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NFASL AFC Preview Season 2020

         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the AFC and preview every team in the Conference. With the AFC losing in the Super Bowl they have now fell behind 16-11 in total Championship Banners hanging in the Hall of Champions. The most recent team to have that dubious honor was the Buffalo Bills, and their head coach OffensiveDom who has now lost his 6th Super Bowl. After having a good regular season finishing the 11-5, The Bills came up short to the eventual Super Bowl XXVII winner the New Orleans Saints.  The AFC played out much differently than the NFC with only the Cleveland Browns, 15-1, and the Oakland Raiders 13-3 having Dominant seasons. The remaining divisions went down to the wire, as their were several Divisions that ended on the final game of the regular season. It made for must see Football as the AFC was by far the more competitive conference. There were however teams who didn't do much of anything and will hope with the new season that they can turn their luck around. The Cincinnati Bengals 2-14, Denver Broncos 1-15, Miami Dolphins 2-14, and the New York Jets 5-11 will look for any positive sign that this 3rd season will not be a waste.In a league that pushes Parity these outliers only hope is that they do enough in the offseason to make a few necessary changes to their team. Without further adieu lets take a indepth look at all the Divisions in the AFC!

AFC North:

  • Cleveland Browns 15-1 Coach of the Team: RedskinsWAHOOO
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 Coach of the Team: Hac_3443
  • Baltimore Ravens 9-7 Coach of the Team: Tomman_Owns  
  • Cincinatti Bengals 2-14 Coach of the Team: CJB9t9

      Overview: The AFC North was easily won by the Cleveland Browns who finished up the Regular season at 15-1, for the second year in a row, but once again their head coach RedskinsWAHOOO failed to get it done in the big game. WAHOOO Now knows what it means to fail, so when he does win it all, and I'm sure he will it feel just all the more sweeter. Baker Mayfield is now a bonafide star, along with  Duke Johnson they have two of the 3 headed monsters. They have turned to small in statures Wide Receivers going speed instead of size. Their closest competition in the Division was the Steelers who made the playoffs behind a late season push has moved on from Ben Roethlisberger, LeVeon Bell, and Antonio Browns! Sacrilege if you're a fan of the team, however this is a what have you done for me lately league. The Baltimore Ravens are eagerly trying to make it to the post season after having finished the season 9-7, and missing the Playoffs for the second year in a row. Lamar Jackson is firmly entrenched as the Quarterback, Chris Thompson is plugged in at running back, and Martavis Bryant is the Starting WR opposite Keelan Cole. Not house hold names, but they will have to do. They are in a tough as nails with Offensive Juggernauts all around them. They will look to Super Star Nose Tackle Michael Pierce, MLB C.J. Mosley, FS Jimmy Smith, and SS Aqib talib to carry the day. The Final team in the Division is none other than the Cincinnati Bengals who at 2-14 finished 3 games worse than a season ago. The Bengals were able to score with the best of them, however they couldn't stop a anybody on Defense. Eric Berry, Chris Harris JR., Vontaze Burfict, Geno Atkins, and Carl Lawson, all have the task of putting up some resistance. If the Bengals can get that side of the ball together they could be one of the most Dangerous teams in the division

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Cincinatti Bengals 


AFC West:

  • Denver Broncos 1-15 Coach of the Team: SplashinSimp33
  • Kansas City Chiefs 6-10 Coach of the Team: JBoc27
  • Oakland Raiders 13-3 Coach of the Team: e30zack
  • San Diego Chargers 9-7 Coach of the Team: I757IMonster

      Overview: The NFC west was easily won by the Oakland Raiders at 13-3 behind one of the most dominant performances in Footballs history racking up mind numbing sack numbers. The Raiders however faded in the post season and will once again go into the New Season looking for the right mixture of Offense, and Defense. Their closest competitor in the Division was the San Diego Chargers who put it together last year at 9-7. They missed the post season however but picked up some big names in the off season. Kirk Cousins is now in San Diego looking for a new start, after having failed miserably in Minnesota. Combine that with Melvin Gordon, nad A.J. Green, Jarvis Landry, and Keenan Allen the Chargers just might win the division this year! The Kansas City Chiefs had another disappointing year going 6-10, and will look to get back on track. Pat Mahomes, Kareem Hunt, and Sammy Watking is a good start, but they have been far from explosive as you would have thought. The Chiefs will look to kinda stood pat, and may be their undoing in the Division. The Final Team was the completely horrible Denver Broncos who at 1-15 made several moves in the offseason adding picks, and going with youth to get thigs turned around. They traded the #1 Draft pick to Washington who has so far been a bust, then went out and traded for Antonio Brown, to give 2nd year QB Conor Doering someone special to pass to. They then picked up Rookie LT Soma McFoy, LG Michael Afalava, in the draft to protect him. They also went youth on Defense in the Draft and added Ashley Adkins, to pressure opposing Quarterbacks. The Broncos have a long way to go, and a short time to do it in!

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Oakland Raiders
  2. San Diego Chargers
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Denver Broncos

AFC South:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 Coach of the Team: PacificCowboy
  • Indianapolis Colts 6-10 Coach of the Team: Gaberooni54
  • Houston Texans 7-9 Coach of the Team: BigRY8
  • Tennessee Titans 10-6 Coach of the Team: Dominator1373

      Overview: The NFC South was the most competitive Division by far in the League as theuse teams played each other tooth and Nail, and the division winner went down to the final 2 weeks of the season. When the smoke cleared it was only the Tennessee Titans who came out unscathed being the only team to make the post season. The Titans pretty much stood pat as they didn't want to tweak what had been working. They added WR Taywan Taylor through free agency, Drafted Deshaunt Langham at TE, and C Griffin Brezinksi to give the offense a little more Uuummpph! They will need it as the Jaguars at 8-8 have one of the most ferocious Defenses in all the league with stars at multiple positions. The Jagas missed the playoffs and will look to get back in their this season. Winning the Division is the most assured way of doing that. Nick Foles, Leonard Fournette, and young core of Wide Receivers D.J. Chark Jr, and DeDe Westbrook both will be integral to what they want to do moving forward. The Houston Texans made a major move up in the division finishing 7-9, but are still not quite their yet. They have the talent, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Miller, DeAndre Hopkins, J.J. Watt, Jadaveon Clowney just to name a few. Their is no excuse on earth for this team not to make a post season appearance. The final team in the division was the Indianapolis Colts who had a down year after finishing 10-6 a season ago. They will look to get back to what they do best and that's run the ball behind Nyheim Hines, and their domdominant offensive line only gettign better with the addition of Rookie Center Victor Bernal. I expect this division to once again come down to the final games of the regular season, so hold on to your hats!.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars
  3. Houston Texans
  4. Indianapolis Colts

AFC East:

  • New England Patriots 10-6 Coach of the Team: ATK133
  • Miami Dolphins 2-14 Coach of the Team: Texas_92j
  • Buffalo Bills 11-5 Coach of the Team: OffensiveDom
  • New York Jets 5-11 Coach of the Team: TraylonaKanana

      Overview: The AFC East was won narrowly by the Buffalo Bills who also made a deep post season run all the way to the Super Bowl where they finally lost to the eventual winner the New Orleans Saints. Back to the Drawing board as they say, meaning the Bills will once again be back at it banging the Drum. QB Josh Allen with a rifle for an arm, will be rookie Wide Receiver Paul Trul Luck, Breshad Perriman, and Day Jones along with the the big free agent acquistion TE AUstin Hooper. They will look for another year of growth from their Offensive Line with 4 out of the 5 starters all having 1 year of expererience. Dion Dawkins with 3 years is the old man of the group. The New England Patriots without Tom Brady saw their offensive production go down significantly, and their wins. With Tyrod Taylors ability to extend plays a gift and a curse they still managed to put up 10 wins, and a trip to the post season. They didnt make many moves in the Offseason or draft, which could be their undoing this year. The New York Jets at 5-11 had another supbpar season and is still looking for Sam Darnold to take control of the offense. They opted to go the experience rout at receiver with Golden Tate III 10 years, and Jermaine Kearse 8 years. Time will tell if theat is their undoing. The Jets defense is lead by Lavonte David who at MLB Will be call out the plays. He will also look to be a strong influence on Rookie ROLB Ivory Belton who the Jets have high hopes for rushing the quarterback. The Final Team in the division was the Miami Dolphins at who at 2-14 was a major Disappointment for the Faithful. That's a far cry from the newly crowned 19-0 New Orleans Saints. The Dolphins Drafted QB Christian Clausen, to give a pretty good Wide Receiver corp the Quarterback play they have sorely missed. The Dolphins were actually one of the better defensive teams so any points they can score could go a long way in turning their fortunes around.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. New England Patriots
  3. New York Jets
  4. Miami Dolphins
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