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NFASL Divisional Round

The NFASL Divisonal Round is underway, and we can only hope the games were as good as the Wild Card Round! The Wildcard round was just that, Wild. The San Francisco jumped out on the Chicago Bears and never looked back easily winning the game 41-20. Many thought this was the Season the Bears would hang their 5th banner this year, but alas Coach JD will have to wait another season. The Panthers fell to the Cardinals behind a MVP performance rushing for 175 yards on just 21 carries. The Cardinals won the Game 34-24. In the AFC the Chiefs looked less than lethal as they were systematically blown out by the Jacksonville Jaguars behind Quarterback Jameis Winstons big right arm throwing for 3 touchdowns. The Ravens did not get a chance to Play the Bills, meaning that whoever wins this years Super Bowl will be assigned an asterisk at least in my mind. The Ravens are always dangerous in the Playoffs, however a work schedule did the job many could not. We will now divert our attention to the Divisional round and let the Excitement build to a crescendo! We all know what the Prize is, that is a chance to put your name into the Hall of Champions as the 29th year Champion, there to hang for all eternity. The prize is there, all one has to do it is just grab it!.



 American Football Conference



  Buffalo Bills (11-5)                  Cleveland Browns (14-2)

Preview: Cleveland, OH. The Cleveland Browns finished with the Conferences best record, impressive coming off a Super Bowl Defeat a year ago. They did not let the let down disway them from doing what they need to do, and that's shut up all the Naysayers and hang that Banner Coach RedskinsWAHOOOOO desperately wants. His First test however will come against one of the toughest owners in all of Sports. Coach Offensivedom and his Buffalo Bills. The Bills are led by Josh Allen (KYS!) and will take on one of the premier defenses in the League lead one of the best Sack Masters in teh game Myles Garrett. The Browns bring in the Leagues 6th ranked Defense, and ferocious run game. Many a Championships have been won with that formula, and the Browns are looking to add their names to them. The Bills have the Leagues 4th overall Offense which means this game should be a one for the ages. Defense, or Offense.... We will soon find out. 



  Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)          Oakland Raiders (13-3)


Preview: Oakland, CA. Thje Raiders have quietly put together one of the Best seasons in the league with their owner/coach e30zack dropping L's next to anyone who dared step up. The Raiders will come into this game as the proverbial favorite and will relish the point that they get to play a game in front of the Raider Nation faithful. They can ill afford to overlook the Jacksonville Jaguars however as they have looked like a different team all season long. Coach Stew qouted after the blowout win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wildcard round "Full Throttle" That means the Jaguars are not playing for the Silver Medal, only Gold will do. They will have their hands full with the likes of Derek Carr who threw for 3724 yards, 42 touchdowns, and only 19 interceptions. In a league of 30+ sack leaders, and linebackers with Double Digit interceptions that's nothing to sneeze at.


National Football Conference



  Arizona Cardinalsnts (13-3)          New York Giants (14-2)

Wrap Up: Seattle, WA. The New York Giants showed the world who the Real MVP was with a blowout win over the Arizona Cardinals 23-14. The Final score was not indicative of this game truly was as the Giants handed the ball of the Saquon Barkley the runner up in the MVP ballot to Joe Mixon who had a miserable Game. Mixon carried the Ball for 10 yards, on 10 carries. Even though I'm not a Math wizard it's going to be hard to win a game in the Divisional round grabbing 1 yard a carry. Coach Shooter from the Podium mocked in the postgame after saying "Is this your MVP!" holding up a stat sheet after the game. The Giants did it on all fronts intercepting Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray twice, and sacking him 3 times. The Cardinals will go into the offseason wondering if his aging team will be ready next year or will a few players retire leaving them to turn to younger players to get things done next season. The Giants are awaiting the AFC to get their games played, and know that if they want to get to the Super Bowl they will have to face the New Orleans Saints!!!



  San Francisco 49ers (10-6)          New Orleans Saints (15-1)

Wrap Up: New Orleans, LO. The New Orleans Saints kinda had a feeling that they would face the San Francisco 49ers in the Playoffs this year, and they relished the opportunity. After a shocking defeat to the Niners a year ago, who eventually went on to win the Super Bowl the Saints have been biding their time to strike, and strike they did! The Saints put up a W, and are now one game away from the Super Bowl! The Saints Defense was the story as they intercepted the Niners Star Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo Five times, and Sacked him four. SS Kentrell Brice got his ghands on two of them, and when it was all said and done it was the Saints Prayers that were answered. The Niners were valiant in their defense of their title holding the Saints to Zero Points in the Second half. However the Damage was too great for the Niners to overcome them, and the Saints prevailed in the End. The Entirety of the Football world is waiting for the Saints Vs Giants whose overtime game a few weeks back was the stuff of Legends. 

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