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ESPNEWS Race for the Playoffs AFC
ESPN Breaking News The NFASL post Season is fast approaching, which means the NFASL Draft is just around the corner. Make sure you stay up to date with all the Leagues information on the website in the coming weeks.


         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the NFC Race for the Playoffs. The NFC is Top heavy this year with several Teams only having one loss in week 13 of the season. As it stands right now no team has clinched their division but we are a mere few weeks awa from that. The New Orleans Saints is the Divisions top team being the only team with 6 home wins, and best point differential. The Saints have a 9-1 record, but are not the only team that boasts such a claim. The New York Giants, and the Arizona Cardinals also have identical records. With those teams running away with their respective Divisions the action is truly in the Wild Card Round. The Carolina Panthers, and Dallas Cowboys are in control of those spots right now, however the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, and Green Bay Packers are all hoping one, or both of those teams slip up no matter how unlikely. In any regard lets take a look at the Divisions in the NFC, and see where a few teams stand..

NFC West:

  • Arizona Cardinals 9-1 Record, key remaining games: Packers, Cowboys, Rams, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks
  • San Francisco 49ers 6-4 Record, key remaining games: Seahawks, Titans, Lions, Rams, Colts, Rams

      Overview: The Arizona Cardinals all but wrapped up this Division with a blowout win over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 11. That win gave the Cardinals a 3 game lead over the Defending Super Bowl Champions, and have many wondering if the Niners defense of their title will end before the playoffs begin. The Niners have the easiest schedule hands down heading into the remaining games of the season. The Niners have lost 3 in a row, and their mojo. Also with the Los Angeles Rams owner The_Vin_360 back he will be looking to end the playoff chances in straight upset fashion. The Cardinals are in a good position to win their first NFC West title under the coaching prowess of QB11KC. The Cardinals Week 12 game vs the Packers will go a long way toward sewing up the Division. 

NFC North:

  • Chicago Bears 8-2 Record, key remaining games: Lions, Falcons, Ravens, Browns, Steelers, Packers
  • Green Bay Packers 5-4 Record, key remaining games: Lions, Cardinals, Saints, Bengals, Giants, Ravens, Bears
  • Detroit Lions 4-5 Record, key remaining games: Packers, Bears, Vikings, 49ers, Cardinals, Bengals, Ravens

      Overview: The NFC North is being lead by three games by the Chicago Bears who will be looking to kick in the door of the playoffs after a disappointing season a year ago. They can pretty much end the Lions Season with a win over them next week, and they take on the Green Bay Packers in week 17. The Packers by far have one of the most difficult schedules ahead as they take on the Lions, Cardinals, Giants, and Ravens, and Saints...... If the Packers make the playoffs with that schedule they will definitely be the favorite to win it all. The Detroit Lions are 4-5, and are in must win game in week 11 against the Packers. Lamar jackson and the Lions offense has looked out of sorts as of late, and will need to get things together before the season slips completely through their fingers.

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints 9-1 Key remaining games: Panthers, Packers, Giants, Dolphins, Cowboys, Falcons
  • Carolina Panthers 8-2 Key remaining games: Saints, Rams, Bills, Buccaneers, Falcons, Cowboys

      Overview: The New Orleans Saints has a 1 game lead over the Carolina Panthers in the NFC South, and they will play a battle in week 12 that will be must see TV. The Saints have looked dominant, and are looking to hang their second title in 3 years. The Panthers are looking to make the playoffs for the first time in 3 seasons, and winning the South will secure that spot. if the Panthers can win in week 12 they a more than good chance at doing just that. The Saints have the tougher of two schedules as they play the Packers, Giants, and Cowboys. 

NFC East:

  • New York Giants 9-1 Record, key remaining games: Buccaneers, Redskins, Saints, Packers, Eagles, Chargers
  • Dallas Cowboys 7-3 Record, key remaining games: Eagles, Cardinals, Buccaneers, Redskins, Saints, Panthers
  • Washington Redskins 5-5 Record, key remaining games: Rams, Giants, Falcons, Cowboys, Chargers, Buccaneers

      Overview: The New York Giants lead the East by two games, and has been mauling the competition in the East with a 4-0 divisional record. With the Leagues MVP, and Odell Beckham Jr tearing up secondaries it's no wonder. The Giants also have the distinction of having the easiest schedule down the stretch as they take on the Buccaneers, Eagles, and Chargers. The Dallas Cowboys at 7-3 will be trying like hell to make the playoffs, but most likely through the Wildcard round. They have a murderers row down the stretch as they take on the Saints, Cardinals, Redskins, Panthers, and Saints. No easy task. The Washington Redskins at 5-5 pretty much have to win every game down the stretch, and still hope for teams to lose in front of him. Good thing however is the Redskins will have a chance to make some hay in the Division as they still have games against the Cowboys, and Giants.   

Playoff Seeding as of now:

  • New Orleans Saints 9-1
  • New York Giants 9-1
  • Arizona Cardinals 9-1
  • Chicago Bears 8-2
  • Carolina Panthers 7-2 (Wildcard)
  • Dallas Cowboys 7-2 (Wildcard)





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