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ESPNEWS Off-Season and draft

ESPN Breaking News The Draft is rapidly approaching us as we are headed into the NFASL Playoffs. Please Check here daily for information regarding offseason activities


         On this edition of ESPNEWS we are at the point in the season where it is imperative for you to know what our Off-season activities will be. This is where your bones are made, and franchises futures either go up, or spiral down the rabbit hole. As you can see on the top of the page the Draft will be held at a time yet to be determined, however once we get into the crux of the offseason we will be able to narrow it down.  On this rendition of Madden they actually have a workable draft board so you do not have to be present to get the players you want in the draft. If you are unawares, I will try to explain it to you here.

  • Go to scouting in the League,
  • once you target a player that you like you have to press the (Triangle) button to add them to your draft board. *Please note it can be as many players as you want
  • Once you have added the players to your draft board, you can move them up and down based in order of priority to draft.
  • If the #1 player on your list to draft is there when your franchise comes up to bat, it will auto-draft that player for you.

. That means we no longer have to wait for a set time for the Draft which will allow us to get in a 5th season this Madden. If you have any questions please text me, and I will explain it further. Lets take a look at the stages of the Off-Season after the Super Bowl, Those stages are:

  • Stage I - Sign your own players -  You will have 16 hours from the time the Super Bowl ends before we advance to this stage of the Offseason. This will be your final chance to get your Draft board set up, and to sign your own free agents.
  • Stage II - Free Agent signings - There are 3 stages to this period, and this is the first. We will be skipping this stage to expedite the Offseason.
  • Stage III - Free Agent signings, and Combine Stats - This will be your 1st of 2 chances to bid on the Players you want in the free agency Pool. This and stage 4 of the Offseason will be the only 24 hour periods off advancement.
  • Stage IV - Sign Free Agents - This will be your Final chance to bid on players in the free agency pool, so make sure you get your best bids in for the players you want. Also the Combine stats for all players will be released so this is your final chance to get your bids in.
  • Stage V - NFASL Rookie Draft - ! I hope you got your draft boards ready because the moment Free agency ends we will advance through to the draft. Whoever is online at the time will be able to participate in it. I will send a Mailer once I figure out the time however so everyone will have a chance to attend the annual Draft!
  • Stage VI - Adjust your rosters -. At the End of the Draft there is an adjust your players segment which I will skip, and head right into Regular season 3, week 1. That means make damn sure you have enough space on your team for the rookies you sign, or someone you may want to keep will be subject to being cut.


Free Agents - You may only sign 1 free agent until week 3 which will allow every single member in the league to pick up a player, instead of a few league members picking up all the best players.

Trades - You may only make 3 trades per team including Draft picks. We have gotten rid of the trade committee which means we are going back to the trade value system which can be found in the league rules section of the website. If you have are unaware of the players on the no trade list you can find them here. <--- NFC - AFC ---> Be sure to adhere to all the rules or you may find yourself on the outside looking in next season.



- Free Agency Guidelines -

There are several things wrong with the way free agency is handled in Madden, but the most glaring one is number of years being 7 to sign a player. Since we will only ever do 4-5 seasons signing a player in free agency to a contract beyond the remaining years throws off the balance of the league, and keeps the completely stacked teams, completely stacked. From this point on you will have to sign any player that makes it into free agency to the number of years remaining we have in the league.

  • Season 1 - Players can only be signed for 4 years.
  • Season 2 - Players can only be signed for 3 years.
  • Season 3 - Players can only be signed for 2 years.
  • Season 4 - Players can only be signed for 1 year
  • Season 5 - is inconsequential.

This means the days of 200 million dollar contracts and still be able to function in the short term are over. If you sign a player for more than the alloted years that player will be released from your team, and then you will have to deal with the Salary cap hit moving forward. *I will not reset the mistake you made.* 



              You may only go for it on 4th down under a few circumstances. You must be at the opponents 40 yard line. I feel as though if you want to live dangerously and not kick Field Goals that is your prerogative. However if you are trailing in the 4th quarter by at least 7 points, you can go for it. The Caveat is however there must be 6 or less minutes left, or end of the game drives where time is at a premium but you must be losing when you do. Please use common sense in these situations.*Updated Rule* In Overtime the 4th qtr rules still apply in a tie game situation.*

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