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ESPN Match Ups Week 08


         NFL Match Up week 8

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(6-1) @ (5-1)

Preview: Game of week!!! Rivalry Game!!!! The Dallas Cowboys have a 1 game lead over the New York Giants due to the Giants having an early Bye Week. The Giants at home are formidable, and the Cowboys will have their hands full dealing with SaQoun Barkeley, and the explosive Giants offense. The Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott should be able to match Barkley yard for yard however. This game should come down to turnover differential!   

 (5-2)      @          (0-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! this NFC North Game will see the Minnesota Vikings take on the Chicago Bears who are coming off of a embarrassing loss. Mitchell Trubisky will look to get back on track after throwing 6 interceptions a week ago n. 

 (0-6)      @           (4-2)

Preview: The Carolina Panthers are desperately trying to make the playoffs this season, and will look to secure this win like a squirrell secures it's nuts for the long winter. Panthers win this one easily. 

 (2-4)       @           (3-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The Bengals will take on their Division rival the Baltimore Ravens who at 3-4, but missed two games thanks to real life issues will be hard to beat at home. Charm city builds them tough, and the Bengals will have to take special care of the ball if they hope to win.   

 (1-5)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Saints are riding high after a 20-10 win over the Buffalo Bills in week 7. They overlooked the Redskins in week 6, so don't expect them to make that mistake twice. Saints win in a blowout!

(0-7)       @           (4-3)

Preview: The Dolphins has not figured out the riddle of the NFASL as of yet, and they are given another piece to the puzzle this week as they take on the Jaguars. The Jaguars Defense will be too much for the Dolphins dropping their record to 0-8.  

 (2-4)       @           (4-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! Rivalry Week continues as the Colts take on the Texans in a game that the Texans desperately need. The Texans won the Division a year ago, but by a slight marginm. They will need some of that mojo again as a 2-5 start could signal the end.  

(2-4)       @           (4-3)
Preview: The Washington Redskins Desperately need this game if they expect to get back into the Playoff Race. However the Lions looked like they have arrived with a big time win over the Steelers in week 7. No Easy games in the NFASL.

(4-2)       @           (2-4)
Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! This AFC West match up is apt to go either way, as these two teams play each other tooth and nail. The Raiders however a week ago was clicking on all cylinders and will look to bring some of that offense with them to this game!

(2-4)       @           (1-5)
Preview: For a week the New York Jets looked like the team I thought they would before the season started destroying the Chargers 40-7. they take on a Steelers team at 1-5 and their season over before it started a high draft pick is in their future!

(3-4)       @           (5-1)
Preview: The Falcons are having a mediocre year as their headcoach is apt to have. They will be taking on a Cardinals team that is flying high, excuse the pun after a blowout victory over the Bears a week ago!

(2-4)       @           (5-1)
Preview: The Tennessee Titans need this game a whole lot more than the Patriots, and for that Reason I will pick the Titans to show up with the upset victory. However the Patriots are never to be taken lightly so if they expect to win they will need a solid gold Gameplan. Did you get the reference?.

(2-5)       @           (0-6)
Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Los Angeles Rams real world issues have stopped him from playing his games this year so far, is this the week VIN returns? The Seahawks certainly hope not!

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