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ESPN Match Ups Week 9


         NFL Match Up week 09


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(7-1) @   (5-2-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! The Bears already took care of business in this match up winning on the final drive of the game with a bomb to Super Star Receiver Cameron Meredith 34-27.

 (5-2)      @          (3-4)

Preview: The Panthers are one of the leagues best teams, but will have a tough task taking on the high scoring offense of the Indianapolis Colts !

 (3-4)      @           (3-4-1)

Preview: The Dolphins, and the Bengals have surprised some people already this year, and this game looks like it can be an instant classic!

 (0-7)       @           (6-1)

Preview: At 0-7 the Dallas Cowboys season is absolutely over. They will take on the rolling Buffalo Bills who have been dominant in their recent games.

 (2-6)       @           (3-4)

Preview: The Green Bay Packers might have finally hit their stride with an upset win over the Defending champion Chicago Bears a week ago. Now to see if they can ride the momentum!

 (3-4)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Browns have one of the most talented team in the league, but will find a tough team in the Steelers whom just so happen to be running away with the Division!

 (0-7)       @           (3-3-1)

Preview: nothing to see here, as the Broncos are 0-7 and don't have a chance in hell to make the post season. The Vikings should be able to win this game easily.

 (6-1)       @           (5-2)

Preview: This could easily be a NFC Championship preview as the Cardinals at 6-1 are one of the leagues best teams. They will get to test their mettle against the Lions this week !

 (5-3)       @           (4-3)

Preview: The Texans looked like the worst team in the league a week ago as they were blown out by 50. They now wil look to go againt the Raiders a team that has eyes on the AFC West lead!

 (7-1)       @           (2-6)

Preview: The Division leading seahawks went full flex mode defeating the Buccaneers in Florida 38-0.

 (3-5)       @           (3-5)

Preview: Two teams with identical records now, as the Niners took care of business 37-27. the Niners will have a hard time making the post season but anything can hapopen!

 (4-3)       @           (8-0)

Preview: The Saints are in the thick of things but the schedule makers didn't do them any favors as they take on the undefeated Tennessee Titans.

 (5-3)       @           (0-8)

Preview: The Patriots Brutalized the Eagles shutting them out for the second time in two weeks 38-0!

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