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† †† † ††† 37†††††††††††††††††††††† XXXII ††††† † † †††† † † † † † † 17

New Orleans Saints (12-4) † † † † † New England Patriots (13-3)

Coach: EddieHendrixx †† † †† † † † † † † † † † † † † †† Coach: Atk133

Team Leaders:

  • J. Burow 242yds, 2td, 0int † † J. Fromm 222yds, 1td, 3ints
  • A. Kamara 18att, 90yds, 0td† N. Chubb 6att, 11yds, 0td

  • J. Doctson 6rec, 90yds, 0td†† N. Harry 4rec, 92yds, 0td

Saints are Holier, than thou!

†††††††††† Super Bowl XXXII. Los Angeles, CA. In the†NFASL Super Bowl XXXII The New Orleans Saints won their 3rd Super Bowl in 6 years! They defeated the New England Patriots 37-17 behind a MVP performance from Quarterback Joe Burrow (242yds, 2tds, 19/23, and a QBR 139.4).† The New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots felt each other out in the first few drives with punts by both teams. However it was Joe Burrow to Michael Thomas for a 30 yard reception that got them into the redzone, and James Cook got the first points for the Saints with a 3 yard touchdown run. The Saints Defense held the Patriots to a 3, and out behind a sack of Jake Fromm. James Cook then took the ensuing punt 29yards to put the Saints back into scoring position. 3 points later, and a 10-0 lead the Saints Defense wasted no time in putting the offense back in scoring position as MLB Josh Ross intercepted the 1st, of 3 Jake Fromm interceptions in the game. Ross's interception put the Saints at the 30yard line, and the Offense jumped out to a 17-0 lead behind a 15 yard strike to Michael Thomas!

With the Patriots down 17-0, the fat lady began warming up, however this Patriots team has been scrappy all year long. Jake Fromm (222yds, 1td, 3ints, 16/26 QBR 62.1) began to heat up as he marched the Offense down the field, and finished off the Drive with a 1 yard touchdown run. The Saints answered with a score of their own as Joe Burrow threw his second touchdown in the half to Tightend Josh Hill, giving the Saints a 24-10 halftime lead after a Stephen Gostkowski 30 yard Field Goal.

†† After the Half the Saints got the ball back however the Patriots Defense finally showed up in the biggest game of the season forcing a punt. Jake Fromm then orchestrated a 80 yard touchdown capped off with a TightEnd Jordan Humphrey 11 yard catch cutting the lead to 24-17. The Saints Championship DNA kicked in as they marched right down the field and got a 32 yard Field Goal, with 8 minutes to go pushing the lead up to 10. Feeling the pressure to score quickly the Patriots found themselves in a 4th, and 20 that they did not convert which was pretty much the end of the game. The Saints then added another Fieldgoal, and 7 more points after Jake Fromms 3rd, and final interception of the game. Halfback latavious Murray scored on a 4th down run with a minute remaining, and the Saints began to celebrate! †††††††

The New Orleans Saints were coached by EddieHEndrixx, who is writing his names as one of the best in the leagues history Books. Congratulations on winning Super Bowl XXXII, and hanging your Third banner in the Hall of Champions!

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXIX winner Coach EddieHendrixx:

  • You did it! You won Super Bowl XXXII, what was your gameplan going in?

My Gameplan was to get the defense off the field early. Quick stops on defense to me ruffles the opposing offense and switches up their gameplans

  • You Jumped out to a quick lead, but the Patriots battled back. How did you keep your cool?

Staying consistent on defense helped me keep cool. Don't let a few drives knock me off my rhythm. I know he wasn't gonna give up, so as long as I could keep him off the fied, I could hold onto the lead.

  • You Wanted to get rid of Joe Burrow as your starting quarterback last season, and now he has lead your team to a Super Bowl victory, while garnering MVP no less. What was the change?

Burrow was always the franchise QB, I just had to stir up the Quarterbacks room to get his mind right. He finished the season strong, and it carried over into the Playoffs.

  • You have won Super Bowls XXVII, XXIX, and now XXXII, How does this one compare to those?

This one feels like the first one all over again. Underdog SZN like I said before the game. Almost everyone counted me out, but we pushed through #WhoDat!

  • You're the Super Bowl XXXII Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

This one's for the NFC. Shoutout to the Buccs, and Panthers. They gave me a lil Morale Boost, especially the Panthers. He saw that Burrow was heating up, and he called it before I could.

††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††

Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

† Coach EddieHendrixx has once again made his mark in the NFASL winning his Third Supebowl! After finding life difficult the past few Seasons the Saints dusted off his boots, and refocused his energy into becoming a Champion once again.† As Commissioner I keep my eye on the entirety of the league, and I have to say this is the most competitive the League has ever been. That's a good thing, as playing against good competition only brings out the best in you. I feel as though the Saints headcoach has found that out as witnessed by his own words above. The complaints about Madden, or the Bullpoo that happens in the game in my opinion only help with the realness of the game. Is the game perfect; no, but what game is? We all play under the same rules, and guidelines, and Madden is no different. My dad used to say Chicken Dinner, or Chicken Shit, which is Madden in a Nutshell. Sometimes the Madden Gods smile down upon thee, and some times they as I like to say kick you in the Dick, then make you apologize...... In Closing I'd like to say Special Thanks to Justin Downs, and Kenny Hernandez for all their Help (JD, More than Shooter). I have been very busy at work, and I would not be able to run the league to the Standards we have set without their help.

JD's All-Pro First Half Team

JDís 1st Half All-Pro Team

† † † † †Half the season is wrapped up and the offense has dominated so far. There are so many players to choose from that have been ballin out this season but I narrowed it down to this group of guys who have put their offense on their shoulder pads. Dehaun Watson is having a season for the record books, literally, he is on pace to throw for the most yards ever in a single season. His performance makes the other qbs look like they are having a down year. Rookie Rondale Moore is flying all over the field and is the front runner for ROY. Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley are neck and neck for the rushing grown this season as Gurley wants to make sure fans know how good he is after Saquon dominated the league last season.†



Comp %

Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Deshaun Watson†-†Texans





Patrick Mahomes- Chiefs





Jacoby Brissett- Bears





Sam Darnold- Jets





Lamar Jackson - Ravens





Honorable Mentions

  • Jared Goff- Los Angeles Rams
  • Tua Tagovailoa- Miami Dolphins

Running Backs†



Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Todd Gurley- Rams





Saquon Barkley- Giants





Leonard Fournette- Jaguars





Alvin Kamara- Saints





Josh Jacobs- Raiders





Honorable Mentions

  • Melvin Gordon- Los Angeles Chargers
  • Joe Mixon- Cincinnati Bengals

Wide Receivers†






D.J Chark Jr.- Jaguars





Rondale Moore- Bears





Brandin Cooks- Rams





Tyreke Hill- Chiefs





Michael Thomas- Saints





Honorable Mentions

  • Jalen Reagor- Oakland Raiders
  • Corey Davis- Tennessee Titans

Week 6 match ups


†††††††† JD's NFL Match Ups week 5

† † † †Away†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Home

(3-0) @ (3-0)†

Preview: Game of week!!! Rivalry Game!!!!† ††What happens when power meets finesse? Well we are about to find out. The ground and pound Bengals go into Charm City to face the flash on grass Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens trio of Lamar Jackson, Anthony McFarland, and Hollywood Brown have speed unmatched and rarely if ever seen. The Bengals are hoping that a heavy dose of Joe Mixon can keep them on the sideline for long stints of time. The Bengals have come out hitting teams in the mouth with the strategy of 'you can't score if you don't have the ball.' Time control offense has helped this defense only give up a, 85' Bears Defense type stat, of 6ppg. When they are on the field, they go right for the ball forcing 5 fumbles already. Look for them to try to make Lamar pay for running out of the pocket and laying a hat on Hollywood Brown whenever he catches it. The Ravens are averaging a staggering 59 PPG for a reason, they are going to try to turn this into a track meet and just like Usain Bolt in the Olympics, you won't beat them in that race. Somethings got to give in this game, so I ask again, what happens when power meets finesse?†

(1-3)†††† †@†††††††††† (1-3)
Preview:†Too early to say this game is for both teams' season? Maybe so, but I am anyway. Both teams need to win this game, the chances of coming back from 1-4 aren't high at all. Both these teams have the same problem, they turn the ball over more than they take it away. This game will be more about who doesnít lose the game as much as it is about who won it. The team that doesn't hurt themselves most likely will be 2-3 when the clock hits 0. Some defense would also go a long way as both teams haven't been able to get enough stops giving up 32 PPG each.

(0-3)†††† †@†††††††††† (2-2)
Preview:After a 38-34 loss in week 1 to the Ravens which is very respectable, the Broncos made a move to get rid of their young QB Jordan Love and young stud WR Jerry Judy. This left Broncos fans scratching their heads and calling for a new GM. Post trade they have been outscored 66-19. A promising start for the Broncos now looks like the road to the abyss. The Chiefs look like they are still sleep walking after not being contested in the AFC West last season it feels like they are just coasting to the playoffs. Dangerous game trying to flip the switch all of a sudden sometimes you flip it and no lights come on. Starting off 2-2 might have been the wakeup they needed.

(0-3)†††† †@†††††††††† (2-2)
Preview:The only thing consistent about the Raiders is that they are inconsistent. Will you get the team that started 7-0 last season or the team that finished that same season 1-8? Fitting they started off 2-2 this season so we still don't know, but with a favorable schedule coming up look for the Raiders to be in the mix. This will be a good time for their defense to get on the same page because it hasn't look great or even good. The Chargers are in panic mode and have to win these 2 divisional games or else they might as well look towards the draft. They need Melvin Gordon to get loose and that very talented secondary to make some plays.

(1-3)†††† †@†††††††††† (2-2)
Preview:The Colts are staggering right now after getting a haymaker from the Texans last week. Good news for them is they are facing a Jets team that also got a haymaker by the Saints. Letís see which team can bounce back faster in this game. Both teams need to establish their RB's early and get the chains moving. Whoever wins the 1st quarter will win this game.††

(1-3)†††† †@†††††††††† (3-1)
Preview:The Buccaneers are picking up where they left off last season but in a different way. Last year their offense was one of the top air raids in the league. Now itís a passing attack that looks mediocre at best which is not what you expect when you add generational talent Julio Jones. It could be a case of trying to figure out how to fit in the big new piece or that Julio and Mike Evans just can't coexist which is hard to believe. Whatever it is, Mike Evans and OJ Howard need to get more involved as they are hovering around a lowly 100 yards TOTAL for the season. We will see how Coach Dino figures it all out. Much better to be 3-1 figuring out things than 1-3 so props to the Buccs for finding a way to win. Speaking of winning that is something that the Eagles have not been doing much of. After a week 1 win that had Eagles fans hopeful that they were on the right track, the Eagles have proceeded to lose 3 in a row by a combined score of 92-41.†

(2-2)†††† †@†††††††††† (2-2)

Preview:The Cardinals are going into this game against the reigning champs, absolutely shell shocked. They blew a 28-3 lead vs the Panthers last week and would have been tied with the Rams at 3-1 but now thatís not the case. Instead they staring down the barrel at 2-3 and we will see how they can bounce back. Murray has only been sacked 11 times this season which is a lot better than last season, the Oline will need to keep that up vs a Jaguars team that is known for bringing the heat. Hard to judge the Jags as just like most teams that win the SB, they are going through a SB hangover. They still haven't actually won the AFC South yet and don't want to let the Texans get too big of a lead before they snap out of it.† †

(1-2)†††† †@†††††††††† (4-0)
Preview:Jacoby Brissett of the Chicago Bears is on fire to start the season as new additions Tarik Cohen and Rondale Moore have given the offense speed and playmaking that it just didn't have before. The defense has taken a slight step back so far this season but remain in the top 5 of the league. The Lions defense have been playing good enough to win only giving up 18 PPG a game but they are going to need help from the offense at some point. After drafting Trevor Lawrence at number 1 a lot was expected from this offense but they might be needing to trade for more weapons to give the rookie QB.†

(1-2)†††† †@†††††††††† (0-4)
Preview:After a much-needed bye week the Packers should be ready to get back on track. That track is laid out with big speed bumps though as they have a brutal stretch of games coming up. The key for them will be a balanced attack on offense and getting Baker some easy throws. He is only completing 51 percent of his passes bringing into question trading Devante Adams. The defense has been good but have been put in bad spots by the offense so the Packers will need to figure out how to sustain drives but they better figure it out quickly. The Vikings have been getting beaten by record margins this season leaving Vikings fans thinking this might not be the right coach for the job. Even if they lose, they have to start showing a level of pride starting this week.

(2-2)†††† †@†††††††††† (2-2)
Preview:†The Panthers are coming into this game with a ton of momentum after that season saving comeback vs the Cardinals. The Falcons on the other hand are coming in after a tough loss to the Patriots. The fact that they have beaten the Panthers 4 straight times should boost their confidence. Whenever there is a game that decides if you will go above .500 or below it has a level of importance and then add on this is a divisional game and you get a game that as far as early season games go, is pretty damn important. The Falcons have had a top tier defense in the league the last 2 seasons but their offense is trailing far behind. They haven't been able to establish an identity on offense. So far going to Zac Thomas at QB hasn't paid off. Falcons need to figure out something they can hang their hat on offense or else the defensive efforts will be wasted. The Panthers have been solid on both ends of the ball. Turning the ball over is what has gotten in their way. If they can hang onto the ball look for them to be a playoff contender.

(3-1)†††† †@†††††††††† (2-2)
Preview:†If teams had theme songs this game would Itís Raining Men (Rams) vs Stayin Alive (Washington). Stayin Alive is exactly what Washington just did last week against the Chiefs. With 2 nightmarish games against their rival New York Giants, people were ready to write them off but they answered the criticism with giving the ball to Guice and he carried them to a win with help from a secondary that picked Maholmes off 5 times. Washington is far from out the woods though as they host a Rams team that has found their mojo on offense. The concern for the Rams is that it seems their defense that took a step forward last season has taken 2 steps back. They will need to fix that if they are going to get to the SB but for now, they can just win a shootout if need be. Look for Washington to try to duplicate the same strategy as last week.

(0-4)†††† †@†††††††††† (3-1)
Preview:These 2 teams are not where you would expect them to be. The Seahawks after reaching the playoffs last season were supposed to take that next step. It hasnít turned out that way, offense canít hold onto the ball or score. Defense canít get stops. Itís been bad all the way around. With a chance to save their season last week vs the 49ers, Russell Wilson couldnít lead them to a late score. The Seahawks season is in the coffin with a loss here to the Cowboys that would be the nail. The Cowboys are playing good football on both sides, with just 1 hiccup vs the Buccs last week. They have a good chance here to get a win and 4-1 to start which after the season they had last year would be a big step. The Cowboys need to figure out how to get Ezekiel Elliot going if they are going to have sustained success.

(1-2)†††† †@†††††††††† (1-2)
Preview:The Browns started this season looking like one of the worst teams in the league. After a convincing win vs the Packers, things look differently. Beating the Steelers would put them at 2-2 and with the 31st ranked defense things could be worse. Fans looked at them sideways when they traded Backer Mayfield and rolled with the older Cam Newton but best way to silence the critics is winning. A favorable schedule after the Steelers can have them looking good and momentum right into a rematch with the Ravens. The Steelers passing game hasnít been able to compliment their running game. They have their offensive identity but canít figure out how to play off of it. Rookie QB or not the Steelers will have to figure out how to make timely throws if they want to avoid going down 1-4.

(3-1)†††† †@†††††††††† (4-0)
Preview:This a matchup fans will have their eyes on as two gunslinging offenses go toe to toe. Not only do these 2 teams put on an air show but they also play defense too resulting in being two of the more dominant teams in the league so far. Inside the matchup you will want to watch shutdown corner Stephon Gilmore vs a guy that can catch any pass and will go up and get it in DeAndre Hopkins. That matchup should be physical and could go along way in determining the winner here. The concern for the Patriots is that they have been not great against the pass and Deshaun looks the best he ever has to start this season under new coach Dylan Dada. Iím excited to see how this game unfolds. ††††††††††

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