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  • 32 (0-10)[Strk-L10] This might just be Melblazes worst season in the history of Madden! And that's saying something. Best team on the Game Check, Fixed Lurking Linebackers where you can only cover legitimately 1 person, Check. Yet still 0-10, blown out in every game, and has twice as many interceptions as Touchdowns.... Melblaze makes hard to do look easy, but he's got some company.....
  • 31 (2-9)[Strk-L1] I'd Pay good money to see Dominator, The new Melblaze Play Melblaze in the league. Or should I say Melblaze 2.0 as his fumbling, and bumbling of the Ball has reached Charlie Brown Levels.
  • 30 (1-9)[Strk-L4] A Coaching change right as the Power Rankings were being developed is always a good sign. Unfortunately getting blown out, and throwing 4ints in your debut puts you right about 30th...
  • 29  (1-9)[Strk -L9] Easily the new angriest man in the league is K_BeeX, however trying to get these Dolphins to prominence might be more than he can handle.
  • 28 (2-8)[Strk-W1] Enter Dino back into the Fold, and right on Queue got himself a upset win over the Defending Super Bowl Champions. However mirros, and promises of mirrors to view himself most likely will derail his NFASL career a third, and final time!
  • 27 (2-8)[Strk-W1] Who is the Lions owner you say? King_Musa722 is so incognito, that if you put him in a line up not even his mother could pick him out.... 
  • 26 (2-8)[Strk-L3] It just might have to be a three way photo finish for who Dons the Monicker the New Melblaze!! you have to try real hard not to win with the most overrated team in the history of Madden
  • 25 (6-4)[Strk-L2] league Ambassador Raw_Diaw is back! however he doesn't have the Cowboys and has been thoroughly exposed. 100 for the other team, 9 for the Home team.... No Scuses!
  • 24 (2-8)[Strk-L1]  The 12th man has 12 missing chromosomes, and a limp with the Seahawks out to a 2-8 start. 4 way race Melblaze....?
  • 23  (4-6)[Strk-W2] In the Mile high City surrounded by Mountains, and Altitude where one can go and contemplate the simple joys of life. you can also jump off a cliff and end it all 4-6.
  • 22  (4-6)[Strk-L2] Seems the Ghost of The_VIN_360 has possessed Jboc27's thumbs as a 4-6 start with the Rams put you in Rarefied air, on a one way ticket to Melblazeville Popupulation now 5......
  • 21  (5-6)[Strk-L1] KoKotea is soo close to .500 he can taste it. Of course when your diet consists of Moose Taste is an acquired one.
  • 20 (5-6)[Strk-W1] The Bills get my respect as I offered him the Browns first, and he stated, take your browns and Shove it. I don't need your Charity!! AFC East is Mine now, and forever!
  • 19  (6-4)[Strk-L1] Seems fate has a sense of Irony as they put Offensivedom, and e30zack right next to one another. You say what's ironic about that? Lets just say they are connoisseurs of all things green.......
  • 18  (6-5)[Strk-L2] The Chargers were once 5-0, and atop the football world. However losers of 5 out of the last 6 games, and the Juice they did have is now squeezed.
  • 17  (4-6)[Strk-L1] The Colts are 4-6 with Andrew Luck, he retired in real life which means...... Tanking for Tua....
  • 16 (4-6)[Strk-W1] Rawr, Rawr, Hiss, Hiss, that's about as much fear as these Bengals instill. When you in the North, you gotta where weighted Drawls!
  • 15 (5-5)[Strk-L2] The Jets are once again mired behind the lesser football mind of the Patriots in the East. However the moment he realizes Tom Brady plays on skates, the faster he can get winning. It's Madden baby!
  • 14 (6-4)[Str-W1] they're an old saying that goes if you let a Falcon go, and it comes back home that, that Falcon Belongs..... However Somebody better tell that Falcons last chance don't come often!
  • 13 (6-4)[Strk-L1] Brand New, and looking like a million bucks BigmoneyNick_ has fit in nicely into the NFASL. Now if he can get his Buddy K_BeeX, to fight some other Power *Black Fist in the air*. The NFASL is as Smooth as warm butter!
  • 12  (6-4)[Strk-L1] Sad day to write this article as we had to remove the old Owner. He was a raging asshat, but he was our asshat.... But rules are rules. In other news Criticalnews get it together before Tomman posts 5!
  • 11 (7-3)[Strk-W5] Stop me if you have heard this one before. If you see Moon in the Woods Fighting a Bear, don't help Moon, help the Bear. #SHOOTERWECOMING!!
  • 10  (6-4)[Strk-W4] The Bears started the season with players with Holes in their hands, however the Miracles of Technology are truly a wonder. Once again Fate is ironic look who he is right next to....
  • 09 (7-3)[Strk-L3] When you put together a 7-0 start but roll into Power Rank Week at 7-3 9th might be a bit generous. Last 6 games we will get to see which is the fluke.
  • 08  (7-3)[Strk-W5] The Steelers Defense harkens back to the Curtain Days. Now if only trap music, and black girls don't steal hunters focus.
  • 07 (7-3)[Strk-W1] Coach ATK makes luck look like a Skill. At 7-3 and actually have to read from the pocket, you have to nod your cap to him..
  • 06 (7-3)[Strk-W2] Saint Nick, Nick of Time, Nick jagger..... Nick Foles!!! is all these Jaguars needed to show that they are a team to be feared!
  • 05 (8-2)[Strk-W5] A premade defense, a True Danger at QB, and a run game that resembles a freight traing. If you're not worried yet, you should be !
  • 04 (9-1)[Strk-W5] No Odell Beckham Jr., a 71 Overall team, Eli Mannings noodle arm, and you said I won't win the NFC East. Here Hold my cheetos!
  • 03  (8-2)[Strk-W4]  The San Francisco 49ers O-line Blocks so well that President Donald Trump is thinking of Putting them on the Mexican Border.....
  • 02  (8-2)[Strk-L1] Any time you have defending before your name you know you're something special. The Saints clock in at #2 in the Rankings and which should give him all the motivation he needs to win another Chip!
  • 01 (9-2)[Strk-W5] Oklahoma is home of the Blue Whale of Catoosa, and now the #1 Ranked Kansas City Chiefs! Congrats on Topping the Power Rankings!!
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