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††††††††On this edition of†ESPNEWS The League is in full Playoff mode as we are already in the Divisional round! The Elite 8 if this were College Basketball, with the Championship round not far behind. In the Wildcard round things were just as the people thought they would be, and that's WILD! In the NFC the San Francisco 49ers upset the Detroit Lions and their Coach Nick Cena who will have to go another year thinking about hanging another Banner in the Hall of Champions. The Same thing can be said for the Minnesota Vikings headcoach e30zack who fell to the Chicago Bears.

† In the AFC the New England Patriots good fortune continued as arguably the most exciting play in NFASL History was overturned when Corrradelle Patterson 70 yard Nintendo Wii Punt returned was brought back due to him stepping out of bounds on what many are still saying was good to go all the Way. Once that Play was overturned the Oakland Raiders, and their headcoach Vin lost all their mojo, and the Patriots found themselves in the Divisional round. The final Wild Card game saw the heavily favored Tennessee Titans barely squeak out a victory over the Buffalo Bills.†

in the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs these are the games that will have everyone on the edge of their seats:

  • Tennessee Titans (14-2) @ Cleveland Browns (14-2)
  • New England Patriots (9-7) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (15-1)

The Divisonal Round should be just as exciting as we have some of the leagues best teams going up against one another. With a subplot of the Coach of the Cleveland Browns calling it a career as he has announced that he will be hanging up his playsheet at the outset of these playoffs win, or lose; he will be missed.

In the NFC their is a power shift pointing down as compared to the AFC however that does not mean the games are any less meaningful.

  • San Francisco 49ers (12-4) @ New York Giants (12-4)
  • Chicago Bears (12-4) @ Carolina Panthers (12-4)

With every coach save for the Giants winning at least 1 Super Bowl you know these games should be very tight. Even the New York Giants has a chance as they have one of the most dangerous teams in the entire league.†† Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production!!


Kalikos Corner: the place to get all your NFL odds, and anything else on his mind. When kaliko Speaks Vegas listens as he places the Lines for the NFL games. We will track his progress over the coming Weeks. Will kaliko be a soothsayer, or a no talent hack? We shall See!

Jacksonville Jaguars Odds 2/1:

hereís why we like the Jags they have been the most
Dominate team with a 15-1 record they are averaging the highest points per game in the afc with 33.3
points per game they also have the most rushing rushing yards this season with
3,445 with 38 rushing touchdowns most in the nfl on the defensive side they have
66 sacks second in the afc and the coaching staff is said to be the best out there
give us the jags to win the afc.

New England Patriots: Odds 3/1
Patriots have taken a step back from last yearís dominate run and almost missed
the playoffs with a 9-7 record but we still like them over most the afc teams
because theyíre the defending champs and defensively they give up the fewest
passing yards in the afc with a little over 2,000 yards and are in the middle of the
pack for rushing yards we also like cooks heís #1 wr in the afc in receiving yards
and of course Tom the goat brady is enough pats looking to goo back to back

Tennessee Titans: 4/1 odds
The titans are 30-2 over 2 years thatís ridiculous can they get the job done this
year? Titans have the most complete offense in the AFC 2nd in rushing yards and
6th in passing and defensively they are top 5 in the afc in sacks and interceptions
the problem for them has been nerves can they overcome the playoff I think they
wil and this is my favorite bang for your buck put your money on the titans and
thank me later.

Oakland Raiders: 10/1 odds
The raiders find themselves in familiar territory they need to just find a way to
win It all. itís been frustrating for them in crucial moments in the playoffs they
find themselves turning the ball over or losing in the 4th they hope to turn that
around this playoffs what worries us is they have the 2nd fewest passing yards in
the AFC we do like the defense of the raiders who are much improved they have
70 sacks but interceptions are 2nd to last in the AFC not a key ingredient to
winning but if they can figure a way to get those passing and turnover numbers
up watch of for the town bidnezz.

Cleveland Browns: 20/1
when the coaching staff doesnít believe in God, we have no faith in them.

*Commissioner Moons Note: With this being the final season for the Cleveland Browns headcoach RedskinWahoo I can't hope but wish him luck in all his future endeavors. Losing a member even one as controversial as the wahoo is always hard to take. In his time here as a member of the NFASL he has been one of the best Madden players hands down, and was a stones throw from immortalizing himself for all time in the Hall of Champions. Once he gets his life settled, I would be happy to have him as a returning member of the worlds greatest league, run by the worlds greatest pimp, Moon!

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