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ESPN Match Ups Week 09


         NFL Match Up week 9



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(4-3) @   (8-0)

Preview: Game of the Week! This NFC South Match up should be one to watch as the Saints look like they are the real deal. The Falcons are looking to take them down a peg, and make some ground up all at the same time. 

 (1-6)      @          (3-5)

Preview:Rivalry Game!!!! This AFC West match up will see the Broncos traveling to Kansas City to take on Joey Bockus and the Chiefs. The Chiefs are clawing their way back to respectability, and winning this game will help the cause.

 (3-5)      @           (6-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! At the Time of this Write up Aaron Rodgers and the packers took care of the Detroit lions 36-0. The Packers have hit their stride and are an early Super Bowl contender. 

 (5-2)       @           (2-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Bears are trying to keep pace with the Packers in the Divsion, and will first have to make sure they don't slip up against the two win Vikings. Games in the division are always a toss up however so look for the Vikings to give the Bears their best shot. 

 (4-4)       @           (2-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Titans Season pretty much boils downs to this game. At 2-5 the Titans can ill afford a loss, much less a divisional one. Although no one is running away with the Division The Jaguars have a 2 game lead.

(0-8)       @           (7-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! At the time of this write up the Washington Redskins shut out the Eagles 39-0 and moved into sole possession of the NFC East.

 (0-7)       @           (3-5)

Preview: The Tampa Buccaneers are still looking for their first win, and will make their way to Indianapolis to try to get it. The Buccs Defense will be tested as the Colts will bring their run game to the arena.

 (5-3)       @           (6-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! At the Time of this write up the San Francisco 49ers smack talk was warranted as they defeated the Arizona Cardinals 35-28. The Niners are in the lead in the West, and may represent them in the Post Season.

 (6-1)       @           (5-2)

Preview: The Buffalo Bills know if they want to win this game, slowing down Saquon Barkley, and Odell Beckham Jr. No small task as those two players are among the tops in yards allowed. With the Redskins winning again the Giants won't want to lose any ground.

(3-4)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The Chargers have looked respectable in the past couple weeks, but will now travel to Oakland to take on the division leading Raiders. With the Raiders being dominant on Defense, look for the Chargers to play it fast and loose.

 (5-3)       @           (5-3)

Preview: A Non Traditional rivalry between Coach Hunter, and Atk is underway this week as the Patriots vs Steelers shoudl be one to watch.

 (6-2)       @           (2-6)

Preview: At the time of the write up the Dallas Cowboys blew out the Jets in Glorious fashion 61-10. The Team that Jerry Built are built for the playoffs, and could make some hay if they get there.

 (2-5)       @           (0-7)

Preview: The Miami Dolphins are still looking for their first win of the season, and the next team to step up to the plate are the Houston Texans. The Texans passing game is a deep one so making sure the safeties stay back is paramount to a win .

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