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NFASL Madden 21 Season II Mid Season report

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        On this edition of ESPNEWS It's Week 9, the 1/2 mark of the Season and it's time to look at what's going on in the NFASL. The Green Bay Packers are the Defending Super Bowl Champions, and they look to be on a crash course again with Super Bowl XXXVIII with a perfect 8-0 record. The League is a well oiled Machine, and clicking on all cylinders. With the Lottery Sytem in place the reason to tank has been removed so I'm especially excited to see how things shake out during the home stretch. Removing the benefit of losing games will make the late season match ups simply put, exciting.

How the Lottery System will work is this:

  •  I have already purchased a Ball hopper, and will place a number assigned to any Non-Playoff Team
  • Every Team that doesn't make the Playoffs will have equal odds of getting the #1 Draft Pick
  • Draft Picks for non-playoff teams will no longer be set by Record, but by Lottery IE; 18 teams don't make the playoffs. If the Eagles finish 1-15 they will not be assured the #1 Pick, but a pick in the range of  1-18. I will place 18 balls in the hopper, and however they fall is how they will fall.
  • There is literally no reason on Earth to tank games in the NFASL, further making this the best League this side of Heaven

  Lets take a look at the Conferences in the NFASL, and see how things are shaking out.



American Football Conference






    AFC North

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Baltimore Ravens 8-0 41.6 8th 11th
Cleveland Browns 3-4 23.0 31st 3rd
Pittsburgh Steelers 3-5 28.8 16th 19th
Cincinatti Bengals 3-5 29.3 9th 15th

AFC South

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Tennessee Titans 5-2 29.1 26th 5th
Indianapolis Colts 5-3 32.9 13th 20th
Jacksonville Jaguars 4-4 29.3 15th 21st
Houston Texans 3-5 29.5 5th 24th

AFC East

Team Record Points Off. Def.
New England Patriots 4-4 31.1 19th 28th
Miami Dolphins 3-4-1 26.5 27th 22nd
New York Jets 2-6 18.6 23rd 8th
Buffalo Bills 2-6 21.4 28th 13th

AFC West

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Kansas City Chiefs 7-1 46.5 4th 25th
Las Vegas Raiders 6-3 41.5 1st 30th
Denver Broncos 2-6 25.1 25th 29th
Los Angeles Chargers 2-6 21.0 24th 12th


    In the AFC the Baltimore Ravens are the lone undefeated teams with a perfect 8-0 record. They lead the AFC North, and Made a move to sure up their Secondary trading for Pro Bowler Justin Reid from the Houston Texans. After a Dog Fight a year ago in which 3 teams made the Playoffs the AFC North has taken a step back with Browns, Bengals, and Steelers all below .500. The Steelers however traded for Dwayne Haskins, who has struggled replacing Ben Roethlisberger. The Browns Traded Jarvis Landry to the Dolphins allowing teams to double Odell Beckham Jr. The Bengals made a splash trading for Terron Armstead as they try to develop Joe Burrow who has shown flashes, but must bring down his interception total. 

The most competitive Division in the AFC is the South as every team is within 1-2 games of one another with the Titans having a slight lead. The Titans traded one of their defensive centerpieces Harold Landry III. However their Struggles begin, and end with Ryan Tannehill whose 15ints, to only 8tds has been the difference between this year, and last. The Colts after having missed the playoffs a year ago, jumped out to a great start behind rookie signal caller Jamie Newman. The Colts are also getting Major contributions from 2nd year back Jonathan Taylor, and 3rd year wide receiver Parris Campbell. The Texans jumped out to a 2-0 start, however hit a swoon losing 5 in a row. a week 9 win against the Colts could jumpstart the season for them. Giving DeShaun Watson Mark Andrews, and Rookie Speedster has helped as Watson Leads the Division in Passing Yards.

Going 16-0 in the regular season a year ago, and now being 4-4 for the New England Patriots seems like a major step back. However they are still in the lead in the East, have made a off-season trade for Drew Lock, and accumulated multiple Draft Picks trading off older players, such as Stefon Gilmore. The Patriots are doing a great job of being competitive, whilst still building for the future. The Dolphins rebuilt their offensive line from the Ground up, and the proof is in the pudding. Matt Breida is among the league leaders in rushing, and Tua Tagvaiola has shown steady improvement. The Dolphins also acquired Jarvis Landry from the Cleveland Browns, and a off-season move that will bring in Curtis Samuel could be just what the Doctor ordered for the Dolphins.

The New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills have to be disappointed with their seasons so far as 2-6 records just won't get it done. Especially for the Bills who have surrounded Josh Allen with several Talented players. Matthew Ioannidis Leads the Division in Sacks, and Trading for Christian Kirk should have given Stefon Diggs more single coverage. The Jets are in a rebuild mode, however has opted not to make many moves. Sam Darnold has regressed as he has thrown 23ints to only 9tds for the Team from Gotham

In the West the leagues two Speedsters Tyreek Hill, and Henry Ruggs III are both in the Division. Bad news for both the Chargers, and the Broncos because they have to run around and chase them. The Chiefs lead the Division right now, but know their most fierce competitior are the 6-3 Las Vegas Raiders. They match up, and are very familiar with each others playstyles, and should make for interesting match ups later on in the season. Both the Broncos, and the Chargers have made several moves opting to rebuild early, and wait for the Chiefs, and Raiders to either get a little older, or draft players more befitting a Division with those two Speed Demons.

The Broncos have traded Drew Lock to the Patriots, and will most likely look to the draft for a QB.


National Football Conference






NFC North

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Green Bay Packers 8-0 36.4 18th 2nd
Chicago Bears 4-4 26.4 21st 23rd
Detroit Lions 3-4 16.7 29th 6th
Minnesota Vikings 2-5 28.1 20th 16th

NFC South

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Carolina Panthers 7-2 34.9 4th 14th
Atlanta Falcons 6-2 37.5 12th 10th
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-3-1 41.0 10th 17th
New Orleans Saints 0-8 27.3 7th 32nd

NFC East

Team Record Points Off. Def.
Washington Football Team 5-3 31.3 22nd 7th
New York Giants 4-3 34.7 17th 9th
Dallas Cowboys 2-5 21.4 30th 4th
Philadelphia Eagles 1-6 14.4 32nd 1st

NFC West

Team Record Points Off. Def.
San Francisco 49ers 7-2 38.1 2nd 26th
Seattle Seahawks 6-2 36.9 6th 14th
Arizona Cardinals 3-4 44.4 11th 27th
Los Angeles Rams 1-7 23.5 14th 31st

  In the NFC the Green Bay Packers are the Only undefeated team as they have a perfect 8-0 record, and are riding high after their come from behind 4th qtr Comeback from Aaron Rodgers against the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers lead the North, and have opted to not make many changes to a Super Bowl Winning team. They have Rodgers heir apparent in waiting Jordan Love, but we are several seasons away from him taking snaps. Davante Adams has been putting together a MVP type season hauling in 36 Passes, and 7 tds. He seemingly grabs every 3rd down catch thrown at him to boot. 

The Chicago Bears drafted a can't miss Quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, and so far so good as he leads the Division in Passing Yards, and Touchdowns with 2242, and 16 However he also leads the Division in Interceptions with 20 which is to be expected with a Young QB. The Bears have been very one dimensional however especially with Cordarrelle Patterson becoming their primary ball carrier whose natural position was Wide Receiver. The Detroit Lions have arguably the best Secondary in the league, and a front 7 that consists of several pass rushers. With Dak Prescott Leading the Helm the Lions could be a sleeper in the North if the coach can get his personal life in order. A schedule that is more akin to European timelines Forced L's may be in his future. The Vikings have taken a giant step backward as coach Dhontos has begun a fire sale, and is now in rebuild mode. The Vikings have parted ways with Eric Kendrics, and Off-season trades of Harrison Smith, and Yannick NgaKoue. They have accumulated a plethora of 1st Round Draft Picks, that should bode well for future seasons, however this one is all but over.

It looks like a 2 team race in the South as the Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons are in a battle for the Division. The Panthers right now lead it as Christian McCaffrey is not only the leagues leading rusher, but in the pole position for the Leagues MVP. Matthew Stafford has found second life in Carolina, and with his strong arm the Panthers have mastered playaction, which could be the reason for their success. The Falcons made the move of the season trading for the Leagues best corner in Stephon Gilmore a move made for the playoffs as the Falcons learned a year ago. With Gilmore in the secondary shutting down the opposing teams best receiver the Falcons are top 10 in defensive yards. Tampa Bay has played muscial chairs at Quarterback and the Team has struggled because of it. At 3-3-1 the Buccaneers are not out of it, but the General manager is antsy, and has made several mind boggling moves with the team. Not to mention benching Hall of Famer Tom Brady... The New Orleans Saints could not have handled the retirement of Drew Brees worse, as they did not set themselves up for the future, even though they were in position to draft one of the highly rated QBs. instead they have handed over the reins to Jared Goff, but their troubles are deeper than the Signal caller position. When you have the Leagues worst defense, and a 0-8 record changes are not only expected, but imminent.

In the NFC East the Washington Football Team EST 1932 has a slight lead over the New York Giants. However it should close as the Giants play the Eagles in week 9. The WFT traded Dwayne Haskins opting to go with their 1st round pick D'Eriq King. King has reminded anyone who watches him of RGIII circa 2012 as he not only leads the Division in Completion Percentage, but the entire league at 81% King Leads the Division in Touchdown Passes with 17, to only 5 ints and leads the League in Total QBR at 136.0, over Pat Mahomes's 135.1. The Giants have opted to become multi Faceted, and has gotten Daniel Jones more into the Offense  as he leads the Division with 1644 yards. The Giants still go as the Reigning MVP Saquon Barkley 3rd in the league in rushing with 1095yards, however he has not been putting up numbers like he had a year ago. As we get closer to the Playoffs expect his Carries to double, and his Yardage. The Dallas Cowboys traded Dak Prescott giving the Reins to Ohio States Justin Fields. Fields has shown that he is highly capable of making every throw in the league, not to mention an athleticism that has to be gameplanned for. The Fault lies at the feet of the Cowboys Headcoach who has seen his team in every game, but failed to make the proper play down the stretch to pull out a victory. The Philadelphia Eagles surprisngly have the leagues best Defense yards wise, but is the worst in Offensive points scored.

The NFC West is a two team race between the San Francisco 49ers, and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams are in a dead heat, however the Seahawks made the first Salvo in an arms race trading for Eric Kendricks. The Niners Reliant on Raheem Mostert has vowed to open up the offense, and not be so one dimensional. Jimmy G has lived up to his part of the bargain as he has thrown 27tds in 9 games. The Seahawks are dangerous in the Division with the addition of Kendricks to a Defense that already has Jamal Adams the Seahawks are the favorites in my eyes to come out of the West. Icycca has to play to his full potential however, especially in big games which he has failed to win consistently. The Arizona Cardinals at 3-4 are still in the mix, but has already started dismantling the team trading away Christian Kirk, and has made a off-season move that will send Andy Isabella to the Vikings. With DeAndre Hopkins, and kyler Murray these moves are head scratchers indeed. The Los Angeles Rams at 1-7 are for all intents and purposes out of the playoff race. However they are not sitting idly by. They drafted Trey Lance in the Off-season so they are set at Quarterback. They have also been busy in terms of trades they picked up Harold Landry III to add to a defense that consists of Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey. The Rams if they can get their act together has a very competitive team, but the Headcoach plays fast, and loose which may not be the best way to win in that division.  





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
4254 1620 3026
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
1464 26 29


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