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ESPN Breaking News The NFASL Rookie Draft is Scheduled for this Sunday November, 26th 2017 @8pm EST.


        On this edition of ESPNEWS The NFASL Off-season is upon us and things are already in full swing. The Chicago Bears are once again our Super Bowl winner with their headcoach JD Cementing himself as a all time great with his 3rd banner hanging in the Hall of Champions. However that is behind us now, and teams are looking toward the future. This has been a off-season of several moves as teams have been trading players at a fever pitch with several big name players moving from one location to another. Some of those moves will have a lasting impact for the final two seasons to come.  The Big news however this off-season are the changes to the League Sliders. Those sliders are imperative in my opinion to make this game play more like the NFL that we watch every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Lets take a look at those changes.:

  • Wide Receiver Catch - From 50 to 57
  • Run Block - From 50 to 45
  • Fumbles - From 50 to 60
  • Pass coverage - From 50 to 40
  • Tackle - From 50 to 60

     These changes in my opinion should help the passing offenses out immensely, and hopefully slow down some of the rushing offenses. Moving the run blocking down 5, tackles up by 10, and Fumbling up by 10 will give guys more risk when performing the juke moves adnauseum making what should be 5 yard runs 50 yard runs last season. Also if you have played this game for more than 5 mins you know that the Pass defense has made every corner, safety, and Linebacker look like Deion Sanders. The Changes look drastic, but with good playcalling on the defensive end, coupled with the games pretty decent pass rush this should hopefully open up the offenses more than the 1-2 passing routes that work in this years version of Madden. 


. .

- Free Agency Guidelines -

There are several things wrong with the way free agency is handled in Madden, but the most glaring one is number of years being 7 to sign a player. Since we will only ever do 4-5 seasons signing a player in free agency to a contract beyond the remaining years throws off the balance of the league, and keeps the completely stacked teams, completely stacked. From this point on you will have to sign any player that makes it into free agency to the number of years remaining we have in the league.

  • Season 1 - Players can only be signed for 4 years.
  • Season 2 - Players can only be signed for 3 years.
  • Season 3 - Players can only be signed for 2 years.
  • Season 4 - Players can only be signed for 1 year
  • Season 5 - is inconsequential.

This means the days of 200 million dollar contracts and still be able to function in the short term are over. If you sign a player for more than the alloted years that player will be released from your team, and then you will have to deal with the Salary cap hit moving forward. *I will not reset the mistake you made.* 


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 -Hi, I'm John Clayton of ESPN. The NFL Draft is This Sunday November 26th, 2017 @ 8pm EST The Rookies are ready for day they will never forget, and the fan bases are ready to see the future of some of their franchises. Fortunes are made and lost during the draft as scouting the right type of players for your team is crucial to franchises future success. The Free agency Period is just getting started, and teams are prepping their Draft boards. They have their targets firmly affixed, and they know who they have to stop in the 3 time winning headcoach The_Best__Ever, and the Chicago Bears. Look for a successful draft, and season as this is where your Bones are made!  I'm John Clayton,



      Retired Players:

The NFL Means not for long, and these players were able to have long careers, and some of them will surely end in Hall of Fame Jackets. 





Chicago Bears

  • Zach Miller, TE

New York Giants

  • Brandon Marshall, WR

New England Patriots

  • Davind Harris, MLB

San Francisco 49ers

  • Joe Staley, LG

Buffalo Bills

  • Larry Fitzgerald, WR
  • Steven Hauschka, K

Houston Texans

  • Phil Dawson, K
  • Duane Brown, LT

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • William Gay, CB

New Orleans Saints

  • Ted Ginn JR., WR
  • Zach Strief, RT
  • Max Unger, C

Washington Redskins

  • Marshall Yanda, RG

Baltimore Ravens

  • Terrell Suggs, RE

Los Angeles Rams

  • John Sullivan, C

Atlanta Falcons

  • Reggie Nelson, SS
  • Matt Schaub, QB

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Joe Thomas, LT
  • Chris Long, LE

Miami Dolphins

  • Shane Lechler, P

Dallas Cowboys

  • Darrelle Revis, SS

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Kellen Clemens, QB
  • Philip Rivers, QB

Indianapolis Colts

  • Trent Cole, RE

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Ryan Harris, RT
  • DeAngelo WIlliams, HB
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