NFASL Divisional Round!

     The NFASL Divisional Round of the Playoffs are here! The Best teams in the league are paired up against one another, and we have some great match ups this week! The Wild Card went about as expected with somewhat of a minor upset with the Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the favored Pittsburgh Steelers in a defensive game that saw Big Ben Roethlisberger intercepted twice. The other game in the AFC saw the Ravens blowout the Chargers in a game that was never in doubt. Over in the NFC the Seattle Seahawks hit the Niners with playmakers from start to finish sending Coach Kaliko and the Niner faithful off the deep end. The Carolina Punched their ticket into the Divisional Round with a shutout win over the hapless Giants 14-0.

    With the Wild Card out of the way the creme has risen to the top, and we will get to see every team with a good shot of bringing home the coveted 20th banner into the Hall of Champions. Lets take a look at the AFC/NFC Divisional Round Match ups!



 American Football Conference



  Baltimore Ravens (12-4)              Buffalo Bills (14-2)

Preview: Buffalo, NY. TheBuffalo Bills were on a mission from the start of the season after losing Super Bowl XIX to the Chicago Bears. At 14-2 there is no doubt that the Bills have been one of the best teams in the league, and it all culminates to now. They secured themselves a first round bye, so got a chance to lick their wounds, and await the winner of the Wild Card Game in the AFC. They now know who their opponent will be in three time Super Bowl winning Coach Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens. After narrowly missing the playoffs the last two seasons the Ravens kicked down the door announcing that they will be a tough out for any team that they face. Tyrod Taylor, and the Bills will be ready, so expect a fierce game that could very well be decided on the last play. 



  Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)              Cleveland Browns (13-3)


Preview: Cleveland, OH. The Cleveland Browns are no longer a surprise team as 2nd year player Tony Amaya has cemented himself as a face of the Franchise in the league for several seasons to come. Amaya also won the leagues Joe Montana award for best Quarterback, and will be looking to show why this game.  This will be their third crack at trying to hang a banner in the Hall of Champions, and he knows that nothing is to be taken for granted. The Browns will take on the leagues MVP standout running back Jeremiah Stansfield and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars boasts the Leagues MVP, and leagues best offensive Lineman in Marshall Yanda which are both Lynchpins for what they like to do. That is go off tackle and destroy opposing teams defenses with a run game that is second to none.



National Football Conference



  Carolina Panthers (12-4)                New Orleans Saints (14-2)

Preview: New Orlenas, LO. The New Orleans Saints literally came out of no where as Coach of the year BamDynes took over this team in the offseason after the failed job of Kingevil. They used draft picks to select standout players who have made an impact all season long. Correy Blackman was the NFC offensive rookie of the year showing that the Saints were more than just Drew Brees right arm. They take on the leagues Best linebacker combo in Luke Kuechly, and D. Kennard who will be looking to slow down what the Saints like to do . They split the season series this year so this third match up should be one to look at . Drew Brees, Correy Blackman, and Brandin Cooks, across the field from Cam Newton, Joey Vines, and Kelvin Benjamin. Expect a shootout!!



  Seattle Seahawks (13-3)                     Chicago Bears (14-2)

Preview: Chicago, IL. The Chicago Bears have been waiting for this moment all season long and that is a chance to become the first team in NFASL history to win 3 Super Bowls in a row. Coach Jady will cement himself as an all time great if he can do that, and he has made no bones about it that is what he is here to do. His first test this postseason will be against Joey Peanuts and the new Look Seattle Seahawks! These two teams squared off way back in week 1 and the Bears came out victorious 16-10, but the Seahawks felt as though they would see them again, and see them again they have! Jay Cutler is the offensive player of the year in the NFL being the only Quarterback in the league to throw for 5000 yards and a mind numbing 50 touchdowns, to just 13 interceptions. Hall of Fame Careers are built on such legacies. He hangs a third banner and there will be no doubt that Jay Cutler will be mentioned in the same breath as Manning, Montana, and Brady.

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