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ESPN Match Up Week 16


         NFL Match Up week 16


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(9-4-1) @   (10-3-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! This Game looms Large for the Jets as they will look to secure a playoff spot for the first time in 3 seasons. They will have to take on a Giants team that has already clinched, but are mad after a loss to the Packers a week ago!

 (5-9)      @          (9-5)

Preview: The Patriots are a half a game behind the New York Jets and need to win this game in the worst way. unfortunately they have the ever dangerous, Moon and the Washington Redskins on the schedule! expect the Skins to prevail!

 (13-1)      @           (4-10)

Preview: Just in time for the Playoffs the Titans looked rather ordinary in their loss to the Panthers a week ago. They now will take on another NFC South opponent in the Buccaneers. 

 (7-7)       @           (5-8)

Preview: Both these Teams playoff chances are by the way side after l cripling defeat in week 15 the Texans are officially reeling. The Saints are still looking to play spoiler, and will relish the role!

 (12-2)       @           (5-8)

Preview: The Bills have won the Division, and will be one of the most dangerous teams in the playoffs. The Dolphins are in flux, and a new owner will be coming in shortly.

 (3-11)       @           (5-8-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! the Bengals are still fighting even though their season is over. I have finally garnered a smidgeon of respect for their head coach pimp in training, but failing Christian.

 (10-4)       @           (5-9)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! the Steelers have clinched the North, and Chugga is back in the playoffs!!! happy days! They take on a Browns head coach who is on the hot seat after another blowout loss, and ill regard for league rules.

 (2-11)       @           (9-5)

Preview: Coach Dino and the Packers playoff chances are bolstered with a sim win coming to them so late in the season.!

 (8-6)       @           (5-8)

Preview: The Colts are holding out hope that a miracle breaks their way, but winning every game down the stretch is paramount to their playoff chances.

 (7-6)       @           (8-4-1)

Preview: These two owners are switching teams next madden, but they will get to match up on the field this year. The Vikings are playing for their playoff lives and a loss here would be a death nail.

 (0-13)       @           (1-13)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The New Melblaze, vs Melblaze part II. hopefully they play this time!

 (8-6)       @           (13-1)

Preview: The Seahawks clinched the NFC West, where as the Panthers are still in a race to win the South. The Panthers toppled the Titans last week, can they do it back to back!

 (11-3)       @           (7-6)

Preview: Rivlary game!!! the Niners season is over, and you didn't here a peep out of Kaliko in several game weeks. The Niners take on the Cardinals who will make their debut as a Wild Card Team in the playoffs.

 (7-6)       @           (7-7)

Preview: Two teams from the South both with playoff hopes are squeared off. The Falcons still need to win in week 15, and if they do this game will have major signifigance!

 (7-7)       @           (12-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Coach Hitskah wanted back in the North, and now takes on the Defending Champions Chicago Bears. As always when you play the top dog you have to use them as a barometer!

 (7-6)       @           (4-9)

Preview: The Colts got a much needed win against their Division Rival the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 14. They now find themselves matched up againt another Florida based team in the dangerous Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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