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           14                       XXXIV                            28

Los Angeles Rams (13-3)         Houston Texans (15-1)

Coach: Jboc27                                    Coach: Maddenrox9

Team Leaders:

  • J. Daniels 342yds, 2td, 6intD. Watson 426yds, 1td, 3ints
  • J .Emery Jr. 2att, -6yds, 0tdP. Lindsay 5att, 14yds, 0td

  • N.Collins 7rec, 102yds, 0tdB. McCoy 10rec, 162yds, 0td



Unfinished Business!

           Super Bowl XXXIV. Glendale, AZ. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXIV The Houston Texans cemented themselves as one of the NFASL's best teasm of all time winning Super Bowl XXXIV by a score of 28-14 over the Los Angeles Rams! They went trough the season beating teams by a margin of 16 ppg. No team came within single points of beating them besides except the Colts week 17 and an upset win by the Chiefs in week 14 which if not for that the Texans would have joined the 72' Dolphins as the only team to go undefeated. The Texans were dominant on both sides this season averaging 33 ppg and a only giving up 18. They were led by Deshaun Watson who might have made his exclamation point for his HOF resume, as he has been one of the dominant qbs in the league for some years now. After Coach MaddenRox fell short of winning a bowl last year to the Packers, he came out focused on avenging that loss this season. Blowing out the Ravens then the Steelers on his way to the superbowl. The Texans had a shaky start to this Superbowl as well.  

 The Rams Jumped out to a early 7-0 lead, on two interceptions of DeShaun Watson. However they were unable to capitalize on it as 2nd year starter 

Jayden Daniels had a game to forget in the biggest game of his short career so far!

The Rams had their Chances Texans Had their Chances but a pick 6 on a dump off to Emery late in the game spelled GAME OVER for the Rams !

Big news came after the game as Coach Jboc announced his retirement  leaving NFASL with 4 superbowl appearanced, multiple division titles, and a bunch of great teams. Called "The Peppa" by many Coach Jboc is a HOF coach and pulled off masterful trades keeping his teams in the hunt but a huge mark on his resume is going 0-4 in superbowls. He joins coaches OffensiveDom, Don Shula, Bud Grant, Marv Leavy and Dan Reeves as only coaches to lose 4 superbowls. 



      The Houston Texans were coached by Maddenrox9, and hs now become the next member to write their names in the prestigious Hall of Champions to be forever remembered as the Team to win Super Bowl XXXIV !


                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXXIV winner Coach Maddenrox9:


  • You won Super Bowl XXXIV! What was your gameplan Going in??

My Gameplan was to play the same game I had all year, and that's to have a lockdown defense. Force my opponents to make mistakes, then have a offense to take advantage of that.


  • The Rams had you on the ropes early with two picks, but when the smoke cleared you were only down 7-3 What changed in your gameplan?

I just needed to stay calm, stop making stupid reads, and play my game.


  • Late in the game you decided to go for the touchdown, instead of putting points on the board. That move almost cost you. Looking back would you do it differently? 

I probably would have still gone for it, but not that play. I probably would have came out in the same formation, and run inside zone. 


  • It seemed like the whole league was against you, yet through it all you prevailed. How did you get it done?

I turned the chat on mute, and didn't worry about their complaining until the clock hit triple Zero!


  • You're the Super Bowl XXXIV Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

I appreciate the dedication everyone has to this league, and I hope everyone comes back better than ever next season.



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

      Wrapping up a season is always bitter sweet, and this one is no different. This 34th season has been a lot more bitter than previous years, but as I like to say you have to take the good, with the great when it comes to Moon. The NFASL has been around since 2012, and has seen it's fair share of ups, and downs. This season however when you talk about the 34th Houston Texans 15-1 Super Bowl run you can't take anything away from the lad. This is the YouTube age, we are smack dab in the middle of it. Is it annoying as all get out? You better believe it is. However I learned long ago that you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. The Coach of the Houston Texans has become the best at learning the joke of Maddens subpar programming. However did you know that Houston had to play all season long with a permanent playcall rule specifically designed for him. That was he could not run the same formation more than 3 times at anytime, in any drive. Still went 15-1. He had to stream all his games to YouTube so I could go back and watch all his games to make sure that he followed the rules laid out for him which I did. Still went 15-1. So when the league is screaming Boot, boot, Cheese, Cheese, I scratched my head. There have at least been a hundred or more people booted in the 9 years of the NFASL, and all with good cause. So when members act like the sky is falling, I just laugh. One of my sayings is I'm only married to my wife, and even she can be replaced. When a member says boot someone because they're too good, you know the league is becoming rotten at the core. I could languish on this all day, but a new Season is nearly upon us. As always thanks to my Two Lieutenants Coach JD, and Shooter for all their help this season. Special Thanks to JD for picking up my slack, as my work life got kicked up a notch, so I haven't been able to be as hands on as I would have liked this past Season. However it still speaks to my credit that I can put guys in charge, who can run the league in a good fashion in my absence. So at the end of the day I deserve all the Credit, KYS!   


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