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Team Spotlight Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders 3-1


                                                                Team Stats


Points For                       35

rush Yards                      434

Pass Yards                      609

3rd  down efficiency       35%

Touchdowns                   13



Points Against                   13

Rush Yard allowed           167

Pass Yard Allowed           9243

fumbles                             2

interceptions                    17

Sacks                                 31



Player Stats


QB Carr, Derek               Rating          Percent       Yards       YPG     TD        INT

                   86.7               51.0%           751         188       10          06

RB Coleman, Tevin         Att            Yards              Avg       TD           Avgpg

                  53             307                 6           2            77

TE Lewis, Marcedes       Rec          Yds                 TD           Avg

                   03            63                   1              16

WR Amari Cooper         Rec       Yds      TD        Avg

                 14         193       5          49


Overview: The Oakland Raiders are the first team in quite sometime to Grace the cover of the NFASL, in Team Spotlight. hteT this week in the Team Spotlight. At 3-1 The Raiders don't have the leagues best record, and it's still early. However what they are doing defensively in the early parts of the season has to be looked at. The Raiders are dominant on defense, with no other adjective being able to grasp what is happening. The Raiders are first in Sacks (31), Interceptions (17), First in points allowed per game (13), and first in rush Defense (167). The Black Hole is where opposing offenses come to die! At the start of last season the Raiders traded Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears in a move that baffled the entirety of the Raider Nation. However it seems they knew what they were doing as they have hit a level that they never have with Mack. The Raiders Rookie Heath Hilgenberg out of Boise State has been nothing short of amazing wracking up 8.5 sacks in 4 games. With that sort of Pass rush it's no wonder the Raiders lead the League in interceptions. The Raiders Defense is even more impressive, when the league has done everything in it's power to make sure offenses are never stopped.

    With most of the credit going to the Raiders defense for their start, the Offense has been overshadowed. 5th Year player Derek Carr is not having his best statistical year. Carr has a QBR of 86.7 literally middle of the pack at 15th overall in the league. Carrs 51% Competion percentage which is near the bottom portion of the league will have to be brought up if the Raiders expect to do what they want to do this season. Couple in the Fact that Carr has 6 interceptions to only 10 touchdowns, you can see where their may be a hiccup. The Raiders may have to lean a little more heavily on Halfback Tevin Coleman whose 307 yards is 8th in the league. However the Raiders have so many weapons with Amari Cooper, Marcedes Lewis, and Travis Benjamin who all have game breaking abilities that you want to use them. Problem is when you have a what looks like a all time great defense, you want to make sure you play to the strengths of your team. Coach e30zack is a Super Bowl winning coach, winner of Super Bowl XIII, so I'm sure whatever short comings this team has he will rectify them. Congratulations on your Team Spotlight, the league, and I will be looking to see what you do this season.

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