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           38                      XXXV                           31

Baltimore Ravens (14-2)             Green Bay Packers (15-1)

Coach: Tommanowns                                     Coach: spyversusspy

Team Leaders:

  • L. Jackson 203yds, 2td, 1int      B. Mayfield 197yds, 1td, 1ints
  • A. McFarland 17att, 173yds, 1td  J. Jefferson 21att, 138yds, 2td

  • M. Pittman 4rec, 69yds, 1td       E. Engram 4rec, 82yds, 0td



Sixth time the Charm!!

           Super Bowl XXXV Miami, FL. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXV, The Baltimore Ravens added another Banner in the Hall of Champions defeating the Green Bay Packers 38-31!  The Games MVP Lamar Jackson outplayed the leagues MVP Baker Mayfield as Jackson Passed for 2 touchdowns, and 203 yards in the win. Add in another 8 rushes for 47 yards, and a touchdown on the ground, and you can see how he was given games MVP! Jacksons Dual threat ability didn't just start in this game as he has been doing it all season long. The Ravens were 14-2 on the season having the AFC's Best record. It's only fitting that they win the Super Bowl giving the AFC 4 in 6 seasons, and closing the gap in the Hall of Champions. In the Game the Ravens jumped out to a 14-0 lead, and looked as though they were going to run away with the game. However just as quick as they got that lead the Packers came storming back and tied it up in the blink of an eye. From there it was a game of back and forth as neither defense could stop each others offense as efficiency became the word of the day. The Ravens got a huge contribution from 4th year player Anthony McFarland who had a monster game rushing 17 times fore 173 yards, and a touchdown. If not for a fumble he could have just as easily garnered Super Bowl MVP himself. When you average 10.2 yards per carry in the biggest game of the year, MVP should be in your future. The Ravens also got help from their receiving corp as Jackson was equally distributing the ball to whoever was on the field. The Big Play was to Mycah Pittman who had the games go ahead touchdown, but TE Mark Andrews, and Hollywood Brown, and TE Hudson Henry all got in on the act.   

 The Packers of course were lead by the Leagues MVP Baker Mayfield, and he did not have a bad game, just not the game we are used to seeing. Mayfield was 13/20 for 197 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception in the game with a 93.1 QB Rating. Not bad, but not leagues MVP Caliber. With Baker seemingly mortal the Packers needed to get going elsewhere and they leaned heavily on their running game opting to hand the ball off to Jermar Jefferson. Jefferson nearly got the Packers to the promised land, as he rushed 21 times for 138 yards, and 2 touchdowns. The sequence of the game that most will remember however is the Packers being stopped on 3 straight run plays at the 2 yard line late in the game. The Packers went to their bread and butter HB Dive however were stopped on downs. Many pundits will say that the Packers should have taken the Field Goal, but these New Young headcoaches are doing things based on analytics. Force the other team in this case the Ravens to go 99 yards even if they don't score. Of course, and right on queue Anthony McFarland took the next play to the house, and gave the Ravens back control of the game. The Packers had to play from behind from that point forward, and they were never able to concede control of the game again!    


The Baltimore Ravens were coached by Tommanowns, who has cemented himself as the best in the Leagues History. G.O.A.T.  Congratulations on winning Super Bowl XXXV, and hanging your Sixth banner in the Hall of Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXXV winner Coach Tommanowns:


  • You won Super Bowl XXXV, what was your gameplan going in?

The Game Plan was to make the Packers win by nickel, and diming up the field rather than allow a 1 play touchdown. On offense, allow McFarland to wear out the front 7 of Green Bay, and set up the passing game.


  • You jumped out to a 14 -0 lead over the packers, and watched it evaporate just as quick. What was going through your mind?

After getting out to a 14 point lead, I knew that the Packers offense was explosive enough to get back in the game at a moments notice. I compounded that by turning the ball over on consecutive drives, and was thinking that if I just calm down, and run the ball, I can keep the ball out of Baker Mayfields hands and limit their scoring opportunities.


  • late in the game with the score tied the Packers opted to go for a touchdown, in place of taking a 3 point lead. You stopped him, and scored on the the next play. Bring me through that sequence.

That seqquence frustrated me honestly lol, because everyone and their mother knew HB dive was coming, but he ran it 3 times in a row! My Defense has high Play recognition, so after the first time they were ready to be gap disciplined, and leave no running lanes for Jefferson. Once I got the ball back, I was running to create breathing room, but McFarland has too much agility for a safety to make a play 1-on-1 in space, and the rest is history!


  • Lamar Jackson garnered MVP how was he able to do it? 

Lamar didn't need to throw for 400yards, and 6 touchdowns to win with this team. He Just needed to make the timely throwsI knew he was capable of. My Offensive line deserves a ton of credit for being downhill run blockers, but also keeping lamar clean in the Pocket. I played conservatively in the pass game through the the first 3 quarters to set up the eventual game winning pass to Pittman. Lamar used his dual threat talents to torment opponents all throughout this run.


  • You are the Madden Season XXXV Champion. The Floor is yours is there anything you wan to say to the rest of the league?

I'd like the league to know that I don't take these Super Bowls for granted, because I know just how hard the guys in here wort to achieve this goal. And there was no chance I could let a kid that looks like Toby beat me!



Commissioner Newmoons thoughts:

       Tommanowns is one of the most Senior members in the league, and has been with me since near the beginning of the creation of the NFASL. So Let me be the first to say again congratulations! Thomas Jones IV has posted his 6th Championship in the NFASL. let that sink in. He already cemented himself as the GOAT in the League, but the six Time Champion has just a nice "Ring' to it.  Tomman has one 5 of his 6 Super Bowls with his beloved Ravens Franchise which has to be all the more sweeter. The Ravens were 14-2 on the season, and did it without much controversy. No accusations of Cheese, no quitting, not incessant arguing in chat, which is too his credit, and really what the NFASL is all about. He has also added Podcast host to his repertoire as Tom Jones Presents sportIVation has been a rousing success. I can't tell you how much it pains me to deal with the constant complaining about how the game is trash, this guy cheeses, he broke the rules, etc...... The rules are all in place for a reason, not just because. I have never not once done anything just because. Everything is painstakingly thought out with no regard to actually what I want. I only ever do what is best for the league. I have had some throw down arguments in the Commissioners chat with my two lieutenants JD, and Shooter about how the league should be run. I don't always win either. Every now and again Haleys Comet frequency they actually come up with a good idea, that makes more sense than mine. But like I have said in the past I'm smart enough to realize a good idea when I see it so the credit is still mine. My father used to say don't be stuck on stupid. Good Advice for any growing lad, or league. I have sat back and watched how the games are being played in the league, and how the game of Madden has evolved to allow such trivial seemingly easy to exploit game design. In no other Madden did I leave sliders the same except this one which has been a mistake. Too many youtube videos, too poor programming, and too much cheese to allow that. Next season there will be a drastic change in the slider set, to stop exactly that. Some will love it, and some will hate it, but CEST LA Vie!  


    The Baltimore Ravens will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXXV, On February 24th, of our Lord 2020.  The Baltimore Ravens were 14-2 on the season, under the Tutelage of coach Tommanowns, whom has hung his 6th banner. Once again Congratulations on your Super Bowl Victory! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season.


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