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         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the NFC and preview every team in the Conference. The New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XXIX under the tutelage of coach silentcloudx. The Saints won their secpnd super bowl in 3 seasons. The NFC has dominated the the League in past seasons and have now won the past 4. With this being a Banner season 30 seasons of the NFASL a huge, huge milestone that is seven years in the Making. I want to thank all the members who have come and gone, but especially some of the long time founding members such as Joey Peanuts Bockus, Active Eater Shooter, Tom pass the Bong Jones, e30 let me hit it first Zack, and any other members that I may have forgot. The League has and always will be better because of you jokers. If I missed anyone I apologize but I'm in my 40's and I'm getting old. The NFC is on the lineup today as we will do a mock preview. We had a very fast offseason so things are moving quick, so this preview will be quick. Without further adieu lets look at the NFC. 

NFC North:

  • Green Bay Packers 5-11 Coach of the Team: DinoHontos
  • Chicago Bears 14-2 Coach of the Team: The--BEST-EVER
  • Detroit Lions 6-10 Coach of the Team: King_Musa722  
  • Minnesota Vikings 2-14 Coach of the Team: Kokotea33

      Overview: The Chicago Bears were back on thop in the North last season easily winning the division. The Bears were the only team in the Division to make the Playoffs, and it's no wonder. The addition of Le'Veon Bell was huge as it took a lot of the pressure off of bonafide star Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears added Cameron Meredith back on the team for a second time giving them one of the most lethal receiving corps in the league. The Detroit Lions were the next best team in the league, hoever at 6-10 they have a long way to go if they expect to make any moves this year. Lamar Jackson has to do more than run, although his breakaway speed makes him a match up many are not ready for. The Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings all were sub .500 and will need to figure out things that work. The Coach of the Vikings feels with a beloved franchise his love for the team will lead him to more than two victories this year

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Minnesota Vikings 


NFC West:

  • San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Coach of the Team: Kaliko_420
  • Arizona Cardinals 14-2 Coach of the Team: QB11KC
  • Los Angeles Rams 1-15 Coach of the Team: The_Vin_360
  • Seattle Seahawks 6-10 Coach of the Team: IccyCA

      Overview: The NFC west was won for the first time by the Arizona Cardinals and their head coach QB11KC. The mantle may have passed from the Niners to the Cardinals with the Cardinals having the conferences second best record. The Cardinals will lean heavily on the leagues reigning MVP Joe Mixon for a second year in a row, and the playaction pass that it gives to kyler Murray. The San Francisco 49ders however will not stand idly by and let the Cardinals do what they want. However the Niners major moves made in years 1, are aging and they have not drafted well enough to replace them. Will the Niners take a step back allowing for the Seahawks, and the Rams to move forward. both those franchises have players, but their records have been less than stellar especially the Rams. However in the 30th, and final season of Madden this year there is no more drafts, no more building for the future. This is it!

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Arizona Cardinals
  3. Seattle Seahawks
  4. Los Angeles Rams

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints 15-1 Coach of the Team: SilentCloudx
  • Atlanta Falcons 3-13 Coach of the Team: ATLorDIE404
  • Carolina Panthers 13-3 Coach of the Team: criticalnews2
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Coach of the Team: JoeMoney405

      Overview: The NFC South is the Domain of the New Orleans Saints who finished the regular season with 3 losses in 3 years and now their second Super Bowl Title, and boasting of a 3rd. The Saints did it with Vets in their first run, and rookies in their second. They will be a tough out for any team that faces them. The Saints Closest competition was the Carolina Panthers who at 13-3 had a season many thought they should have been having seasons ago. They will look to complete the process this year however. The Buccaneers, and the Falcons both looked like they could use a little more seasoning. I do expect however the Falcons to take a major step forward this year, and be in the league for years to come.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. Carolina Panthers
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. New Orleans Saints

NFC East:

  • New York Giants 14-2 Coach of the Team: Active-_Shooter
  • Dallas Cowboys 11-5 Coach of the Team: DynesTrio33
  • Washington Redskins 9-7 Coach of the Team: Newmoon001
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1-15 Coach of the Team: MelBlaze3521

      Overview: The NFC East was won by the New York Giants as they have dominated the East in this rendition of Madden. Saquon Barkley, and Odell Beckhams 1-2 punch has been too much for teams and nothing should change this year. The Giants want more than anything to hang a banner, however that has eluded them for 30 seasons. They will once again look to the Dallas Cowboys to be their most staunch competition in the league. however the Redskins have vowed to do some damage this year. The Cowboys have not played well in their match ups against the Giants, and will need to cross that hurdle if they want to be taken seriously. The Redskins have gone 9-7 in 3 straight years, and will hope that this year is the one. Melblazes Eagles the last time he will use them this Madden as he has sold them to dominator should play this season as a cherished one.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New York Giants
  2. Washington Redskins
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
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