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NFASL 1/2 way report

ESPN Breaking News If you have not done so, make sure you congratulate Commissioner Shooter on his good news. If anything, if a woman will let Kenneth lie down, and make a baby anything is possible! Walk on Mars, cure cancer, Hit the lottery! The possiblities are endless!!!!!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS It's Week 8 the 1/2 mark of the Season and it's time to look at what's going on in the NFASL. The Carolina Panthers are the Defending Super Bowl Champions, and they look to be biding their time at 4-2, not wanting to peak too soon. They won the Super Bowl from the Wildcard position, so they are no stranger to going into the Post-Season without  the best record. There's an old saying that goes, all you gotta do is get in, after that let the cards fall where they may. 

Last Season we implented the Lottery system removing all reason to tank, and I have to say it was a complete success. With that said these records are now earned, and I as one of the Commissioners of the league get to look at the league through the Prism of a overall viewpoint, not just singular. The league only works in my opinion if you play in a realistic fashion. I don't think any player that is currently in the league is worlds better than the lowest rated player. It simply comes down to decision making, implementing good football tactics, and minding down, and distance.  A Deep dive into the Turnover differential is a absolute enlightening experience.

The Falcons are the worst in the league at -17, but Coach primtivemind has a strange motive for how he is playing this year, so let's remove the Falcons from the equation.  The Next  4 teams up are the Denver Broncos -14 (0-5), Detroit Lions -14 (2-4), New Orleans Saints -12 (1-5), and the Los Angeles Chargers -11 (0-6) The Combined records of these 4 teams are 3-20. However lets look at their stats.

  • Denver Broncos - Jimmy Garoppolo 7tds - 21ints - sacked 17
  • Detroit Lions - Dak Prescott 6tds - 29ints - sacked 8
  • New Orleans Saints - Jayden Daniels 5tds - 21ints - sacked 11
  • Los Angeles Chargers - Justin Herbert 5tds - 14ints - Sacked 18

So looking at those stats you can see the problem is decision making. It's a 2 fold problem sacks vs Interceptions, vs TD's vs Interceptions.  Those 4 teams have a combined 85 Interceptions to only 54 sacks...... Let that sink in. In place of losing 7 yards on a sack, these coaches have opted to throw into coverage giving up the ball to the opposing team. The offense save for the Chiefs, and Raiders have to make multiple plays to score on a drive, whereas the Defense only needs to make 1 game changing Play with a turnover.  

A deeper dive into the game is Time of possession for the losing team. In a week 2 game in which the Broncos lost 31-21 The Broncos had 3 turnovers to the Raiders 0 However the Broncos had the ball 25:06 to the the Raiders 10:53. In a week 4 game in which the Chargers lost 30-24 to the Titans the Chargers had 4 turnovers, & the Titans 1 However the Chargers held the ball 31:44 to the Titans 9:50. The Detroit Lions in a week 3 game in which they lost 49-24 to the Bears The Lions had 7 turnovers to the Bears 3 however the Lions held the ball 23:59 to the Bears 12:01. The Saints in a week 7 game in which they lost 59-14 to the Steelers The Saints had 7 turnovers to zero for the Steelers however the Saints held the ball 23:12, to the Steelers 12:48

As you can see these teams are not being beaten by better playcalling, or better players, they are literally beating themselves. It does not matter how many stats you think you're getting, the bottom line is take care of the ball. I am a average, to below average at best, and have the self described Turtle Offense. However you will be surprised to know that I have more passing yards than all but the Saints Jayden Daniels.

  • WFT - D'Eriq King - 1394yds 111compl, 151 att, 12tds, 9ints, 73% compl, 6 sacks
  • NOS - Jayden Daniels - 1569yds, 136 compl, 195att, 5tds, 21ints, 69% compl, 11sacks
  • Den - Jimmy Garoppolo - 1267yds, 81compl, 134att, 7tds, 21ints, 60% compl, 17sacks
  • LAC - Justin Herbert - 977yds, 85compl, 125att, 5tds, 14ints, 68% compl, 18sacks

These numbers cannot be disputed, as the proof is in the pudding. I know that I have been in talks with some of you about making the change to the approach to the game. I simply understand this one thing "TEMET NOSCE" Latin phrase for "Know Thyself". I will never have the passing eye of ATK, or Deuce4975, but I use Football IQ to remain competitive, and even put 3 banners into the Hall of Champions. 

I will be re-instituting a old rule that I had some years back. At Each Teams bye Week Either Shooter, JD, or myself will reset your teams confidence to allow for a reset on the season. The point being that you as a coach had a full week to fix, whatever ailed your team before the bye week. However make sure you remind one of the commissioners. It's only your team. KYS!

  Lets take a look at the Conferences in the NFASL, and see how things are shaking out.



 American Football Conference






    AFC North

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Cincinatti Bengals 6-1 34.0 11th 18th
Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2 27.6 23rd 4th
Baltimore Ravens 4-2 28.0 21st 3rd
Cleveland Browns 2-4 16.5 31st 7th

AFC South

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-1 41.8 2nd 9th
Indianapolis Colts 4-2 34.5 10th 6th
Tennessee Titans 3-4 28.1 20th 26th
Houston Texans 2-5 31.9 16th 31st

AFC East

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Buffalo Bills 4-2 30.8 17th 8th
New England Patriots 3-3 41.7 3rd 20th
New York Jets 3-3 23.3 24th 12th
Miami Dolphins 1-5 27.8 22nd 17th

AFC West

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Las Vegas Raiders 7-1 38.6 6th 10th
Kansas City Chiefs 6-3 48.0 1st 14th
Denver Broncos 0-5 19.0 30th 29th
Los Angeles Chargers 0-6 12.3 32nd 22nd


    In the AFC the Cincinatti Bengals are the Top dog with a 6-1 record, and look to be in the drivers seat in the AFC as they hit a milestone in coach bgreat238's career as he swept the Darth Tomman, and the Baltimore Ravens! Word was he was playing Rope-A-Dope a year ago to get Joe Burrow, and John Ross III to Superstar X-Factors, and the plan has taken shape. However putting a well thought out plan into the ether is a bad idea, because now teams will duplicate your success..... Rookie Move. With Burrow leading the North in passing at a large margin, and John Ross III blowing the competion out the water the Bengals might be in line for their 1st title. The Steelers are 2nd in the Division with Anthony McFarland leading not just the AFC North in rushing yards, but the entire league with 1,040 yards. The Steelers are very balanced with Dwayne Haskins running the offense, distributing the ball evenly to a group of talented receivers. However the Secondary of the Steelers lead by their Dynamic safeties Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Derwin James Jr. could bring this team to the best record in the AFC . The Baltimore Ravens have Lamar Jackson, and a Hall of fame head coach in Tomman owns and can never be counted out. The Regular season for the Team in Charm City is more about ironing out the kinks, and getting ready for the Post Season. The Cleveland Browns have all the makings of a Super Bowl caliber team, and just like real life they are struggling in terms of Quarterback play. Baker Mayfield has thrown 16 interceptions, to only 4tds for a with the 7th best scoring defense in the league, and Nick Chubb averaging 6.3 yards a carry. Might be time to think about a new Gameplan.

      In the AFC South it looks like it's the Jaguars turn to make a move in the Division as they are on top as it stands right now. With their Moniker back with the help of K'Lavon Chaisson, and Josh Allen, the Sacksonville Jaguars are back in action. With AJ Rose, to compliment that ferocious defense, and Jacob Eason going deep to D.J. Chark the Jaguars might have the stuff. They cannot rest on their laurels however as the Colts are a mere game behind them, and a Jamie Newman showing that it wasn't a fluke as he leads the league in completion & at 73% Newman just might be the best out of a generational Quarterback Class. The Tennessee Titans are what many believe are a Quarterback away from winning it all as they have everything one could hope for in terms of a tough nosed defense, and a brutal, brutal, back breaking running game lead by Derrick Henry. With the Trade Deadline approaching the Titans could come calling before it's all said and done. The Texans are still in a rebuild, but they have the most challenging part in a Franchise Quarterback in Deshaun Watson. However the Texans Defense is atrocious and must be addressed via Trade, draft, and free agency. when you're 16th in the league in offense, but 31st in defense, a 2-5 record is the result.

      Coach OffensiveDom, and the Buffalo Bills may have gotten their mojo back lead by their Defense which is 8th overall with 5.5 sacks from a defensive Tackle in Matthew Ioannidis. Coach Offensivedom is one of the most senior members in the NFASL, and has been involved in some of the biggest games, so him staying down, for too long was not going to happen. The Patriots are 2nd in the Division at 3-3, and are getting all they bargained for when they brought in Drew Lock as he leads the Divsion in passing yards, and Touchdowns. However their defense took a major hit, and are now ranked 20th in place of top 5 they are used to. The New York Jets also brought in a Quarterback to mentor their rookie Spencer Rattler. Cam Newton has changed life for the Jets, and looked to be primed to make a playoff run. Newton has been prone to make a costly interception with 8tds, and 16interceptions but a 71% passing clip. That means churching up those errant throws just might put this team into the Post-Season. The Miami Dolphins have hit a wall in their development, and have taken a step back.

       In the West it's a two team Race with the Las Vegas Raiders outdoing the Kansas City Chiefs taking their offense to a whole other level. With a sledge hammer back in Josh Jacobs, and a blur at receiver in Henry Ruggs III pick your poison has never been more evident. The Chiefs at 4-2 are a game behind, and know what they need to do. The Chiefs are built for Post-season success, so these games are a mere formality. However the Chiefs are in a bind in their cap and will look to win it all this year. The Broncos, and Chargers are two of the biggest disappointments in the league as both have the acumen, but have yet to figure out the league. The Broncos, and Chargers are both figuring out what they do best. The Chargers have already made a trade for Justin Herbert in the Off-Season, so at the very least this team will look a lot different come next year.


National Football Conference






NFC North

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Green Bay Packers 6-1 35.8 8th 13th
Chicago Bears 4-2 39.3 5th 24th
Detroit Lions 2-4 21.3 26th 21st
Minnesota Vikings 2-5 32.1 15th 28th

NFC South

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Carolina Panthers 4-2 33.3 12th 11th
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-5 30.4 18th 32nd
Atlanta Falcons 2-5 32.4 14th 30th
New Orleans Saints 1-5 21.0 27th 23rd

NFC East

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Washington Football Team 5-2 29.4 19th 1st
Dallas Cowboys 4-2 22.0 25th 2nd
New York Giants 3-3 38.3 7th 19th
Philadelphia Eagles 1-4 21.0 28th 16th

NFC West

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Seattle Seahawks 6-1 39.8 4th 15th
Arizona Cardinals 5-2 35.0 9th 5th
San Francisco 49ers 2-5 33.1 13th 27th
Los Angeles Rams 2--4 20.7 29th 25th

  In the NFC the Seattle Seahawks, and the Green Bay Packers are the sitting atop the mountain with Dual 6-1 records. The Seahawks are also on top of the West, building a dynamic team and look like a true contender. With Russell Wilson playing at a MVP level the coach has run out of excuses. Not playing down to your opponent would also be helpful. Their closest competitor in the Division are the Arizona Cardinals who traded Kyler Murray, and opted to go with Feliepe Franks.  Franks has all the measurables, and has hands down the best receiving corp in the NFL with DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Godwin running routes. Stopping this Cardinals offense may be nigh impossible. The San Francisco 49ers let Jimmy G go, and opted to go with a rookie QB by the name of Kedon Slovis. So far the rookie has shown flashes with 2155 yards, 23tds, but 24 ints and a 2-5 record. That is definitely not the Niner way. With the Niners struggling they are wasting an immense talent of Raheem Mostert who has not been getting the carries he is used to. The Final team in the West are the Rams, who are in a weird place with 2 Hall of Fame players in Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey. But have a losing record, a 2nd year QB, which may signal time for a rebuild before it's too late.

In the North the Green Bay Packers have moved on from Aaron Rodgers opting to go with the future in Jordan Love. Love has been the best QB in the Division with a 70% completion %, 2034 yards, 18tds, and 7 ints. With production like that the Packers could be once again set for years at the QB position. The Bears with Trevor Lawrence lead the Division in passing Yardage but must clean up the penchant for throwing interceptions. With arm Talent not seen since Aaron Rodgers Lawrence with 19tds, and 19 ints should be ashamed. The Bears are 2 games behind the Packers, and will look to overtake them. The Detroit Lions are a team with immense talent, a great Defense, Dak Prescottd, and all the Weapons one could hope for. However just like a few owners their coach simply doesn't take what the defense gives them. With Joey Bockus Back captaining the Ship of the Vikings, wheeling, and Dealing 4th in the Division will not be home for long of the Purple and gold.

   The NFC South is home to the Defending Super Bowl Champions Carolina Panthers and League MVP Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey leads the Division in rushing Yardage, and just like last year the Panthers are pacing themselves. With a two headed Monster of McCaffrey, and D.J. Moore the Panthers will always be a tough out. They lead the Division with no team save for them with a winning record. The Falcons have gone to full tank mode, the Buccaneers have dismantled their team, but have moved heaven and earth to get Kyler Murray which should take the Buccaneers offense up a level. And the New Orleans Saints are still looking for their elusive Quarterback They bypassed Trey Lance in the Draft, and that move just may haunt them this entire cyle of Madden.

       In the NFC East the Washington Football Team EST 1932 has a slight lead over the Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins have the leagues #1 Ranked Defense, and are as efficient as ever on offense. That has won this Franchise a Super Bowl in the Past, could that Model get them another one? The Cowboys are America's team, and to see them competing is a welcome sight. Justin Fields is making a name for himself, and has found a rhythm with both Tutu Atwell, and CeeDee Lamb. However the story has been the Defense which has a deep post-season quality about it. If their headcoach can follow his own advice the Cowboys Post-Season malaise may finally be over. The New York Giants find themselves 3-3, and the coach blaming everthing but his thumbs. The Giants are in New Territory as they are used to dominating the East. With Washington Football Team Sweeping them a year ago, and now find themselves 3rd the Giants may rue the day they traded all their Draft picks. The Philadelphia Eagles are doing everything well but winning games. Baby Steps, as Melblaze we hope one day turns the corner, With still a solid team, the Eagles are always a dangerous team to play against. 





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
43218 1093 2750
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
1680 25 29


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