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ESPN Match Up Week 14


         NFL Match Up week 14


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(7-5) @   (6-6)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! The NFC South is coming down to the last games and this one is huge for the Atlanta Falcons. Win this game and they will tie things up going into week 15!

 (3-9)      @          (1-11)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Washington Redskins are out of the playoffs, but will never lay down for draft picks. The Eagles, and melblaze stand in their way, so expect another rain game !

 (6-6)      @           (6-6)

Preview: Rivalry game!!!! three Teams in the AFC South are saddled with 6 wins, and 6 losses apiece, and a possible wild card spot on the line. Look for this to be a high scoring affair. 

 (3-9)       @           (6-6)

Preview: The Houston Texans won a huge game a week ago defeating the Indianapolis Colts and keeping their playoff chances alive!

 (7-5)       @           (12-0)

Preview: The Raiders are in control of the AFC West, but the Chiefs are hot on their heels. They take on the undefeated Titans at home which is no easy task.

 (11-1)       @           (9-3)

Preview: This could be a preview of Super Bowl XXIV as these are two of the best teams in the league. They will be taking notes just incase they do match up later on again!

 (4-8)       @           (4-8)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! These two NFC South Teams are out of the playoff hunt, but still have pride to play for as they are Rivals. Look for things to get testy.

 (7-4-1)       @           (8-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Packers have managed to overtake the Vikings in the Standings, and now will look to put a strangle hold on 2nd place. The Vikings  desperately need this game !

 (4-8)       @           (0-12)

Preview: The Cowboys Owner Jerrr Raw_Diaw Jones has made a mockery of the Cowboys organization at 0-12, and 0-13 on the Horizon.

 (8-3-1)       @           (0-12)

Preview: The New York Jets will be making a post season appearance this year and winning these games are the way to do it.

 (2-10)       @           (10-2)

Preview: The Rams are without their owner who has retired from the league. That means 11-2 for the Cardinals. However Vin will be taking them over in the near future so have your fun now.

 (5-7)       @           (10-2)

Preview: Same thing for the Browns as they are a team in transition. Bills will have locked down the AFC East at the end of this sim win!

 (11-1)       @           (5-7)

Preview: unfortunately for the Chiefs they are paired up against the Bears the Defending Super Bowl Champs, as they are fighting for their playoff lives, and the AFC West division lead.

 (3-9)       @           (7-5)

Preview: The Patriots are hoping to make the playoffs but they will need some help, and they will have to help themselves with a win against Tomman owns and the 3 win Ravens!

 (9-2-1)       @           (6-6)

Preview: The Lions had a chance and realistically still have a chance at the post season however the Giants are on the Schedule, and their run game has been glitch all season long. unless the team that created clamps shows up this should be an easy Giants win!

 (4-7-1)       @           (6-6)

Preview: The Niners are hoping to run the table, and miracle their way into the Playoffs. They have to take on a talented Bengals team, but they should be abble to get the job done!

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