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ESPNEWS Race for the playoffs

ESPN Breaking News The Draft is rapidly approaching us as we are headed into the NFASL Playoffs. Please Check here daily for information regarding offseason activities!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS The Playoffs are nearly upon us as we are in week 17, and things have pretty much been settled except for a Wild Card Battle going on in the AFC. The Chicago Bears are the leagues Defending Super Bowl Champions winners of Super Bowl XXIII. Coach JD hung his 3rd banner, and will be looking to hang a 4th tying him with legendary headcoach Tommanowns. The Bears will have another shot as they put up an amazing season, and head into the playoffs Healthy. If they do however make the Super Bowl they will not face the losing team from a year ago in the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars headcoach suffered from the very common Super Bowl Fatigue. They are not the first team to make the Super Bowl, Lose, then miss the playoffs altogether, and they won't be the last. The Seattle Seahawks did the same thing last year, but now find themselves once again kicking down the doors of the Playoffs with one off the leagues best records 14-1. With this season coming to an end it has been a tumultous one, but the pot at the end of the Rainbow can be seen.  Lets take a look at the NFC/AFC Playoff Races:


  • Chicago Bears 14-1- Leads the The NFC North
  • Seattle Seahawks 14-1- Leads the NFC West
  • New York Giants 10-4 - Leads the NFC East
  • Atlanta Falcons 9-7 - Leads the NFC South
  • Arizona Cardinals 12-4 - Wildcard
  • Minnesota Vikings 10-4-1 - Wildcard

     In In the NFC it's no surprise that the Chicago Bears are the leagues top team, as they are the defending Super Bowl Champions. They will however face a retooled Seahawks team after having missed the playoffs altogether a year ago. The Giants Mud Stomped through the NFC East, so no story there. However the Vikings are battle tested, and had to fight off a surging Packers team to get into the playoffs. Who would have guessed a tie would have come back to help them. And the Cardinals look like a Super Bowl contender this year. Coach Dominator is sober, and focused which could mean his second banner hanging in the Hall of Champions. The Story in the NFC however is between the Falcons, and Panthers. they will both finish with the same record, and they split in the regular season. that means it will come down to tie breakers, and with some of this programming it's just no telling how it will go. Let's take a look at the seeding as it stands right now:

  • Tennessee Titans 15-1 - Homefield advantage
  • Buffalo Bills 13-2 - Leads the AFC East
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 11-4 - Leads the AFC North
  • Oakland Raiders 8-7 - Leads the AFC West
  • New York Jets 10-4 - Wildcard
  • New England Patriots 8-6 -Tied Wildcard
  • Indianapolis Colts 9-6 Tied Wild Card

 As you can see The Titans are once again among the leagues best teams for the 3rd year in a row, without a banner to show for it. They are literally playing a Super Bowl or Bust way this year. The next best team in the Conference was the Buffalo Bills whose Cover 2 defense is the stuff of legends will look to not make the critical mistake that they are known for and finally win it all. It's also an exciting time in the AFC as there is new blood in the playoffs with the Pittsburgh Steelers winning the AFC North, and the New York Jets Garnering one of the coveted Wild Card Spots. The Oakland Raiders basically without even trying won the West, but should be out of the playoffs fairly quickly. The battle in the AFC will be for the final Wildcard spot as the New England Patriots, adn the Indianapolis Colts are in a virtual dead heat for it. Week 17 looms large, so look for something special as we wrap things up. Here's hoping its a good one! Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production!!


- Free Agency Guidelines -

There are several things wrong with the way free agency is handled in Madden, but the most glaring one is number of years being 7 to sign a player. Since we will only ever do 4-5 seasons signing a player in free agency to a contract beyond the remaining years throws off the balance of the league, and keeps the completely stacked teams, completely stacked. From this point on you will have to sign any player that makes it into free agency to the number of years remaining we have in the league.

  • Season 1 - Players can only be signed for 4 years.
  • Season 2 - Players can only be signed for 3 years.
  • Season 3 - Players can only be signed for 2 years.
  • Season 4 - Players can only be signed for 1 year.
  • Season 5 - is inconsequential.

This means the days of 200 million dollar contracts and still be able to function in the short term are over. If you sign a player for more than the alloted years that player will be released from your team, and then you will have to deal with the Salary cap hit moving forward. *I will not reset the mistake you made.* 



              You may only go for it on 4th down under a few circumstances. You must be at the opponents 40 yard line. I feel as though if you want to live dangerously and not kick Field Goals that is your prerogative. However if you are trailing in the 4th quarter by at least 7 points, you can go for it. The Caveat is however there must be 6 or less minutes left, or end of the game drives where time is at a premium but you must be losing when you do. Please use common sense in these situations.*Updated Rule* In Overtime the 4th qtr rules still apply in a tie game situation.*

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