Bowl in which he was 1-2. He didn't make many fans along the way as his playstyle is very counter productive for a Sim league. The "S" in NFASL means Simulation. That means wer are actively trying to recreate what we see on Sunday. The reason he survived a million messages to get booted was simply my call, as he has potential, and is not a lost cause in my opinion. As he gets older, and he learns that these Banners don't mean anything without the respect of your peers I think he will shape up, or ship out like my dad used to say. Coach Shooter put up massive wins once again, but has now gone 8 years, and 36 seasons without hanging a banner in the Hall of Champions. Never mind the fact that he has had either the most Glitch Receiver in History, in Odell Beckham Jr. And now the Most Glitch Running back in History Saquon Barkley..... Of Course you can slip on a banana peel for a win or 2 in the playoffs but there ain't no banana peel 4 games long. The Bears were humbled this Madden not winning a Super Bowl, Hell he didn't even make one. Extra hard to take when the guy that humbles you looks like if you if he dated your sister you'd know her virginity was safe...... Melblaze did what Melblaze does what Melblaze does and that's go 13-99.... Coach Kaliko without the best team money could buy looked less than ordinary which calls into question his two banners hanging in the Hall of Champions.....But I digress. The NFC let me down this year, and hope that come madden 21 we get a better showing out it.


National Football Conference:

Team Coach Record P. Off W's P. Off L's S. Bowl W's S. Bowl L's
Washington Redskins Newmoon001 64-47 1 3 0 0
New York Giants Active-_Shooter 79-22 4 6 0 0
Dallas Cowboys Raw_Diaw 40-72 0 0 0 0
Philadelphia Eagles Melblaze3521 13-99 0 0 0 0
New Orleans Saints Hirschyyy 7-3 0 1 0 0
Atlanta Falcons YungPedialyte47 9-29 0 0 0 0
Carolina Panthers Ronnie_Ransom 5-11 0 0 0 0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kevin_3447 9-5 1 1 0 0
Chicago Bears The_Best_Ever 70-42 4 6 0 0
Green Bay Packers spyversusspy 46-7 9 3 1 2
Minnesota Vikings N/A 0-0 0 0 0 0
Detroit Lions BondBoyyy22 8-21 0 0 0 0
San Francisco 49ers kaliko_420 31-33 1 1 0 0
Arizona Cardinals maddengoat35 22-16 1 1 0 0
Seattle Seahawks IcyyCA 48-63 0 2 0 0
Los Angeles Rams dhontos 10-19 0 0 0 0

In the AFC The Baltimore Ravens, and the Houston Texans showed the rest of the Conference that they were not to be taken lightly as these two teams won 4 of the 5 Super Bowls that the AFC Won. Tommanowns with Lamar Jackson was unstoppable as his Defensive Prowess, and the Ravens Real life Organizational Skills makes that combo a goddamn Dead match! Equally tough for me as I'm 40 miles from that cesspool Baltimore however I root for the worst run Organization in Sports the Washington Redskins! KYS!!!!  The Texans won his first Super Bowl but learned exactly what I said earlier about the Packers. literally doesn't mean shit with the respect. You're not getting any money, the only thing left is being able to live with yourself. However just like the Packers Coach he still needs some fine tuning for this league, but he took major steps toward improving his "SIM" Game. That's all you can ask honestly. The AFC Showed out as they were the more dominant team this madden Season with several teams putting up some impressive numbers the Raiders with one of the worst teams in the league to start finished with a record of 68-44 those draft picks helped out though =) The Patriots made a trip to the Super Bowl and finished with 82 wins, and the Pittsburgh Steelers showing that the love of a good woman could not slow him down posted 72 wins on the season. The Jaguars won a Super Bowl, and garnered 64 wins, Not bad. the biggest disappointments in the AFC were the New York Jets, who still hasn't taken that next step in the league, although he's getting close. The Buffalo Bills Offensivedom took several steps back not making it to the Super bowl in a full rendition of Madden since I can remember. Hell he didn't even make the Playoffs!!!

American Football Conference:


Team Name Coach Record P. Off W's P. Off L's S. Bowl W's S. Bowl L's
Cleveland Browns PapaLon24 40-49 0 1 0 0
Baltimore Ravens Tomman_Owns 87-25 11 5 2 0
Pittsburgh Steelers Hac_3443 72-40 0 4 4 0
Cincinatti Bengals bgreat238 56-56 1 2 0 0
Buffalo Bills Offensivedom 47-65 0 0 0 0
New England Patriots ATK133 82-30 3 6 0 1
Miami Dolphins I757IMoNsTeR 10-24 0 0 0 0
New York Jets Traylonakanana 43-69 1 1 0 0
Houston Texans Maddenrox9 69-12 8 3 2 1
Jacksonville Jaguars ThePacificCowboy 64-48 5 2 1 0
Tennessee Titans King_shorty2-4 14-11 0 1 0 0
Indianapolis Colts Gaberooni54 54-58 1 2 0 0
Oakland Raiders e30zack 68-44 0 2 0 0
Kansas City Chiefs CapnClutchKC 80-32 4 6 0 0
Denver Broncos N/A 0/0 0 0 0 0
Los Angeles Chargers Yell_2 14-20 0 1 0 0

.                          .


NFASL Hall Of Champion Inductees!


Team Name Super Bowl Date
Dramaman728 I Nov 14, 2012
Mightysims II Jan 8, 2014
Newmoon001 III Mar 15, 2013
Demmitt IV June 14, 2013
Tommanowns V Aug 7, 2013
Newmoon001 VI Oct 28, 2013
ThePwnStar49 VII Jan 21, 2014
Wigs23 VIII Mar 12, 2014
Newmoon001 IX Apr 30, 2014
Tommanowns X Jun 26, 2014
Tommanowns XI Oct 27, 2014
Dominator1373 XII Dec 21, 2014
e30zack XIII Feb 1, 2015
criticalnews XIV Mar 14, 2015
Kaliko_420 XV Oct 27, 2015
xJbeast2396X XVI Dec 15, 2015
xJbeast2396x XVII Feb 2, 2016
The_Best_Ever XVIII Oct 27, 2016
The_Best_Ever XIX Dec 7, 2016
Tommanowns XX Jan 16, 2017
NickCena88 XXI Mar 1, 2017
ATK133 XXII Oct 15, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIII Nov 24, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIV

Jan 4, 2018

OffensiveDom XXV Mar 3, 2018
PapaShaga XXVI Oct 4, 2018
EddieHendriix XXVII Nov 17, 2018
Kaliko_420 XXVIII

Jan 2, 2019

EddieHendriix XXIX Feb 8, 2019
Tommanowns XXX Sept 13, 2019
ThePacificCowboy XXXI Oct 20, 2019
EddieHendriix XXXII Nov 20, 2019
spyversusspy XXXIII Dec 22, 2019
Maddenrox9 XXXIV Jan 21, 2020
Tommanowns XXXV Feb 24, 2020
Maddenrox9 XXXVI Mar 27, 2020



           24                       XXXVI                            23

Houston Texans (13-3)         Green Bay Packers (14-2)

Coach: Maddenrox9                                    Coach: spyversusspy

Team Leaders:

  • K. Mond 316yds, 2td, 1int   B. Mayfield 288yds, 3td, 2ints
  • K. Mond 10att, 44yds, 0td    J. Jefferson 8att, 31yds, 0td

  • A. Hooper 5rec, 113yds, 1td J. Williams 5rec, 92yds, 1td



The Lone Star!!

           Super Bowl XXXVI. Miami, FL. Hard Rock Stadium  In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXVI The Houston Texans Garnered his Second Super Bowl in 3 years with a clutch performance that came down to the wire as they defeated the Green Bay Packers by a score of 24-23! The Game had every thing from comebacks, to safeties, to pick Sixes, and missed 4th down conversions. The Final season is always one of ill repute, but they count in the record books all the same. The AFC Dominated in this year of Madden hanging 5 banners in the Hall of Champions with Coach Maddenrox9 hanging two himself! In the game it was Kellen Mond outplaying 3 time straight League MVP Baker Mayfield in the Leagues biggest game. Kellen Mond acquired from the Carolina Panthers in a trade after letting DeShaun Watson go to the Atlanta Falcons was simply incredible during the game with many believing he should have been given Super Bowl MVP. Mond threw for 316 yards on 20/25 passes 80% completion Percentage, Two touchdowns, and only one interception. With Mond outdueling Baker the Texans won the time of possession 19:33 to 16:27 in favor of the winning team. Not to mention Mond being the teams leading rusher with 44yards on 10 carries that converted several key 3rd downs. The Texans also got contributions from 10 year pro Austin Hooper who hauled in 5 catches for 113 yards, and a touchdown. Will Fuller V grabbed 5 passes, for 63 yards and a touchdown. Keke Coutee pulled in 5, with Bru McCoy, and Aaron Jones grabbing 3, and 2 respectfully.   

 The Packers jumped out to a Early 7-0 lead in the First quarter, however the Texans came battling back like they have done all season long scoring the next 14 points. They went into halftime with a 14-14 tie, which meant the Biggest game of the year would come down to 2 quarters. The Packers were banking on the leagues MVP Baker Mayfield to pull a rabbit out of his hat, and he almost did. Baker was 21/33 passing throwing for 288 yards, and 3 touchdowns,, however he had 2 interceptions with one being late in the Redzone that would have tied the game. The Packers headcoach played fast and loose throughout the game and was 2-2 on 4th down conversions. The two that mattered the most however were both in the Redzone, and in a game that was shaping up to be Bank Vault tight turned out to be maybe some of the worst coaching decisions in leagues history. The Packers have a history of taking chances in the Super Bowl and could arguably be a 3 time champ if he had played it a little more close to the vest. However there is a saying that goes you gotta risk it, for the biscuit, and the Packers have taken that to heart!

    The Houston Texans were coached by Maddenrox9, and will write his name into the Hall of Champions to be forever remembered as the Team to win Super Bowl XXXVI, the final Season on Madden 20!


                             Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXXVI winner Coach Maddenrox9:


  • You won Super Bowl XXXVI! What was your gameplan Going in??

My Gameplan going in was to hit him with plays he hasn't seen yet, and do my best to contain his offense. I knew that if my defense could hold we could win a ring, and that's exactly what we did!


  • On two occasions with you up 3, and Packers in Field goal range they opted to go for 7 in place of points. How did you stop them?

I took a risk by betting on the fact that he would run considering he had only a yard to go. I committed to stopping the run, and obviously it worked.


  • Middle Linebacker Tuf Borland 5th year pro out of Ohio State wearing J.J. Watts #99 garnered MVP of Super Bowl XXXVI, how did he do it? 

He Took advantage of the opportunity laid out for him, and it worked out pretty well as he put a much needed touchdown on the board. If he didn't get that pick Six we may of not won so it was an important play. 


  • You have won now Super Bowls XXXIV, and XXXVI in the worlds greatest league! How does this one feel in comparison?

This one feels immensely better because I lost to the Packers before in a Super Bowl in a close game. Ever since then I have not gotten the Chance to pay him back until now!


  • You're the Super Bowl XXXVI Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

I just wanna acknowledge how great this league is, and how much fun it has been for everyone in it. It is a very active, and organized league, and I have not seen a better run one. I had a great time competing in all these seasons. There were many obstacles during my journey in this league which makes this moment all the better. It was a great run in Madden 20, and I can't wait until we get things rolling again, and start a new Journey in Madden 21!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

      Wrapping up a Madden Season is always bitter Sweet, and this one is no different. This has been my 9th Year running the Madden Leagues which started way back in 2011, and I can tell you each iteration of Madden has had it's fair share of issues. Madden 20 has not been an outlier, and will go down as a middle of the road experience for me on a personal level. I do see so much potential in Madden, that I think that's why I have been so unhappy with this one. The Drastic sllider change was definitely needed, and I think it helped with the realism, somewhat. However losing some guys along the way that always forget that the NFASL is a symbiotic society, and not about them will always be the un-fun parts as a commissioner. No man is above the league, not even me. 1/32 as my saying goes, a cog in the Wheel.  I hope that as you read this you guys understand that my job as commissioner is not to keep you happy, but to make sure the league is functional, playable, and fun. Hell at the end of the day it's a F-ing Videogame, and if playing games isn't fun what's the point? That's why I really hate all the complaining that goes on in the chat. It takes the fun away in my opinion, and literally sets a bad precedent for new members. I'd like to qoute a few members before I sign off for the last time on Madden 20;

Raiders Coach e30zack -  "I've never been so excited for the end of madden lol it was an absolute awesome addition to have the real draft classes this time around, but hopefully next madden is better football hhaha yeah right we can hope, anyway glad to be a part of a great long standing league boys, to many more seasons of us cussing out the game instead of blaming ourselves amen."

Cowboys Cowboy Raw_Diaw -  "Until Next Madden it's been real you goons. Hopefully this Virus pass, and we get our new systems on time"

In any regard I'd like to thank Commissioner JD for the fine work he did in helping to keep the league running at a fast pace, and paying for Daddy Leagues which made my job easier with writing blurbs for the Chat. The battles in the Commissioners chat were legendary, and even though he won a few rounds my sound logic took the day most times =)

Thanks to Active-_Shooter for doing practically nothing, however I llike to use shooter as a sounding board. Ten times out of Ten if he is on the "A" side of an issue, I automatically know that "B" is the right choice. So even though he is as useless as a straw in a land of no lips he someone manages to contribute purely accidental of course.

  It's been a pleasure running the NFASL for now it's 8th year, and I hope you guys know I never do anything without thought. As always God Speed in your future endeavors, see you guys in Madden 21! 



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