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         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the AFC and look at the standings for this conference, as yesterday we got an indepth look at the NFC. Unlike the NFC things are a lot more complicated in the AFC as this Conference has been a lot more competive. We still have the power house teams like the New England Patriots behind the right arm of Tom Brady, but the surprise Cleveland Browns with a Rookie Quarterback Baker Mayfield growing up right in front of our eyes. Other than those two teams who both have impressive 11-1 records, Things could not be more of a mess in this Conference as it seems that every single team has an outside chance at the Playoffs. There are 8 teams one, or two games behind in the conference. The Wild Car spots are pretty much up for grabs, and with only four games left in the Season it's going to be a mad dash to which team secures one of those coveted Spots. The most fierce competition is going on in the AFC South, as the Indianapolis Colts has hit a wall, and allowed both the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans back into the Divisional race. Without further adieu lets take a look at the conference.


AFC West:

  • Oakland Raiders 8-4, key remaining games: Steelers, Bengals, Broncos, Chiefs
  • Kansas City Chiefs 5-7 , Key remaining games: Ravens, Chargers, Seahawks, Raiders

      Overview: The Raiders are 3 games ahead of the the Kansas City Chiefs in the Division, and with a week 13 win head to head over the Chiefs it's pretty much over. Plus it's no doubt the Chiefs have a much tougher schedule down the stretch. The one shining light however for the Chiefs is that they still have a punchers chance at making the Playoffs via the Wild Card. Their week 14 game against the Ravens is pretty much do or die, and will go a long way into determining if this season was a success or failure.

AFC North:

  • Cleveland Browns 11-1 , Key remaining games: Panthers, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens
  • Baltimore Ravens 8-4 , Key Remaining games: Chiefs, Buccaneers, Chargers, Browns
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5 , Key Remaning games: Raiders, Patriots, Saints, Bengals

      Overview: In the AFC North The upstart Cleveland Browns are running away with the Division with a 3 game lead over the Ravens, and a 4 game lead over the Steelers. The Browns with 3 of their last 4 games against teams who have no shot at making the playoffs pretty much means the Division is theirs. That is bad news for both the Ravens, and Steelers as you have two teams battling it out for the Wild Card Spot. The Steelers are in the same boat as the Ravens are against the Browns as the Ravens have 2 games against teams with no chance at the post season, where as the Steelers still have to play the Raiders, Patriots, two of the leagues toughest teams. if the Steelers take care of business they will have earned their spot in the Playoffs, if not better luck Next year. 

AFC South:

  • Indianapolis Colts 9-3 , Key Remaining games: Texans, Cowboys, Giants, Titans
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 8-4 , Key Remaining Games: Titans, Redskins, Dolphins, Texans
  • Tennessee Titans 6-6 , Key remaining games: Dolphins, Jaguars, Giants, Redskins, Colts

      Overview: The AFC South is an absolute toss up. As it stands right now the Indianapolis Colts has a 1 game lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and a 3 game lead over the Titans. The Colts are mired in a slump as they have lost 3 of their last 4 games after starting the season out 8-0. The Slump could not have come at a worse time as the Jaguars look like a contender, however they have lost 2 out of their last 3 games. The Titans after an 0-6 start are now 6-6 and are on a meteoric rise and are still have an outside chance at winning the division, or at the very least grabbing one of the coveted Wild Card Spots.

AFC East:

  • New England Patriots 11-1 , Key Remaining Games: Dolphins, Steelers, Bills, Jets
  • Buffalo Bills 8-4, Key Remaining Games: Jets, Lions, Patriots, Dolphins

      Overview: The AFC East is home to the Conferences best record, the New England Patriots, and unless a disaster happens the patriots have locked up the Division. The Most the Buffalo Bills can hope for is a Wild Card Spot which as of right now if the Playoffs started today, they would be in. However after having won Super Bowl XXVI it is only natrual for the Bills to have a let down. They have not been as dominant as we would have thought but it's no doubt if they make the playoffs they will be one of the most dangerous teams in them.


Playoff Seeding as of now:

  • New England Patriots - 11-1
  • Cleveland Browns - 11-1
  • Indianapolis Colts -9-3
  • Baltimore Ravens - 8-4
  • Buffalo Bills - 8-4 (Wildcard)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - 8-4 (Wildcard)


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