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ESPN Match Up Week 8


         NFL Match Up week 08


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(6-1) @   (4-3)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! The Buffalo Bills have kicked in the door of the AFC East with a major win over the Patriots in primetime winning the game 38-9.

 (0-6)      @          (2-5)

Preview: Rivarly Game!!!! This NFC East match has about as much luster as a Rusty Nickel. however the Redskins still have hope to play for as they are not out of it quite just yet. Kirk Cousins will have to improve on his 3 interception performance from a week ago to win this game!

 (2-5)      @           (4-2)

Preview: The Lions, and the Chargers are both coming off of week 7 losses, and will look to get back on the good foot in this game. Look for Lions Quarterback Treyvone Boykin to bounce back at home!

 (4-2)       @           (2-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC West match up is one of the Leagues oldest rivalries with the Chiefs, taking on the Raiders. Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders flexed their muscles last week in a win over the Lions, and will look to run the ball effectively this week.

 (2-4)       @           (6-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The NFC North belongs to the Bears as they are the Defending Super Bowl Champs. However Green bay still has hope for a playoff spot, and at 2-4 this is a must win for the Boys from Wisconsin!

 (2-4)       @           (3-3-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Battle For Ohio, with 2nd place in he AFC North on the line makes this one one of the weeks best match ups. The Browns coming off an embarassing loss to the Dolphins after some questionable playcalling down the stretch will look to get back on track!

 (2-4)       @           (5-1)

Preview: The Steelers are in first place in the NFC North, and honestly look like the Team to beat in that division. They will take on the San Francissco 49ers a team that had its mojo going last season, but at 2-4 has to start winning games now.

 (5-2)       @           (7-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! This AFC South Match up has all the makings of a good game. The Texans will be facing their toughest opponent of the year so far the undefeated Tennessee Titans at home. If the Texans want to be taken seriously winning this game is imperative !

 (4-3)       @           (3-4)

Preview: The Saints have already taken care of business behind a 17 point 4th quarter over the Colats 34-27. Both these two teams are still in the thick of the playoff race so we will be eyeing them as we head down the stretch!

 (5-1)       @           (2-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The Cardinals lead the NFC West but will have to take on the Los Angeles Rams in week 8. The Cardinals can ill afford to overlook the Rams as that has come back to haunt them on several occasions.

 (3-3-1)       @           (5-1-1)

Preview: The Vikings and the Giants have managed to end this game the equivalent of kissing you cousin in a tie 16-16. This being the second game this season ending in a tie the playoff scenarios are going to be an absolute nightmare!

 (3-4)       @           (0-6)

Preview: The Jacksonville 80 yard Touchdown Runs and a cloud of dust offense will have to be tweaked if he expects to make any noise this season. Playing a winless team might be just the time to break out a new playbook.

 (3-3-1)       @           (2-5)

Preview: The New York Jets are starting to look like a playoff team with several years of building a roster that can compete. Beating Tommanowns and the Ravens even though they are 2-5 are still a milestone for the Franchise!

ESPN Match Up Week 7


         NFL Match Up week 07


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(3-2-1) @   (4-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! It has been a long time since the Steelers were atop the NFC North, and the League has taken notice with a primetime game against the Gotham City Jets. The Jets are a game behind the Division leading Bills.

 (3-2)      @          (2-3)

Preview: This North vs South Match up should be a good one as both these teams have Post season plans. They will need to string some wins together however as both Divisions are super Competititve!

 (3-2-1)      @           (1-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Bengals have a better record than the Baltimore Ravens!!!! what Paralell universe have we slipped into? This is the text book example of a must win for the Ravens if they have any hopes of salvaging their season!

 (2-4)       @           (2-3)

Preview: The Gm who ruined the Dolphins Franchise, will take on the team that a dead man could have done a better job constructing. Look for the Browns to blow the Dolphins out of the Water.

 (0-5)       @           (1-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! These two teams only have 1 win between them and two losses. The AFC West was once a proud division, now this is what we have for a rivalry game!

 (3-3)       @           (5-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Jaguars will want to do everything in their power to win this game They can ill afford to fall 3 whole games behind the Titans!

 (2-3)       @           (1-5)

Preview: The Buccaneers put it together for at least a week as they blew out the Rams in Week 6. They will look to make it two in a row, hwoever this time it won't be Jared Goff throwing into trip coverage, it will be the ever Dangerous Aaron Rodgers.

 (2-3)       @           (2-4)

Preview: The Colts are finding out that the AFC South is one of the toughest Divisions in Football. However they are still in the thick of things, but they must win this game or their path to the Post season will be a very difficult one!

 (0-6)       @           (4-1)

Preview: The Cowboys were once called Americas Team, but after last weeks 68-3 drubbing to the New York Giants they have become the laughing stock of the Nation. They take on the Cardinals who look to have found their stride!

 (5-1)       @           (2-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The Seahawks got a reality check when the Redskins lowered the hammer on them in week 6.. They now take on their Division Rival the Rams who are coming off their worst lost of the season.

 (4-1)       @           (3-2)

Preview: The Lions are coming off of a blowout win over the Falcons in week 6 and will look to keep things going in the positive direction against the AFC West Los Angeles Raiders!

 (4-2)       @           (5-0)

Preview: The Giants are undefeated coming off a blowout of epic proportions over the Dallas Cowboys. They will face stiffer competition this week however as the Panthers look to be built for success.

 (4-1)       @           (2-4)

Preview: Another Game in which seemingly the Washington Redskins should be outclassed, however as the Seahawks found out a week ago Never, ever, ever bet against Moon!

 (3-3)       @           (4-2)

Preview: The Falcons are playing at a mediocre level after having such high hopes coming into the season. They take on the surprising 4-2 Texans team who just might be making a bid at post season glory.

NFASL Game of the Week 6


Game of the Week 06



   San Francisco 49ers (2-4)10           Arizona Cardinals (4-1)17

Team Leaders:

  • Y. Duqmaq 184yds, 1td, 3intJ. Garoppolo 83yds, 0td, 3int
  • C. Hyde 4att, 7yds, 0td        D. Johnson 28att, 213yds, 1td
  • D. Parker 3rec, 97yds, 1td    M. Pruitt 4rec, 29yds, 0td


 Bloody December!

          Glendale, AZ. In the NFASL Game of the Week 6, the Arizona Cardinals all but ended the San Francisco 49ers seasons with a 17-10 win! After winning the NFC West a year ago, and being a Stones throw from Super Bowl XXIII the Niners have come out of the gates struggling this year. This Loss has moved 3 games behind division leading Seattle Seahawks, and now two games behind the Arizona Cardinals. With both these teams looking like they will be postseason participants this game will forever be known as the Bloody December game. The Niners did not play their game as Coach Kaliko opted for more of an air attack, which played into the Hands of the Arizona Cardinals playmakers as they intercepted the Niners Signal Caller Yazan Duqmaq 3 times. They also shut the door on Carlos hyde as he only rushed for 7 yards on 4 carries. The Story of the Game was Arizona Cardinals, and All Pro Running Back david Johnson rushing for 213 yards on 28 carries. With the Cardinals controlling the game on the ground, the Niners needed to make the most of every possession, but they were unable to do so.

        The Arizona Cardinals are a half game behind the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West, and will take on the winless Dallas Cowboys in week 7. Meanwhile the Forty Niners will head into their bye week looking for answers. They will have two weeks to prepare for the Division Leading AFC north Pittsburgh Steelers in week 8. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Up Week 6


         NFL Match Up week 06


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(2-4) @   (4-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!! The Arizona Cardinals are playing for blood this year as they have already taken care of business defeating the San Francisco 49ers 17-10!

 (5-0)      @          (1-4)

Preview: The Chiefs have showed that he is here to stay in the NFASL playing well, He will find however that the Titans don't play fair, and will look to crush them at every turn!

 (3-2)      @           (3-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! These two AFC South opponents could not approach a football game any more differently. Expect a clear line between passing, and running the ball as these two teams battle it out for second place!

 (3-2)       @           (2-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This NFC South Match up will have major playoff implications come the end of the season. If either one of these teams expect to be in the post season winning this game will play a part.

 (1-3)       @           (3-1)

Preview: Drew Brees and the Jets, yea I said Drew Brees and the Jets.... Looked like a contender with their blowout win over the Cowboys in Week 5. They will face a angry Browns team in week 6 however!

 (3-1)       @           (1-4)

Preview: Rivalry game!!! This is one of the Leagues Oldest rivalries, as Coach Chugga will look to show Tomman that he has changed. Ben Roethlisbergers 3 interception performance a week ago cannot be duplicated if they expect to win this game!

 (0-4)       @           (2-2-1)

Preview: Don't look now but Champagne Papi and the Bengals just might be relevant this year! They upset the Steelers in week 5, and will look to build on that win this week.

 (2-3)       @           (3-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Dolphins have another tough test in front of them as Tom Terrific is right in front of them. The Patriots looked like there dominant selves with a blowout win over the Chargers with Tom Brady throwing 2 touchdown passes!

 (2-2)       @           (2-3)

Preview: Both these two teams are looking for a win as losses a week ago have hurt their standing in the league. Expect a hard fought game by both franchises!

 (0-5)       @           (2-3)

Preview: The Rams Lost in heart Breaking fashion a week ago, but will look to even up their record against the Winless Buccaneers. THe Rams are no ones pushover anymore.

 (1-4)       @           (5-0)

Preview: on Paper the Redskins don't match up against one of the premier teams in the league, however as long as the Seahawks are coached by the Wendy Williams, of the league The Skins have a chance!

 (4-0)       @           (0-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The NFC East is on display as the Winless Cowboys welcome to the House that Jerry Built the Undefeated New York Giants! Dak Prescott will have to limit the interceptions if they expect to get their first W on the boardp.

 (3-1)       @           (3-2)

Preview: This North VS South Match up should be a good one as the Falcons are looking to bounce back after a blowout loss to the Titans, and the Lions are fresh off a bye week.

 (0-5)       @           (5-0)

Preview: The Defending Super Bowl Champs vs the Winless Melblaze, and the Eagles. This should be no contest!.

NFASL Game of the Week 5


Game of the Week 05



   Chicago Bears (5-0)19                Minnesota Vikings (2-2)14

Team Leaders:

  • M. Trubisky 253yds, 0td, 1intS. Rayburn 248yds, 1td, 1int
  • J. Langford 1att, 1yds, 1td     T. Harris 22att, 67yds, 1td
  • A. Green 5rec, 117yds, 0td   S. Diggs 5rec, 89yds, 0td


 Bearly Won!!!

         Minneapolis, MN. In the NFASL Game of the Week 5 the NFC North was showcased as two of the best teams in Football were on display. The Defending Super Bowl Champions Chicago Bears showed their Mettle in a game against their bitter rival the Minnesota Vikings defeating them 19-14. The Vikings will be kicking themselves all week as they held the Bears to 4 yards rushing, Super Star Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to his lowest passing output of the seson 253 yards passing and no touchdowns. Guess what still wasn't enough for the Vikings to overtake them. That spells bad news for the rest of the league as the Bears have shown this game that they can win any way, not just a shoot out. The Vikings had their chances but came up short at the end of the game as their rookie QB played good enough to win, but a game winning drive was not to be put on the resume. After taking a bad sack on third down it all came down to a 4th and 19 conversion, but the pass came up short by 1 yard. The Next play on offense for the Bears was the victory formation, and the Bears moved their record to 5-0

     The Chicago Bears will have an Early bye week with the winless Philadelphia Eagles on the schedule in week 6. The Minnesota Vikings at 2-2 will have to start stringing some wins together as they will take on the ever Dangerous Los Angeles Chargers next. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.



ESPN Match Up Week 5


         NFL Match Up week 05


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(4-0) @   (2-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!! These two power houses of the NFC North Square off for the first time this year. The Bears are undefeated, but the Vikings are fresh off their bye week, and have had two weeks to prepare!

 (2-2)      @          (3-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Bills are coming off their best performance crushing the Oakland Raiders in week 4. They take on the rebuilding Dolphins and their 4th year starting quarterback Michael Vick Jr. who threw for 301 yards and 2touchdowns in a loss, but also 5 interceptions!

 (1-2)      @           (2-2)

Preview: The Oakland Raiders will look to get back on track as they are coming off an embarrassing loss in week 4. the Colts might have found their groove on primetime as they put up 45 points in a win!

 (3-0)       @           (0-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Don't put too much stock into these two teams records as when Rivalries clash anything can happen. The Giants are however 3-0, and will be looking to make it a 4th win.

 (4-0)       @           (1-3)

Preview: A Rematch of Super Bowl XX one in which the Ravens walked off the field victorious. We are a long way from that however as the Seahawks look to be headed back to the big game, and the Ravens will be scalping tickets!

 (3-0)       @           (1-2-1)

Preview: Rivalry game!!! 3rd season in the Steelers just might be playoff bound, and the best team in the AFC North.. They take on the Bengals in what should be a high scoring affair!

 (1-3)       @           (1-3)

Preview: The Washington Redskins got their first win of the season last week, and will look to build on that in one of the most difficult places to play. Lambeau Field.

 (2-2)       @           (1-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Niners got their first win of the Season last week in a defensive fashion. This week they take on the Rams who at 2-2 should be favored to win this game!

 (2-2)       @           (0-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This NFC South Match up is much more important for the Panthers than the Buccaneers as their season has started to 0-4, and pretty much over. The Panthers can ill afford to fall another game behind the Falcons!

 (2-2)       @           (2-2)

Preview: Tom Brady put up pedestrian numbers in last weeks 19-17 win over the Cowboys, but they got the job done. Meanwhile the Chargers looked like the best team in the league with a blowout win vs the Ravens. Look for this to be one of the best match ups of the week.

 (4-0)       @           (3-1)

Preview: This could easily have been game of the week as two of the best teams in the league square off. The Falcons could only manage 7 points against the Buccaneers, and will have to do more if they expect to win this game!

 (0-4)       @           (2-1-1)

Preview: The Cowboys finally put some points on the board in week 4, but still didn't do enough to win. They now take on the Gotham City Jets, and if they fall to 0-5 this season is a wrap.

 (1-3)       @           (2-2)

Preview: The Jaguars look like a shell of last years team, but I highly expect them to go on a streak pretty soon. They will not want to overlook these chiefs as Free agent acquistion Andy Dalton threw for 3 touchdowns, and 292 yards in a win.

ESPN Match Up Week 4


         NFL Match Up week 04


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(2-1) @   (1-2)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!! The AFC East has a new leader on top and it is the New York Jets with an unblemsihed record. They wil ltake on the Buffalo Bills who might have a thing or two to say about that!

 (3-1)      @          (2-2)

Preview: The Cardinals are looking like a Force in the NFC West with their 23-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. who have now fallen a game behind division leading the Atlanta Falcons!

 (1-2)      @           (0-3)

Preview: Both these teams have gotten off to disappointing starts to the season none more so than the Cowboys. Finding themselves a full 3 games behind the Giants, this has become a must win in week 4!

 (1-1-1)       @           (2-1-1)

Preview: Talk about a nightmare scenario to the playoffs anytime two teams finish in a tie. These two teams figured out a way to do it 13-13.

 (0-4)       @           (3-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Buccaneers find themselves admist a 4 game losing streak to start the season as they fall to their rival the Atlanta Falcons 7-3!

 (1-3)       @           (3-1)

Preview: The Chiefs got their first win of the season with a big time win over the Detroit lions 33-24. Losing at home is never a good thing, but if you're going to lose making sure it's out of the conference is the best scenario!

 (1-3)       @           (2-2)

Preview: The Redskins started the season 0-3, but got in the Win column with a 37-17 win over the Miami Dolphins. With the Benching of Kirk Cousins could this be a rebuilding year for the team in Washington.

 (2-1)       @           (2-1)

Preview: The Buffalo Bills will travel across the country to take on the High potent offense of the Oakland Raiders . Expect this to be a shootout!

 (0-3)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Non Traditional Rivalry, but a rivalry nonetheless. when these two teams play, the world takes notice. This week is no different!

 (1-2)       @           (3-0)

Preview: the inventor of Clamps just might have a team that suits him, and Hitskah will get his first true test of the season as he takes on the undefeated Seahawks.

 (4-0)       @           (2-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game! The Jaguars are still tweeking their offense to fit this new slider set. That worked out in favor of the Titans as they win the game 28-14!

 (1-2)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Coach Tomman should be getting stronger as a coach in the third year, however the Ravens are languishig as losses to the Browns, and the Rams might be a death nail to any playoff hopes.

 (3-0)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! the Defending Super Bowl Champions will travel to Lambeau to taking on aging Qb Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bacy Packers. this should be a slaughter in favor of the Bears.

NFASL Game of the Week 3


Game of the Week 03



   New York Jets (2-1)30                Buffalo Bills (2-1)33

Team Leaders:

  • D. Brees 270yds, 1td, 3int   A. Harris 218yds, 2td, 1int
  • Z. Stewart 19att, 66yds, 2td D. Cook 13att, 154yds, 1td
  • D. Waters 3rec, 102yds, 0td D. Cook 5rec, 41yds, 0td


 Shoot out in Buffalo!

          Buffalo, NY. In the NFASL Game of the Week 3 the AFC East was on full display as the New York Jets traveled to upstate New York to take on the Buffalo Bills. With both teams looking like playoff contenders in the early parts of the season this game garnered much attention nationally. When the smoke cleared it was the Buffalo Bills walking away with a win 33-30 in a game that could be a preview of the AFC Title game. The Jets have rebuilt their roster with Drew Brees as the aging veteran quarterback to rangle up the young talented offensive weapons. However they still have a ways to go, and the season is eaerly on so look for them to try to improve every week. The Bills on the other hand went in a different direction a year ago at the Quarterback position opting to trade Tyrod Taylor to the Minnesota Vikings. However a clerical error by the Vikings allowed Tyrod to test out free agency, and managed to find himself right back on the Roster of the Buffalo Bills. 2nd Year QB A.Haris just might have a quick hook if things don't go as planeed for the Bills.

     The Buffalo Bills will look to keep things going as they travel 3000 miles across the country to take on the Oakland Raiders in week 4. The New York Jets will find themselves taking on the Cincinatti Bengals in what should be another high scoring affair. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.



ESPN Match Up Week 3


         NFL Match Up week 03


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(2-0) @   (1-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!! The AFC East has a new leader on top and it is the New York Jets with an unblemsihed record. They wil ltake on the Buffalo Bills who might have a thing or two to say about that!

 (1-1)      @          (0-2)

Preview: The Dolphins are officially open, as the recruitment process is now underway. With Hitskah headed to greener pastures the Chiefs just might get a win by default!

 (0-2)      @           (1-1)

Preview: The Cowboys were trade partners with the Vikings in the Offseason, let's see which owner made the correct moves. At 0-2 the Cowboys can ill afford to fall 3 games behind the division leading Giants!

 (1-1)       @           (0-2)

Preview: The Rams shocked the world with their 40 point explosion against the Ravens and a upset win. They will look to make it two in a row, as they take on the winless Bengals.

 (0-2)       @           (1-1)

Preview: The Buccaneers, find themselves at 0-2, where the Texans who looked like world beaters in week 1 got served a slice of humble pie in week 2!

 (0-2)       @           (1-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Browns new headcoach Hitskah will get a taste of the AFC North as he will square off againt the ever dangerous Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens!

 (0-2)       @           (2-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Giants are the only team with a W in the NFC East, and they look to extend it to 3 as they take on Melblaze, and the Eagles.

 (1-1)       @           (0-2)

Preview: The Saints have given the Redskins fits in recent memory, but the Skins at 0-2 will be playing like a team possessed. Look for all out assault but the Saints should be up to the challenge!!

 (0-2)       @           (2-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Niners after being a stones throw away from the Super Bowl a year ago find themselves 0-2 and starting up at the Seahawks their blood rivals in the standings. This game will end, or kick start the Niners year!

 (2-0)       @           (2-0)

Preview: two unlikely candidates at 2-0 are the Steelers, and the Cardinals. The Cardinals are built for success, and this should finally be their year if they can stay on course.

 (0-2)       @           (0-2)

Preview: These two franchises are both 0-2, and will be looking to turn things around post haste. That haste starts in week 3, especially for the colts who already plays in the toughest division in Football!

 (2-0)       @           (2-0)

Preview: With the sudden retirement of the Bears headcoach the Raiders are in a position that jut might give them the auto win. Some guys are born lucky.

 (1-1)       @           (1-1)

Preview: The Jaguars after being humbled in week 1 got back on track in week 2. they will look to keep things going in the positive direction as they face the talented Chargers.

 (2-0)       @           (1-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! not a traditional Rivalry but these two teams are perrenial playoff participants so a natural rivalry should ensue. Look for this game to be played at the highest level. .

 (1-1)       @           (2-0)

Preview: Rivalry game!!! the NFC South has been a slaughterhouse between these two teams in recent years, and it will continue in week 3. whomever wins this game will be one leg up come the end of the season.

 (2-0)       @           (1-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Lions just might be the Creme of the crop with the sudden retirement of the Bears headcoach. Look for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to put up an effort into slowing down this train.

ESPN Match Up Week 2


         NFL Match Up week 02


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(0-1) @   (1-0)

Preview: Game of the Week! The San Francisco 49ers season started on a tumultous start as they fell in week 1. The schedule makers did them no favors as they will be in primetime taking on the leagues defending Champs the Chicago Bears in Soldier field!

 (1-0)      @          (1-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Both these AFC East rivals got off to wins in week 1. both these teams missed the playoffs last season, and will be looking to be a participant this year. Even though this is an early season game, it looms big in the later weeks!

 (1-0)      @           (0-1)

Preview: The Bengals will look to avoid and 0-2 start as they face an Arizona Team who is making every play to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this Season. Look for this to be a high scoring affair!

 (2-0)       @           (0-2)

Preview: Don't look now but the Steelers are off to an 2-0 start with their unlikely win over the Colts at Indy. The Colts tanked for the leagues first draft pick a year ago, but now the culture of losing might have creeped into the organization.

 (0-1)       @           (0-1)

Preview: The Bills found a way to lose to a team that only managed 10 passing yards in week 1. They now will face the Eagles, who at the very least can play defense. As always this is a trap game when you see the Eagles on the schedule!

 (1-0)       @           (1-0)

Preview: The New Sliders just might have played into the Texans head coaches hands as they start the season out 1-0. They will get another shot to see if it was a fluke as they take on the Dangerous Carolina Panthers!

 (0-1)       @           (1-0)

Preview: Super Bowl Hangover hit the Jaguars hard in week 1 as they lose right out the Gate. They will look to get back on track in louisianna as they will now take on a Drew Breesless Saints team.

 (0-1)       @           (0-1)

Preview: The Browns headcoach has come to the NFASL with as much hype as anyone I have ever seen. He found out quick however that the NFASL, and his soon to be bitter Rival Tomman, and the Ravens is not for playing games!!

 (0-1)       @           (1-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Washington Redskins are a proud franchise run by easily the biggest pimp left on the planet Moon, as Hugh Heffner has finally met his maker. He will take on the polar opposite in himself in Shooter, I ask you this, who do you think is going to win!

 (0-1)       @           (0-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! These two NFC South rivals lost in week 1, and will not to make it two in a row as they square off. expect a well played game that should come down to the final drive.

 (0-1)       @           (1-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game! the New Headcoach of the Chiefs will get his first chance at a rivalry game as he will square off against the Raiders in the Black hole. Blood and guts should be the name of this game!

 (1-0)       @           (1-0)

Preview: The Titans are bored in these early season games, as they are Super Bowl or Bust. The Chargers are in their way this week so things could get intersting.

 (1-0)       @           (0-1)

Preview: The Ravens are 1-0 after winning their game vs the Browns in week 11, they take on the Rams in week 2 who gave up close to 300 yards on the ground.

 (0-1)       @           (0-1)

Preview: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will look to get on track as starting 0-2 in the NFC North just might be a death sentence. Look for both these teams to play well.

 (1-0)       @           (0-1)

Preview: The Lions ran all over the Washington Redskins pourus defense in week 1, but will find things a little more difficult againt the Stout front 7 of the Dallas Cowboys.

 (1-0)       @           (1-0)

Preview: These two teams have Super Bowl dreams, and this game could just as well be a preview of the NFC Title Game. The World eagerly awaits the outcome of this one.

NFASL Kick Off Game

        The NFASL is Back for season 3! The Chicago Bears are the defending Super Bowl Champions, and coach JD is the King of the North!!! He has made every intention of Repeating Back2kcaB as he doubled down on his receiving corp. With Cameron Meredith, A.J. Green, and J.J. Nelson teams will be hard pressed to slow down this onslaught of talent on the field. Bring your tracks shoes is all I have to say when you play the Bears! The Same cast of characters are the favorites to win their respective divisions, IE: Coach Stew, Vin, Shooter, ATK, etc...However don't count out a few teams looking for redemption like the Washington Redskins and their headcoach the Pussy Whisperer Moon, Joey Peanuts and their headcoach the Penis Whisperer Bockus..... The Browns won the AFC North last season however the sudden retirement of their headcoach Redskinswahoo has opened the door for Yungbless to take over a dominant franchise. He will find things difficult as Coach Tommanowns is still there. In the NFC South it was Icecube winning as the Panthers looked to be back on track, but don't count out the New Orleans Saints, or the Atlanta Falcons. In the NFC West it was the San Francisco 49ers who shocked the World and made a deep playoff run, but the Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks will be damned if they let the Niners run away with it again. In the NFC East, coach Shooter for the second season in a row crowned himself King, but As long as Moon Draws oxygen, or Raw has a collection of DuRags Blood will be spilled before we let a no talent hack like Shooter win 3 years in a row!

      The League is all about community, and making sure that we are a close knit group. It is required that if you're the home team that you stream your game. So that means 8 games a year, you should be streaming, and of course if you get home field advantage in the playoffs.  Make sure you vote on the new poll to your right every Madden week to see who you want to see be the Game of the Week. Also for the New members be sure to check the updated rules, in the Rules Link at the top of the page as there is a standard that we apply to in this League. Now that you have taken the solemn vow to join this great league please be sure you know how to stay here.





Kick Off Game




   Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1)17                     Arizona Cardinals (1-0)24

Team Leaders:

  • T. Tebow II 229yds, 1td, 2int J. Garoppolo 146yds, 0td, 1ints
  • B. Allen 18att, 50yds, 1td    D. Johnson 17att, 79yds, 2td
  • T. Loston 4rec, 141yds, 1td J. Kearse 4rec, 38ds, 2td



                    Cardinals Sink Buccs Ship!!

           Glendale, AZ. In the NFASL Kick Off Game the Arizona Cardinals, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead off the Fesitivities with their opening game in which the Cardinals won 24-17. The Chicago Bears started things off, as Coach JD, hung his 3rd banner in the Hall of Champions cementing himself as one of the all time great coaches. On the field however both these teams are a far cry from what they looked like just two short seasons ago. Tim Tebow II is throwing passes for the Buccaneers, and Jimmy Garoppolo is the gun slinger for the Arizona Cardinals. When you have new faces teams feeling each other out is apt to happen and this game was no different. The Buccaneers new receiver Terrell Loston from Ole Miss had a coming out party hauling in 4 passes to the tune of 141 yards, and a touchdown. The Cardinals on the other hand relied on their best offensive player David Johnson to pound the rock to the tune of 17 carries, for 79 yards, however his two touchdown plunges was the difference in this game.

     The Third season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed! The Chicago Bears will play this season one game at a time, and make a bid for back to back championshps. No Easy task, but if anyone is up to the Challenge Coach JD just might be!   Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.



The_Best__Ever   XXIII


           On November 24th, 2017 the Chicago Bears won Super Bowl XXIII Madden 17 PS4! The Coach of the Team was The_Best__Ever hanging his third Banner in the Hall of Champions, cementing himself as an all time great! The Chicago Bears defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-21. The Coach of the Jaguars was ThePacificCowboy. The Games MVP Was Mitchell Trubisky! Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!


ESPNEWS Off-Season and draft

ESPN Breaking News Life Long Baltimore Raven, and Future Hall of Famer Terrell Suggs has Retired from the League!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS The NFASL Offseason is upon us and things are already in full swing. The Chicago Bears and their Head Coach JD has hung his 3rd banner in the Hall of Champions, as the Chicago Bears have won Super Bowl XXIII. With the Bears at the top of the Mountain the 31 other teams in the league know the heights thaey will have to climb in order to get to the Summit. This is where all the hard work and preparation comes into play as teams are busy at work getting their Draft boards together. The NFASL Rookie Draft is a mere day away with hundreds of players looking to make a lifelong dream of finally making it to the NFL. There are also Free agents cashing in to the tunes of Millions of Dollars as several big name players will be playing in different Markets this up and coming season. A Few players have made their way back to the Teams that they made their marks initially in the NFL with Tyrod Taylor taking back over the Signal Call ing Duties in Buffalo, and Tight End Greg Olsen getting set to catch passes from Cam Newton in Carolina. 

    The other part of the Offseason are trades. Just like every Offseason things heat up, as big name players are moved, to other teams some for Draft Picks, others for position of need. Lets take a look at a few of those trades now:


  • WR. J.J. Nelson To the Chicago Bears from the Arizona Cardinals for the Bears  2019 2nd Rd Pick, and 2019 7th Rd pick
  • DT Marcell Dareus Buffalo Bills for the New York Giants 1st round pick #30.
  • The Vikings traded DT Linval Joseph to the Cowboys  2019 1st round pick #9.
  • The Cowboys Traded WR Dez Bryant to the Chiefs for SS Eric Berry.
  • The Minnesota Vikings were not done as they traded MLB Anthony Barr to the 49ers for RE Willis Lewis.
  • The Bengals Traded WR A.J. Green to the Bears ROLB Danny Travathan.
  • The Seahawks look to retool their D-Line as they trade Wr. Tyler Lockett, and DT Jarran Reed to the Kansas City Chiefs for 

       As you can there were several league shaking moves on the first day of the offseason. Some trades are still in the Works. Check Back here tomorrow for a full breakdown on the NFASL Rookie Draft.

. .


 -Hi, I'm John Clayton of ESPN. The NFL Draft is This Sunday November 26th, 2017 @ 8pm EST The Rookies are ready for day they will never forget, and the fan bases are ready to see the future of some of their franchises. Fortunes are made and lost during the draft as scouting the right type of players for your team is crucial to franchises future success. The Free agency Period is just getting started, and teams are prepping their Draft boards. They have their targets firmly affixed, and they know who they have to stop in the 3 time winning headcoach The_Best__Ever, and the Chicago Bears. Look for a successful draft, and season as this is where your Bones are made!  I'm John Clayton, and This is ESPNEWS



      Free Agency Tracker:

The place to check if you want to see what the league is doing in terms of free agency Daily! Keeps your ears posted as the Look of teams will change drastically.






Baltimore Ravens

  • Craig Mager, CB 2 years 8Mil
  • Morris Claiborne, CB 2 Years 11.1mil
  • Jamison Crowder, WR 2 Years 15Mil

Cleveland Browns

  • Lincoln Bellamy, WR 2 Years 10Mil

Indianapolis Colts

  • Vontae Davis, CB 1 Year 9Mil

Tennessee Titans

  • D.J. Humphries, RG 2 years 11.9 Mil
  • Jay Ajayi, HB 2years 23.7 Mil

Buffalo Bills

  • Tyrod Taylor, QB 2 Years 22Mil
  • Jordan Gay, K 1 Year 770K

New York Jets

  • Drew Brees, QB 1 year 18Mil

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Jerrell Freeman, LOLB 2 Years 14.9Mil
  • Ja'Wuan James, RT 2 Years 12.9 Mil
  • Deshawn Shead, CB 1 Year 4.2 Mil
  • QuintenRollins, CB 2 Years 7.76 Mil
  • Spencer Drango, RT 2 Years 7.22 Mil
  • Kyle Rudolph, TE 2 Years 11Mil

Minnesota Vikings

  • Jesse James, TE 2 years 14.8 Mil

Green Bay Packers

  • Henry Anderson, DT 2 years 12.6 Mil

New Orleans Saints

  • Golden Tate III, WR 2 Years 18.1MIl
  • Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, CB 1 Year 8.97Mil
  • Dontari Poe, DT 2 Years 36.4 Mil
  • Sean Lee, ROLB 2 Years 13.5Mil

Carolina Panthers

  • Thomas Davis Sr., MLB 1 Year 1.81Mil
  • Orlando Scandrick, CB 1 year 4.87Mil
  • Greg Olsen, TE 1 Year 10.2Mil
  • Trent Brown, C 4 years 9.59 Mil
  • Nelson Aghlor, WR 1 Year 2.94 Mil
  • Tony Lippett, CB 1 Year 4.3 Mil

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • C.T. Barkley, CB 2 Years 13.5Mil
  • Ray Wilkinson, HB 2 Years 7.36 Mill

Atlanta Falcons

  • Delanie Walker, TE 2 years 12.1 Mil

Dallas Cowboys

  • Allen Hurns, WR 2 Years 15.2 Mil
  • Kevin Pierre-Louis, 2 Years 6.18 Mil
  • Jabal Sheard, LE 2 Years 9.38 Mil

Washington Redskins

  • Jesse Wiliams, DT 2 Years 7.54 Mil

Los Angeles Rams

  • Bradley Roby, CB 2 Years 10.1 Mil
  • William Gholston, LE 2 years 8.92 Mil
  • James Carpenter, LT 2 Years 10.1 Mil

San Francisco 49ers

  • Devante Parker, WR 2 Years 47.9 Mil







      Retired Players:

The NFL Means not for long, and these players were able to have long careers, and some of them will surely end in Hall of Fame Jackets. 





Chicago Bears

  • Zach Miller, TE

New York Giants

  • Brandon Marshall, WR

New England Patriots

  • Davind Harris, MLB

San Francisco 49ers

  • Joe Staley, LG

Buffalo Bills

  • Larry Fitzgerald, WR
  • Steven Hauschka, K

Houston Texans

  • Phil Dawson, K
  • Duane Brown, LT

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • William Gay, CB

New Orleans Saints

  • Ted Ginn JR., WR
  • Zach Strief, RT
  • Max Unger, C

Washington Redskins

  • Marshall Yanda, RG

Baltimore Ravens

  • Terrell Suggs, RE

Los Angeles Rams

  • John Sullivan, C

Atlanta Falcons

  • Reggie Nelson, SS
  • Matt Schaub, QB

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Joe Thomas, LT
  • Chris Long, LE

Miami Dolphins

  • Shane Lechler, P

Dallas Cowboys

  • Darrelle Revis, SS

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Kellen Clemens, QB
  • Philip Rivers, QB

Indianapolis Colts

  • Trent Cole, RE

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Ryan Harris, RT
  • DeAngelo WIlliams, HB
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