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  • 32 (0-10)[Strk-L10] Melblaze for the 2nd Power Ranking in a row has the leagues worst offense scoring 7ppg. However he has moved his Defense down to 30th, instead of 32nd! Progress!!!!
  • 31  (0-10)[Strk-L1] When these Lions reer Back their Head, fill their Lungs With air, and Get ready to Roar it goes MEOW..........
  • 30  (0-10)[Strk-L10] At 0-10 the Miami Dolphins are tanking for Tua! O wait that was last year.........
  • 29 (2-8)[Strk -W1] When these Vikings go on a Raiding party they go with perfectly Coiffed Beards, Flannel Shirts, and Avocado on Toast.
  • 28  (2-8)[Strk-W2] In Greek Mythology A Titan is a Deity that preceded the Olympians and are the offspring of primordial Deities Uranus, and Gaea. In the NFASL the Titans are a joke.......
  • 27 (2-8)[Strk-L4] When the U.S. military Scrambles Jets to defend the Homeland a Flight of the most advanced Aircraft in History are seen. When Traylon Scrambles his jets it's normally just Eggs......
  • 26 (3-7)[Strk-L1] The Big D doesn't stand for Dallas, it stands for Disaster as Coach Raw is among the Weeds with arguably the best Lineup on the Game
  • 25 (3-7)[Strk-L2] A Coaching Change in Carolina has seen the Arrival of Tybond22. In his two games he has showed well, but has yet to crack the code for a win.
  • 24 (5-5)[Strk-L1]  After the Week 11 performance against the Giants (68-10)  24 may be to high for the Seahawks.
  • 23  (4-6)[Strk-L1] The Colts are still reeling from the loss of Andrew luck who when he retired took all their hopes and dreams of winning a Chip with him.
  • 22  (4-6)[Strk-L2] Not even Tom Brady can turn this Beleagured Franchise around, and he's not Getting any Younger. Might be time to throw in the Towel and build for the future.
  • 21 (4-6)[Strk-W3] Coach Papalon24 has won 3 in a row, and has moved himself down the Power Rankings to a respectable 21.
  • 20 (6-4)[Strk-L1] The Bills had arguably the Easiest schedule in the league thus far and the Power rankings takes that into consideration!!
  • 19  (5-5)[Strk-L2] The Once Proud Franchise of the WhoDat reigning Terror on all who came across them has now become a shell of their former selves. The NFASL has humbled the best of them, seems not even EddieHendrixx is immune.
  • 18  (5-5)[Strk-W4] The Broncos have won 4 in a row, and has put himself back in the ruinning to make the Playoffs.
  • 17 (5-5)[Strk-L1] These Chargers have about as Much juice as a Duracell Battery, but they are still in the Playoff Race. A trip to the Hardware store should be imminent!
  • 16 (5-5)[Strk-W1] Anytime Moon isn't atop the Power Rankings you know the Power Rankings are Broke! This year for the umpteenth year is no different!
  • 15 (5-5)[Strk-W1] Last season the Cardinals were a joke when the Power Rankings rolled around. This Season they are in the midst of a playoff Race! The Difference a season makes!!
  • 14  (4-6)[Str-L2] The Difference a Season makes as last year the Packers were atop the NFC North daring any to try to kcock them off their perch! This Season they are atop a Trash heap......
  • 13 (7-3)[Strk-W1] The Steelers got a Signature win vs the Raiders in week 11! Could that be spark that puts them into serious contention to win a Championship?
  • 12 (6-4)[Strk-W4] Coach ATK has won 4 in a row and has become increasingly Annoying. More annoying than usual which is saying a lot!
  • 11 (7-3)[Strk-W1] The Jaguars love the Long ball, and the Blitz. If they're not throwing the Deep Ball, they're Blitzing, and if they're not blitzing they're Throwing the long ball...........
  • 10 (6-4)[Strk-W1] Coach Caesar has been quiet, wayyy to quiet. Is he plotting, lurking, waiting for the prime opportunity to strike? Probably not. Most likely he's listening to horrible Rap music, and seeing which Bandana makes him look the most intimidating....
  • 09 (7-3)[Strk-L1] Raider Nation is Back, and are becoming a true contender to hang another banner in the Hall of Champions!
  • 08 (8-2)[Strk-W2] The Buccaneers should be much higher than 8 on the Power Rankings. Not only are they winning the South, but they were on Maury's show, and it turns out that they were the Father (of the Saints)......
  • 07 (7-3)[Strk-L2] Coach Chance got his Chance, now lets see what he does with it. 2-2 so Far,  but still atop the AFC South
  • 06 (7-3)[Strk-W1] The Cover Athlete Pat Mahomes is rolling, and the Chiefs have the 2nd highest scoring offense in the League at 38ppg!
  • 05  (7-3)[Strk-W2] The Rams said all he needed was a defense, and it looks like he was right. At 7-3 the Rams should be back in the playoffs come the post season!
  • 04  (9-1)[Strk-W3] With his Son Rayan Being born Coach Kaliko_420, and his niners are my Pick to win Super Bowl XXXI. When it's good, it's real Good! Congratulations man!
  • 03 (8-2)[Strk-L1]  The Defending Super Bowl Champions have managed to avoid the Super Bowl Hangover as they have posted 8 wins in 10 Games. Bad news for the AFC as they look to be head of the Class once again..
  • 02 (8-2)[Strk-W7] Da Bears have the leagues Best Defense, and A Super Bowl Winning headcoach at the Helm. Could another Banner be in the future?
  • 01 (9-1)[Strk-W7] Look Ma that Pig has Wings! Satan did you forget to pay the Gas Bill it's cold down here! Joey Peanuts has a Girlfriend! Pigs Flying, Hell freezing over, and JBoc27 getting laid all things I thought would happen before I saw the Giants atop the Power Rankings..... However He has done it, Congratulations on your #1 Spot!
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