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NFASL 2023 Kick Off Game

        The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have, a chance at winning the Next big game. Of course we all know that in the end there is only one team, that gets to hang their banner in the most glorious Hall of Champions!  Last season it was none other than the Green Bay Packers! Their headcoach spyversusspy hung his first banner, and only in his second season in the Worlds Greatest League! Coach Spy took a weird road to get there, but when he did get control of his most beloved franchise, he made the most out of his opportunity. On his way to to his Super Bowl Title he defeated some of the leagues best teams. The New Orleans Saints were 15-1, and the Houston Texans who he defeated in the Super Bowl was an incredible 16-0!   Congratulations on getting the Job done! 

    Now that we have Last season out of the way the Leagues Reigning MVP Oakland Raiders Rookie Wandale Robinson will look to duplicate his Historic Season, and avoid the ever looming Sophomore Slump. With the  Youth Movement in full swing as observed by Offensive, and Defensive Leaders from Last season the NFASL looks bright as usual.  The next Generation of players will look to fill the large shoes left by the retirements of Lock first ballot Hall of Famer Wide Receiver Julio Jones, Defensive Tackle Kawann Short and Defensive Tackle Geno Atkinson Just to name a few.  With The new Season Big moves are made, and this season was no different. The Jets traded for Odell Beckham Jr. to keep up with the Firepower that is in the AFC East. Melvin Gordon has been traded to the Falcons, as the Falcons moved on from Devonta Freeman. JuJu Smith-Schuster will now be catching passes from 2nd year player Dylan McCaffrey in Denver.  The Dwayne Haskins Era is over in Washington as they move him to the Jacksonville Jaguars to lead their Franchise.

   The NFL Rookie Draft went on without a Hitch as The Detroit Lions for the Second time in 3 years had the #1 pick, and went with Wide Receiver 6'2" Julian Fleming out of Ohio State, to Pair him up with Trevor Lawrence for the next 10 years. The Lions future is bright, and with a new headcoach ChubbztheGolfer only time will tell if he can stick, or will this Lions Franchise continue to have a revolving door at the Helm.  Good luck to all, and let's have a great season as usual!.




Kick Off Game




   Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)22                Oakland Raiders (0-1)18

Team Leaders:

  • P. Mahomes 284yds, 0td, 0int T. Jackson 196yds, 1td, 3ints
  • R. Jones II 23att, 122yds, 2td  W. Robinson 19att, 108yds, 0td
  • T. Hill 5rec, 113yds, 0td           D. Hopkins 2rec, 91yds, 1td


                                        Chiefs Scalp Raiders!

              Oakland, CA. In the NFASL Kick Off Game the Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Oakland to take on the Raiders in a AFC West match up that should have Playoff implications down the road! These two franchises have been the creme of the crop in the West, so they have bad blood, and more than just the win to play for. The Leagues MVP Rondale Robinson wears Silver and Black, and wanted to show that he was no fluke. Robinson played well, rushing 19 times for 108 yards, and scoring a Touchdown. With the Addition of Free agent DeAndre Hopkins the Raiders expect to have a lot more running lanes, which should boost their offense up another notch. Hopkins had a impact play in this game, but did not leave his stamp as the Raiders fall by 4 to the Hated Chiefs in primetime.

The Chiefs were lead by Patrick Mahomes who 284yards, but left the scoring duties to Ronald Jones II who scored twice in the win. The Chiefs Defense also got in on the act as they Intercepted Tyrell Jackson 3 times in the win. The Chiefs got production from their litany of Stars with Tyreek Hill Hauling in 5 receptions for 113yards, Tarik Black had 3 catches for 84 yards, and arguably the best Tight End in the Game Travis Kelce Grabbed two balls for 45 yards.

The Chiefs will look to keep things as they take on the Buffalo Bills who won their first game of the year. The Oakland Raiders will try to turn things around, but will have their hands full as they take on the Defending Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers!

     The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!  Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.






spyversusspy   XXXIII


           On December 22nd, 2019 the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXIII Madden 20 PS4! The Coach of the Team was Spyversusspy who won his first Super Bowl, and did it from the Wildcard spot with a record of 10-6. The Green Bay Packers were constructed by Yell_2, but gave up the team in the middle of the season to take over the Miami Dolphins. That move allowed coach spyversusspy to take over his favorite team, and from there as they say the rest is History, The Packers defeated the previously undefeated Houston Texans, and their headcoach Maddenrox9 by a score of 31-27, with the MVP being Corner Back Kevin King who intercepted two passes to include a Pick 6.  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!




           27                       XXXIII                            31

Houston Texans (16-0)         Green Bay Packers (10-6)

Coach: Maddenrox9                                    Coach: spyversusspy

Team Leaders:

  • D. Watson 349yds, 0td, 5int  B. Mayfield 204yds, 2td, 1ints
  • D . Watson 8att, 35yds, 0td   J. Jefferson 10att, 67yds, 1td

  • W. Fuller IV 4rec, 84yds, 0td E. Engram 3rec, 48yds, 0td



Cinderella Gets her Wish!

           Super Bowl XXXIII. Glendale, AZ. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXIII The Improbable, the Incredible, the Cinderlla Green Bay Packers did what no one thought they could, and that was defeat the Juggernaut that was the Houston Texans 31-27! It took a Herculean Effort by this Packers team bookended by a MVP Performance from #20 Corner Back Kevin King whose Pick 6 was critical in the Packers win! The Packers got contributions from all over as Baker Mayfield played Game Manager with a 115.8 Total QBR, 2 touchdowns, 1 interceptions, and only 204 yards passing. Baker however played well enough, and made big play after big play down the stretch to secure the win. The Packers also got a huge Contribution from Jemar Jefferson a unlikely source as the Aaron Jones, could not get the motor running this game. Jefferson took over the duties to the tune of 67yards, on only 10 carries, even finding Pay dirt.  

 The Packers jumped out to a Early 10-0 lead in the First quarter, however the Texans came battling back like they have done all season long Taking a 14-10 Second quarter lead behind Baker Mayfields only mistake on the day. Both teams were up to the Challenge as the Packers took a 24-21 lead before the half. At 24-21 a mere 3 points separating these two teams at the Start of the Second half it was clear that we would be in for a great game. In the #rd quarter only the Texans could muster points squaring up the teams 24-24 pushing it to a a tie at the start of the 4th quarter. With 9 mins remaning between two teams looking to be immortalized for all time in the Hall of Champions it was the Texans who struck first scoring 3 points behind a Luke Logan 36 yard FG. With the Texans taking the Lead it was a championship drive from Baker Mayfield and the Packers as they moved the length of the field to score a 1 yard Touchdown Plunge by Jemar Jefferson to give the Packers a 31-27 lead that would turn out to be our final score. 

   The Texans Had their Chances but two bad interceptions from DeShaun Watson in the closing moments to include one in the Endzone late in the game with a Chance to win was how the Texans came up 1 game short of a Season of Perfection. The Packers were able to take the Victory Formation, and Coach spyversusspy Screamed as he and his Packers became the Super Bowl XXXIII Champions!  

    The Green Bay Packers were coached by spyversusspy, and the Team was Constructed by Yell_2. These two owners will write their names into the Hall of Champions to be forever remembered as the Team to win Super Bowl XXXIII a Season of Faiths perfection!


                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXIX winner Coach EddieHendrixx:


  • You won Super Bowl XXXIII! What was your gameplan Going in??

We went into with woodbey, and the D-Line gonna have to make plays, we wanted him to pass it. That Cover 6, and Cover 9 was good all game, as well as cover 2 in the Redzone. I can't believe my players did out! Our Linebackers came through when needed, and MVP Kevin King with the user Pic Six outta Cover 6


  • This has been dubbed the YouTube Bowl. Do you think that is a fair comparsion?

I think it's fair as he's ran YouTube offensive, and Defensive plays all seaons long. But me I don't need YouTube. I got Practice, We Talking about Practice!


  • You Jumped out to a quick lead, and saw the Undefeated Texans comeback were you ever worried? 

I was worried but I knew it would be a Dog Fight! I kept my cool, and worked the game in my favor. We forced errors, in the Redzone, I knew I couldn't make any more mistakes as he was lethal on Offense. 


  • At the start of the 4th Quarter with the Game tied, did you feel the pressure Mounting, or were you able to control your emotions?

I Felt some but not much it all came naturally to me. I knew what he was gonna do, and What I wanted to do is, I did it! If I was gonna Lose it was gonna be him making an insane play, and I wasn't gonna let it be me!


  • You're the Super Bowl XXXIII Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

ATK you Bastard saying I would be out of the league after week 1! Well it looks like im the Champ! I would like to than the Dolphins User (YELL_2) for giving me my favorite team the Packer! There's no Back2KcaB champion in the NFC so I new I had to take down the Saints, and I kew I couldn't let someone get a 19-0 record!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

      It Seems fairy Tales sometimes do come true as the Green Bay Packers coached by SpyversusSpy by Way of the Miami Dolphins has become the Leagues Newest Member of the Hall of Champions! Life sometimes imitates art, and I think this is one of those through the looking glass moments. We are heading into the 5th season of the NFASL at a fever pitch, so fast in fact I can't keep up with the league sometimes. Only time will tell if this pace is for the better, or the worse, but as of now it's been fun. Of course with every new edition of Madden there are problems found and as commissioners of the league it is our job to do what's best for the overall health of the league. I will always stand by the saying no man comes before the league. We JD, Shooter, and Myself put too much effort into the league to allow anyone to run amuck. whether it be cursing in the chat, not scheduling games on time, or being as bad as Melblaze of which there can be only one. It's Christmas time as I write this December 22nd, 2019 and i'm hoping everyone has a Happy Holiday! Congratulations to Kaliko for the Birth of his son, and Jockus, and EddieHendrixx for Finishing up school. If I forgot anyone it's not on purpose, as I'm officially old.  


NFASL Power Rankings Season iV




  • 32 (1-10)[Strk-L8] Word is the Seahawks made a deal with the Niners, and have somehow started losing games in glorious fashion. However it's real hard to make a trade if  you're out the league! Which is where this coach will be if it's found out they're losing games on purpose to facilitate a trade with the Niners. Lie down with dogs, you get fleas.....
  • 31 (1-9)[Strk-L3] Super Bowl XIII Winning coach Wigs took back over his beloved franchise the Minnesota Vikings and after a 5 year Hiatus he went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse.
  • 30 (0-10)[Strk-L10] In Africa the Lion is known as the King of the Jungle! In The NFASL these Lions are the Kings of Whoppers......
  • 29 (2-8)[Strk -L-2] The Buffalo Bills have been so Terrible that Bills Legend, and Double murderer O.J. Simpson doesn't seem half bad anymore.....
  • 28 (2-8)[Strk-W1] I knew it was too good to be true after seeing MRT make some noise upon his return to the league. Now the only noise he makes comes from between his butt cheeks, and much like his Madden game it stinks!
  • 27 (2-8)[Strk-L1] Coach Melblaze surveys the field, The Winds blowing. He reads the Defense, the Cameras are flashing.  He Audibles to a play after dissecting it, the Crowd Cheers. He Drops back to pass, Then Throws a Pick 6....... 
  • 26 (2-8)[Strk-L1] The Los Angeles Chargers have about as much juice as you would get from Squeezing Rocks. 
  • 25 (4-7)[Strk-W1] The J-E-T-S, are Trash, Trash, Trash!.
  • 24 (3-7)[Strk-L3]  The Carolina Panthers have moved on to the Draft, and are in full rebuild mode.
  • 23  (4-6)[Strk-L1] With the Trade of Kyler Murray the Cardinals have thrown in the towel of a unconventinal offense, and are making the move back to Ground and pound.
  • 22  (4-6)[Strk-W1] Coach Caesar has a love hate, relationship with the Falcons. loves the Team, Hates that he loses with them!.
  • 21 (5-5)[Strk-W1] The Steelers are still in the playoff race like Im still a Afro pick toting, Dasheeki Wearing member of the African American Community.....
  • 20  (6-4)[Strk-L1] The Browns are looking to make the playoffs  under the Tutelage of Papalon.  The Browns are so close they can taste it!
  • 19  (5-5)[Strk-L2] It seems like every team in the Power Rankings is .500 or worse. The Colts are in the same boat.
  • 18  (5-5)[Strk-W4] The Broncos have won 4 in a row, and has put himself back in the ruinning to make the Playoffs.
  • 17  (5-5)[Strk-L1] The Tradition continues as the Dolphins look as though they will miss another playoff run. Coach Spyversuspy will need to go on a run now if he hopes to reverse the curse!
  • 16  (5-5)[Strk-W1] Word is Coach Kaliko was the Native American Indians General Manager when they traded Nebraska for a bag of Magic Beans.......
  • 15  (5-5)[Strk-L1] Looks like without PA Crossers working like nobodies business that the Chiefs under the tutelage of CapnClutch are somewhat ordinary!
  • 14 (5-6)[Str-L1] I won't lie the Demise of the Dallas Cowboys brings joy to my heart in both Madden, and in real life. Of Course them sucking just means in Madden 21 the Developers will just have to rate them 99 overall......
  • 13 (5-5)[Strk-L1] The Packers might as well pack it in as they have begun a firesale of their entire team. Also note trading players into my division will get you squarely on the LIST!
  • 12 (5-5)[Strk-W1] Coach Shooter is back where he belongs after miracling his way to the top of the Power Rankings a year ago. Where is that you ask? out to lunch!
  • 11 (7-4)[Strk-W5] The Bengals have won 5 in a row, and are looking like they are going to push the Ravens for the Divisional Lead.!
  • 10 (6-4)[Strk-L3] The Buccaneers have lost 3 in a row, and will look to get back on track in their next game. And with the Saints 11-0 Seems Maury Povich was wrong, he is not the Father...
  • 09 (7-3)[Strk-L1] Coach Moon called it before this Madden Season. 1% Madden 99% pimpin, and Voila Atop the NFC East, and hands down favorite for pimp of the year!
  • 08 (8-3)[Strk-W1] Coach Tommanwons team is so fast that when they speed walk, they break records!
  • 07 (8-3)[Strk-L1] The Bears have one of the most complete teams in the league, but are feeling the pressure to win it all this year with the Looming trade of Khalil Mack!
  • 06 (8-3)[Strk-L1] Bad news for the rest of the league as they let Coach e30zack get a fast back. He'll be juking, and spinning all the way to the Super Bowl if you're not careful!
  • 05 (9-2)[Strk-W2] The Jaguars unorthodox playstyle gives them an advantage in most games, and has won them a Super Bowl in recent memory. At 9-2, they could be in line for another one.
  • 04 (9-2)[Strk-W1] The New England Patriots are on a mission after losing Super Bowl XXXII. At 9-2, The Patriots have all but wrapped up the AFC East, and are looking forward to the Playoffs!
  • 03 (9-2)[Strk-W2]  The Rams are among the Leagues elite, and look to be on a crash course with the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Title game! With this be the Season Joey Peanuts breaks through?
  • 02 (11-0)[Strk-W11] It's been awhile since a more controversial owner has come into the league then MaddenRox9. He looks like he's up to the task though!
  • 01 (10-0)[Strk-W10] It's only fitting that the leagues Defending Super Bowl Champ comes in at the #1 spot on the Power Rankings. No small feat as He is the hunted, and the Hardware he has we all Want! Congratulations on your #1 Spot!
ESPNEWS Mid season report

ESPN Breaking News Kyler Murray has been traded in a mega deal to the Cleveland Browns!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS It's Week 8, the 1/2 mark of the Season and it's time to look at what's going on in the NFASL. With Major changes this year to personell, and major moves in terms of coaches going from one team to another things could not be more interesting. The league is rolling at a fever pitch and this season has been no different. The New Orleans Saints are the Defending Super Bowl Champions winner of Super Bowl XXXII, and so far he is a perfect 6-0 on the season.  At the Half way point teams are starting to separate themselves with a few teams showing they are the creme of the Crop. Some of those teams are of course the Defending Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints who we just talked about. The Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all with 1, or no losses on the season. Of Course for every yen, there is a yang with some of the teams struggling mightily in this season. The Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, just to name a few are not having the seasons that they thought they would. It's still early however, so if these teams want to have any post season success they have to turn things around now. The other option is these teams will have to get into the War Room and work on their draft boards, and Free agency to make sure they don't have a season like this again in the future! 

  Lets take a look at the Conferences in the NFASL, and see how things are shaking out.



American Football Conference






    AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens 7-0
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3
  • Cincinatti Bengals 2-4
  • Cleveland Browns 2-5

AFC South

  • Houston Texans 7-0
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 6-0
  • Indianapolis Colts 3-4
  • Tennessee Titans 1-6

AFC East

  • New England Patriots 5-1
  • New York Jets 3-4
  • Miami Dolphins 2-4
  • Buffalo Bills 1-6

AFC West

  • Oakland Raiders 6-1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 3-4
  • Denver Broncos 2-4
  • San Diego Chargers 1-5


    In the AFC the eams are absolutely loaded at the top with several teams being undefeated, or only have one loss at the start of week 8. In the North the Ravens are running away with the Division, the same way Lamar Jackson, Hollywood Brown, Anthony McFarland, and newly acquired Todd Gurley is running away from defenders. The Browns made a major trade for Kyler Murray after trading Baker Mayfield last season. The Browns are looking to mimic the Ravens offense, which could only help his offense. In the South The Texans, and Jaguars are both undefeated and are haeading for a crash landing for which one of these teams will win the Division. Both have solid teams with the Texans salary cap forcing him to move his best player DeAndre Hopkins Leaving the ball catching duties up to KeKe Coutee, and Will Fuller V . Not having to Deal with Hopkins should make things much easier for the Jaguars as Jalen Ramsey will surely take away one receiver for the game. The Colts have NyHeim Hines averaging 8 yards per carry, and 2nd in the league division in rushing but has struggled with Mitchell Trubisky as Quarterback. In the East the Patriots seemingly can't be stopped as they are making mince meat out of their divisional foes. they have pretty much ended the Dolphins season, and will be looking to make another appearance in the Title Game. The Jets are the closest compeititor but after having released Jameis Winston are left with a unproven QB to carry the Franchise forward. In the West the Raiders are heads and shoulders above everyone else in the Division with a near flawless record. Last season they lost Josh Jacobs to a near career ending injury, and saw their season dereail. They Drafted Wandale Robinson who not only leads the Division, but leads the league in rushing with 1515 yards, and 18 touchdows. He is well on his way to the best rookie season in history, and if that occurs the rest of this division is history. 


National Football Conference






NFC South

  • New Orleans Saints 6-0
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-1
  • Atlanta Falcons 3-4
  • Carolina Panthers 2-4

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears 5-1
  • Green Bay Packers 3-3
  • Detroit Lions 1-6
  • Minnesota Vikings 0-6

NFC East

  • Washington Redskins 5-1
  • New York Giants 3-4
  • Dallas Cowboys 3-4
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1-5

NFC West

  • Los Angeles Rams 6-1
  • San Francisco 49ers 3-3
  • Arizona Cardinal 3-4
  • Seattle Seahawks 0-6

  In the NFC this conference is home of the Defending Super Champions the New Orleans Saints, and they look like they are apt to win it again. Their offense hasn't been as explosive this year, but their Defense is picking up the slack. They play in the South, Tampa Bay Buccaneers being their closest competition. The Saints and Buccaneers have a primetime match in week 8 that could really separate these two teams in terms of position. In the North the Bears are back on top, and look like they could once again be in the running for a Super Bowl Win. The arrival of Josh Allen has taken the Bears offense to the next level, and with their Defense being what it is they will be a tough out. The Packers are still figuring out if they are rebuilding, or going for the playoffs but you can't do both effectively. The West has been taken over by the Rams as they have a commanding lead over the Division. They have built several seasons adding to their defense, and now have one of the leagues best. The Rams have a 3 game lead over the Niners their closest competitor but a series of bad moves has caught up to them. The Final Division in the Conference is the NFC East which is lead by the Washington Redskins with a 5-1 record. They have the leagues top ranked defense, but a loss to the Giants has taken the shine off of their #1 ranking in the Division. The Giants and Cowboys find themselves with the same record at 3-4, however both are making moves to better their teams. 





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
3100 1606 2478
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
1452 43 26


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