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ESPN Match Up Week 11


         NFL Match Up week 11


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(6-3) @   (9-0)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!! it's not many weeks that you have the same team up for Game of the week, but this Match up could not be denied. The Falcons are running away with the Division, but the Panthers have designs on hunting them down!

 (0-9)      @          (5-4)

Preview: The Indianapolis Colts have finally made to about .500, and will look to take it two games above, as they have the winless, and toothless Lions coming to town.

 (5-4)      @           (7-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The NFC East is on full display as the Division Leading Dallas Cowboys will take on the New York Giants in this must me match up. If the Cowboys can pull out a win here, they will have a nice lead in the Division heading into the Final few weeks! 

 (6-3)       @           (6-3)

Preview: This North vs South Match up will pit the Vikings, up against the Saints. The Saints took a bad loss a week ago falling to their division rival the Panthers, and will look to avoid a two game slump here, but it will be hard to do. 

 (1-8)       @           (5-4)

Preview: The Pittsburgh Steelers offense took a nose dive a week ago as they fell to the Washington Redskins in week 10. They will look for a spark as they take on the 1 win Texans squad.

 (3-6)       @           (2-7)

Preview: These two teams seasons have slip, slip, slid away as a 3-6 start, and the 2-7 start is a death Nail for season 25. Playing for pride is all that is left.

 (6-3)       @           (7-2)

Preview: This Match up could easily be the must see game of the week as both of these owners are prior Super Bowl Winners, and they both have designs on winning Super Bowl XXV.

 (4-5)       @           (5-4)

Preview: The Washington Redskins Defense showed up last week against the AFC Norths Pittsburgh Steelers. They take on another North team in the Bengals. Both these teams are trying to make a playoff push, and winning this games is paramount!

 (8-1)       @           (1-8)

Preview: Coach Savi will have a load on his hands this week as he is taking on the 8-1 Baltimore Ravens. when a 4 time Super Bowl Winner comes to town, you better gameplan like nobodies business!!!

 (1-8)       @           (2-7)

Preview: Coach Grace has become a Turnover magnet, and it looks like nothing can stop the Footballs from going to the other teams players. That's good News for the Jets at 2-7 need a miracle!

 (1-8)       @           (6-3)

Preview: With the Eagles in the Super Bowl in real life can that Spur on Melblaze to come up with the Upset? These Eagles are anything but Super, but stranger things have happened!

 (0-9)       @           (3-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Once again the new headcoach of the Broncos is tasked with playing a AFC West game. Let's hope he takes it serioulsly, as his future in the league hangs in the balance!

 (8-1)       @           (5-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC South Match up is once again taking center stage, with the Titans on top of the Division once again. The Jaguars have been a disapointment after their Super Bowl run, and if they expect to make another they have to win these big games!

 (8-1)       @           (6-3)

Preview: Definitely a must see game of the week as the Seahawks had this game circled on their Calendar!  taking on the 2 time defending Champs Chicago Bears the Seahawks will get a chance to see if they have the Pieces to win it all .

 (3-6)       @           (8-1)

Preview: It Seems the Raiders Reign in the AFC West is all but over as they Chargers have a 3 game lead. with the Raiders taking on the 1 loss Bills 3-7 could spell Doom for the Raiders Post Season chances.

 (6-3)       @           (1-8)

Preview: The Chargers have a 3 game lead in the West, and take on a 1 win Browns teams. However this Browns team is no slouch, so take them lightly at your own peril.


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