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NFASL Kickoff Game 2024

        The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have, a chance at winning the Next big game. Of course we all know that in the end there is only one team, that gets to hang their banner in the most glorious Hall of Champions!  Last season it was the Houston Texans, and their Much Maligned headcoach Maddenrox9 ! Their headcoach Maddenrox9 hung his first banner, and only in his third season in the Worlds Greatest League! Coach Maddenrox9 after losing Super Bowl XXXIII took care of unfinished business getting thie Texans their first Super Bowl Win. In a Season marred by Controversy, and bitterness the Texans managed to go beyond all the hate, and hang their name for all time in the Hall of Champions. It was a season that saw some long time members leave the league, but as I always say if it ain't fun what's the point. Madden has a long way to go, but in the meantime we have to do our best to take the enjoyment that we can.  Congratulations on getting the Job done! 

    Now that we have Last season out of the way lets welcome the New Members of the league MaddenGoat35 (Cardinals), Anthonyisfat69 (Panthers), YungPedialyte47 (Falcons), & Hirschyyy (Broncos). I hope you enjoy your time in the worlds greatest league!  With The new Season Big moves are made, and this season was no different. The Colts are going for the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson getting the playcalling duties, The Falcons traded for Deshaun Watson as he is moved after winning a Super Bowl for the Texans franchise, The Giants have moved on from Daniel Jones instead giving the ball to 4th year pro Jalen Hurts, and The Dwayne Haskins Era will begin anew in Gotham city as he will be throwing passes in a Jets Uniform.

   The NFL Rookie Draft went on without a Hitch as The Cincinatti Bengals took Deion Sanders clone C.J. Foote constructing the Best Secondary in the league which consists of Super Stars Jeffrey Okudah, Troy Pride, Jessie Bates III, & Strong Safety Darnell Savage. They look to create their very own legion of Boom, and could be a dark horse coming out of the AFC North this season. Good luck to all, and let's have a great season as usual!.




Kick Off Game




   Green Bay Packers (1-0)52             San Francisco 49ers (0-1)24

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 416yds, 6td, 1int C. Fitzpatrick 151yds, 2td, 3ints
  • J. JEfferson 6att, 24yds, 0td Z. Evans 22att, 148yds, 0td
  • E. Engram 4rec, 115yds, 3td T. Higgins 7rec, 51yds, 0td


                               .Packers Strike Gold!.

              Santa Clara, CA. In the NFASL Kick Off Game the Green Bay Packers traveled clear across the nation to take on the San Francisco 49ers in a game that saw total domination from the opening kick off. The Packers won the game Easily by a score of 52-24, with the final tally not showing the utter humiliation of a once proud Niners franchise. The Niners are mired in a losing streak that dates back to last season, and their is no end in site. Coach Kaliko has become unhinged as his Post game News Conference spoke spy gate, YouTube gate, and any other numbers of Gates to deflect the poor play by the team by the bay. The Packers got 6 touchdown passes from Baker Mayfield in a long list of Quarterbacks to dominate wearing the Green and Gold of the packers. From Brett Favre, to Aaron Rodgers, to now Baker Mayfield the Packers have been rich at the QB position of over two decades.

The Niners highly Touted defense coming into the Season forgot you actually have to play the games before you beging counting your wins. You also have to cover one of the fastest tightends in the league in Evan Engrams who grabbed three touchdown passes in the win. In a night that saw the banner of the Houston Texans be hung into the Hall of Champions the Niners can't help but feel that they are a long way from hanging their third.

The Niners will look to get back on the winning side of things as they will take on a divisional opponent in week 2 in the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers will look to will have a AFC South Champion the Jacksonville Jaguars over for dinner as they will host them in Lambeau!

     The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!  Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.






Maddenrox9   XXXIV


           On January 21st, 2020 the Houston Texans won Super Bowl XXXIV Madden 20 PS4! The Coach of the Team was Maddenrox9 who won his first Super Bowl, and did it in dominating fashion going 15-1 on the season. The Houston Texans after losing Super Bowl XXXIII got their unfinished business done, and are now Super Bowl Champions! The Texans defeated the 13-3 Los Angeles Rams coached by now 4 time Super Bowl loser Jboc27 by a score of 28-14. The MVP was Cornerback Derion Kendrick who finished with 2 tackles, 3 interceptions, and a touchdown.  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!


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