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Madden 20 Kick off game

††††††† The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have a more than good chance at winning Super Bowl XXX! the reigning champ is none other than EddieHendriix, and the New Orleans Saints as they hang their 2nd banner in the Hall of Champions. As you know however this is a what have you done for me lately league, and with a new Madden comes a all new optimism. Guess what this one is no different! With a new season hope springs eternal. However New rivalries are forged, and old Rivalries smolder! The New owners in the league, such as MrRay718, Palmerjr2, K_Beex, Bigmoneynick_,and† Yell_2, are looking to make their marks, where as owners like kokotea33, King_Musa722, QB11KC, EddieHendriix, Kevin_3447, and Bgreat238 are no longer rookies, but now have some standing in the league. They are not veterans just yet, but they are making their way, with EddieHendriix already making his mark, and QB11KC banging on the door.†

††††† The league is a well run machine, and only getting better every day. I look forward to another Madden season as your commissioner with the help of JD, and Shooter. Without Further interruption from me, Coach JD wrote up this weeks Kick off preview below.



Kick Off Game



†† Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)29† † † New England Patriots (1-0)35

Team Leaders:

  • B. Roethlisberger 143yds, 0td, 2int T. Brady 460yds, 4td, 4ints
  • J. Conner 21att, 119yds, 1td † † ††† S. Michel 11att, 38yds, 0td
  • J. Smith-schuster 3rec, 90yds, 0td J. Gordon 7rec, 228yds, 3td

† ††††††††††††††††† Miracle in Foxborough!

††††††† † †† † Foxborough, MA. No better way to start the 30th NFASL season with one the leagues classic rivalries, Coach Atk vs Coach Hunter. This rivalry has been close to dominated by Coach ATK who can make a case that he has real estate insides Hunterís head. In fact, Iím not sure it has constituted as a rivalry if Iím being honest with Coach Atk dominating the head to head matchups including stopping what most believe was Hunterís best chance at a Superbowl. Hunterís 16-0 Titans season was ended by Coach ATKís Patriots in the conference championship with Hunter missing a wide-open receiver in the end zone to end it. I know you newcomers are saying, ďthere really was a time where Hunter was going 16-0Ē and as crazy as that seems it is true, Iím not making it up. You could say itís even crazier than the guy who was known for saying ďYour FiredĒ on TV is now the president. But the game was a classic with Hunter missing a WIDE-open receiver in the endzone, the play even turned into a meme featuring Kalikoís crying face.

Atk went on to bask in Superbowl glory while Hunter went off the edge, he started smoking a lot of weed and even posting a picture pointing a gun at one point. His game hasnít been the same since. But that was then and this is now, Coach Hunter can start to write a new narrative with this big opening game of the Madden 20 season! The coaches are the same, however there will be some familiar faces missing from this game. Three of the leagues best players to have ever laced up their cleats moved on in the offseason. For the Patriots it was legendary partier and player TE Rob Gronkowski who decided the party was over and that it was time to hang it up early. He has been Tom Bradyís go to target for the last 8 seasons and Coach Atk will have to adjust his game plan to fill the big void Gronk has left.

On the Steelersí side it was disgruntled players Antonio Brown and LeíVeon Bell who went on to join different teams. Most teams wouldnít be able to recover from these types of losses but what has made these two franchises so great is being able to find the right next man up and I expect nothing but the same here.

JD's key players of the game:

  • Juju Smith-Shuster - Juju has all eyes on him as he steps into some of the biggest shoes to fill in NFL history as what AB did on this team was nothing short of historic. Can he make plays as the number one option? Can he get open when the defense game plans to stop him? All questions that will be answered during the season and seasons to come.
  • Sony Michell - Michel coming off a phenomenal Superbowl run and has to take that momentum into the season as the Patriots look to preserve Brady by leaning heavy on the run game. He needs to get going early and often to set up the Patriots play actions and to keep rushers from gearing up to rush Brady.
  • Match ups - The biggest matchup to watch is standout Patriotsí corner Stephon Gilmore vs the young and talented WR Juju Smith-Shuster. Both are all pros for a reason I expect them to both make plays for their team.

† † † † I see this game being back and forth with a good amount of points being scored. It wouldnít surprise me at all to see both these teams with over 30 points each. Whichever way this one ends up I see both of these teams being strong contenders in the AFC with Coach Atk looking to get out of the 1-time wonders Superbowl club and Coach Hunter looking to get his name entered into the Hall of Champions for the 1st time. A chip was added to Hunterís pale shoulders as Commissioner Moon predicted him to finish dead last in the division. A division that has the Bengals in it thatís got to be a little extra motivation. This game even though it is only the 1st game can end up being a game you look back at as the difference between making a playoff run or having to watch the playoffs on twitch. Their divisions are brutal with the East having the always contending Buffalo Bills led by mut master Coach Offensive Dom. And the North having legendary coach Tommanowns and notorious lighting rod Coach Ryan Roffman, the divisional races are going to be a dawg fight to the end so neither team can afford to giveaway games.†††

†††† The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!† Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.




†††††††††† On February 8th, 2019 the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XXIX Madden 19 PS4! The Coach of the Team EddieHendriix won his second Super Bowl, and did it in near amazing fashion as he did his first one. The Saints finished the season 15-1, going 37-1 in his two winning seasons! The New Orleans Saints defeated the Cleveland Browns in blowout fashion 41-13. The Coach of the Browns was RedskinsWAHOOOO Now going 0-4 in Super Bowls. The MVP of the game was Saints 3rd year Star now Corner Back Jacon Crutchfield who intercepted Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield twice. The New Orleans Saints are on pace to be one of the best teams in NFASL History, and their coach has already stated that Super Bowl XXX is the next Goal!† Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!

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