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Super Bowl XXV Bills VS Falcons


           12                       XXV                            10

Buffalo Bills (14-2)             Atlanta Falcons (14-2)

Coach: OffensiveDom                                   Coach: ATLorDIE404

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 219yds, 1td, 1int   T. Bridgewater 8yds, 0td, 3ints
  • D. Cook 17att, 70yds, 0td       D. Freeman 7att, 23yds, 1td

  • C. Roberts 4rec, 125yds, 1td T. Montgomery 1rec, 4yds, 0td



It's a Banner Year!

           Super Bowl XXV. Miami, FL. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXV The Buffalo Bills defeated the Atlanta Falcons 12-10. The Bils used the leagues #2 ranked defense to put on a defensive Clinic that has never been seen in NFASL history. They held the Atlanta Falcons to a mind numbing 18 yards of total offense. Teddy Bridgewater of the Atlanta Falcons ended the game with a 0.00 Qtr Back rating. Bridgwater threw for for 8 yards, with 3 interceptions, with no touchdowns. Even with all that the game came down to a few plays on both sides of the ball thanks to a missed Field Goal. Bills kicker Jordan Gay struggled mightily in the leagues biggest game missing a chip shopt Field Goal in the first qtr, as well as an extra point which changed the complexion of the game. However when it was all said and done Gay was able to settle his nerves kicking the game winner, and giving the Bills their first Super Bowl win in Franchise history.

  The Games MVP was Wide Receiver Cameron Roberts whose 4 catches fro 125 yards, and a touchdown was the games only stand out player on the offensive side of the ball for the Buffalo Bills. This was the text book definition of a slobberknocker as every inch, every foot, and every yard was hard fought. The Bills cover 2 defense, or shell defense also saw the bills Register 3 sacks to go along with their 3 interceptions. However a look inside the numbers would have shown that the Atlanta Falcons if they could have somehow managed to pull out the upset win in this game would have been truly a all time performance in the Super Bowl. Baker Mayfield played game manager as he was being abused all night long as the Falcons registered 8 sacks ,and forced two fumbles. Mayfield was not rattled however as he took the abuse and lead his team to a much deserved Super Bowl Victory. The Buffalo Bills were the 8th Ranked offensive Team in the league this year, but #2 in Defense. They finished the season with a 14-2 record, and had several Pro Bowlers, as well as players of the Year on the Team. 

The Buffalo Bills were coached by Offensivedom who has become accustomed to the bitter taste of Defeat, but has now felt the Thrill of Victory!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXV winner Coach OffensiveDom:


  • Congrats on your Super Bowl XXV Win! How did you do it?

I stuck to my cover 2, and managed to hold the Falcons to 18 total yards . Also Kept believing in my kicker after the misses!


  • What was your plan going into the season after losing the Super XXIV to the Bears last year?

My plan was to reload, and get my passing game involved. Last season I became one dimensional, and it cost me the big game.


  • You had 5 Super Bowl appearances, and 5 losses until now. Now that you have won what was the difference?

I Just stuck to my gameplan, and trusted my cover 2. Offense was not great, but we made the plays when it counted.


  • You have won it all, the floor is yours, is there anything you waant to say to the rest of the League?

Feels good to finally win! it's been a long journey, but it just made it Sweeter. I'll be back!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

  Coach Offensivedom has catapulted himself into the Hall of Champions, and has added his names among the leagues Great. Let me be the first to congratulate you, and say that you have been the Bridesmaid 5 times, but now you are the bride! With this being a Banner year in the NFASL, it makes it just that more special in my eyes as we have now had 25 seasons of the NFASL. What's crazy is how life imitates art, sometimes art imitates life. In Super Bowl XXV in the Real world the Buffalo Bills played the New York Giants losing the first of their 4 straight Super Bowl appearances. It's funny how the Curse has been broken in our 25th season with the Bills finally getting off the snide, and hanging a Banner in the Hall of Champions!

        The Buffalo Bills will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXV, On February 15th, of our Lord 2018.  The Buffalo Bills were 14-2, under the Tutelage of coach Offensivedom, whom has now hung his 1st banner into the Hall of Champions.  Once again congratulations Offensivedom, and the Buffalo Bills for your Super Bowl XXV win! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!


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