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ESPN Match Ups Week 2


         NFL Match Up week 02


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Preview: Game of the Week! These two teams are being controlled by long time members of the NFASL, however they both are in control of new teams. However even though these two owners have been in the league for a while, they have been in separate conferences. With them both now being in the AFC, a Rivalry could be formed, and this could be the first game to get them going in that direction.

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Preview: Rivalry Game!! Welcome to the AFC North Tipotheboss you will find it difficult in this Division as it is one of the leagues most difficult. Good thing is if you can hold your old in this Division you will be battle tested for Deep Playoff runs. Your first test is 4 time Super Bowl winner Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens. No better litmus test.

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Preview: When you look up and you have the Defending Super Bowl Champs on your schedule, you know that you are involved in a big game. The Chargers will look to shock the Bills, excuse the Pun ! 

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Preview: Rivalry Game! The Titans Owner Dominator is still away on Vacation, so the Texans will be simmed a win. in a shortened 16 game schedule the Titans will have their work cut out for them when they return . 

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Preview: The Eagles looked horrible in week 1, and will look to get off to a better start this week. They take on a Buccaneers team lead by Coach Jerms in Tampa. Look for the Eagles to get on track.

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Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Dolphins Vs the Jets could shape up to be a good one as the Dolphins Head Coach Texas_92J is looking to make a name for himself. Winning games in your Division will go a long way in accomplishing that goal .

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Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! On Paper these two teams looked completely overmatched, however the Cardinals put on a show with against the Redskins in week 1, and are more than confident going into this battle.

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Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The AFC West is home of one the oldest Rivalries in the NFL, and that's the Broncos and Raiders. The Raiders are now being controlled for the first time mega fan e30zack, and he is renewed. With newcomer on the Scene Jacobrose, we will see if he is cut out for primetime!

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Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Early season NFC East match up pits the Dallas Cowboys up against the New York Giants and their outstanding rookie Draft pick Saquon Barkley. Look for this game to be won or lost in the trenches.

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Preview: Rivalry Game!!! the Falcons were in teh Super Bowl the last time we saw them, however they had the ultimate disappointment as they lost it. They know if they want to get  back again their bitter Rival the Panthers might be a team they will have to face!

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Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Coach Dino, vs Coach Mrt should be a great game. Kirk Cousins is now throwing passes in Minnesota, and you know the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. Ad in the fact that this is a rivalry game makes this a must see!

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Preview: The Browns collection of talent in the offseason is impressive, and with Baker Mayfield taking over quarterback duties the Saints should be in for a new look Browns team. However the Saints still have Drew  Brees, and one of the best defenses in the league. Look for the Saints to come out with a win!

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Preview: The Washington Redskins will be playing at home after a disastrous performance a week ago, only scoring 3 points in a blowout loss to the Cardinals. The Skins will look to scale back the offense, and play a little more in control!

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Preview: The Coach of the Detroit Lions has 9 lives as coach Hitskah is once again back in the league, and his fav team was open. He will be taking on Jimmy G, and the Niners at home. look for a hard fought game with the winner being which teams defense making the bigg.

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Preview: Coach Papashaga will take on 4 time Super Bowl winner Coach Jd, and the Chicago Bears. The Real life Bears did JD no favors pretty much Devoiding his team of talent, but don't count out the Bears especially at home .

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Preview: The Patriots Won Super Bowl XXI first season last year, and will look to duplicate that again this season. However he has a talented Jaguars team facing them this week, at home. Look for a Jaguars Upset.


NFASL Kick Off season 1 Madden 19

        The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have a more than good chance at winning Super Bowl XXVI! However we all know that that's imposssible because at then end of the year there is only one team that is able to hang a banner in the Hall of Champioins!. The Buffalo Bills were that team last year with Coach Offensive Dom hanging his First Banner in the Hall of Champions cementing himself as one of the all time greats.  However this is a what have you done for me lately type of league, and just like hope springs eternal the New Season of Madden 19 should shake up to be one of the NFASL's best. We have a few new owners which should add some much needed excitement to the league. A few of the owners are Texas_92j who has taken over a more than recent down and out Dolphins franchise. Gaberooni who comes into the league in High Regard who will take over the Colts Franchise, and a few more that will soon find themselves in the midst of one of the greatest leagues this side of heaven. Strap in and get prepared for Madden 19 Season 1! Good luck to all the particpants, and Lets get ready for some Football!!

      The League is all about community, and making sure that we are a close knit group. It is required that if you're the home team that you stream your game. So that means 8 games a year, you should be streaming, and of course if you get home field advantage in the playoffs.  Make sure you vote on the new poll to your right every Madden week to see who you want to see be the Game of the Week. Also for the New members be sure to check the updated rules, in the Rules Link at the top of the page as there is a standard that we apply to in this League. Now that you have taken the solemn vow to join this great league please be sure you know how to stay here.





Kick Off Game




   Chicago Bears (0-1)20                     Green Bay Packers (1-0)23

Team Leaders:

  • M. Trubisky 350yds, 2td, 3int A. Rodgers 216yds, 1td, 1ints
  • J. Howard 5att, 17yds, 0td    A. Jones 21att, 77yds, 0td
  • T. Gabriel 6rec, 176yds, 2td  R. Cobb 5rec, 61yds, 0td



                    Rodgers puts down the Bears!!

           Lambeau, WS. In the NFASL Kick Off Game the NFC North was prime time with the Chicago Bears traveling to Lambeau field to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Well the world got a little bit extra as these two power house teams needed overtime to settle their differences. When it was all said and done it was the Packers getting the job done as they win the game 23-20 on the right foot of the Packers Kicker. The Bears Mitchell Trubisky outplayed Aaron Rodgers statistically with Trubisky throwing for 350 yards, and two touchdowns. However his 3 interceptions gave the Packers all the boost they needed to get the job done. The Packers were lead by Aaron Rodgers who threw 216 yards with 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. With Trubisky playing fast and loose with the ball the Packers played a more conservative game, and ended with a much needed win. With these two teams playing in a couple of weeks the Rivalry should be a fever pitch, this time however they will strap it up at Soldier Field.

     The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!  Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.




OffensiveDom   XXV


           On March 3rd, 2018 the Buffalo Bills won Super Bowl XXV Madden 18 PS4! The Coach of the Team OffensiveDom, winning is first ever Super Bowl in the NFASL. He had lost 5 Super Bowls prior, however it was all worth it in the end he stated. The Buffalo Bills defeated the Atlanta Falcons 12-10 in a defensive Game. The Coach of the Falcons was ATLorDie404. The MVP of the Game was Bills Wide Receiver Cameron Roberts who had 4 catches for 125 yards. The Bills were 14-2 on the season, and this season will be remembered as one of the leagues best.  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!



ESPN Breaking News The NFASL is officially kicking off tomorrow August 15th, 2018 @ 8pm EST! Lets Go!!!!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS We will Discuss what's going on in the league in relation to Madden 19. We are starting the League an entire month early which will ensure that we get a 5th season in. However what that means is that we are starting this season well aware that we will not have the week 1 rosters in real life. However I have a plan for that which I will spell out shortly.  The League has been a well oiled machine for several cycles of Madden, and I aims to keep it that way. With an influx of New owners for the first time in I can't remember the veterans members will have to bring them along, and show them why this is the best league this side of Heaven. Don't forget what we do IE: home teams streams their games, following all the rules which are spelled out in the rules section of the Website, and having a great atmosphere that isn't full of a bunch of Bullpoo.

 With that out of the way, let me explain howe we are doing things this year. Once again the league is starting early, so the week one rosters have not been released by EA. However my plan is as follows.

  • Track, and document every win/loss for every team
  • Have strict 3 day advances until week 1 rosters are dropped
  • Once week one Rosters are dropped I will create a new league, and force all the wins/Losses for the teams

That should have us well into the 5th season before the end of the Real Life Super Bowl. Plus with week 1 rosters trades, and releases that occur during the real life preseason will be in sync with the league. If you have any questions please don't hesitiate to ask me. Thanks!



Franchise to do List: .

  1. Join League, Create Coach
  2. Sign the one free agent you signed in league 1
  3. Check your roster make sure every player is there
  4. If a team owes you draft picks please be sure to submit the trade

*This is for after the new league is created

NFC North Preview



NFC North


Overview: The NFC North won 2 of the last 4 Super Bowl titles in the NFASL a year ago, unfortunately for the Lions, Packers, and Vikings it was the Bears hanging two more banners in the Hall of Champions. Leaving the other 3 franchises in the Division wondering when it will be their time. The Bears have been powered down roster wise, adn the Vikings, Lions, and Packers have all tried to catch up to the Bears in terms of Talent. However with sure First Ballot Hall of Famer JD a the reins the Bears are always the most dangerous team in the Division, hell even the league.  The north is the Black and Blue division however save for the Lions this division likes to throw the pig skin around. WIth Trubisky breaking records a year ago, Aaron Rodgers, and now Kirk Cousins all throwing balls in the North this could be a high scoring, high flying football season. Lets take a look at a few of the teams additions, and previews.  




Minnesota Vikings

Coach: Mrt757

Prediction: Third in the NFC North

Bio: The Minnesota Vikings are being run by Coach MRT757, and he picked them at the right time The Vikings added a 4000 yard passers in Kirk Cousins from free agency, to go with an already dominant run game, and one of the best Defenses in the League. With the Type of talent the Vikings have only the poor coaching by Mrt757 can bring this team down. However with age comes maturity, and I have a feeling these Vikings are going to surprise some teams this year. The Vikings have gone all in this Year so really nothing short of a Super Bowl will be considered a success. Pressure makes diamonds, and the Vikings are in a division with the Bears, Packers, and Lions. That's a murders row in the form of Football teams. If they want to be taken serious they must string wins together in the Reglar season.

Key Additions:

  • Kirk Cousins, QB
  • Sheldon Ricahrdson, Dt


Green Bay Packers

 Coach: DinoHontos

Prediction: Fourth in the NFC North

                                   Bio: The Coach of the Packers DinoHontos hasn't done much in the league, thanks partially to his aloofness. If the Busy Teen can manage to focus on his coaching duties the Packers could be the best team in the Division, hell even the League. They have hands down the best quarterback in the Conference in Aaron Rodgers, and some would argue the League. Rodgers can make every throw, and then some. that means the Packers offense should be one of the most unpredicatble offenses in the league this year. Expect Coach Dino to open things up, and spot thee Packers much Maligned Defense to a 7, or 14 point lead. The Packers a year ago were one of the worst Ddefensive teams in the Association, but loading up on COorner Backs in the Draft, and hopefully garnering a little more pass rush will do this Defense wonders come game day. 

Key Additions:

  • Jimmy Graham, TE


Detroit Lions

Coach: Hitskah

Prediction: Second in the NFC in the North


Bio: The Detroit Lions are once again back in the hands of Coach Hitskah, who once again took a hiatus from the league. With the Return of Hitskah the love is back in the Motor City, and that can only mean big things are in store for these Lions. The Bears have have run roughshod over the North, and the Lions with a much deeper roster are part of the blame. With 10 year veteran Quarterback Matthew Stafford at the Helm the Lions should be one of the better teams in the league. If Coach Hitskah has anything to say about it this will be the beginning of something Great. The Lions are a talented bunch With the Stafford to Golden Tate connection being one of the leagues best. Not to mention the Rebuilt Linebacker corp that should be one of the leagues most dangerous. I have predicted the Lions to finish second in Division, but predictions mean nothing if you don't get it done on the field.

Key Additions:

  • LeGarette Blount, HB
  • Devon Kennard, DE


Chicago Bears

Coach: The_Best__Ever

Prediction: First in the NFC North


Bio: The Mitchell Trubisky era started with a bang last Madden with Him, and the Bears winning two of the 4 Super Bowls. Winners or Super Bowls XXIII, and XXIV the Bears have cemented themselves as a Dynasty in the league with Four Titles. The Bears will look to build on that legacy as they have been picked by me to finish first this season in the NFC North. The Bears have changed Their Wide Receiving corp, and if they have any kind of hiccup, that move may come back to haunt them. The Bears love to throw the ball, and making sure they have explosive players on that side of the ball is paramount to their success!

Key Additions:

  • Allen Robinson, WR
  • Taylor Gabriel, WR
AFC East Preview



AFC East*Season Starts Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Overview: The AFC East is home to Super Bowl XXV winner the Buffalo Bills, and are the focus of the years first Season preview. The AFC East has 3 coaching returning to their teams, and will look to carry on their dominance as the ATK won last season first Super Bowl on Madden, and the Bills winning the 4th and final. Traylonkana has unfinished business with the Jets, and will look to try to hang his own banner this year. The New Comer to the group is Texas_92j who will take on the duties of coaching the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are not devoid of talent, but they are far behind some of the better teams in the league. The New coach will have his hands full this season, and only his ability to draft, and spend on the correct free agents will help him along the way. The AFC East should be a competitive division nonetheless, however I have the Bills finishing first this year, with the Patriots coming in second. However Predictions don't mean a damn thing when the ball starts being thrown around. Lets take a look at the teams in detail. 



Buffalo Bills

Coach: OffensiveDom

Prediction: First in the AFC East


Bio: The Buffalo Bills, and their head coach have finally got the proverbial Monkey off of their back, winning Super Bowl XXV. With the Hardware firmly affixed in the teams display case, and the Banner soon to be hanging in the Hall of Champions they have cemented themselves as one of the teams that you always have to account for. The Bills added 6 Draft Picks in the Top 100 this offseason, and will be a young team, but a dangerous one under the tutelage of their Championship headcoach Offensive Dom. With A rookie Quarterback taken 7th overall he will have a hard time looking for safety as two stalwarts on the offensive line retired. Richie Incognito, and Ed Wood, Plus a trade that sent left tackle Cody Glenn to the Bengals could spell disaster for the rookie Signal caller this year. The Strength is the Secondary for the Bills, and they will have to rely on a defense that should be good, if not great until the offensive line comes around.

Key Additions:

  • Vontae Davis, C



New England Patriots

 Coach: Atk133

 Prediction Second in the AFC East


Bio: The New England Patriots are the top one percent, and as they say the rich get richer. As Long as Tom Brady is behind Center they are a team to be Reckoned with. They are thin at the O-Line, however the Chemistry that Brady has with All Pro Tight End Rob Gronkowski, and Wide Receivers Julian Edelman should give the Patriots all the time they need to get things done. The Patriots are not the Favorite to win the East, but you can't count them out as ATK has his own championship Hardware.

Key Additions:

  • Isaiah Wynn (rookie)



New York Jets

Coach: Traylonkanana

Prediction: Third in the AFC East

Bio: The New York Jets have taken the long road to rebuilding their team with the 3rd overall draft pick going to Sam Darnold to play Quarterback. However if he is not ready, Coach Traylon could give the Keys to Journeyman Josh McCown until he is ready. It could possibly be a 3 way competition as Quarterback Tyrod Taylor coming off of an injury may be ready to compete. The Jets will have a decision to make, and the one they do make could echo throughout the season. The Jets are in fine hands as Coach Traylonkanana has been a competitive headcoach but is in a division that won 2 of the 4 Super Bowls last season. It's starting to feel a little cold out there all by themselves, and with the lack of Talent the Jets have they will have to use all their General Managing skills in the coming years to most likely compete.

Key Additions:

  • Trumaine Johnson, C


Miami Dolphins

Coach: Texas_92j

Prediction: Fourth in the AFC East


Bio: Welcome to the League Texas_92j you will find just like everyone finds out that the NFASL is a murderers row, of owners and teams. The New Coach may fit right in as he has already started blowing his horn before he has played one game. The old saying goes hard heads, makes for soft asses, and I have a feeling that this guy is in for a long season. With Jarvis Landry being traded to Cleveland the Dolpohins are without a serious threat at Wide Receiver. That means even more pressure will be put on Ryan Tannehill who will look to return to form this season after being benched for Jay Cutler a year ago. The Dolphins went to a youth Movement a year ago starting 8 true rookies on Defense, and what they lack in experience they make up for it with Speed. With the Addition of Robert Quinn to give a boost to their pass rush the Dolphins may have to get their nut on defense. In conclusion i expect this to be a humbling experience for the new head coach.  

Key Additions:

  • Julian Edelman, WR
  • Robert Quinn, DE
Madden 19 Welcome Letter



  Welcome to the National Football ALL Simulation League (NFASL). Another rendition of Madden football is upon us, and just like the world breathes new life in the Spring, so do we with the release of our beloved Football. While we wait for the final 53 man rosters to drop, we will take a page out of our book from last Madden with the creation of the league. We will start the league with the knowledge that when the official Rosters drop we will create a new league, and simulate the winning teams that won their weeks games. IE: I will copy down every teams win, and loss record and then emulate it in the new league. We are gunning for 5 seasons this edition of Madden, and any delay to that process will be looked upon grimly. In any regard you should take this time to refresh ourselves of the league rules, and what is required from you within this league. If you Click on the link here it will take you to the rules page. I know that we have a ton of people returning as we have a solid group of players, but it can't hurt to make sure you are crystal clear on the rules. We play 1 game every 3 days, so the moment we advance make sure you text your opponent with your availability. If we get all our games played before the 3rd day we will advance to the next Week, so it kinda behooves all league members to play their games as quickly as possible. We have at few new members in the league so it is up to the Senior members to bring them along the right way. Those new members are: 

  • Tipotheboss12 - Cincinatti Bengals
  • JacobRose44 - Denver Broncos
  • Texas_92- Miami Dolphins
  • Gaberooni54 - Indianapolis Colts
  • PapaShaga - Seattle Seahawks

If you have any questions you can direct them toward me in the Groupme Chat, as I will be happy to answer them as soon as I can. Good Luck to all of you in the coming seasons.


Mission Statement: The NFASL is about true NFL Football. The X's, and O's of the Game, not just who can youtube the Best. If you're not in it for the Journey, and only the destination you are in the wrong league.


 About your Commissioner:

PSNID: Newmoon001

Birthplace: United States, Maryland.

Bio: I'm a 42 Year old married man with 6 Daughters who lives in the state of Maryland. I have been running leagues since the Dreamcast Days, and have since mastered the Nuances of keeping a league together. I'm very even keel, and I show respect to all people on the Internets. I expect the same respect from all league members, as we will be in competition with one another, so respect is crucial to a successful league. I hold Sportsmanship, and league Integrity high on my list of things that I will not tolerate to be trampled upon. I look forward to garnering your trust as Commissioner in the Seasons to come.




NFASL Rookie Draft Management:

  • In this Edition of Madden they have added things that should help us get a 5th season. That is the Draft Board. The Draft board works exactly how it sounds, you place the order of players you want drafted in order of importance and if they are available the computer will draft them for you. That means we no longer have to wait for a Sunday Night at 8pm est to start the draft. That's called a game changer! All you have to do when the scout College players appear is hold the (X) Button over the player you want to move up the draft board and it will populate accordingly.
Madden 19 sign up


Madden NFL

Team Sign



NFC East    

Washington Redskins Newmoon001 *
New York Giants Active-_Shooter *
Dallas Cowboys dynestrio033*
Philadelphia Eagles Melblaze3521*

NFC North

Detroit Lions Open Team
Chicago Bears The_Best__Ever*
Green Bay Packers DHontos*
Minnesota Vikings MrT*

NFC West

St. Louis Rams The_Vin_360*
San Francisco 49ers Kaliko420*
Arizona Cardinals JBeast2396*
Seattle Seahawks FrozenStallionCox

NFC South

New Orleans Saints Champagnepapi*
Carolina Panthers criticalnews*
Tampa Bay Buccaneers I757IMonster*
Atlanta Falcons ATLorDie404*

AFC North 

Baltimore Ravens Tommanowns*
Cleveland Browns RedskinsWahooo*
Cincinnati Bengals TipotheBoss12*
Pittsburgh Steelers Hac_3443*

AFC East

Buffalo Bills OffensiveDom*
New England Patriots Atk133*
Miami Dolphins Texas_92*
New York Jets Traylonkanana*

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts Gaberooni54*
Houston Texans Big_Ry8*
Jacksonville Jaguars ThePacificCowboy*
Tennessee Titans Dominator*

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs JBoc27*
San Diego Chargers Destroyerz11*
Oakland Raiders e30zack*
Denver Broncos RealCoachDrew*
Super Bowl XXV Bills VS Falcons


           12                       XXV                            10

Buffalo Bills (14-2)             Atlanta Falcons (14-2)

Coach: OffensiveDom                                   Coach: ATLorDIE404

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 219yds, 1td, 1int   T. Bridgewater 8yds, 0td, 3ints
  • D. Cook 17att, 70yds, 0td       D. Freeman 7att, 23yds, 1td

  • C. Roberts 4rec, 125yds, 1td T. Montgomery 1rec, 4yds, 0td



It's a Banner Year!

           Super Bowl XXV. Miami, FL. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXV The Buffalo Bills defeated the Atlanta Falcons 12-10. The Bils used the leagues #2 ranked defense to put on a defensive Clinic that has never been seen in NFASL history. They held the Atlanta Falcons to a mind numbing 18 yards of total offense. Teddy Bridgewater of the Atlanta Falcons ended the game with a 0.00 Qtr Back rating. Bridgwater threw for for 8 yards, with 3 interceptions, with no touchdowns. Even with all that the game came down to a few plays on both sides of the ball thanks to a missed Field Goal. Bills kicker Jordan Gay struggled mightily in the leagues biggest game missing a chip shopt Field Goal in the first qtr, as well as an extra point which changed the complexion of the game. However when it was all said and done Gay was able to settle his nerves kicking the game winner, and giving the Bills their first Super Bowl win in Franchise history.

  The Games MVP was Wide Receiver Cameron Roberts whose 4 catches fro 125 yards, and a touchdown was the games only stand out player on the offensive side of the ball for the Buffalo Bills. This was the text book definition of a slobberknocker as every inch, every foot, and every yard was hard fought. The Bills cover 2 defense, or shell defense also saw the bills Register 3 sacks to go along with their 3 interceptions. However a look inside the numbers would have shown that the Atlanta Falcons if they could have somehow managed to pull out the upset win in this game would have been truly a all time performance in the Super Bowl. Baker Mayfield played game manager as he was being abused all night long as the Falcons registered 8 sacks ,and forced two fumbles. Mayfield was not rattled however as he took the abuse and lead his team to a much deserved Super Bowl Victory. The Buffalo Bills were the 8th Ranked offensive Team in the league this year, but #2 in Defense. They finished the season with a 14-2 record, and had several Pro Bowlers, as well as players of the Year on the Team. 

The Buffalo Bills were coached by Offensivedom who has become accustomed to the bitter taste of Defeat, but has now felt the Thrill of Victory!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXV winner Coach OffensiveDom:


  • Congrats on your Super Bowl XXV Win! How did you do it?

I stuck to my cover 2, and managed to hold the Falcons to 18 total yards . Also Kept believing in my kicker after the misses!


  • What was your plan going into the season after losing the Super XXIV to the Bears last year?

My plan was to reload, and get my passing game involved. Last season I became one dimensional, and it cost me the big game.


  • You had 5 Super Bowl appearances, and 5 losses until now. Now that you have won what was the difference?

I Just stuck to my gameplan, and trusted my cover 2. Offense was not great, but we made the plays when it counted.


  • You have won it all, the floor is yours, is there anything you waant to say to the rest of the League?

Feels good to finally win! it's been a long journey, but it just made it Sweeter. I'll be back!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

  Coach Offensivedom has catapulted himself into the Hall of Champions, and has added his names among the leagues Great. Let me be the first to congratulate you, and say that you have been the Bridesmaid 5 times, but now you are the bride! With this being a Banner year in the NFASL, it makes it just that more special in my eyes as we have now had 25 seasons of the NFASL. What's crazy is how life imitates art, sometimes art imitates life. In Super Bowl XXV in the Real world the Buffalo Bills played the New York Giants losing the first of their 4 straight Super Bowl appearances. It's funny how the Curse has been broken in our 25th season with the Bills finally getting off the snide, and hanging a Banner in the Hall of Champions!

        The Buffalo Bills will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXV, On February 15th, of our Lord 2018.  The Buffalo Bills were 14-2, under the Tutelage of coach Offensivedom, whom has now hung his 1st banner into the Hall of Champions.  Once again congratulations Offensivedom, and the Buffalo Bills for your Super Bowl XXV win! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!


ESPN Match Ups Week 14


         NFL Match Up week 14


       Away                                        Home

(9-3) @   (7-5)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! The Niners are in a slight lead in the NFC West, and will look to extend their lead with a win over the Cardinals. With the Playoffs right around the corner this has become a must win for the team from Tempe.

 (5-7)      @          (10-2)

Preview: The Falcons got a much needed win a week ago, and this week they should have no problems dispatching the hapless Giants, and their disappointing owner Shooter.

 (2-10)      @           (0-12)

Preview: This Game has the potential to be watched by no one, and played by no one, which brings you to the question if a tree falls in the Woods, and no one is around does it make a sound ! 

 (9-3)       @           (3-9)

Preview: The Bears are starting to Flex their muscles and last weeks demolishing of the Titans was their most impressive display of the Season. 

 (5-7)       @           (1-11)

Preview: The Chiefs have walked into a team without an owner which means auto win, and one step closer to the Chargers in teh West.

 (5-7)       @           (3-9)

Preview: The Bengals have Mike Tysons Punch of a chance at making the playoffs but they pretty much have to win out. However they are playing the Gotham city Jets a team that doesn't roll over for anyone! .

 (1-11)       @           (7-5)

Preview: Two Teams from the state of Pennsylvania have a goegraphical rivalry, but should be no contest as the Eagles are a 1 win team playing for nothing more than pride.

 (8-4)       @           (10-2)

Preview: The Titans were made ordinary a week ago getting slaughtered by the Bears in Primetime. They take on their Division rival the Colts this week. that is if the Colts coach doesn't duck !

 (4-8)       @           (8-3-1)

Preview: The Raiders dominance in the AFC West is finally over, and their season should end this week as the Patriots are bringing the Shovel, the Dirt, and the Undertaker!!

 (9-3)       @           (0-12)

Preview: The Panthers are still trying to catch the Falcons in the Division, but a Wild Card Spot is most likely. They take on the Broncos a team with no wins in week 12 !

 (2-9-1)       @           (10-2)

Preview: The Browns are out of it, but King Bubbaloe has made some hay this season and can make another statement by taking out the Dallas Cowboys, a team in full control of the NFC East!!

 (7-5)       @           (8-4)

Preview: The AFC West is in firm control of the Chargers, where as the Saints are literally playing for their playoff lives. Advantage Saints!

 (1-11)       @           (6-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game III this game has about as much chance of being played as shooter Turning down seconds. nothing to see here!

 (9-4)       @           (12-1)

Preview: These two teams have designs on the Super Bowl so for that alone this will be one of the closely followed games of the Week. The Bills are 5 times losers and Super Bowl or bust is on the Menu.

 (9-3)       @           (5-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! This NFC North match up at the start of the season looked like it would be a marquee one. However the Packers are pretty much out of the playoff hunt, and this is the game that will most likely cement it .

 (6-6)       @           (11-1)

Preview: There are 7 Super Bowls between these two owners which makes this one of the most intriguing match ups of the Week. The Ravens are looking to win another Banner season,and at 11-1 they are half way there .


ESPN Match Ups Week 13


         NFL Match Up week 13


       Away                                        Home

(8-3) @   (10-1)

Preview: Game of the Week!This is a big one as the Titans are looking for respectability, and the Bears are looking to establish their Dominance all over again. This is the time of year where the creme rises to the top .

 (5-6)      @          (6-5)

Preview: The Chiefs, and the Saints are both looking for a trip to the Post season, with the Season winding down the time to start putting wins together is now. .

 (8-3)      @           (5-6)

Preview: The Giants have sunken below .500 and are plummeting toward Hades. The Real Giants have shown up and if they win another game this season it will be an absolute miracle ! 

 (2-8-1)       @           (6-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The AFC South is being won by the Baltimore Ravens who has lead the Division from start to finish. The Steelers can still make the playoffs, however the Browns will not be walked over . 

 (7-5)       @           (10-2)

Preview: The Cowboys are another team that is running away with their respective division. They take on the Arizona Cardinals who offensive gameplan mirrors the Cowboys of old .

 (5-6)       @           (1-10)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! .

 (4-7)       @           (1-10)

Preview: .

 (6-4)       @           (5-6)

Preview: !

 (10-1)       @           (2-9)

Preview: !!

 (6-5)       @           (10-1)

Preview: !

 (0-11)       @           (7-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!!

 (1-10)       @           (3-8)

Preview: !

 (3-8)       @           (8-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!

 (3-8)       @           (7-3-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!.

 (10-2)       @           (9-3)

Preview: .

 (0-11)       @           (8-3)

Preview: .


NFASL Game of the Week 12


Game of the Week 12



   Washington Redskins (5-6)09            Seattle Seahawks (9-2)20

Team Leaders:

  • H. Biletnikoff 133yds, 0td, 0int  R. Wilson 254yds, 2td, 0int
  • T. Bradshaw 21att, 98yds, 0td  R. Wilson 4att, 25yds, 0td
  • K. Holecek 5rec, 62yds, 0td     P. Richardson 3rec, 79yds, 1td


  Redskins Fall Flat!

          Seattle, WA. In the NFASL Game of the Week 12, the Seattle Seahawks extended their lead in the NFC West with a 20-9 win over the Washington Redskins. The Last time these two teams met it was the Redskins walking away with the Victory, however this time that was not to be the case. Russell Wilson did his best Tom Brady impersonation throwing for a game high 254 yards with 2 touchdowns torching the Redskins secondary. Sensing a weakness the Seahawks didn't even pretend as though they were going to run the ball with Thomas Rawls being used exclusively as a pass catcher out of the Backfield. The Seattle Defense made several plays during the game Sacking Redskins Quartberback Hanson Biletnikoff 5 times, and forcing a fumble. The Redskins were however able to move the ball, but were unable to convert Fieldgoals into Touchdowns, which in the end was the Downfall for them.

   THe Seattle Seahawks will take on the NFC South Leading , but now swooning Atlanta Falcons in week 13. The Washington Redskins will look to get back to .500 as they take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins will need to win every game from this point forward if they expect to steal a Wildcard spot in the Playoffs Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Up Week 12


         NFL Match Up week 12


       Away                                        Home

(5-5) @   (8-2)

Preview: Game of the Week! The Seahawks are reeling from a devastating loss a week ago to the Bears, and will look to get things back on track against the Washington Redskins.

 (6-4)      @          (7-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! With the Atlanta Falcons coming back to Earth, the Panthers, and Saints have a good opportunity to put some pressure on the Falcons for Division Supremacy.

 (8-3)      @           (9-2)

Preview: The Vikings have already taken care of business demolishing the once unbeaten Atlanta Falcons 40 -3. Losers of two in a row, the Falcons now look vulnerable! 

 (2-8)       @           (1-9)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!  The Dolphins owner unceremoniously left the league finding out that you can't just show up in the NFASL and win. You actually have to gameplan. jets get the win. 

 (4-6)       @           (5-5)

Preview: These two teams are both in the Playoff race, but time has become a factor as only 6 games remain. Stringing wins together has now become paramount.

 (2-8)       @           (7-3)

Preview: The Browns are out of the playoff race, but they are out to play spoiler and the Patriots are now on Deck. If they see the record and take them lightly it could spell loss for them.

 (10-1)       @           (5-6)

Preview: The Ravens took on the Giants, and took the Giants record to below .500 for the first time in 3 seasons at this stage of the year. Ravens walk away in New York Victorious with a 19-14 win.

 (6-4)       @           (3-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Chargers can pretty much wrap the division up with a win here but the Raiders are a proud franchise and won't go down without a fight!

 (2-8)       @           (2-8)

Preview: two teams with nothing to play for but for the love of the game. Lets see if that competive spirit kicks in down the stretch for either team!!

 (5-5)       @           (0-10)

Preview: The Jaguars have put themselves in a precarious situation as playoff spots wil be hard to come by in the late weeks of the season. They have the talent, but does the coach have the want to!

 (9-1)       @           (7-3)

Preview: The Bills complex cover 2 defense has been serving them well. However with the Cardinals run game on ful alert, they could be just tough enough to put a chink in the armour!

 (6-4)       @           (1-9)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The AFC South belongs to the Titans, but the Colts are still in the Mix at least for a wild card spot. They can ill afford a slip up here, and anytime you play your rival things could get hairy!

 (9-1)       @           (0-10)

Preview: Nothing to see here as the Lions have pretty much turned into a domesticated house cat.!

 (6-4)       @           (8-2)

Preview: The Cowboys are looking to put a strangle hold on the NFC East, and the Steelers are trying to keep pace with the Ravens. Which team, and owner wants it more.

 (4-6)       @           (7-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! the Bears showed their mettle coming from 14 down to win in week 11. They will take on the Packers a rival who are still in the playoff mix but will need a Upset in the Windy City to be taken seriously.

 (7-3)       @           (1-9)

Preview: This has slaughter written all over it. Look for the Niners to high step to a blowout victory against the hapless Eagles.


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