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NFASL Season 7 AFC Preview

                  The NFASL is entering season 7, and the Baltimore Ravens are the Defending Super Bowl Champs! . After a string of seasons with the NFC team winning it all, the AFC has made a statement this madden that they are the stronger conference winning 4 of the past 6 Super Bowls. The all-time Superbowl wins for each conference is 19-16 in favor of the NFC. If this trend continues the AFC will be tying that up this Madden.  We've never gone this far into Madden, so I'm interested to see which teams will separate themselves as building a team to compete over the long haul changes things. With that being said, let's take a look inside the AFC, as we will deep dive the NFC on tomorrow.


AFC North:


  • Baltimore Ravens 14-2 Headcoach Tommanowns (Division Winner)

The Baltimore Ravens won the Division, as well as Super Bowl XXXV and will look to go back to back. With several players players ready to hit free agency, and only 6 million in Cap the Ravens are in a position where they are going to have to make some hard decisions in the not so distant future.

  • Cincinatti Bengals 10-6 Headcoach bgreat238 (Wildcard)

The Cincinattie Bengals made the Wildcard round a year ago leaning on one of the best Secondaries in the game. They Traded with the Dallas Cowboys moving Troy Pride in what many believed was a cost cutting move. The Bengals are lead by Jacob Burreaux, and Joe Mixon on the offensive side of the ball, and should be in the mix all season long.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 Headcoach Hac_3443

The Pittsburgh Steelers headcoach Hunter Clark has deemed himself the stone Cold Steve Austin of the league as he feels he was wrongfully given a force loss a year ago that cost his team a spot in the post season. With the Steel Curtain 2.0 the highest point scoring defense in the league, he just might have a point. However when your nickname is last game Hac, don't be complaining if you catch a Force L every now, and again.

  • Cleveland Browns 4-12 Headcoach Papalon24

 The Browns after a having a season to forget a year ago made a major move in the off-season sending Kyler Murray to the Dolphins to for Tua Tagovailoa to become the signal caller for the Franchise. That Move should pair up Tuas strong arm to the Speed of KJ Hamler who had a break out season a year ago. The Browns drafted a generational talent Marvin Vincent out Wake forest to help sure up a struggling secondary, but find themselves in a bind as they are tied up with an albatross of a contract for Myles Garrett that pays him 40 million dollars a year, and no money to sign a litany of free agents on their team.

Commissioners Newmoons Predicition:

  1. Baltimore Ravens
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Cincinatti Bengals
  4. Cleveland Browns


AFC West:


  • Kansas City Chiefs 11-5 Headcoach CapnClutchKC (Division Winner)


The Kansas City Chiefs are lead by the Face of the League Patrick Mahomes, and last season was no different. Mahomes put up stellar numbers a year ago, and will look to do the same thing this year. With a team that has speed at every position that features Tyreek Hill, and Mecole hardman the Chiefs are a rare team that you can't get ready for. They added Todd Gurley in the Offseason to give them a tough yards back that they feel as though they missed in the playoffs a year ago. The AFC West has become one of the best divisions in football so where every yard matters, Gurley could pay dividends.

  • Los Angeles Chargers 10-6 Headcoach Yell_2 (Wildcard)

The Los Angeles Chargers made the playoffs on true grit a season ago, and will look to build on that run this year. They have everything you need as Sammy Baugh Jr., Jerion Ealy, and KJ Hill have developed into their own big 3. Throw in a side of JuJu Smith schuster, and you can see why so many are bullish on the Chargers. They traded for Denzel Ward in the off-season figuring that jalen Raegor, and Tyreek hill are not getting any slower any time soon.

  • Oakland Raiders 9-7 Headcoach e30zack

The Oakland Raiders lost 4 straight down the stretch and saw what started as a promising season diminish into one of anguish. With speed at every level the Raiders missing the playoffs was surprising to say the least. With Bazooka Arm Tyree Jackson, Wandale Robinson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Jalen Reagor in the Skills position they should be in line for a Super Bowl this season. However the West however is not for the feint of heart, and any slip up can see you home for the holidays.

  • Denver Broncos 6-10 Headcoach Hirschyyy

 The Denver Broncos defense was record breaking bad a season ago, however their head coach stated that his team is starting to figure it out. With Von Miller in his 14th season, and most likely his final year the Broncos would love to send him to the retirement home with another Super Bowl Trophy. However unless they can sure up their Defense it doesn't matter how many points they score, if they can't stop a nose bleed.

Commissioners Newmoons Predicition:

  1. Oakland Raiders
  2. Kansas city Chiefs
  3. Los Angeles Chargers
  4. Denver Broncos



AFC South:


  • Houston Texans 11-5 Headcoach Maddenrox9 (Division Winner)

The Houston Texans a year ago found life difficult without DeShaun Watson behind Center, but eventually settled on Kellen Mond who played for the Carolina Panthers a year ago. The Texans picked up Aaron Jones in the offseason moving on from Phillip Lindsay who played well in his time in Houston. The Texans will be looking to get back to the Super Bowl, as they won 4 games down the stretch last season to win the Division.

  • Indianapolis Colts 10-6 Headcoach Gaberooni54 (Wildcard)

The indianapolis Colts were leading the Division the entire season, but faltered down the stretch allowing the Houston Texans to win the Division, and the Colts home for the Post season. Failing down the stretch the Colts shifted their strategy by drafting 6'4 Bryan Otting out of  USF to take over for the aging Russell Wilson who will play mentor for the Young Quarterback. With NyHeim Hines, and Derrick Henry in the Backfield the Otting will have a healthy support group, while he figures out the league

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 7-9 Headcoach ThePacificCowboy

The Jaguars came one strong down the stretch a season ago winning their last 3 games, however it was a little to late. At 7-9 the Jaguars feel as though they let a season slip away, and has vowed not to let that happen again. They spent major dollars for Journeymen Sam Darnold playing for his 3rd team in 4 years giving him a 4 year 70 million dollar contract. The Jaguars are starting to reach the point where rebuilding comes to mind as their defense might best be described as aging, but still playing at a high level. With D.J.Chark becoming arguably the Leagues best receiver, reminding people of Randy Moss with his deep catch ability They could be in line for another Super Bowl this season.

  • Tennessee Titans 2-14 Headcoach Jace_Curry25

 The Titans had a season to forget as they went 2-14, and came into the off season looking for answers in multiple places. Their first order of business was to keep developing DJ Galeilei who surprised everyone a season ago with his Growth from his rookie season to his Sophomore year. Now stringing wins together is the next step for this young QB. With the 5th pick in the first round they drafted D.J. Weston to go along with a already very good secondary that consists of JD Downs, and Justin Layne. The Titans could surprise some teams this year.

Commissioners Newmoons Predicition:

  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. Houston Texans
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars


AFC East:


  • New England Patriots 11-5 Headcoach ATK133 (Division Winner)

The New England Patriots were top dog in the Division a year ago, but there were several teams that looked like they will be taking the next step. With Jake Fromm making a name for himself the Patriots feel as though they are set at Quarterback for several years to come. Deebo Samuel, Nick Chubb, NKeal Harry are just a few of the big named players on the offensive side of the ball. However the Patriots make their bones on defense as they are bookended by two of the leagues best pass rushers. Josh Kaindoh, and Chase Winovich have bbeen a dynamic Duo, and could get this team over the top this year.

  • Buffalo Bills 9-7 Headcoach OffensiveDom

After several seasons of Struggling with losing records the Bills had a good season a year ago, but still came up short missing the playoffs allowing the Patriots to win the Division for 6 straight seasons. With Justin Fields leading the team in now his 5th season, the Bills could be on par for a deep playoff run. First things first however as winning the Division has never been harder. There are no cake walks so expect every game to be played with playoff intensity.

  • New York Jets 8-8 Headcoach Traylonakanana

The New York Jets were 8-8 on the season and feel as though they were 1 or 2 plays away from making the post season. Dwayne Haskins came on in year 5, and looks like he is finally ready to lead a franchise into the promised land. His Connection with Odell Beckham Jr now in his 11th year has been vital to the success of Haskins. with the Division lock tight there is no room for error, and the jets just might fool a few people this season.

  • Miami Dolphins 7-9 Headcoach I757IMonster

 The Miami Dolphins were one of the leagues most dangerous teams down the stretch a year ago as they relished the role of spoiler, ending several teams playoff bids. Now however it's time for the Dolphins to take the next step, and they made a move that could do just that. Trading for Kyler Murray will open up every aspect of their offense making them one of the leagues most dangerous teams.

Commissioners Newmoons Predicition:

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. New England Patriots
  3. New York Jets
  4. Miami Dolphins



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