NFASL Super Bowl XXI recap


           23                       XXI                            17

Detroit Lions (15-1)                 Buffalo Bills (13-3)

Coach: Nickcena88                                   Coach: Offensivedom

Team Leaders:

  • M. Stafford 240yds, 1td, 1intT. Taylor 195yds, 1td, 4ints
  • T. Gurley II 13tt, 28yds, 0td  D. Wadsworth 10att, 38yds, 0td

  • T. Lindsay 6rec, 89yds, 0td   C. Core 3rec, 78yds, 1td



                    King of the Jungle!

           Super Bowl XXI. Miami Fl. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXI The Detroit Lions incredible run ended with a Super Bowl Title defeating the Buffalo Bills 23-17 in Overtime! The Coach of the Lions was a relatively new owner in NickCena88 who joined the league around the ending stages of last Season. Being new makes his season that even more special as he not only joined the NFASL he also joined the NFC North with some of the toughest teams in the League there. It did not matter however as the Lions finished the regular season with a 15-1 record sweeping the North. He also avenged his only loss of the Regular season by ending the Playoff run of the Washington Redskins. This Lions team will go down as an all time great as they took on all comers, and when the Smoke cleared it was the Lions Roaring and will be hanging their first and Only Banner in the Hall of Champions! 20 Seasons have come and gone and the Lions were no closer than we are to the Moon of hanging a Banner. Well that is no longer the case as they are forever immortalized.

        The Lions Dominated this game from the start of the 1st quarter to the beginning of the 4th quarter when things took a turn in favor of the Buffalo Bills. I had already started developing headlines for the Lions imminent Super Bowl Victory however jumping to conclusions before the game was over turned out to be a mistake. The After literally holding the Bills to zero points for the first three quarters the Lions Defense fell apart allowing the Bills to score 17 unanswered. Those 17 unanswered points allowed the Bills to force the game into overtime. Once they were in overtime all bets were off as the Bills won the toss and received first. I can tell you from first hand experience that I thought for certain that the Bills would go down the field and score the game winning Touchdown and finishing the greatest comeback in NFASL Super Bowl history. Like I said earlier however the best plaid plans don't always work out the way you want them to. This time however it wasn't fate that intervened it was MLB Tahir Whitehead making one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl history! Whitehead was johnny on the spot as D. Wadsworth the Bills Running back began a run toward the sideline on a Motion play. Whiteheads gameplanning paid off as he followed that back toward the sideline, and jumped the route before anyone on the Lions knew what happened. Not only did he read the play like a boook, but he made it intercepting Tyrod Taylor for the second time in the game and high stepping into the Endzone to win Super Bowl XXI!

         Tahir Whitehead was named MVP of Super Bowl XXI and the Lions are world Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXI, and 1st time winner Coach NickCena88!:


  • You Just won Super Bowl XXI! Howe does it feel?

It's a huge relief, that 4th quarter of 8 minutes felt like a whole other game.... I felt I outplayed them at every facet but we came out of the 4th quarter tied. Just glad i faced adversity head on and made the play to win in Overtime.



  • You're new to the League, not much is known about you. Did you expect these results?

I honestly expected a result like this. Coming in it was Super Bowl or Bust. Not just getting to the dance, winning it all to. The First game i ever played in the league was agianst the Bills, and we said we'd both meet in the Super Bowl next Year, fitting it ended this way.



  • What was your gameplan coming into the Season?

Coming into the season I knew I had my work cut out for me, the Squad needed a lot of work. my first priority was to get pass rush, hence signing Calais Campbell, and Drafting London Slaughter. After that just had to plat to my teams strengths.



  • With it being the 4th and final season there will be naysayers. They will say asterisk! what do you say to that?

I'd Say this is legitimate as it gets, the great players in this league will always be great and make it to the big games. But I'll be around for Madden 18 to prove them wrong.


  • You're the Champ! Do you have any words for the division, or the resot of the league going forward into Madden 18?

I respect this League and the Players in it . I had many great Battles, and classics. I'm looking forward to Madden 18. However..... you best pray i'm not in your Divsion!



                   There you have it Folks. Coach NickCena88 called out the League for next Madden, and the Lions will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions before the Start of Next Madden. The Lions were 15-1 and won the Super Bowl to Boot! None can say that they are not one of the all time greatest teams in NFASL history. I will say however we have seen it before that new owners are able to win but not keep it up as the league catches up with you. Will this Lions team be different. Only the Future knows what's in store and all we can do is witness. Once again congratulations Nickcena88, and the Detroit Lions for your Super Bowl XXI win! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!



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