NFASL Season 6 Ring Ceremony

        The San Francisco 49ers are the Defending Super Bowl Champions winning Super Bowl XLI in glorious fashion. Coach Kaliko_420 has cemented himself as one of the all time greats with his 3rd Banner hanging in the Hall of Champions, for all time! The Palestinian wonder has once again built a dominant team, and should be in the running every year from this point forward. Coach Kaliko has also continued the Dominance of the NFC as they have won 4 of the 5 Super Bowls thus far on Madden 21. The Niners were simply dominant on the season finishing with a 11-5 record in a loaded NFC.

            They were 3rd  in scoring offense at 35ppg, amassing 7040 total yards, 4,281 passing yards, and 1982 rushing yards. Kedon Slovis showed the league he was one of the best Quarterbacks in the game as he threw for 4501yards, and 46tds. He finished with a 107.7 QBR, and was in the running for Leagues MVP.

Dalvin "The Chef" Cook was Mr. Everything as the trade with Joey Peanuts cemented the Niners final nail to win his thrid championship. Cook was simply amazing as he lead the Team in rushing yards with 1,749, and 19tds, while hauling in a team high 97 receptions for 986yds, and 8 more touchdowns. Couple that with a Super Bowl MVP, and the Trade to the Vikings will go down in the Anals of history as one of the league worst. Once again those two are joined at the hip for all time, and Joey " No self respect" Bockus can celebrate this win as partly his. congratulations!


  . .

                           Kaliko_420    XLI

           On February 20th, 2021 the San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XLI Madden 21 PS4/PS5! The Coach of the Niners was Kaliko_420, winning his Third Super Bowl! The San Francisco 49ers were 11-5 on the year, finishing with the 3rd ranked offense, and 8th ranked defense. The Super Bowl MVP was Dalvin "The Chef" Cook who finished with 162yards, and 1td on just 18 carries. But who are we kidding, Joey Peanuts Bockus was the real MVP, again.......The Niners defeated the Highly favored Kansas City Chiefs, and their headcoach CapnClutchKC 38-25!  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!!



.                          .


NFASL Hall Of Champion Inductees!


Team Name Super Bowl Date
Dramaman728 I Nov 14, 2012
Mightysims II Jan 8, 2014
Newmoon001 III Mar 15, 2013
Demmitt IV June 14, 2013
Tommanowns V Aug 7, 2013
Newmoon001 VI Oct 28, 2013
ThePwnStar49 VII Jan 21, 2014
Wigs23 VIII Mar 12, 2014
Newmoon001 IX Apr 30, 2014
Tommanowns X Jun 26, 2014
Tommanowns XI Oct 27, 2014
Dominator1373 XII Dec 21, 2014
e30zack XIII Feb 1, 2015
criticalnews XIV Mar 14, 2015
Kaliko_420 XV Oct 27, 2015
xJbeast2396X XVI Dec 15, 2015
xJbeast2396x XVII Feb 2, 2016
The_Best_Ever XVIII Oct 27, 2016
The_Best_Ever XIX Dec 7, 2016
Tommanowns XX Jan 16, 2017
NickCena88 XXI Mar 1, 2017
ATK133 XXII Oct 15, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIII Nov 24, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIV

Jan 4, 2018

OffensiveDom XXV Mar 3, 2018
PapaShaga XXVI Oct 4, 2018
SilentCloudx XXVII Nov 17, 2018
Kaliko_420 XXVIII

Jan 2, 2019

SilentCloudx XXIX Feb 8, 2019
Tommanowns XXX Sept 13, 2019
ThePacificCowboy XXXI Oct 20, 2019
EddieHendriix XXXII Nov 20, 2019
spyversusspy XXXIII Dec 22, 2019
Maddenrox9 XXXIV Jan 21, 2020
Deuce4975 XXXVII Oct 20, 2020
conkQB12 XXXVIII Nov 16, 2020
IcyyCA XXXIX Dec 19, 2020
Tommanowns XL Jan 18, 2021
Kaliko_420 XLI Feb 20, 2021


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