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††††††††On this edition of†ESPNEWS Commissioner Newmoon will speak about the state of the league in it's Now 35th Season of Madden, of the NFASL!† This Madden, Madden 20 in my opinion is one of the best Maddens ever made, however it's not without it's flaws. One of the major issues is that we are officially in the YouTube age, and that means every single flaw that is found in the game can be disseminated easily, and readily. That means, that even though this game is a giant step in the right direction, the flaws that it does have are magnified because you see them more often. It behooves us as a community to make sure that we adhere to the mission statement of the League at all times. Is it corny, no doubt, but it is very much spot on. Calling someone cheese, pooting on the game constantly, quitting on opponents, running up the score, Giving up in game, playing in a unrealistic manner, etc..... I literally could go on and on. One of my my most famous sayings is; "If a videogame isn't fun, what's the F-ing point"? I truly believe that. So when someone leaves I don't get mad, and when they get a itch to comeback I take it all into consideration. However I don't yank people from their teams, I don't play favorites, etc.... I do work on the Credit System. Some members credit score is in the High 700's, and some are very low. That isn't called playing favorites, that just good fiscal responsibility.



A question was raised yesterday about how far the league is going, and I answered Madden to Madden. However after speaking with my two lieutenants, we have decided on a nice even 10 seasons. This will give us a 2 month break for the summer, and getting out juices flowing for Madden 21. We are in week 4 of Season 6, so we are on the provervial roll. Fast is good, but I always caution not to miss the scenerey on the way. I love doing stories, and when I have free time I try to do as many as possible. However there were so many fires to be put out last season, coupled with my busy work schedule I didn't have time to do what separates this league from the rest of the dreck that is out there. That's Website stories, and Blurbs via Gort. So if you ask yourself why that was, now you know the answer. The league had become a job for me, and my Hourly wage is pretty high. So to have the league feel like work, and not get paid for it, becomes a major problem.


Commissioners of the NFASL:

  • Newmoon001 - League Commissioner
  • Jady_Tru - AFC Commissioner
  • THE-KiiD-Kenny - NFC Commissioner


Commissioner of the AFC, Jady_Tru

  • JD- I have much distain for your play styles on the AFC side if we being honest call it a NFC bias. From ATKs playmaking to Roffman to Hunters 1 coverage. But I've talked to you guys a lot mostly since Texans joined in PMs. I just want yall know to know the same things you guys complained about him doing you have said similar things about each other at times. I remember I used to get messages and hear about how Tom's offense is a youtube offense. Same with OffensiveDom's cover 2 defense, Stew's blitzes, list goes on and on. But they started to not be as dominant and that rumbling stopped. So you have to ask yourselves do you dislike Texans style because he the only one who seems like a cheesy style or is it because his cheese is just better than yours at the moment? Lets finish these last 4 seasons strong and with the new rules I think the AFC will be able to maintain balance.


Commissioner of the NFC, The-KiiD-Kenny

  • Shooter - itís Been 8 Years since Joining NFASL and Iíve never felt more at home in any other league. I have no idea why maybe itís because my Division is as easy as 123. Playing the Crippled Eagles and Diabetic Redskins helps and then doesnít help. I Have a lot of respect for the NFC ever since bringing in JD , the Addition of Eddie Hendrix and as much I hate to say it Toby, the NFC looks better then ever and I donít see it getting worse even with the peppa out we can all still live as he didnít really do much.† I have a lot of Respect for the AFC but theres some changes we need to make to make this league Great again and I know we are heading in that Direction ! Meanwhile Letís keep having Fun and enjoying the best lg in madden. As a Commish I respect everyone and their opinions and suggestions on making this league great again , as for Toby stop snitching on people for breaking the Rules. I Get not a lot of people respect me as a commish† but† Guess what.... The day of reckoning Will come !


.††††††††††††††††††††††††† .

NFASL Hall Of Champion Inductees!

Team Name Super Bowl Date
Dramaman728 I Nov 14, 2012
Mightysims II Jan 8, 2014
Newmoon001 III Mar 15, 2013
Demmitt IV June 14, 2013
Tommanowns V Aug 7, 2013
Newmoon001 VI Oct 28, 2013
ThePwnStar49 VII Jan 21, 2014
Wigs23 VIII Mar 12, 2014
Newmoon001 IX Apr 30, 2014
Tommanowns X Jun 26, 2014
Tommanowns XI Oct 27, 2014
Dominator1373 XII Dec 21, 2014
e30zack XIII Feb 1, 2015
criticalnews XIV Mar 14, 2015
Kaliko_420 XV Oct 27, 2015
xJbeast2396X XVI Dec 15, 2015
xJbeast2396x XVII Feb 2, 2016
The_Best_Ever XVIII Oct 27, 2016
The_Best_Ever XIX Dec 7, 2016
Tommanowns XX Jan 16, 2017
NickCena88 XXI Mar 1, 2017
ATK133 XXII Oct 15, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIII Nov 24, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIV

Jan 4, 2018

OffensiveDom XXV Mar 3, 2018
PapaShaga XXVI Oct 4, 2018
SilentCloudx XXVII Nov 17, 2018
Kaliko_420 XXVIII

Jan 2, 2019

SilentCloudx XXIX Feb 8, 2019
Tommanowns XXX Sept 13, 2019
ThePacificCowboy XXXI Oct 20, 2019
EddieHendriix XXXII Nov 20, 2019
spyversusspy XXXIII Dec 22, 2019
Maddenrox9 XXXIV Jan 21, 2020

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