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                     Who's hot



 #5 Tyrod Taylor

 25 Touchdowns - 12 Interceptions

 2735 Passing yards - 115.4 QBR.

 Bio: Tyrod Taylor has been basically tearing the League a New you know what! Fresh off a resigning of a 100 million dollar contract that now seems like a steal, Tyrod Taylor is the leagues best quarterback rating in week 8. The Bills have done everything in the league but win the Super Bowl, and if this type of play by Tyrod Keeps up it shouldn't be long before the Buffalo Bills are circling the Wagon!!




 #32 Jeremy Hill

 8 Touchdowns - 6.4 Average Yards Per Carry

 134 attempts - 27 Broke tackles

 Bio: When you started your drafting your fantasy team I can almost Guarantee that Jeremy Hill was not on your list of players to pick in the first round. Well guess it it was a mistake. This Back has the mixture of size and speed that makes the all time greats look like pop warner players. Also put him in the hands of a coach like Kameron who runs the ball in his sleep, and you can expect Hill to post a 2000 yard season this Year.




 #17 Alshon Jeffery

 50 Receptions - 847 Yards Receiving

16.9 Yards per Catch - 13 Touchdowns

 Bio: Alshon Jeffery is on pace to be the Leagues MVP as he is the leagues best pass catcher. At 50 catches he is the only player on pace to grab a 100 balls this year. Not easy to do when everyone and their mommas knows that Jay Cutler wants to throw the ball to him. Jefferys Size is what separates him from the pack, and he is not afraid to use it to his Advantage. Interim coach Jady has big plans for the Bears this year, and rest assured the Bears will only go so far as Alshon will let them.!




                           Who's not



 # Moons Thumbs!

 1-6 Record

Bio: When you have 3 Super Bowls titles, 3 banners hanging in the Hall of Champions, the Absolute best hair in the NFASL, and 2 more inches than every member in the league you are expected to dominate every game you play! However Moons thumbs have gone on strike and instead of hitting Triangle when he wants to throw to the Triangle receiver it winds up in his ear..... due to this Fact a complete no talent like Active-_Shooter, and raw_diaw are ahead of him in the Division. If it weren't for melblaze (his story is coming up shortly) Moon would have taken a hammer and Smashed his thumbs. fortunately, or unfortunately Moon might have missed because in order to Swing a hammer, you have to use your Thumbs................ 




 # Mel Blazes's Eagles (Iggles)

 0 Wins - 6 Lossest

 Bio: When Melblaze paid big bucks to take over the Eagles he had big dreams of hoisting the first Super Bowl banner in the city of Philadelphia. Well in order for that to happen it would take a straight up Mircale with the combined might of Jesus, Allah, and Buddha. Even then it would be a 50/50 chance as Melblaze has been known to ruin boiled water. These Eagles are lovable however, as every game slips away they give it all their might. We lub you Melblaze!




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