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NFC South


Overview: The NFC South has gotten zero respect in the Poll for the Best division in Footbal with not even one single vote on the Website. Pretty strange seeing as how the this Division has been to the Super bowl six times in 17 seasons. Maybe it's because they have only won once, which is Super Bowl 14, won by The Carolina Panthers, and their Coach Criticalnews. This Division is not devoid of talent as they literally have several faces of the League, IE: Cam "Ace Boogie" Newton, Julio "don't forget to close the door" Jones and how can we forget Drew Brees, of the New Orleans Saints. As you can see with players like that this Division could just very well be in line for a few teams that make very deep runs in the playoffs. Coach ATLorDie404, (Falcons), and Kingevil, (Saints) just might be the reason this Division gets no love. These two franchies have been mired in failure for several seasons, and things don't look to change any time soon. Hell We might have a Woman president, which is akin to Hell freezing over, or Pigs flying so I guess anything is possible these Days.  Lets take a indepth look at the NFC South.



Carolina Panthers

 Coach: Criticalnews2

 Prediction: First place in the  NFC South


Bio: The Carolina Panthers cannot be discussed without first talking about Cam Newton. Newton is the New Prototype of Quarterback in the NFL with Size, Strength, and athleticism all boiled together to make a Super Human, Nigh unstoppable force of Nature. Couple that with the Mastermind coaching of criticalnews and the league has a nightmare franchise on their hands to deal with. I'm not going to lie I root for the Utter Demise of Criticalnews whom has removed me from the playoffs on several occassions. Coach Criticalnews with his completely overrated, every damn player in the 90's, 4th, and 17 converting team sickens me more than if I had to see Joey Peanuts, and his Boyfriend Active-_Shooter in each others loving embrace. But I digress, this Panthers Team lost the best Corner in the Game Josh Norman, to the Washington Redskins but with Luke Kuechly, and Thomas Davis at the Middle Linebackers spots this Defense is expected to be good as ever.


Atlanta Falcons

Coach: ATLorDIE404

Prediction: 3rd place in the NFC South

Bio: The Atlanta Falcons are coached by hometown hero ATLorDie404 but that hasn't added up to anything special. Coach Caesar as we all know him by has been unable to keep his emotions in check long enough to bounce back from tough losses. His woe is me attitude lingers over this entire franchise for several weeks at a time and is the root cause the Falcons have done diddly squat in the NFASL. With Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and a healthy run game behind the strong legs of Devonte Freeman the excuse game is out the Window.  They added Muhmmad Sanu, (WR), and Alex Mack(C) in the offseason so lets see if this team can garner anything more than 5 wins this season. I'm not banking on it though!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coach: Goldpwn

Prediction: 2nd place in the NFC South


Bio: The Buccaneers were one of the most dominant teams in Madden 25 making it to the Playoffs every year, and the Super Bowl twice. They had a down year last Madden but things could be going back to the way they were.  With a team that consists of Second year Quarterback Jameis Winston, 3rd year standout Wide receiver Mike Evans, the Veteran presence of Vincent Jackson, and the Dominant running game of Doug Martin the Buccaneers have everything they need to be one of the top teams on offense this season. They also have superior talent on Defense with Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy setting the tone up front, Free agent Pick up Pass rush specialist Robert Ayers,  Linebacker LaVonte David, and in the Secondary Brent Grimes could be a team that shocks the system this Year. Their Coach Goldpwn has never won it all, but his pedigree speaks for Eats self. Coach Goldpwn doesnt miss a meal, and he has no problem bringing home the bacon. The question is, is this the year the Buccaneers make their cake and eat it to.  



New Orleans Saints

Coach: Kingevil2

Prediction: 4th place in the NFC South


Bio: The Saints are a team that I have no real pulse on as Kingevil2 is as quiet as Active-_shooter is when Immigrations Customs Enforcement I.C.E. comes around. The Saints still have Drew Brees at quarterback, and Brandin Cooks on the outside. But with Jimmy Graham catching passes in Seattle, and Darren Sproles making plays for the Eagles now they have not looked the same. Couple that with one of the all time worst defenses in the league and you can see how things look bleak in the city where the Saints go Marching in. The Saints signed Nick Fairley, and Sheldin Rankins to help out Jordan Cameron with the Pass rush which should have some impact on the teams ability to stop teams from lighting them up all year. However if the Saints win more than 4 games this year color me surprised!

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