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Super Bowl XXVII


           25                       XXVII                            12

New Orleans Saints (16-0)             Buffalo Bills (11-5)

Coach: SilentCloudx                                Coach: Offensivedom

Team Leaders:

  • D. Brees 265yds, 1td, 1int   J. Allen 260yds, 1td, 5ints
  • A. Kamara 13att, 72yds, 2tdS. Michel 6att, 25yds, 0td

  • T. Smith 5rec, 72yds, 1td     B. Perriman 5rec, 107yds, 0td



Holy Saints!

           Super Bowl XXVII. Miami, FL. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXVII The New Orleans Saints are Perfect defeating the Buffalo Bills 25-12! The Saints finished the season a perfect 19-0 an incredible feat cementing themselves as arguably the best team in the History of the NFASL! They have done what the 1972 Dolphins did, and the New England Patriots before a David Tyree Miracle catch off the Helmet. The WhoDat Nation are the Champs, and we were all here to witness. The Saints were lead by their defense with Super Bowl MVP Jason Crutchfield intercepting Josh Allen 3 times in the first half. With the Defense playing lights out it was Drew Brees and the offense controlling the clock, and putting points on the board. Brees finished with a game high 265 yards, and a touchdown. Brees had help with halfback Alvin Kamara rushing for 72 yards on 13 carries, and 2 touchdowns one late to cement the win.

         The Saints were very balanced on offense with Tre'quan Smith having 5 catches, and a touchdown, Andrew Vollert hauling in 5 catches, Michael Thomas, grabbing 4 cathces, and Cameron Meredith grabbing 3.

  The Buffalo Bills, and their headcoach Offensivedom had a game to forget as 4 first half interceptions was the teams undoing. Quarterback Josh Allen found things danger close on multiple throws, coupled with being under pressure all game to the tune of 5 sacks, and 5 interceptions meant that the Bills were doomed from the start. The Bills Breshad Perriman, seemingly the only person who came to play had 5 cathes for 107 yards in the loss. The Bills will look to next year to get back to this point, hopefully this time taking home the hardware.


The New Orleans Saints were coached by SilentCloudx, one of the leagues Newest member, and now our best as he stands above all as Super Bowl Winner, and newest inductee into the Hall of Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXVII winner Coach SilentCloudx:


  • You did it! You won Super Bowl XXVII, what was your gameplan going in?

Really when I play a game my gameplan doesn't really start until maybe my second drive of the game. Use a few plays to figure my opponents defense, and offense out then use what I know can work. I always make careful read, he got me on that one user though.


  • You finished the season undefeated, the 1972 Dolphins couldn't pop their champagne, howe does it feel?

Feels great to get Drew that second ring! I hope he doesn't retire, I wanna play another season and try to get two undefeated Seasons.


  • The defense sacked Josh ALlen several times, and intercepted him 4 times in the first half. What did you tell your team to start the game?

Tried to make sure my defense is always in the right place to make the right plays. My Rookie Corner Back, Jason Crutchfield really showed out with 3 interceptions!



  • You are the undisputed champ!! The Floor is yours, do you have a message for the rest of the league?

My Message to the league is Y'all better watch out cause i'm ready to get back to back Rings!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

  Coach SilentCloudx has made his mark in the league, one that cannot be overlooked for all time. Going 19-0 in the NFASL is no small feat, especially this Madden where crazy poo just happens. It's good to see that two of the newest members of the league has posted back to back Super Bowls with Papashaga, and the Seahawks last season, and now SilentCloudx, and the New Orleans Saints this one. That seems to be a tradition in the league as the new members somehow wipe the floor with us, and then slowly but surely come back to Earth IE: Justin Downs who is looking mighty ordinary lately =) The League is in Good hands it seems as these pedigree of players will make us all pick up our levels or continue to get the donkey punched for several more seasons!

        The New Orleans Saints will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXVII, On November 15th, of our Lord 2018.  The New Orlenas Saints were a mind blowing 16-0, under the Tutelage of coach SilentCloudx, whom has hung his 1st banner, in his 2nd season of the NFASL. Not many people can say that, and he should wear that mantle proudly. Once again Congratulations on your Super Bowl Victory! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!


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