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NFASL Match Ups 8-12

         The AFC has become a battle ground with 11 teams above .500 and as of right now no true favorite. The New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, all have 6 wins, and are atop their respective Divisions. However they do not have such commanding leads that they can rest on their laurels as every game moving forward is paramount to their post season hopes. As I said with 11 teams above .500 and only 6 playoff spots things are going to get very interesting down the Stretch. There has been a shake up in the AFC also that saw the return of Coach Raw_Diaw who will be taking over the Tennessee Titans for criticalnews2 who will now don the Cap as Cleveland Browns headcoach. These next four games 9-12 will be critical in these teams hunt for the playoffs.  

Weeks 8-12 Match Ups

AFC North:



Baltimore Ravens 5-2 (Streak +4)

  • Next Four games -
  1. New England Patriots -  The Baltimore Ravens have won 4 in a row, and will look to make it 5 as they will square off against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Lamar Jackson, and company will look to limit the Patriots chances, by controlling the clock with the leagues best rushing offense  
  2. @ Cincinatti Bengals -
  3. Houston Texans -
  4. @ Los Angeles Rams -


Cincinnati Bengals 3-5 (Streak -3)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Bye Week -                           .
  2. Baltimore Ravens -
  3. @ Oakland Raiders -
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers - 


Cleveland Browns 5-2 (Streak -1)

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. @ Denver Broncos -  The Cleveland Browns welcome in new headcoach criticalnews and will be tested right out of the gate as they will travel to mile high to take on the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are mired in a losing streak, so expect them to give maximum effort.
  2. Buffalo Bills -
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Miami Dolphins - 


Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3 (Streak +2)

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. Indianapolis Colts - The Steelers will welcome Andrew Luck and the Colts without one of their Key components as Nyheim Hines is out with Injury. The Steelers are trying to keep pace in their brutal Division so they can ill afford a slip up here
  2. Los Angeles Rams -
  3. @ Cleveland Browns -
  4. @ Cincinatti Bengals -  

AFC West:



Kansas City Chiefs 6-2 (Streak +2)

  • Next Four games -
  1. Minnesota Vikings - The Chiefs have hit their stride with their last game versus the previously undefeated Green Bay Packers bing their finest moment thus far. They will be taking on another NFC North Team in the Vikings who themselves are reeling after a ugly loss at home a week ago
  2. @ Tennessee Titans -
  3. @ Los Angeles Chargers -
  4. BYE WEEK -


Los Angeles Chargers 5-3 (Streak -3)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Green Bay Packers - The Chargers will have their first primetime game of the season versus one of the hottest teams in Football Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Chargers have lost 3 straight however, with their offense all but abandoning them. They will not be able to rely solely on their Top 5 Defense, so what ever problems they have they will need to fix them quick
  2. @ Oakland Raiders -
  3. Kansas City Chiefs -
  4. BYE WEEK -


Denver Broncos 2-6 (Streak -6)

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. Cleveland Browns - The Broncos losing streak is starting to hit all time bad as they're 2-0 start literally seems like a lifetime ago. With the Browns on the schedule the Madden Gods have not been kind when you are trying to get back on track. The Bye Week won't get here fast enough
  2. BYE WEEK -
  3. @ Minnesota Vikings -
  4. @ Buffalo Bills -  


Oakland Raiders 4-3 (Streak +1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Detroit Lions - The Oakland Raiders are 1 game above .500, and will look to extend it when they face the Lions in what will surely be a shootout. The Raiders scored 51 in their last game, and with the Way Matthew Stafford slings the ball around, i'm looking for another high scoring game in this one
  2. Los Angeles Chargers -
  3. Cincinatti Bengals -
  4. @ New York Jets -


AFC South:


Indianapolis Colts 3-4 (Streak +2)

  • Next Four games - 
  1. @ Pittsburgh Steelers - The Colts have started to right the Dumpster fire (The head coaches words, not mine) of a season as they have now won 2 games in  a row. They will travel to Heinz field to take on the Steelers in what should be a hard hitting affair. The Colts will need to slow Down Conner who has been putting up big numbers as of late
  2. Miami Dolphins -
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars -
  4. @ Houston Texans -


Tennessee Titans 6-2 (Streak +3)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Carolina Panthers - The return of Raw_Diaw should be enough news for this segment however there is still a game to play. With the injury to Derek Henry Marcus Mariotta will be asked to play a bigger role in the Tians offense. They will need to limit the opportunities of Christian McCaffrey, and the high powered Panthers offense
  2. Kansas City Chiefs -
  3. BYE WEEK -
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars -


Houston Texans 1-7 (Streak -2)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Rivalry Game!!!! The Texans will square off against their Division rival as the Jaguars find themselves a game behind the Division leading Titans. The Texans will need to play a little more in control as the Jaguars have one of the better Defenses in the league so cutting down on the turnovers is a priority
  2. BYE WEEK -
  3. @ Baltimore Ravens -
  4. Indianapolis Colts -  


Jacksonville Jaguars 5-3 (Streak -1)

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. Houston Texans - Rivalry Game!!! The Jaguars are reeling from their week 8 loss as it was the stuff of legends. They will look to take out their anger on the next team up, and lo and behold it's a division rival. The Texans love the long ball so the Jaguars will have to be ready for what is surely to be a track meet
  2. BYE WEEK -
  3. @ Indianapolis Colts -
  4. @ Tennessee Titans -

AFC East:



New England Patriots 6-2 (Streak +2)

  • Next Four games -
  1. @ Baltimore Ravens - The New England Patriots will travel to Charm city to take on Lamar Jackson, Mark ingram, and a dominant rushing attack from the Ravens. Tom Brady will look to air it out forcing the Ravens to throw the ball which isn't their strength
  2. BYE WEEK -
  3. @ Philadelphia Eagles -
  4. Dallas Cowboys -


Miami Dolphins 1-6 (Streak -6)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. New York Jets - Rivalry Game!!!! This AFC East match up looks to be one sided as the Dolphins find themselves in the throes of a 6 game losing streak. With LeVeon Bell, and Sam Darnold on deck this game could go bad fast.
  2. @ Indianapolis Colts -
  3. Buffalo Bills -
  4. @ Cleveland Browns -  


New York Jets 4-3 (Streak +1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Miami Dolphins - Rivalry Game!!! The Jets are on clould nine after their thrilling win in week 8. However a rival is up next and traveling to southbeach is always fun if you're on Vacation. However the Jets can ill afford to overlook the Dolphins as they say a wounded animal is the most dangerous one
  2. New York Giants -
  3. @ Washington Redskins -
  4. Oakland Raiders -  


Buffalo Bills 4-3 (Streak +4)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Washington Redskins - The Buffalo Bills have now won 4 games in a row, and will host the Redskins in week 9. The Bills know they need to slow down the Skins fearsome rushing attack first, forcing Rookie D'Wayne Haskins to beat them
  2. @ Cleveland Browns -
  3. @ Miami Dolphins -
  4. Denver Broncos -


 The NFC is top heavy with 3 teams in the Division with only 1 loss on their record, and commanding leads in their respective Divisons. The New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers all look to be sure in for the playoffs as it would take monumental collapses from good players in order for them not to make it. The San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, and Atlanta Falcons round out the next rung of teams in the NFC all with 5 wins. With only 7 teams above the .500 Mark the plan to put balance the league might have been too heavy handed. The NFC boasts several teams with 2-0 wins and will be throw off the balance of power if these teams can't get their act together, and fast. The Philadelphia Eagles are winless, and the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all have 1 win, with the Cowboys rounding out with 2. That's hard to do as those teams save for the Arizona Cardinals are not devoid of talent, with even the Cardinals having a Super Bowl winning headcoach at the Helm they should be able to do a little more. 


NFC North:



Green Bay Packers 7-1 (Streak -1)

  • Next Four games -
  1. @ Los Angeles Chargers - The Green Bay Packers will get to take their show on the road, and Primetime no less. After a Meltdown in Week 8 the pressure of a perfect season is now over. Bad news for the Chargers as a refocused Aaron Rodgers could mean this game is but decided
  2. Carolina Panthers -
  3. BYE WEEK -
  4. @ San Francisco 49ers -       


Detroit Lions 1-6 (Streak -4)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Oakland Raiders - The Lions will be taking on Derek Carr, and Antonio Brown in their week 9 match up. With the Lions now losers of 4 in a row, and in heartbreaking fashion in week 8, this game has become must win if they want to have any shot at making the postseason
  2. @ Chicago Bears -
  3. Dallas Cowboys -
  4. @ Washington Redskins -


Chicago Bears 3-4 (Streak +1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Philadelphia Eagles - The Bears are below .500 much to the Football world. However sometime the Gods shine upon you and you find the Eagles on your schedule. This is one of those times as they take on a winless Eagles Squad
  2. Detroit Lions -
  3. @ Los Angeles Rams -
  4. New York Giants -


Minnesota Vikings 4-4 (Streak -1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Kansas City Chiefs - The Vikings will have their work cut out against them as they will be facing Pat Mahomes and the Explosive offense of the Kansas City Chiefs which erupted for 60+ last week
  2. @ Dallas Cowboys -
  3. Denver Broncos -
  4. BYE WEEK -  

NFC West:



Arizona Cardinals 1-7 (Streak -7)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. San Francisco 49ers - Rivalry Game!!! The Cardinals go into their primetime game losers of 7 in a row. A far cry from game one when Coach Dominator stated give me the Trophy now! Stopping the Niners rushing attack is the precursor to winning this game so expect the Safties to live in the box
  2. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
  3. @ San Francisco 49ers -
  4. BYE WEEK -     


Seattle Seahawks 1-7 (Streak -4)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Wide left was the Mantra last week as the Seahawks missed a game winning Field Goal dropping their record to 1-7. The 12th man is eager to cheer so winning this game at home against a 1 win buccnaers team is a must
  2. @ San Francisco 49ers - 
  3. BYE WEEK -
  4. @ Philadelphia Eagles -        


San Francisco 49ers 5-2 (Streak +1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Arizona Cardinals - Rivalry Game!!! the one weapon the Niners thought they would have to contend with is now injured, as a snake bitten franchise just got hit by a black Mamba. Kyler Murray is out, so expect a long day for the Cardinals trying to wrangle up Tevin Coleman
  2. Seattle Seahawks -
  3. Arizona Cardinals -
  4. Green Bay Packers -       


Los Angeles Rams 4-4 (Streak +1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. BYE WEEK -
  2. @ Pittsburgh Steelers -
  3. Chicago Bears -
  4. Baltimore Ravens -    


AFC South:


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-6 (Streak -2)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Seattle Seahawks - The Buccaneers will take their show on the road as they will travel across the country to take on the Seattle Seahawks. with a combined two wins for these two teams post season plans are not on the horizon, however a winning culture starts now
  2. Arizona Cardinals -  
  3. New Orleans Saints - 
  4. @ Atlanta Falcons -   


Carolina Panthers 4-3 (Streak -1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Tennessee Titans - The Panthers are looking to keep pace in the NFC South. They will take on the AFC Souths Titans Which is in the middle of a coaching change. Without a accurate scouting the Panthers will have to rely on ingame adjustments
  2. @ Green Bay Packers -
  3. Atlanta Falcons -
  4. @ New Orleans Saints -      


Atlanta Falcons 5-3 (Streak +4)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. BYE WEEK -
  2. @ New Orleans Saints -
  3. @ Carolina Panthers -
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -


​​New Orleans Saints 7-1 (Streak +3)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. BYE WEEK -
  2. Atlanta Falcons -
  3. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
  4. Carolina Panthers -

NFC East:



The Dallas Cowboys 2-5 (Streak +1)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ New York Giants - Rivalry Game!!! The  Dallas Cowboys Season is slip, slip, sliding away. Winning this game is absolutely paramount to turning it around. The Giants will be playing without Saquon Barkley so Doubling Evan Engram is a absolute must
  2. Minnesota Vikings -
  3. @ Detroit Lions -
  4. @ New England Patriots -  


Washington Redskins 5-3 (Streak +3)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. @ Buffalo Bills - Traveling to Buffalo is never easy, as the Bills are on a 4 game win streak and will be looking to keep things going. The change has been the big right arm of Josh Allen so the Redskins will have to play perfect coverage to win
  2. BYE WEEK -
  3. New York Jets -
  4. Detroit Lions -     


New York Giants 7-1 (Streak +3)

  • Next Four Games -
  1. Dallas Cowboys -  Rivalry Game!!!! with the 2 win Cowboys coming to the big apple the Giants feel as though this one might be in the bag. However without Saquon the Giants will be a lot easier to gameplan for which should give the Cowboys a distinct advantage.
  2. @ New York Jets -
  3. BYE WEEK -
  4. @ Chicago Bears -


Philadelphia Eagles 0-8 (Streak -8)

  • Next Four Games - 
  1. Chicago Bears - The Eagles are just trying to get a win as 0-8 with arguably the best personell in the league is mind boggling. They lost by 14 last week to the Bills, however there was a lot of positives in that game. Look for them to try to build on those things and pressure Mitchell Trubisky into turnovers, and limit their own.
  2. BYE WEEK -
  3. New England Patriots -
  4. Seattle Seahawks -  
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