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ESPN Match Ups Week 5


         NFL Match Up week 5



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(3-1) @   (2-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! The New York Giants were unable to get the job done a week ago with the leagues reigning MVP Saquon Spin Move Barkley rushing for 179 yards. They will travel to Santa Clara California to take on the Niners who are coming off a bye week. They have had two weeks to prepare for the Giants offense, will that time be enough to slow them down. 

 (0-3)      @          (1-3)

Preview: Both these teams are looking to get going in the right direction after disastrous starts to the season. Redskins Rookie Quarterback Kevin Holecek has struggled in the early parts of the season, but may have figured some things out. Look for the Rams however to lean heavily on the right arm of Jared Goff, as the Redskins Secondary has struggled stopping the pass.

 (1-3)      @           (3-1)

Preview: Don't look now but the Texans are leading the way in the AFC South, and look like they may be one of the early contenders. The Lions who ended last season on a positive note has stumbled out of the gates slowly this year, and will desperately look to win this game especially if they want to keep pace in the Brutal North. 

 (0-4)       @           (0-3)

Preview: The Seahawks are under new ownership, and they have big shoes to fill. The last owner Papashaga only won the Super Bowl in his first season. Taking out a winless Dolphins team is the best way to get your feet wet in the league. 

 (3-1)       @           (2-1)

Preview: The Pressure defense of the Raiders has given teams fits in recent weeks. The Jets at 2-1 are looking to finally make some noise in the AFC East, and winning at home against the favored Raiders will be a true test for this young team.

(1-2)       @           (4-0)

Preview: This North VS South match up will once again see the Falcons who are hot after a down season a year ago take on the New owner of the Vikings, Gunskilll- This is no easy match especially on the road, in your first game.

 (0-3)       @           (2-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Bengals at 0-3, and a ill onwer makes for another down year for the other team in OHIO. Sad times if your parents lived on the wrong side of the tracks, and you grew up rooting for the Bangles.

 (2-2)       @           (1-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Eagles are in second place for now.... That said at 1-3 unless a miracle happens the Cowboys will be right back in the thick of things. Christmas comes twice a year when Melblaze is on your schedule!

 (1-2)       @           (0-3)

Preview: The Broncos headcoach SplashinSimp is the new melblaze as he gives up points at an alarming rate. Look for the Panthers offense to get going this game, with at least 50 points scored.

(3-0)       @           (0-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The Saints at the time of this article has yet to win their game in week 4. Notice I said win, because that's all they do. 22 and counting, and now the winless buccaneers on the schedule means slaughter.

 (3-0)       @           (4-0)

Preview: This match up of two undefeated teams could easily have been game of the week. The Cardinals Feel like they finally have the team to compete, and this could be their yera. They will have a huge test as they take on last seasons Super Bowl loser the Bills.

 (1-2)       @           (3-1)

Preview: The Packers are coming off a huge win in week 4 as they took down the once undefeated Giants. They will look to not rest on their laurels however as the Titans are hungry for a win.

 (2-2)       @           (0-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! the Chargers after a nice season a year ago has hit the proverbial wall this year, and I mean at 100 mph. at 0-4, and the Chiefs looking like they may be back after gutting their team in season 1 will be a hard match up for the Bolts.

 (2-2)       @           (3-1)

Preview: The Colts are trying to keep pace with the Texans in the AFC South, but nothing says hard game than when you look up and see Coach Tomman, and the Baltimore Ravens on your schedule. The key to this victory for the Ravens will be to slow down the Colts hard nosed run game .

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