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ESPN Breaking News The NFASL Season 3 gets back on track Monday. Make sure you join the league, and make your necessary adjustments.


        On this edition of ESPNEWS We will Discuss the restart of the league that should kickoff on Monday September 10th, 2018. We will be full speed ahead, rolling into week 11 once the change happens. Free agency will be open with the weakest teams getting their one selection first. That order is as follows.







  1. Indianapolis Colts - Richie Incognito
  2. New York Jets - Johnathan Hankins
  3. New York Giants - Jack Mewhort
  4. Buffalo Bills - Breshad Perriman
  5. Miami Dolphins - Robert Ayers
  6. Cincinatti Bengals - Dez Bryant
  7. Arizona Cardinals - Mychal Kendricks
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Eric Reid
  9. Detroit Lions - Trevor Knight
  10. Cleveland Browns - Martavis Bryant
  11. San Francisco 49ers - Trevor Coleman

 Once those teams select their 1 free agent, free agency will be open to every member of the league first come first serve. However any member of the league will only be able to sign one free agent until Week 13, where you will then be able to sign as many free agents as you want. This ensures that all teams have a chance to grab at least one free agent. *Stealing practice squad players will be open from the jump, so if you want to keep a young player on your team make sure you sign him to your 53 man roster*. 

   I can't stress this enough also. Make sure you sign your teams own free agents as you will only have 4 game weeks to get that done.  Waiting for the last possible minute to offer contracts to the players you want to keep could be a detriment to your team building moving forward.

The List of non-tradeable players has been created    If you any questions regarding the list please direct them toward Hunter Clark the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We will have more info on Off-Season activities when the time is right.   Good Luck to you all Moving forward.


 Joining the new league once created.

  • League Name : NFASL 3
  • Join as your same team, create your coach.
  • make the requisite cuts to your players, and set your line ups so when we do advance the players you want to get experience gets it.
  • once all 32 members have joined, and moves are made I will advance the league to the official week.

Remember, everyone will have your same record. *Don't forget to sign your teams own free agents so you don't have any issues at the end of the year. If you make a mistake, you will have to deal with the consequences.



Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.





Total Pass Yards 2293 Total Rush Yards 1599

Points Per Game 30




Total Defensive Pass 242 Total Defensive Rush 388 Total Points Allowed 6ppg



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