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Super Bowl XXX


           29                       XXX                            06

Baltimore Ravens (13-3)             New Orleans Saints (11-4)

Coach: Tommanowns                                    Coach: EddieHendrixx

Team Leaders:

  • L. Jackson 111yds, 0td, 0int    D. Brees 137yds, 0td, 5ints
  • M. Ingram III 21att, 85yds, 0td  A. Kamara 11att, 57yds, 0td

  • M. Brown 4rec, 30yds, 0td       J. Cook 3rec, 44yds, 0td



A Banner Season in Charm City!

           Super Bowl XXX Miami, FL. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXX, a banner season in the National Football All Simulation League The Baltimore Ravens separated themselves from the rest of the pack defeating the New Orleans Saints 29-6. In a game where no offensive Touchdowns were scored it was the Ravens Defense that lead the day. The Ravens Defense was simply lockdown bringing up past images of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs. Instead it was Earl Thomas III, Patrick Onwuasor, and Anthony Averett forcing fumbles, and intercepting Passes and scoring. They held a all time great Drew Brees to his worst game in his career as he only threw for 137yards, zero Touchdowns, 5 interceptions , 10/19 passing for 52%, and a low 36.4 Total Quarterback Rating. 

  On Offense the Ravens gameplan was game managing as they were very precise with their passes, and gave a heavy dose of Mark Ingram III to salt the Game away. When your Defense gives you 14 points not playing to that strength would have been a major mistake. Lamar Jackson was efficient only throwing for 111 yards, however he was 9/11 with a 81% completion percentage. Mark Ingram was the work horse as he carried the ball 21 times for 85 yards, 4.0 yards per carry. With Justice Hill carrying it 4 times for 22yards, and Lamar Jackson rushing 4 times for 13 yards.   A strong Running game, and a stout Defense......Where have I heard that before. That Gameplan took the ball away from the Saints, that is when they weren't giving it away as the Ravens held the ball for 22:11 to the Saints 13:43. 

 The Saints were awful in the Super Bowl as it seemed as though they did not gameplan at all for this Ravens team. There is an old saying that goes more games are lost than won, and nothing is more apropros than in this game. The Saints had more Yardage than the Ravens, and Alvin Kamara was running like a man possessed 11 carries, 57yards with a 5.2 yards per Carry. The Saints defense also limited the big plays of the Ravens players as they bottled up Lamar Jackson holding him to 13 yards rushing, and sacking him 4 times. They also nullified Their big play receiver Hollywood Brown who has been giving opposing secondaries fits with his speed to 4 cathces for 30yards.  It seemed as though the Saints were predetermined before the game to feature Drew Brees no matter what, and that truly in the end cost them. Some games you have to win dirty, 3-0, 6-3, etc.... a Win is a win, and if you win by 100, or 1 it only counts as 1 especially in the Super Bowl. 


The Baltimore Ravens were coached by Tommanowns, who has cemented himself as the best in the Leagues History. G.O.A.T.  Congratulations on winning Super Bowl XXX, and hanging your fifth banner in the Hall of Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXX winner Coach Tommanowns:


  • You won Super Bowl XXX, what was your gameplan going in?

My Gameplan was the same throughout the playoffs. Play turnover free ball offensively, and limit big plays defensively.



  • The Defense Came up big, can you talk about those players who are now household names.

The Defense was fast, and I really focused on baiting opposing Quarterbacks into making bad throws, that looked liked easy throws. The Secondary was key because they could lock up receivers in man, and when I called zone my linebackers speed really showed up all over the field.


  • You have now won 5 Championships the most of any member in the NFASL. How does this one compare to the other 4?

I Try to learn something from every ring, and this one really felt refreshing because many people felt that I was done, myself included. I really was starting to to buy into that talk until Roffman got kicked to be completely honest!


  • You are the Madden Season XXX Champion, a banner season. The Floor is yours is there anything you wan to say to the rest of the league?

What the league should know is that if you're passionate about something, pursue it, and invest time into it. Keep Grinding, and never be satisfied.



Commissioner Newmoons thoughts:

       Tommanowns is one of the more Senior members in the league, and has been with me since near the beginning of the creation of the NFASL. So Let me be the first to say congratulations! Thomas Jones IV has posted his 5th Championship in the NFASL which is no easy task. Also to do it on another Banner Season really makes you wonder is Fate really a thing. He has already won Super Bowls X, XX, and now XXX.... So you tell me I'm wrong. It's funny that he said two things in his interview about being passionate, and the removal of Roffman. I have, and will always say I love the league, and no man is above it. It's a Videogame I get it, however being passionate in what you do can make all the difference. I've seen guys put their hard earned money into the league. Kaliko_420, Jady_Tru, and I have been paying for this website for over 8 years now. I only say that to not for accolades, or a pat on the back, but for how guys get removed from the league (Roffman). I'm not the person who removes them, members literally remove themselves. In 2 years we will be at the 10 year Anniversary of the NFASL nearly a 1/4 of my life running this league. Am I perfect, No. But who is? However I am fair if anything, and before I start throwing people from the league indiscriminately I quietly send a Text message, or a Direct message asking you to correct whatever issue has come up. There are 32 people in the league each one a cog in the wheel, that makes this league the best on the planet. So the rules that you may disagree with, are not in place to satisfy your, or my sensibilities as I, or you are 1/32. The rules are in place for a reason, and either we all adhere to them, or what's the point of a rule in the first place.


    The Baltimore Ravens will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXX, On September 13th, of our Lord 2019.  The Baltimore Ravens were 13-3 on the season, under the Tutelage of coach Tommanowns, whom has hung his 5th banner. Once again Congratulations on your Super Bowl Victory! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season.


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