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NFASL Match ups 1-4

         NFASL Weekly Previews The AFC will be the first focus as we look at the first 4 games of each team in the league. These match ups make up 1/4 of the season, and saving your nuts and putting them away for the winter is imperative to securing a highly coveted playoff spot. There aren't many games in a NFL Season so the first 4 games can make or break your season. Not falling too far behind becomes of the utmost importance for every team with Designs on hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.  With every team feeling as though they have a chance these crop of games are definitely the most exciting! However lets not for get it's now where you start, but where you wind up.


AFC North:



Baltimore Ravens 1-2

  • Next Four games - Cleveland Browns

        The Baltimore Ravens will take on two of the toughest teams in the league in their next two as Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs will test their Secondary. Their next game will be against the Division leading Browns, lead by their middle Linebacker Joe Schobert who has already hauled in 5 ints. If the Ravens can come out of the first part 1/4 part of the season 2-2, they will chalk it up as a victory.

Cincinnati Bengals 2-1

  • Next Four Games - Pittsburgh Steelers

  The Bengals will get to see what they are made of in the first portion of the season as they go an auto win versus, the Seahawks and the doors blown off of them in their first live action against the Highly talented Niners. Their next set of games are just as lethal as they will be taking on the Buffalo Bills, and Pittsburgh Steelers on the road.

Cleveland Browns 3-0

  • Next Four Games -  Baltimore Ravens

  The Cleveland Browns have jumped out to a 2-0 record, and lead the Division early. They will be tested however in their next two games as the Los Angeles Rams, and their Bitter Rivals Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens will be a door prize. The Browns have the talent, now they just have to keep playing the way they have been.

Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2

  • Next Four Games -  Cincinatti Bengals

 The Steelers were a Hail mary away from being 2-0, and are still reeling from a loss in such a fashion. Well they get to take out that frustration on the San Francisco 49ers, and Cincinatti Bengals in their Next two.


AFC West:



Kansas City Chiefs 2-1

  • Next Four games - Lions

        The Kansas City Chiefs have been up and down this season with their offense scoring 54 points, and their Defense giving up 54. They will take on the Ravens, in their next game, so they will expect big plays from their big play makers. They should be a match up nightmare for the Lions, but when you have a defense playing this poorly anything can happen.

Los Angeles Chargers 3-0

  • Next Four Games - Dolphins

  The Los Angeles Chargers are still waiting on their game against the Lions in week 2. they are 1-0 now, and and the proposition of 2-0 would be just what the doctor ordered. They will take on the Texans, and DeShawn Watson, and their talented group of receivers, and then round off with the Dolphins who will have major protection issues trying to Keep Joey Bosa out of the backfield.

Denver Broncos 2-1

  • Next Four Games -  Jaguars

  The Denver Broncos are a surprising 2-0, defeating the Bears a week ago. They have been clicking on all cylinders as they have scored 78 points, and their defense only giving up 39. They will travel to lambeau to take on the Packers coming up, and winning at an iconic venue could be this teams first signature win. They will host the Jaguars in week 4, and hoping when they do face them they have a chance at 4-0.

Oakland Raiders 1-2

  • Next Four Games - Colts

 The Oakland Raiders start to the season has been abysmal at 0-2, and things might get worse before they get better. The Raiders are struggling mightily on offense only averaging 16 points per game. They will be taking on the highly talented Vikings, followed up by a Super Bowl contender in the Colts in week 4. 0-4 is a real possibility for a proud franchise.


AFC South:


Indianapolis Colts 1-2

  • Next Four games -  Oakland Raiders

        The Indianapolis Colts were several early season predictors to come out of the AFC South, but a 0-2 start has put a damper on their season thus far. The Fumble bug has plagued them all season long, causing them to lose the turnover battle, and their first two games. They will be taking on the Falcons in week 3, and with their Defense they will have to cover the ball on every play. Game 4 will see them host the Raiders, who has also struggled so they will be playing as though their season depends on it.

Tennessee Titans 2-1

  • Next Four Games - Atlanta Falcons

  The Tennessee Titans start the season 1-1 with a loss to the highly talented Browns in week 1, but followed that loss with a division win against the Colts in week 2. Their next game will see them take on another Division rival in the Jaguars which gives that game a little more signifigance than their next game against the Falcons which is out of conference.

Houston Texans 0-3

  • Next Four Games - Carolina Panthers

  The Houston Texans pass defense failed them giving up 4 Touchdown passes to Drew Brees in their week 1 loss. They will be looking to get back on track in their next game against Division rival the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 2, before playing two out of Division teams in the Chargers on the road, and the Panthers at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1

  • Next Four Games -  Denver Broncos

 The Jacksonville Jaguars came away with a big time win in week 2 defeating the high Powered Chiefs. They will be in line to make their mark on the Division with 2 of their next 4 games being inside the division with the Texans, and Titans in back to back weeks before rounding out against the as of now undefeated Broncos. 

AFC East:



New England Patriots 3-0

  • Next Four games -  Bills

        The New England Patriots start the Season 2-0, while not clicking on all cylinders with Tom Brady throwing 8 interceptions on the season. Bad news for Their next two opponents will be against two Division rivals. If the Patriots start 4-0 with 3 straight wins inside the Division, that could spell Division come the end of the season.

Miami Dolphins 1-2

  • Next Four Games -  Chargers

  The Miami Dolphins looked like two different teams in their first two games coming away with a impressive win over the Ravens in week 1, but then throwing up all over themselves with a 53-30 loss in week 2 with Josh Rosen throwing 8 ints in that loss. Their next games will be against two run heavy teams in the Cowboys, and Chargers. They gave up an average of 150 yards in their two games this season and will need to get that squared away if they expect to win against those two teams

New York Jets 1-2

  • Next Four Games -  Bye Week

  The New York Jets have started the season 1-1, and have looked like they will have to be reckoned with all season long. Sam Darnold with a full year under his belt has looked the part in both their games so far this season. They take on the Patriots in week 3 before they have a early season Bye week in week 4

Buffalo Bills 0-3

  • Next Four Games -  Patriots

 The Buffalo Bills offense has vacated the building with them only scoring and average of 16ppg in their opening two games, both losses mind you. With their next two games being against talented teams a 0-4 start could be disaster that may not be able to be avoided. At the very least with Tom Brady, and the Patriots coming to town in week 4.


 The NFC will be the focus as we look at the first 4 games of each team in the NFC divisions. With only a 16 game regular season every game matters and the first quarter of the season is just as important as the last. Lets look at some teams that have started out hot, teams that have startedslow and some teams that are right in the middle. 


NFC North:



Green Bay Packers 3-0

  • Next game - Eagles

        The Packers new head coach Yell has come out the gate firing on all cylinders, putting the league on notice that he intends to bring the Packers what is has never had in NFASL history, a championship. He is doing this with an all around balanced attack. With a top 10 offense and defense Coach Yell isn't asking Rodgers to carry the load like some coaches may be tempted to do. It will be interesting to if he can still not rely heavily on Rodgers as the schedule gets tougher. His combined oppenents schedule going into week 4 is 4-8.  

Detroit Lions 1-2

  • Next Game - Chiefs

  The Lions have not found their idenity yet on offense to start the season. They haven't ran or passed well putting their defense in bad situations. The first 2 games were not how you picture the season started if you are Coach Musa, who predicted a superbowl this madden. Seems as the Lions might have found confidence after beating the Eagles 42-6 last week. If they have any chance of accomplishing that then they better find out what kind of offensive team they plan on being in a hurry because reigning MVP Patrick Maholmes is waiting for them in Arrowhead.     

Chicago Bears 1-2

  • Next Game - Vikings

  The Bears and Coach JD have to be kicking themselves over crucial turnovers in back to back games to start the season, most of them coming in the redzone to make things worse. Another 3 turnovers in the redzone last week  agaist Washington has the Bears lucky to even be 1-2. As talented as the defense is they can only carry the team for so long through crucial mistakes. Not having a running game has made them reliant on the pass and young Tribusky doesn't seem ready to carry a team so they better try to establish a running game going into the bye. 

Minnesota Vikings 1-2

  • Next Game - Bears

 The Vikings problem is simple: they have to get some stops. They are giving up the most points in the league which is unacceptable for one of the more talented defenses in the league. They have stars on every level of the defense and Coach Koko needs them to start playing like it. The turnovers aren't helping either as the defense finds itself in tough spots. They got to finish drives as they are moving the ball but its not leading to points. A big game is coming up vs the Bears so we will see if they can clean up their mistakes. 


NFC West:



Arizona Cardinals 1-2

  • Next game -  Seahawks

        The Cardinals after starting the season with a 54 point explosion have cooled off, scoring 14 points in back to back games. Turnovers have been a problem but that can be expected with a rookie qb. David Johnson is having a pretty good so far and the Cards look to rely on that going foward till their number 1 pick Kylar Murray is ready to take that next step. Not a lot of expectations for this young team, the focus will be on building the team for next year. 

Seattle Seahawks 0-3

  • Next Game - Cardinals

        The  Seahwaks have simply just been bad. Most of that being that Coach Iccy had to show up late to the season. Not too late to turn it around but the road has gotten tougher for them after an 0-3 start. The journey of a 1,000 miles starts with the first step. In this case thats getting their first win vs the Cardinals this week. 

San Francisco 49ers 3-0

  • Next Game - Bye Week

  The 49ers and Coach Kaliko have to happy with how the season started as the stand undefeated going into the bye week. Thier rolling through the competition and look to take that momentum into a heavyweight matchup vs the Browns after their bye week. It will be their first real test and I know the fans can't wait for that NFASL rivalry. Something to watch is if they have the wide recievers on offense to beat the top teams, the one weakness you can point at is they are 20th in passing. With Jimmy G being the highest paid player on the team, having passing being the weakness can't be something they are happy about. 

Los Angeles Rams 1-2

  • Next Game - Buccaneers

 The Rams defense is still in training camp because they haven't showed up to the season yet. They are last in points given up and yards as they just gave up an embarrassing 62 points last week vs the Browns. The defense will have to look in the mirrior and make some changes. The offense is doing its job led by Jared Golf and Brandin Cooks but when your defense can't stop a traffic cone theres not much you can do. I look for Coach Jboc to switch things up. In fairness the Rams have had the toughest schedule so far but thats still not an excuse for the defense being this bad. 


AFC South:


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-3

  • Next Game- Rams

        The Buccs are headed in a bad direction this season as they have been on the wrong side of 3 non-competitive games. Jameis Winston having 1 year left on his deal was entering a decision year if his career would be moving foward with Buccs but he actually hasn't had a bad year so far. This will make it an interesting desicion in the offseason wheather they keep him or not. The Buccs will face the Rams in week 4 and if they lose here they might want to start gameplanning for next year.

Carolina Panthers 2-1

  • Next Game - Texans

  The Panthers responded to a shootout loss in week 1 against the Rams by winning the last 2 games. The defense led by star linebacker Luke Kuechly has stepped up these last 2 games showing their fans that week 1 was an outlier and they still are one of the top defenses in football. Cam Newton has had a great start and is looking like MVP Cam which is good news for Coach Nick because the Panthers made the superbowl Cam's mvp year. The Panthers need more of the same if they are to keep pace with the powerhouse Saints. 

Atlanta Falcons 1-2

  • Next Game - Titans

The Falcons are having all kinds of trouble against the pass as they ranked last in pass defense. They have also given up over 40 points two out of three games to start the defnse. If their defense can turn it around they might be able to make some noise as their offense is filled with weopans for former mvp Matt Ryan to use. They better do it fast because the Saints and Panthers are looking really good to start the year.  

​​New Orleans Saints 3-0

  • Next Game - Cowboys

 The Saints are flexing their muscle on the league as their defense has been stingy and their offense is doing what it wants in the run and the pass. With a really good oline and a backfield that is led by Brees and Kamara the Saints are going to be tough to stop. The Saints have been able to take care of the ball better than anyone in the league with only have thrown two intercetions so far. If you can find a flaw to how this team is playing let me know. 

AFC East:



Dallas Cowboys 1-2

  • Next game - Saints

        The Dallas Cowboys took two divisional blows to start the season from the Giants and Washington. Never good to start 0-2 especially when its divisional games as those could be tiebreakers down the road. It doesn't get any easier for the Boyz as they head to one of the hardest places to win a game and thats New Orleans. A win here could propel them to a season changing run. Winning a game that no one expects you to win always boost the team confidence sky high and after losing to two rivals they could use that. To do that they need to figure out how to get the offense back on track especially the run game. 

Washington Redskins 2-1

  • Next Game - Giants

  Washington started off the season the opposite of the Cowboys as they racked up two division wins early. No better way to start than that but they did take a slight step back as they lost a home game to the Bears last week. Still they have had a good start and look to make a statement against a team they have struggled with and thats the New York Giants. They are headed to the Meadowlands with the top defense in the league and when you are playing a divsion road game that doesn't hurt to have.  

New York Giants 3-0

  • Next Game -  Washington

  The New York Giants have started the season letting teams know that they are more than Odell Beckham Jr. In an offseason where they lost one of the best players in football and were written off by many they have came out with a chip the size of New York on their shoulder. They are averaging a crazy 47 ppg as this could be one Coach Shooter's best seasons yet. That being said the combined record of their first three oppenents were 1-8 but the good news for them is their schedule doesn't get too much harder. 

Philadelphia Eagles 0-3

  • Next Game-  Packers

 Nothing new here. Not much more to say about the Philadelphia Eagles that hasn't been said over the last few years. They have the talent but haven't been able to utilize that talent to say the least. I'm sure teams have already called the Eagles about the projected number 1 pick. 

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