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Team Spotlight Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns 11-0


                                                                Team Stats


Points For                       33

rush Yards                      1712

Pass Yards                      2374

3rd  down efficiency       49%

Touchdowns                   44



Points Against                   16

Rush Yard allowed           747

Pass Yard Allowed           2770

fumbles                             4

interceptions                    30

Sacks                                 57



Player Stats


QB Mayfield, Baker           Rating          Percent       Yards       YPG     TD        INT

                   138.2              74.0%          2491       226      26         08

RB Johnson, Duke         Att            Yards              Avg       TD           Avgpg

                  220             1285                6           13            117

TE Njoku, David           Rec          Yds                 TD           Avg

                  27            254               7              23

WR Coleman, Corey      Rec       Yds      TD        Avg

                 39         834       10          75


Overview: The Cleveland Browns are the subject of this weeks Team Spotlight in the NFASL, and for good reason. The Browns are 11-0, and look like the team that will represent the AFC in this years Super Bowl XXVII. That would be an impressive feat afer last years loss to the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. To avoid the Super Bowl Hangover, and look better than you did a season ago is impressivee to say the least. The Browns are lead by headcoach RedskinsWAHOOO who is looking to hang his first banner in the Hall of Champions. That has been a feat that has eluded him in his storied career in the NFASL. Storied may be a bridge too far until he captures that one final thing that has eluded him in several seasons. However this team looks like the one that could get it done.

 The Cleveland Browns  are one of the oldest franchises in the NFL, and have been through ups, and downs in their history. They hit a down point in recent history, and because of it have had the chance to pick first in the NFL Draft. Those Picks have been Myles Garrett, and Baker Mayfield. When you hit a homerun on two of your #1 Draft Picks you can fully expect your station in the league to change. Change it did as these two players are lynch pins of the Browns Resurgence to a Super Bowl Contender. The Browns have the #3 overall offense in the NFASL accumulating 4086 yards in only 11 games. They also have the Leagues best rushing defense behind stand out running back Duke Johnson who has a league high 1285 yards on the ground. Couple a strong run game with a highly capable Quarterback in Mayfield and you can see where the issues are for opposing defenses.   

    The Browns only achilles Heel are their defense as they are ranked near the bottom of the league in yards given up as they play a more bend but don't break defensive style. however that could come back to haunt them come playoff time as the offenses that they will face are the leagues best. Betting on not letting teams score could be a down side to what they want to have happen. They have Joe Schobert patrolling the Middle 2nd in the league in interceptions with 12. Schobert isn't recognized with being one of the leagues best, but it's no doubt that he is. Schoberts Ballhawking abilities, coupled with a ferocious pass rush at 3rd in the league at 57 on the season no doubt makes this one of the most dangerous teams in all of Football.

Commissioner Newmoons Thoughts: In Closing I will say the Browns behind Wahooo will go as far as his emotions allow him to go. The Browns headcoach is one of the angriest people I have ever met, and until he channels that emotion in a more positive way losing in the big game could be his M.O. Losing several Super Bowls already, can become an albatross to any player. However it's always darkest before the Dawn, and when, or if he finally does break through it will feel that much more incredible. Congratulations RedskinsWAHOOO on your team Spotlight.

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