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JD's All-Pro First Half Team

JDís 1st Half All-Pro Team

† † † † †Half the season is wrapped up and the offense has dominated so far. There are so many players to choose from that have been ballin out this season but I narrowed it down to this group of guys who have put their offense on their shoulder pads. Dehaun Watson is having a season for the record books, literally, he is on pace to throw for the most yards ever in a single season. His performance makes the other qbs look like they are having a down year. Rookie Rondale Moore is flying all over the field and is the front runner for ROY. Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley are neck and neck for the rushing grown this season as Gurley wants to make sure fans know how good he is after Saquon dominated the league last season.†



Comp %

Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Deshaun Watson†-†Texans





Patrick Mahomes- Chiefs





Jacoby Brissett- Bears





Sam Darnold- Jets





Lamar Jackson - Ravens





Honorable Mentions

  • Jared Goff- Los Angeles Rams
  • Tua Tagovailoa- Miami Dolphins

Running Backs†



Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Todd Gurley- Rams





Saquon Barkley- Giants





Leonard Fournette- Jaguars





Alvin Kamara- Saints





Josh Jacobs- Raiders





Honorable Mentions

  • Melvin Gordon- Los Angeles Chargers
  • Joe Mixon- Cincinnati Bengals

Wide Receivers†






D.J Chark Jr.- Jaguars





Rondale Moore- Bears





Brandin Cooks- Rams





Tyreke Hill- Chiefs





Michael Thomas- Saints





Honorable Mentions

  • Jalen Reagor- Oakland Raiders
  • Corey Davis- Tennessee Titans

NFASL Season 3 Preview

NFASL Season 3 Preview

†† †NFASL is entering season 3 with the Ravens and Jaguars winning the first 2 Superbowlís. After a string of seasons with the NFC team winning it all, the AFC has made a statement early this madden that they are the stronger conference. The all-time Superbowl wins for each conference is 17-14 in favor of the NFC, if this trend continues the AFC will be tying that up this Madden.† Season 3 has been known to separate the contenders from the pretenders with every team having 2 off-seasons to improve their roster and their play. With that being said, let's take a look inside each conference.††††

AFC East

JDís Predictions

  1. Patriots
  2. Bills
  3. Dolphins
  4. Jets

The Patriots came out the gates 2-4 last season but ended up finishing the season as the NFLís hottest team and grab the 3rd seed. They lost a close one to the eventual Superbowl champs but with another season of growth under young Qb Jake Frommís belt expect them to pick up where they left off. Their offense is able to be balanced with star rb Nick Chubb and a strong collection of wrs including newly added Wr Chris Godwin. The Bills were up and down last season, starting off good then fading as the season went on. They didnít add much in the off-season and the collection of talent just isnít great. They are in danger of being passed up by the up and coming Dolphins who have been right there in games of late. When their young players develop and they can give Tua time they can possibly have a few division titles in their future. The Jets drafted WR Justyn Ross which should give their offense more firepower alongside Alshon Jeffery, Robby Anderson and LeíVeon Bell. Not enough evidence of a complete 180 for the Jets and Iíd be surprised if it did this season.†

AFC South

JDís Prediction

  1. Texans
  2. Jaguars (Wildcard)
  3. Colts
  4. Titans

The AFC South where the reigning Superbowl champion Jaguars reside. Picking the Jaguars to not win the division could be looked as disrespectful but keep in mind they came into the playoffs last season as the 6th seed. The Texans are the most well-rounded team in this division and are expected to make some noise this season after already changing coaches 3 times. The Jaguars have a big question mark at QB and will rely on the ground and pound as usual. Their blitz schemes caught a lot of teams by surprise last year as they led the league in sacks we will see if it has the same success this year. The Colts are an interesting team because you never know what you are going to get from them. They added Mitch Tribusky and Derrick Henry this off-season after making it to the divisional round last season. Expect a lot of touches for Henry and a ball control offense. The Titans switched coaches this offseason and the new coach MRT got off to a good start by having a good draft. He has been out of the league for a bit so expect rust to be a factor and for it to take a season to get going.†

AFC West

JDís Predictions

  1. Chiefs
  2. Broncos
  3. Raiders
  4. Chargers

This division is one of the tougher divisions in the league with the Chiefs leading the way. The Chiefs are simply a Superbowl or bust team. The trio of Maholmes, Hill and Kelce is a lot for teams to handle. They were a game away from making the Superbowl last year and after falling short last 2 seasons expect a driven Chiefs team. Broncos are right on the cusp of being a playoff caliber team and adding the speedy Matt Breida it could give them the balance on offense they needed. The most surprising season went to the Raiders, after starting off hot they absolutely collapsed. The question is was their 2nd half of the season the exception or the new norm. They added some pieces and need to get better in the trenches especially stopping the run. The Chargers are going the wrong way, they havenít been able to put a full season together and with questions at qb I donít know if itís going to happen this year either. They do still have a defense capable of being one of the better ones in the league led by a good group of corners.†

AFC North

JDís Predictions

  1. Ravens
  2. Steelers (Wildcard)
  3. Bengals
  4. Browns

Steelers almost stole the division last season with it coming down to the final weeks. The Ravens and Steelers are still the class of this division but the Bengals and Browns look to change things up. The Ravens trio of Jackson, Brown and McFarland will be too much this season for many teams in the league while the Steelers switched qbs after drafting Clifford and benching Lock. Last season the defense was top 2 in the league but the offense had a hard time getting things going. With the Ravens young core progressing and the Steelers starting over at qb this division looks like the Ravens to lose. The Browns also switched qbs in one of the most shocking trades of the offseason getting rid of their former number 1 pick Baker Mayfield to the Packers and rolling with veteran Cam Newton. Time will tell if that was a good move but either way itís going to be a challenge to win the AFC North, which can be the best division in the league this year. The Bengals have been gnawing at being a playoff team for the last couple seasons, they are in close games but havenít been able to get over that hump. This season winning their division games will be huge, with the progression in talent eventually they are going to get over that hurdle.

NFC West

JDís Predictions

  1. 49ers
  2. Rams (Wildcard)
  3. Cardinals
  4. Seahawks

†† †The 49ers have owned the NFC West so far the first 2 seasons. Coach Kaliko had his 4th kid recently as the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks are his 3 other sons. The Rams are getting close to competing as their defense really took a step up last year but the offense took a step back. The Cardinals have had to make a roster overhaul to get the team ready to compete but it seems that they should be competitive this year and be a real threat next season. It all starts with protecting Qb Kyler Murray who has not had enough time to make plays throwing to a talented wr group. This division had 3 representatives in the playoffs last season, which is really impressive. The Seahawks didnít do enough in the offseason to keep up with the Rams and 49ers and if you donít progress it means you regressed. Even after making the Superbowl and being dominant the last 2 seasons the 49ers felt it was time to bench Jimmy G and go with Ohio State standout Justin Fields. This feels like when the 49ers bench Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick. The mobility of Fields opens up more plays for this offense. Coach Kaliko said he wasnít expecting Fields to fall to them but when he did, he couldnít pass up on a generational qb.†

NFC South

JDís Predictions

  1. Saints
  2. Falcons (Wildcard)
  3. Buccaneers
  4. Panthers

†† †This is another tough division that saw the Saints win the 1st season and the Buccaneers win the 2nd. The Buccaneers overachieved last season credit to Coach Dino Hontos. They had success in the air and added Julio Jones in the offseason to pair up with Mike Evans which could be the best duo in the league. Add OJ Howard to that and you have a passing game that will have Dbs panicking. With that being said, look for the Saints to take back this division as they have the most balanced team. The big question for them is the qb position. Jalen Hurst has had a season to progress but let's see if that's enough. If the answer is yes than the Saints can be the best team in the NFC. The Falcons butter their cornbread on defense especially pass defense. They are fast all over the field and their secondary makes plays. If the offense can score enough and not turn it over the Falcons can be a live threat this season. The Panthers are having a hard time finishing games they are hanging around and even leading sometimes but canít close the deal. In a division like this you canít afford to give away games and until that gets corrected they will have a hard time making noise. With a young coach and a qb look for them to get going more next season.†

NFC East

JDís Predictions

  1. Giants
  2. Cowboys†
  3. Redskins
  4. Eagles

†† †The NFC East was the NFC Least last season with the Giants running away with it. Saquon Barkley is the beast of the East as he was a problem that no one could solve, winning MVP and running his way into history. With teams whole game plan set to stop Barkley, the Giants will need something out of number 6 overall pick Daniel Jones. This Giants team didnít get any better this offseason and winning the division is likely the farthest they can go this season. The Redskins had a hell of a draft but need to see more consistency out of Dwayne Haskins. His accuracy on throws down the field were not great and stifled this offense. The Cowboys have had the talent but the execution was lacking the last 2 seasons. With Jerry Jones putting the heat on Coach Raw Diaw to get some wins look for the Cowboys to improve into being a playoff contender. The only coach to have fans scratching their heads on how they still have their job, even more so than the Marvin Lewis era, is coach Melblaze. There have been tons of conspiracy theories about this coach from he is related to the commissioner to he has pictures on the commissioner so that's why his job is always safe. Melblaze point differential was lower last season than the 1st season but after a 3-30 start, Eagles fans arenít trying to hear it. The Eagles had a slew of picks this past draft so the team should still be up there in talent.†


JDís Predictions

  1. Bears
  2. Lions
  3. Packers
  4. Vikings

†† †The North title has been split the first 2 seasons between the Packers and Bears. The North had an interesting off-season with some new stars coming in, Packers added Baker Mayfield, Lions drafted Trevor Lawrence and the Bears drafted Rondale Moore. Trevor Lawrence is a once in a generation qb and the Lions will play with some swag as they know they now have one of those guys that is a franchise changer. Expect the North to beat up on each other and for it to be close. The Packers took a step back last year and missed the playoffs, feeling it was time to move on from all-time great Aaron Rodgers they traded for Baker Mayfield and got him a deep threat in Marquise Goodwin. If the Packers can continue to run like last season they should be right there in playoff contention at the end of the season. The Vikings started off the first season not too bad at 7-7 but since have absolutely went downhill. They havenít been able to find any sort of identity for their team. The Bears lost a tough game to the 49ers last season and decided to shake it up by trading for Jacoby Brissett and drafting Rondale Moore. They were lacking on the passing game last season and Moore along with the return of Cohen should help make plays.††

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