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NFASL Playoffs

The NFASL Playoffs are here! The Houston Texans are the Defending Super Bowl Champs, and will have a tougher time to go back to back as the AFC has become a all out Thunder Dome! These Playoffs are showcasing young, and up comine talent with a bunch of new faces, to include teams, and Coaches! We will miss some of the Old Mainstays like the always entertaining Kaliko_420, and the San Francisco 49ers! Or the 4 time Champion Coach Jady_Tru and the Chicago Bears who had a season of discontent! We will even miss the worst Giants User in History Active, errrr THE-KiiD-Kenny whose name change will take some getting used to! But enough about those that didn't make it, lets have a look at who did! The NFC is top heavy as hell with the Saints, and The Packers both having 15-1 records, with the Saints squeaking out for the #1 seed, and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs! The Packers wide open offense has been feared, and should make for a high scoring game no matter who he plays. In the AFC the Ravens are the Creme of the crop as they have the Leagues most dynamic player in Lamar Jackson, and speed at every level! The AFC has pretty much become a No holds barred Steel Caged match with only two teams in the Entire conference with less than 6 wins! That means every game, and I mean every game is Tough as F-ing Nails, and should bare out this time of season with these teams being battle hardened! The Field is Set, and this is the Tournament of Champions! The Hall of Champions is the Prize, and only the Good lord knows who will hang their banner at the end of this Season! Good Luck to all combatants!

In the NFC the Teams are:

  1. South - New Orleans Saints 15-1
  2. North -  Green Bay Packers 15-1
  3. West  - Arizona Cardinals 12-4
  4. East   - Washington Redskins 11-5
  5. Wildcard - Seattle Seahawks 11-5
  6. Wildcard - Minnesota Vikings 10-6



In the AFC the Teams are :

  1. North - Baltimore Ravens 14-2
  2. West - Kansas City Chiefs 11-5
  3. East - New England Patriots 11-5
  4. South - Houston Texans - 11-5
  5. Wildcard - Cincinatti Bengals - 10-6
  6. Wildcard - Los Angeles Chargers 10-6

The stage is set, and the Hall of Champions is the prize! Good luck to all participants in the Leagues 35th season!Lets take a look at the strengths of each Conference



American Football Conference



 Team Record Coach Team Notes
14-2 Tommanowns The Ravens are lead by Lamar Jackson whose Dual threat ability will make him a handful to deal with in these playoffs. However the moment you over commit Hollywood Brown, and Anthony McFarland will take the top off of any defense!
11-5 CapnClutchKC The Kansas City Chiefs head coach CapnClutchKC has everything but a banner in the Hall of Champions! with his team getting older this is the Season that he will go all out to get it done!
11-5 ATK133 Jake Fromm has become a household name in New England finding himself second in the league in Passing with 5509 yards, and 47 touchdowns. However when you are the guy replacing arguably the best QB in History Tom Brady, passing Yards will not be enough!
10-6 maddenrox9 Life has been dificult for the Defending Champs without Deshaun Watson to include a QB Change early in the year. Enter Rookie J.J. Jasper and life has changed in Houston. He will have large shoes to fill as the last time Watson touched the Field in the Playoffs he brought the Banner Home!
10-6 bgreat238 The Bengals gave the Ball to Jacob Burreaux and as they say the rest is history! They will be making the playoffs with one of the best Secondariess in League history, in a passing league that can only give a boon to their chances! Winning from the Wildcard spot isn't easy, but it has been done!
10-6 Yell_2 The Chargers used a Hell of a run at the end of the season to make the post season, and they will look to make the most of it in their game! Coach Yells Defeatist attitude may come back to bite him, however! hand the Ball to the Offeensive player of the year Jerrion Ealy, and let him carry the load!





National Football Conference


Teams Record Coaches Team Notes
15-1 EddieHendriix The Saints are the Leagues bet team with a 15-1 record, and a championship pedigree headcoach! Joe Burreaux has taken that next step as he was 5th in the league in MVP voting, and 1st in the Confeernce as best Quarterback! That confidence boost should make getting these Saints out of the playoffs near impossible!
15-1 spyversusspy The heavily awarded Packers Team who only went from Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and now for the second straight year League MVP Baker Mayfield! At 15-1 and nearly every offensive record known to man the Packers are arguably the most dangerous Team entering these Palyoffs!
12-4 maddengoat35 Any time you win the NFC West you are a candidate to win it all in the league, and this year is no differentt! Beating out the likes of the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers is no small task. Look for the Cardinals to hand the Ball to Isiah Spiller, and play tough nosed Defense!,
11-5 Newmoon001 The Washington Redskins moved on from Dwyne Haskins after drafting him high in the first round a few seasons ago! That move paid off as building the leagues best offensive Line, and a tough nosed running back in Derrius Guice as been the formula for the team in Washington
11-5 IcyyCA The Seahawks moved on from Russell Wilson, gave the Ball to Taulia Tagvailoa and and opted to trade within the Division to get George Kittle,to go along with DK. Metcalf and Christian McCaffrey! Overnight they made themselves one of the leagues most dangerous Offenses.
10-6 Kevin_3447 The Vikings have built a winner behind the solid right arm or Jordan Love as he taken over as face of the franchise that once belonged to Dalvin Cook. With the Vikings having Jerry Jeudy, and Tight End Brevin Jordan if they win it all don't act surprised!




Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.


          Total Offensive 7168           Total Rush Yards 2638              Total Pass Yards 5506                                                     



      Total Defensive yards 3917        Total Defensive Sacks 76                  Total Defensive ints 60




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