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ESPN Match Ups Week 4


         NFL Match Up week 4



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(3-0) @   (2-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! The Washington Redskins are undefeated, and will have their biggest game of the season against one of the premier coaches in the League OffensiveDom, and the Buffalo Bills. The Redskins struggled a week ago vs another AFC East opponent in the Dolphins with Alex Smith throwing two interceptions. Smith, and the Redskins will need to play better if they expect to win this game. 

 (0-3)      @          (1-2)

Preview:The Philadelphia Eagles offensive Struggles continued with them having their worst performance in years as they were shut out 26-0 against the Green Bay Packers. The Eagles were held to just 7 total pass yards, and 14 rushing yards in a game that should be a wake up call to every single member of the Franchise. They will take on the Minnesota Vikings coming off a shut out win as they lowered the hammer on the Denver Broncos.

 (3-0)      @           (2-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! This AFC North match up should be a good one as the Browns coming off a huge win thanks large in part to their defense will take on a Steelers team that is coming off an embarrasing loss to the Jets. The Steelers lost Future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger for 4 weeks with a dislocated Knee, and will turn to Mason Rudolph in the coming weeks to try to keep the ship afloat. 

 (2-1)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Both the San Diego Chargers, and Jacksonville Jaguars are coming off of losses in week 3, and will look to get things back on track. Philip Rivers had a monster game in the loss, but the Chargers coach loves to butter his bread with the running game. The Raiders used that to their advantage, and shut it down. Look for the Jaguars head coach to look to do the same. 

 (1-2)       @           (2-1)

Preview: The Indianapolis Colts recipe is a whole lot of run, and just a dash of passing. They used that tried but true remedy last week as they grounded the Texans into a Pulp. They will have a tougher time this week as they take on a Denver Broncos Team that is designed to stop the run.

(1-2)       @           (3-0)

Preview: The New Orleans Saints are off to a 3-0 start, and will look to push it to 4-0 as they take on the Houston Texans in a game that is sure to be a track meet. IV's and a change of shoes are on the check list as this is going to be most likely the highest scoring game of the week!

 (0-3)       @           (2-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Dolphins did everything but win the game a week ago against the highly favored Washington Redskins. This week they take on the New England Patriots after a tough loss, one in which saw the mental Breakdown of their Headcoach ATK. This Rivalry game should be one to watch, and if I were a betting man I'd put my money down on the Dolphins to get their first win of the season.

 (1-2)       @           (2-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Seattle Seahawks coming off their Super Bowl Win has hit that Lull called the Super Bowl Hangover, and with their headcoach taking a hiatus to get married, (congrats) we should definitely have a New Super Bowl Winner this year.

 (0-4)       @           (1-3)

Preview: At the Time of this Article the Los Angeles Rams got off the Snide winning their first game of the year after a mind boggling 0-3 start. They defeated the Cincinatti Bengals in a shout out 34-31. In the loss for the Bengals Rookie Quarterback Freddie Holmes of the Bengals had a coming out party throwing for a league best 407 yards in the loss.

 (2-1)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC West Match up is one of the leagues oldest Rivalries. Look for it to continue on as the Chiefs are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Chicago Bears where they scored a grand total of zero points. Look for Patrick Mahomes and company to play better at home against their hated rival.

 (2-1)       @           (2-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC North Match up is one that every eye in football will be watching as these were two teams battling out all the way through to Seasons end for North Supremacy. This divisional game will factor in huge later in the season, so the winner of this game will have a huge advantage.

 (3-0)       @           (3-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Both these teams come into this game undefeated as the 3-0 Cowboys take on the 3-0 New York Giants. Ad in the fact that this is a rivalry game and you can see how this game should be on every members radar. Saquon Barkley, vs Ezekiel Elliott will be a match up to Marvel at.

 (1-3)       @           (3-1)

Preview: At the Time of this Article the Baltimore Ravens took care of business easily dispatching Aaron Donald and the New York Jets 33-14. Baltimore used a balanced effort of Lamar Jackson, and Chris Thompson to win this game as both players had monster games.

 (1-2)       @           (2-1)

Preview: Cam Newton, and the Carolina Panthers after a team crushing loss a week ago to the Washington Redskins that saw them squander a 21-0 4th qtr lead got back on track shutting down the Atlanta Falcons a week ago. They will take on another team from the South, but different Conference in the Titans in which they are coming off a dispiriting loss of their own to the Saints.

ESPNEWS Trade Rules Change

ESPN Breaking News The NFASL Trade rules have been changed. Read further to see what's changed.


        On this edition of ESPNEWS We will Discuss the new trade rules in the league, and basically speak on the state of the league. As the New season starts, or second season as it were we are going at a pretty quick rate. As in all things I like to keep everyone up to date with what is going on. Commissioners, JD, and Shooter have come up with a trade rule that could add a touch more excitement in the league allowing for one trade to be made during the regular season. Now if any of you jokers know me you know that I am resistant to change because I just know how things are going to go =) however as long as the case made makes sense, changes sometimes happen. This time is one of those times.  The New trade rules are as follows.

  • One trade allowed per season, per team.
  • No injured player can be traded
  • Trades are done by Normal NFL Deadline
  • Trade Points still need to match
  • Trade Center will not be re-opened because someone was injured or for any other reason.
  • You can only trade one season ahead IE: you trade player "A" in season 2 which is the 2019 season, and you want to trade for a draft pick. That draft pick can only be a player in the upcoming draft(2020), not a Draft pick in 2021

   You still have to follow the No Trade list of course with the caveat that if a player is on the No trade pist you can trade him if he is on the last year of his contract.

The List of non-tradeable players can be found for the AFC/NFC here ----------->    If you any questions regarding the list please direct them toward Hunter Clark the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.   Good Luck to you all Moving forward.




Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.





Total Pass Yards 914 Total Rush Yards 582

Points Per Game 48




Total Defensive Pass 169 Total Defensive Rush 20 Total Points Allowed 10ppg


NFASL Game of the Week 2


Game of the Week 2



   Seattle Seahawks (1-1)26     San Francisco 49ers (2-0)36

Team Leaders:

  • R. Wilson 294yds, 3td, 5int J. Garoppolo 316yds, 3td, 0int
  • R. Penny 8att, 67yds, 2td   L. Bell 20att, 79yds, 0td
  • E. Dickson 6rec, 80yds, 0tdT. Hill 3rec, 127yds, 1td


   Niners are Back!

          Santa Clara, CA. In the NFASL Game of the Week 2, The San Francisco 49ers renewed their Rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks defeating them 36-26 in primetime. The Niners were embarrassed a year ago with the Seahawks sweeping them in the regular season, and the Niners finishing up the season 3-13. With the Niners feeling as though they were devoid of talent they made several big moves in the offseason to give themselves what they believed would be a fighting chance in the incredibly loaded NFC West. With both the Los Angeles Rams, and the Seattle Seahawks both finishing with double Digit wins 14, and 15 respectively the Niners knew they couldn't just rest on their Laurels. The Teams general Manager Kaliko made several big signings during the Free Agency period, and made two major moves via trades acquiring Speedster Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs, and Le'Veon Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  So far so good as the Niners are 2-0, with both those players contributing in major ways. Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill finished the game with 3 cathces for 127 yards, and touchdown. And Le'Veon Bell finishing the game with 20 rushing attempts for 79 yards, ,and 5 Receptions for 70 yards with two Touchdowns.

         The Seattle Seahawks had a game to forget with the Leagues MVP picking up where he left off at in the Super Bowl throwing 5 interceptions. The Seahawks are in danger as Most teams are after having won the Super Bowl hit a lull, and find it hard to get up for these games in the regular season. The Pheonomenom is called Super Bowl Hangover. So not only are they playing every team eager to measure themselves against the best, they are also trying to stave off that feeling.

 The Seattle Seahawks will look to get back on track in week #3 and will be facing a team in the New York Giants that are 2-0, and playing incredibly well. The Giants will be looking for revenge as the Seahawks are the team that sent them packing in the playoffs. The San Francisco 49ers will look to continue rolling as they take on the Detroit Lions in Michigan.    Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


        The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have a more than good chance at winning Super Bowl XXVII! However we all know that that's imposssible because at then end of the year there is only one team that is able to hang a banner in the Hall of Champioins!. The Seattle Seahawks were that team last year with Coach Papashaga hanging a banner in the Hall of Champions in his first season  However this is a what have you done for me lately type of league, and just like hope springs eternal the New Season of Madden 19 should shake up to be one of the NFASL's best. We have a few new owners which should add some much needed excitement to the league. The new owners are QB11KC, and SilentCloudx who joined last season, but did not have a chance to play a game. SilentCloudx will see what he can do with the Saints, and the Cardinals will be ran by QB11KC. 

      The league is a well run machine, with the NFASL Draft going on without a hitch, every single member followed all the Trade rules, and games are being played at a nice rate. There will be a change in the Trade rules which will allow one trade during the regular season. check back on the website for more info regarding this major change. .





Kick Off Game




   Indianapolis Colts (0-1)18                     New England Patriots (1-0)23

Team Leaders:

  • A. Luck 191yds, 2td, 1int     T. Taylor 298yds, 3td, 2ints
  • N.  Hines 13att, 116yds, 1td J. Howard 14att, 49yds, 0td
  • H. Bodden 2rec, 56yds, 1td R. Gronkowski 3rec, 30yds, 2td



                    Patriots Break the Colts!

           Foxborough, MA. In the NFASL Kick Off Game Last seasons AFC EAST Champ New England Patriots defeated the AFC's South Champion the Indianapolis Colts 23-18. The Tyrod Taylor era began in New England with the retirement of the leagues all time greatest Quarterback Tom Brady. Tyrod played lights out throwing for 298 yards, and 3 touchdowns. His dual threat ability of throwing, and running was too much for the Colts defense.  His Favorite Target was none other than All Pro Tight End Rob Gronkowski who had 3 catches for 30 yards, with 2 touchdowns.

        The Indianapolis Colts looking to balance out their offense were still run heavy with Running back Nyheim Hines getting the Bul of carries rushing for 116 yards on 13 carries, and a touchdown. The Colts were a pound the rock team a year ago, and drafted a 6'3" College stand out Wide Receiver in Henry Bodden. Bodden hauled in two catches for 56 yards and a touchdown.

     The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!  Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.




Papashaga   XXVI


           On October 4th, 2018 the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XXVI Madden 19 PS4! The Coach of the Seahawks was Papashaga, winning is first ever Super Bowl in his First season in the NFASL. The Seattle Seahawks were 15-1 on the year having the Leagues MVP in Russell Wilson, 4th overall rated offense, and the 5th overall rated Defense. Basically by any metric they were an all time great. The Seattle Seahawks defeated Clevleland Browns 21-17 in a Defensive Game. The Coach of the Cleveland Browns was RedskinsWAHOOOO.  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!



         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the AFC and preview every team in the Conference. With the AFC losing in the Super Bowl they have now fell behind 15-11 in total Championship Banners hanging in the Hall of Champions. The most recent team to have that dubious honor was the Cleveland Browns, and their head coach RedskinsWAHOOOO who has now lost his second Super Bowl. After having a dominant regular season finishing at 15-1 The Browns came up short after doing everything but winning the big game. The AFC much similar to the NFC had a few Power House teams with the New England Patriots having a 14-2 campaign, Buffalo Bills 12-4, Indianapolis Colts finishing 12-4, and the Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5 with incredible seasons. However for every Yin, there is a yang and you had a Team like the Denver Broncos not winning a single game going 0-16. The Miami Dolphins 2-14, San Diego Chargers 3-13, Cincinatti Bengals 4-12, Houston Texans 4-12, and the New York Jets 5-11 all with sub .500 records. In a league that pushes Parity these outliers only hope is that they do enough in the offseason to make a few necessary changes to their team. Without further adieu lets take a indepth look at all the Divisions in the AFC!

AFC North:

  • Cleveland Browns 15-1 Coach of the Team: RedskinsWAHOOO
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 Coach of the Team: Hac_3443
  • Baltimore Ravens 10-6 Coach of the Team: Tomman_Owns  
  • Cincinatti Bengals 4-12 Coach of the Team: CJB9t9

      Overview: The AFC North was easily won by the Cleveland Browns who finished up the Regular season at 15-1 with Duke Johnson J.R. leading the League in rushing,and rookie Quarterback Baker Mayfield looking like his selection Number one overall was the right decision. However the Browns were not satisfied with the outcome in the Super Bowl as they fell in mind blowing fashion to the Seattle Seahawks after having being up two scores. The Browns felt as though they did not have enough Weapons for Mayfield and went out and broke the Bank for Wide Receiver Corey Coleman only time will tell if the Browns did enough to get back to the Big Game, and this time win it. With the Browns out of the way lets take a look at the rest of the Division as this was easily one of the best divisions in Football. The Baltimore Ravens, and Pittsburgh Steelers both had ten win seasons however the Ravens made it through the Wild Card, and the Steelers found themselves at home. The Ravens going with youth made several trades in the offseason shockingly sending Marshal Yanda to Washington, along with a few other core members. Terrelle Suggs Retired, as well as Eric Weddle. With the Ravens making so many trades, it might be safe to bet on them sliding back. The Steelers were no different as they parted ways with All Pro Halfback Leveon Bell sending him to Sunny California in a trade with the Niners. The Steelers are a pass oriented team, so making the trade made some sense. That leaves only the Bengals who at 4-12 were a major disappointment, but were very quiet in the offseason. However they did draft Freddie Holmes in the first round a fleet of Foot Quarterback with major upside. The Bengals will look to at least get to 8-8 this season which would be a positive step

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Baltimore Ravens
  4. Cincinatti Bengals 


NFC West:

  • Denver Broncos 0-16 Coach of the Team: SplashinSimp33
  • Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Coach of the Team: JBoc27
  • Oakland Raiders 10-6 Coach of the Team: e30zack
  • San Diego Chargers 3-13 Coach of the Team: I757IMonster

      Overview: The NFC west was easily the most disappointing Division in all of Football with only the Oakland Raiders having a record above .500. The Raiders easily won the Division, but did not make much hay in the playoffs. The Raiders did not rest on their laurels however signing close to 15 players during free agency. They should easily win their division this year again as several teams not only made changes, but in my opinion got worse. Such as the 7-9 Kansas City CHiefs and their head coach JBOC27 trading away several high impact players to the San Francisco 49ers. They did make a impact in free agency retooling their offensive Line for Kareem Hunt, and Patrick Mahomes. The San Diego Chargers changed head coaches with coach Jerms coming from the Buccaneers to San Diego. With Jerms now in control you can expect a different playstyle as the Air Coryell offense will be thrown out with the baby, and the Bath water. Look for a defensive minded coach to have a defensive minded team. The final team in the Division was the winless Broncos who with the #1 overall pick drafted Conor Doering who many believed that the Broncos Reached for. Doering has potential, but drafting him #1 overall might have been a stretch. Only time will tell if it were the right move, or they are in for another long season.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Oakland Raiders
  2. San Diego Chargers
  3. Kansas City Chiefs
  4. Denver Broncos

NFC South:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5 Coach of the Team: PacificCowboy
  • Indianapolis Colts 12-4 Coach of the Team: Gaberooni54
  • Houston Texans 4-12 Coach of the Team: BigRY8
  • Tennessee Titans 7-9 Coach of the Team: Dominator1373

      Overview: The NFC South was a up and down division with the Indianaplis Colts taking the Crown at 12-4. They were led by a dominant running game, and made teams pay for changing their teams to stop the Pass. The Colts used a Old School approach to the game, and I loved it. However the Run Game is nice until you find out you have to pass the ball the majority of the time in the playoffs. With Ty. Hilton being their only legit threat at wide out the Colts may run into the same thing this season. Their closest competitor last season was the Jacksonville Jaguars who also had a old school approach to football. THey were built with defense in mind, and especially their front 7 and cornerbacks could arguably be the best in football. They played well in the Playoffs but eventually fell to the Browns who made it to the Super Bowll. The Jaguars were bargain Shoppers in the offseason as they think they are built to win for the long haul. The Tennessee Titans believed that if they did not get off to an horrendous start they would have been in the playoffs as their head coach Dominator was away on Hiatus. He is here at the start now, and will have every opportunity to see if he was right. The 4th and final team in the division are the Houston Texans whose headcoach doesn't know the meaning of run the ball. Coach BigRy8 has an affection of seeing the ball travel through the air, and will throw in any circumstance no matter what's going on in the game. Problem is half the time the ball is going to the team in the wrong colored Jerseys.Until the Texans learn patience, and balance they will be doormats of the South.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Tennessee Titans
  3. Indianapolis Colts
  4. Houston Texans

NFC East:

  • New England Patriots 14-2 Coach of the Team: ATK133
  • Miami Dolphins 2-14 Coach of the Team: Texas_92j
  • Buffalo Bills 12-4 Coach of the Team: OffensiveDom
  • New York Jets 5-11 Coach of the Team: TraylonaKanana

      Overview: The NFC East was won by the New England Patriots but they lost the leagues best Quarterback in History in Tom Brady who retired suddenly in the offseason. Enter Tyrod Taylor, and a rookie Quarterback Curry Ducket the New Era of Patriots Football. Without Tom Terriffic throwing passes I expect the Patriots to take a major step back after finishing last season with a 14-2 record. Their closest competitior in the Division was none other than the Super Bowl XXV winner offensiveDom and the Buffalo Bills. The Bills will look to get back on top as Josh Allen in his second year will look to avoid the Sophomore slump The Bills were busy in the offseason bolstering both their offensive, and defensive side of the ball. The New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins were both let downs as they both finished with Sub .500 records. Sam Darnold struggled, but has all the talent for the Jets. The General Manager thought it was a lack of talent on the outside so he traded for Golden Tate III who should bring some much needed production in the Receiving corp. The Dolphins also looked to upgrade as they drafted a highly talented ROLB in the draft who many believe could be a difference maker. They also traded for emmanuel Sanders to pair him up with Kenny Stills to force teams to respect the entire field.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. New England Patriots
  3. New York Jets
  4. Miami Dolphins
NFC Preview

         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the NFC and preview every team in the Conference. The Seattle Seahawks rose to the top of the Conference appearing in their first ever Super Bowl under the tutelage of New Member PapaShaga. Not only did he make it to the Super Bowl he won it hanging his first ever Banner in the Hall of Champions. Ceremony coming later in the week. The NFC was top heavy as you had some serious contenders with teams like the Atlanta Falcons finishing with a 15-1 Record, the Los Angeles Rams at 14-2, and the New York Giants finishing with a 13-3 recordf. That means if the conference is top heavy, that must mean that the lower half is light, and I mean really light. The New Orleans Saints were 1-15, although in their honor they had a coach take over very late in the season. The shocking teams like the Detroit Lions who many thought would be good this season finished with a 3-13 record, the Same record as Melblaze and the Eagles. If that doesn't make you scratch your head the San Francisco 49ers under Super Bowl Winning headcoach Kaliko was also 3-13. not to mention the Panthers had a down year at 5-11. Without further adieu lets take a indepth look at all the Divisions in the NFC!

NFC North:

  • Chicago Bears  10-6 Coach of the Team: THE--BEST-EVER
  • Minnesota Vikings 7-9 Coach of the Team: Mrt757
  • Green Bay Packers 11-5 Coach of the Team: DinoHontos  
  • Detroit Lions 3-13 Coach of the Team: Hitskah

      Overview: The Green Bay Packers won the Division at 11-5 and made damn near a Super Bowl run falling by 7 points to the eventual Super Bowl winner Seattle Seahawks. The Packers were led by Aaron Rodgers who had another outstanding season. The Packers were Busy in the Offseason signing multiple free Agents with their biggest signing being LOLB Shane Ray. They will need him to contend with the The Chicago Bears who nearly overtook the Packers after having a horrible start to the Season a year ago. The Bears were a dangerous team come playoff time, and will be expected to take the next step this year. That Leaves the Vikings who had a disappointing season finishing at 7-9 with one of the best rosters in football. The Detroit Lions with home town hero Hitskah in the Captains Chair were 3-13, but turned to Trades, and free agent signings to bolster their team landing All world running back David Johnson, and quite possibly has the leagues best secondary with the pieces they added. 

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Detroit Lions
  4. Minnesota Vikings 


NFC West:

  • Seattle Seahawks 15-1 Coach of the Team: PapaShaga
  • San Francisco 49ers 3-13 Coach of the Team: kaliko_420
  • Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Coach of the Team: QB11KC
  • Los Angeles Rams 14-2 Coach of the Team: The_Vin_360

      Overview: The NFC west was won by the Seattle Seahawks and even went so far as to win the whole kit, and Kaboodle. Russell Wilson was the leagues MVP putting up one of the best seasons in NFASL history. The Seahawks closest compeititor in the Division was the Los Angeles Rams who finished at 14-2, and was the only team to put that blemish on their record for a Perfect season. The Rams fell in the Playoffs to the Green Bay Packers, and will look to win it all this season. The two remaining teams were the Arizona Cardinals who changed head coaches in the Offseason, hiring QBKC11 who didn't waste time making the team his. Trading away David Johnson, J.J. Nelson, and whole lot more. Time will tell if he is a mad genius, or just mad. That leads us to Kaliko who at 3-13 fell out of the stratosphere, and landed down around melblaze. Kaliko then went out and did the only thing people with money do, and that's spend putting together the best team money can buy. Lets see if the gamble pays off, however the Vegas Odds say no dice as long as The Rams, and seahawks reside in the West.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Seattle Seahawks
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Los Angeles Rams
  4. Arizona Cardinals

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints 1-15 Coach of the Team: SilentCloudx
  • Carolina Panthers 5-11 Coach of the Team: criticalnews2
  • Atlanta Falcons 15-1 Coach of the Team: ATLorDIE404
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9 Coach of the Team: Dynestrio33

      Overview: The NFC South was a disappointing Division with only one bright spot coming out with a winnning record, and that was the dominant Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons at 15-1 never felt a ounce of pressure, and it might have cost them in the playoffs. The Falcons will look to seal the Deal as they are now a season removed from their Super Bowl Loss, meaning that as long as they have this roster Super Bowl or bust. The 3 remaining teams Buccs finshed at 7-9 switched head coaches in te offseason with Dynestrio033 taking over. The Carolina Pantehrs at 5-11 had a season to forget, and was not very active in the offseaon making bargain picks in free agency, and very quiet on the trade front. Leaving us with the New Orleans Saints headed by semi New headcoach SilentClouodx who came into the league with good pedigree but as of yet has not shown everyone what he can do. Lets see if this season shows and proves for the south.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Atlanta Falcons
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Carolina Panthers
  4. New Orleans Saints

NFC East:

  • New York Giants 13-3 Coach of the Team: Active-_Shooter
  • Washington Redskins 7-9 Coach of the Team: Newmoon001
  • Dallas Cowboys 9-7 Coach of the Team: Raw_Diaw
  • Philadelphia Eagles 3-13 Coach of the Team: MelBlaze3521

      Overview: The NFC East was won by the New York Giants being the only team from the Division to make the playoffs. Headcoach Active Shooter played lights out in the playoffs but fell to the eventual Super Bowl Winning team the Seattle Seahawks. The Giants were not happy with the way their season ended and got busy making several splash signings in free agency, and even moving toward the front of the draft taking what many believe was one of the Two Best corners in the Draft. The Giants were being chased by the Dallas Cowboys last season. Coach Raw_Diaw has a team and a great team on Defense adding K.J. Wright in the offseason. They will look to close the gap on the Giants but will have to first look out for the Washington Redskins who were busy. The Redskins bolstered their offensive line trading their draft pick for Marshall Yanda a first Ballot Hall of Famer, but long in the Tooth. They also added much needed speed trading for J.J. Nelson, and were busy in free agency. This is a put up or shut up year for the Redskins, because your record says what you are, not what you think you are. The final team in the division was Melblaze and the Eagles who finished with a 3-13 with easily the best collection of talent on Madden. However throwing interceptions never goes out of style for Melblaze, and expect another season of the same thing.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New York Giants
  2. Washington Redskins
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
ESPN Off Season

ESPN Breaking News The Leagues greatest Quarterback in History Tom Brady has retired from the League. A sure fire first Ballot Hall of Famer.


        On this edition of ESPNEWS it's a Draft Day Blowout! Fortunes will be made, and Teams will rise and fall with the moves that they make here. The Denver Broncos are on the Clock as they have the Number 1 overall pick in the Draft, and the world is their oyster. Word is the Broncos have beein working out several College Quarterbacks and may select the 6'4 Strong Armed Quarterback from Notre Dame Curry Duckett. With the Draft tonight October 5th, 2018 at the stroke of Midnight it should trick or treat for some organization. 

  Free agency is also upon us with several teams backing up the brinks truck and signing players to massive deals that should reverberate throughout the league. No team were more busy than the Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and Arizona Cardinals. There are some big names in New Zip Codes which should make for some interesting match ups this up coming season. Some of the biggest names that landed in new areas were:

  • WR Emmanuel Sanders Signed by the Baltimore Ravens
  • WR Corey Coleman signed by the Cleveland Browns
  • MLB Mychal Kendricks Signed by the Detroit Lions
  • DT Tyeler Davison Signed by the Detroit Lions
  • WR Travis Benjamin Signed by the Oakland Raiders
  • SS Eric Rowe Signed by the Chicago Bears
  • WR Kelvin Benjamin Signed by the New York Giants

Just to name a few. Hundreds of Millions of dollars were spent in a span of a few Hours and that was only Round 1 of Free Agency. The Next, and final Advance will be made at 11pm EST, where I will advance twice to the start of the Draft. From there that will allow teams to make the final adjustments to their team before the Draft begins at the stroke of Midnight. 

           The Draft is nearly here and the College Players are ready to take that next step to the Pro Level. With this being one of the most Defensive oriented Drafts in history the League might be headed back toward the black and blue era. With so much riding on tonight the whole world will be watching what happens. The Denver Broncos have the top pick, and we have discussed it in detail. Lets take a look at The other top picks in the draft belong to these teams.

  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Green Bay Packers (acquired in trade)
  3. Miami Dolphins
  4. San Francisco 49ers (Niners have 3 picks in first round)
  5. San Diego Chargers
  6. Philadelphia Eagles
  7. Los Angeles Rams (acquired from Lions in trade)
  8. Houston Texans
  9. Cincinatti Bengals
  10. New York Jets

         With teams slotted to draft in their positions, and several teams making moves to get into the top 10 this should be one of the most interesting drafts in quite some time. All eyes are on Coach SplashinSimp33 who will be drafting for the first time in the NFASL

            The Draft is tonight October 5th, 2018 @ 00:00 Hour EST. The Florida is proud to send 2 players from Florida who are expected to be drafted in the top ten picks. Once again the Denver Broncos are on the clock for now but things change in an instant in the NFASL. Lets take a Look at my top 10 players in the draft.


Name Position School Height Weight
Clifton Bingham DT Oklahoma 6'3 295
Curry Duckett QB Notre Dame 6'4 225
A.J. Elliott ROLB Florida 6'2 227
E.J. Greer SS Florida 5'11 208
Isaiah Baskett DT USC 6'4 305
Damarius Jacobs CB Clemson 6'1 181
Adrian Hall CB Wisconsin 6'1 194
Shedrick Flanagan SS Miami 6'0 228
Lawrence Clements CB Alabama 6'0 212
Bryan GoLucky SS USC 6'1 221


 These 10 players are the creme of the crop in my opinion, and will make any team that selects them better for it. Look for Major Moves this draft, as there are several teams with gaping holes.  Also don't forget on this rendition of Madden they actually have a workable draft board so you do not have to be present to get the players you want in the draft. If you are unawares, I will try to explain it to you here.

  • Go to scouting in the League,
  • once you target a player that you like you have to press the (Triangle) button to add them to your draft board. *Please note it can be as many players as you want
  • Once you have added the players to your draft board, you can move them up and down based in order of priority to draft.
  • If the #1 player on your list to draft is there when your franchise comes up to bat, it will auto-draft that player for you.

 That means we no longer have to wait for a set time for the Draft which will allow us to get in a 5th season this Madden. If you have any questions please text me, and I will explain it further. All things point toward this Friday Night being a big day for the NFASL!




      Free Agency Tracker:

The place to check if you want to see what the league is doing in terms of free agency Daily! Keeps your ears posted as the Look of teams will change drastically.






Baltimore Ravens

  • Emmanuel Sanders, WR 1 year 7.45 Mil
  • Brian Orakpo, ROLB 1 Year 7.26 Mil
  • Robert Quinn, RE 3 Year 14.3 Mil

Cleveland Browns

  • Corey Coleman, WR 4 Year 68.3 Mil
  • SS Micah Hanneman, 2 year 670k
  • LOLB Jacob Pugh, 2 year 730k
  • RE Brandon Banks, 2 year 730k
  • HB Chris Warren, 2 Year 660k
  • LG Kofi Amichia, 2 Year 1.58 Mil
  • FB Algernon Brown, 2 year 950k
  • CB Marquez White, 2 Year 770k
  • HB Taquan Mizzell, 2 Year 1.42 Mil
  • P Justin Vogel, 2 Year 710k

Houston Texans

  • RT George Fant 3 year 5.49 Mil

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • CB Aarion Penton 2 year 770k
  • ROLB Richard Jarvis 2 years 660k
  • WR Bobo Wilson JR 2 years 1.17 Mil
  • SS Maurice Smith 2 Years 670k
  • LOLB Frank Ginda 2 years 1.12 Mil
  • LoLB Gimel President 2 years 1.23 Mil

Miami Dolphins

  • DT Al Woods 1 Year 4.56 Mil
  • RG J.R. Sweezy 2 Year 5.5Mil

Buffalo Bills

  • WR Malcolm Mitchell 2 Years 9 Mil
  • SS p.J. Williams 4 Year 27.8 Mil
  • SS Maurice ALexander 3 year 8.25 Mil
  • TE Geoff Swaim 4 year 16.6 Mil
  • DT Vinny Curry 3 Year 18.8 Mil

New England Patriots

  • TE Ethan Wolf 2 year 1.52 Mil
  • RT Zachary Crabtree 2 year 670k
  • TE Donnie Ernsberger 2 year 1.58 Mil
  • MLB Ben Boulware 2 Year 1.01 Mil
  • MLB Joseph Jones 2 year 1.01 Mil
  • RG Jermaine Eluemunor 2 year 1.64 Mil
  • LT David Sharpe 2 year 1.07 Mil
  • LOLB Brooks Ellis 2 year 1.23 Mil
  • MLB Ukeme Eligwe 2 year 1.32 Mil
  • HB Tion Green 2 Year 1.62 Mil

New York Jets

  • LT Jake Fisher, 2 Years 2.76 Mil

Kansas City Chiefs

  • LG Richie Incognito 1 Year 12 Mil
  • RG D.J. Fluker 4 year 23.8 Mil
  • C Mitch Morse 2 year 6.9 Mil

Oakland Raiders

  • WR De'Anthony Thomas 2 Year 7.9 Mil
  • RG Nico Siragusa 3 year 12.6 Mil
  • Te Marcedes Lewis 1 Year 2.7 Mil
  • WR Travis Benjamin 4 Year 36.2 Mil
  • FB Ricky Ortiz 3 Years 4.29 Mil
  • MLB Kevin Pierre-Louis 3 Year 6.48 Mil
  • FS Stephen Roberts 2 years 630k
  • LE Conor sheehy 2 year 700k
  • LG Aaron Evans 2 Years 1.15 Mil
  • FS Chris Cooper 2 years 630k
  • TE Dan Arnold 2 Year 1.64 Mil
  • FS Chuck Clark 2 year 820k
  • SS Mike Tyson 2 Year 740k
  • DT Rickey Hatley 2 Year 1.63 Mil
  • DT Lewis Neal 2 year 1.82 Mil

Denver Broncos

  • LG Luke Joeckel 3 year 10.4 Mil

Green Bay Packers

  • LOLB Shane Ray 4 year 35 Mil
  • CB Marcus Williams 1 Year 1.75 Mil
  • LG B.J. Finney 1 Year 3.56 Mil
  • CB Trevon Mathis 2 year 770k
  • LOLB Jeff Holland 2 year 620k
  • C Marquice Shakir 2 Year 1.53 Mil
  • DT Paul Boyette 2 Year 1.07 Mil
  • SS Demetrious Cox 2 year 670k
  • QB T.J. Barrett 2 year 2.08 Mil
  • ROLB Nigel Harris 2 Yewar 810k
  • WR Stacy Coley 2 eyar 1.58 Mil
  • HB Akrum Wadley 2 year 1.3 Mil

Chicago Bears

  • SS Eric Rowe 4 year 26 Mil

Detroit Lions

  • QB Trevor Knight 4 Year 14.8 Mil
  • RE Dion Jordan 4 Year 35.6
  • MLB Mychal Kendricks 4 Years 75.8 mil
  • DT Tyeler Davison 4 Year 63.8 Mil

Carolina Panther

  • TE Will Tye 4 Year 10.3 Mil
  • C Travis Swanson 3 year 5.25 Mil
  • QB Trevor Siemian 3 Year 13.1 Mil
  • ROLB Za'Darius Smith 3 Year 7.14 Mil
  • HB Orleans Darkwa 2 Year 7.04 Mil

Atlanta Falcons

  • WR Marvin Hall 1 Year 2 Mil
  • LT Toby Weathersby 2 year 850k
  • WR Daikiel Shorts 2 years 1.08 Mil
  • SS Quincy Mauger 2 Years 670k
  • RT Brad Seaton 2 yearsr 870k
  • RE Jeremiah Valoaga 2 Year 760k
  • LOLB Latroy Lewis 2 Eyar 1 Mil
  • TE Scott Orndoff 2 Year 1.7 Mil
  • LOLB Pita Taumopenu 2 Year 1.23 Mil
  • James Onwualu 2 Year 1.39 Mil

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • WR Chris Hogan 3 Year 22.8 Mil
  • RE Zach Moore 1 Year 770k
  • CB Pierre Desir 1 Year 2.71 Mil
  • HB George Atkinson 1 Year 770k
  • QB Garrett Gilbert 1 Year 790k

Dallas Cowboys

  • ROLB K.J. Wright 2 Year 13.3 Mil
  • TE Jared Cook 2 yeara 9.52 Mil

New York Giants

  • WR Kelvin Benjamin 4 Year 41.2 Mil
  • CB Troy Hill 1 year 1.96 Mil
  • FS Fish Smithson 2 Yeare 630k
  • HB David Williams 2 Year 660k
  • WR Keon Hatcher 2 Year 1.08 Mil
  • RG Geoff Gray 2 Year 1.57 Mil
  • QB Kyle Sloter 2 Yeare 2.08 mil
  • LT Darrell Williams 2 year 1.01 Mil
  • CB Donatello Brown 2 years 770k
  • LE Fadol Brown 2 year 700k
  • TE Keith Towbridge 2 year 1.82 Mil
  • HB Joe Williams 2 Year 1.75 Mil

Philadelphia Eagles

  • WR Rashard Matthews 4 Years 36.2 Mil
  • HB LeGarrette Blount 1 Year 4.9 Mil

Washington Redskins

  • ROLB Jermaine Grace 1 Year 1.29 Mil
  • HB Knile Davis 2 Year 2.42 Mil
  • ROLB Jerome Baker 3 year 5.37 Mil
  • HB Keith Marshall 4 year 11 Mil
  • ROLB Bud Dupree 4 Year 11.6 Mil

Arizona Cardinals

  • TE Kyle Rudolph 4 Years 32.4 Mil
  • LE Morgan Fox 4 Years 21 Mil
  • LE Isaac Rochell 2 years 4.9 mil
  • DT Davon Godchaux 4 Year 14.6 Mil
  • CB Rashard Robinson 1 Year 1.28 Mil
  • TE Jason Croom 1 Year 1.94 Mil

Seattle Seahawks

  • CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie 1 YEar 5.85 Mil
  • FS Delano Hill 2 year 1.62 Mil
  • C Cameron Tom 2 years 1.39 Mil
  • FS Marcell Harris 2 years 820k
  • HB Jarveon Williams 2 years 980k
  • ROLB David Talley 2 year 960k
  • HB Trey Edmunds 2 Years 1.3 Mil
  • WR Dylan Cantrell 2 Years 1.92 Mil
  • ROLB Jermaine Grace 2 years 1.11 Mil
  • SS Shalom Luani 2 Years 710k
  • TE Darrell Daniels 2 Years 1.87 Mil





      Retired Players:

The NFL Means not for long, and these players were able to have long careers, and some of them will surely end in Hall of Fame Jackets. 





Baltimore Ravens

  • SS Weddle, Eric
  • ROLB Suggs, Terrelle

New England Patriots

  • QB Brady, Tom

Buffalo Bills

  • RE Alexander, Lorenzo

New York Jets

  • QB McCown, Josh

Miami Dolphins

  • TE Denney, John
  • LE Wake, Cameron

Oakland Raiders

  • SS Nelson, Reggie
  • MLB Johnson, Derrick

San Diego Chargers

  • DT Mebane, Brandon

Denver Broncos

  • CB Jones, Adam
  • DT Peko, Domata

Green Bay Packers

  • CB Williams, Tramon

Chicago Bears

  • RG Evans Jahri
  • TE Miller, Zach

Atlanta Falcons

  • QB Schaub, Matt

New Orleans Saints

  • LT Bushrod, Jermon
  • WR Ginn, Tedd
  • TE Watson, Benjamin

Carolina Panthers

  • C Kalil, Ryan
  • LE Peppers, Julius

Washington Redskins

  • HB Peterson, Adrian

Philadelphia Eagles

  • LT Peters, Jason
  • HB Sproles, Darren

Seattle Seahawks

  • WR Marshall, Brandon

Los Angeles Rams

  • C Sullivan, John
  • LT Whitworth, Andrew

Sam Francisco 49ers

  • LT Staley, Joe

Arizona Cardinals

  • WR Fitzgerald, Larry
  • K Dawson, Phil


           17                       XXVI                            21

Cleveland Browns (15-1)             Seattle Seahawks (15-1)

Coach: RedskinsWAHOOOO                                Coach: Papashaga

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 211yds, 1td, 2int   R. Wilson 220yds, 1td, 5ints
  • D. Johnson 18att, 52yds, 0td  C. West 10att, 60yds, 2td

  • A. Calloway 2rec, 100yds, 1td D. Baldwin 3rec, 60yds, 1td



Super Seahawks!

           Super Bowl XXVI. Atlanta, GA. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXVI The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Cleveland Browns 21-17. Defense, and questionable playcalling was the name of the day  for this Super Bowl played before a packed Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia. The Two best teams in the league both with matching 15-1 records, squared off in the Leagues biggest game of the season. When it was all said and done it was charcandrick West taking home the games MVP, rushing 10 times for 60 yards, and two Touchdowns. The Leagues MVP however Russell Wilson had a game to forget as he had a miserable day throwing the ball. Wilson threw 5 interceptions in the win, with only 220 yards and a pedestrian 55.8 Total Quarterback Rating. Part of the Reason for that a game he'd like to forget, but can't is the Cleveland Browns Defense who harrassed him all game long sacking the Leagues MVP 5 times, and hitting him numerous times. His Favorite target all season long Doug Baldwin looked good in the game catching a long touchdown pass early in the game. Baldwin finished with 3 catches for 60 yards, and a touchdown. 

   The Cleveland Browns had complete control of the game early on at one point going upo 17 to 7 early in the 3rd quarter. That number is perplexing however if you just looked at the score, at most of their damage was done by their defense. The Browns were stuck in neutral all game long on offense with the games leading rusher Duke Johnson Jr. being held to his lowest total of the season. Johnson only rushed for 52 yards on 18 carries with zero touchdowns. With the games leading rusher being bottled up it was up to rookie sensation, number one overall draft pick, and franchise savior Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma University to win the game. However he didn't play much better than his Counterpart Russell Wilson, as Mayfield through for 211 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions. The Browns Defense came to play however as Right End Myles Garrett posted a Super Bowl record with 4 sacks. Denzel Ward, and Joe Schobert both had 2 interceptions apiece, and will be left wondering what could have been after losing. ib

The Seattle Seahawks were coached by Papashaga, one of the leagues Newest member, and now our best as he stands above all as Super Bowl Winner, and newest inductee into the Hall of Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXVI winner Coach Papashaga:


  • You won Super Bowl XXVI, what was your gameplan going in?

I noticed the Browns were the best run team in the league, so stacking the box, and forcing him to run inside was my main emphasis.


  • You fell down in the game but managed to rally back, what sparked it?

I never felt like I was out of the game. The Comeback wasn't something new. I was down double digits in every game at one point in the post season.


  • Russell Wilson had a career high 5 interceptions, and was pretty much a non factor in the game. Did you ever think about making a change?

I expected more from Russell Wilson being the leagues MVP.



  • You are the champ, and I expect teams will be guning for you even more next year, will you be looking to repeat?

Repeating isn't on my mind, getting out of my division is the first step.


  • The Floor is yours is there anything you want to say as you are the 26th team two win a Super Bowl in the NFASL?

Thanks for giving me a opportunity to play in a great League. I truly enjoyed the time I invested.



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

  Coach papashaga has shown to be a great player, and great member of the league. When I recruited him before the season he told me that he would win it all, and win it all he did. Papashaga with the Seahawks was a force to be reckoned with all season long, so him winning is no surprise to anyone. I hope he is here as a lifer, as this league is one of the worlds best. Everything may not be done the way everyone wants it from time to time, but in the end it's all about doing what's best, and with good faith. I hope as the seasons progress he realizes that the NFASL is a place you can call home. !

        The Seattle Seahawks will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXVI, On October 3rd, of our Lord 2018.  The Seattle Seahawks were 15-1, under the Tutelage of coach Papashaga, whom has hung his 1st banner, in his 1st season of the NFASL. Not many people can say that, and he should wear that mantle proudly. Once again Congratulations on your Super Bowl Victory! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!


NFASL Super Bowl XXVI Preview



            The NFASL Super Bowl is here! The 15-1 Cleveland Browns, will take on the 15-1 Seattle Seahawks. It's not every year the two best teams in both conferences make the Super Bowl, but this is one of those years. The two biggest kids on the block are destined to clash, and now in the NFASL the big dogs on the block are headed for a Showdown!  Both these teams were battled tested in the playoffs with the Browns winning their Divisional round game in a nail biter against the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-9. The Seahawks were also in a tight as a honey pot game as they took on the New York Giants and won 31-27. In the Conference game the Browns flexed their muscles and destroyed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots easily winning the game 42-14, where as the Seahawks were in for a shoot out against the Cinderella Green Bay Packers and coming away with a 38-31 win. Now both these teams find themselves in the biggest game in the world, the Super Bowl but only one can win it!  Congratulations to both these coaches, and teams. To the Victor goes the spoils!





  Cleveland Browns(15-1)              Seattle Seahawks (15-1)

    Coach: RedskinsWAHOOOO                                         Coach: Papashaga

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 3471yds, 37td, 8int R. Wilson 4241yds, 45td, 11ints
  • D. Johnson 309att, 1687, 18td R. Penny 215att, 772yds, 3td

  • J. Landry 69rec, 919yds, 9td   D. Baldwin 76rec, 1315yds, 17td


Browns Tale of the Tape Seahawks
5871 Off Total Yards  5906
4633 Def. Yards Allowed 4652
56 3rd Down Conversion % 60
60 Sacks 58
2 Fumbles Recovered 5
23 Interceptions 22


          Preview: Super Bowl, XXVI. is where the NFASL is and the two teams are the 15-1 Cleveland Browns taking on the equally dominant 15-1 Seattle Seahawks. These two teams are very evenly matched with supreme talent on both sides of the ball. The Seahawks have the leagues 4th rated offense, while the Browns have the leagues 5th. Defense is no different as only mere yardage separate these two teams. The Browns have the leagues 3rd best defense, and the Seahawks have the Leagues 4th. If you don't think this is a all time match up in the NFASL, you don't know what football is.

   These teams are constructed completely different as they approach the game in totally opposite ways. The Browns use the Groundem, and poundem approach as they have the leagues leading rusher in Duke Johnson Jr. Johnson Leads the league with a 1687 yard approach with 18 touchdowns. The Seahawks on the other hand love to sling the ball around the pitch with Russell Wilson as the leagues 7th passer in yardage at 4241, and his amazing wide receiver Doug Baldwin hauling in 76 passes for 1315 yards, and leading the league in touchdown receptions at 17.

         The Hall of Champions is the prize, with both these coaches trying to hang their first banner in the Hall of Champions forever immortalizing themselves as one of the games best.  Good Luck to you Both in Super Bowl XXVI! 

NFASL Divisional Round

The NFASL Divisonal Round is underway, and we can only hope the games were as good as the Wild Card Round that was full of excitment, and upsets. The New York Giants came from 14 points down to defeat the Chicago Bears, and the Green Bay Packers behind a Aaron Rodgers game tying touchdown defeated the Highly Favored Los Angeles Rams in overtiment. That was in the NFC, and if you thought that it was any less Wild in the AFC you would be sorely mistaken. The Jacksonville Jaguars hunted the Indianapolis Colts all season long but came up short in the regular season, but got their revenge in the Playoffs. The Oakland Raiders also played the upset game defeating the Buffalo Bills ensuring that we will have a new Hall of Champions winner this year. There will not be a back2kcab this season! The prize is there, all one has to do it is just grab it!.



 American Football Conference



  Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)           Cleveland Browns (15-1)

Preview: Cleveland, OH. The Cleveland Browns finished with the Conferences best record, now they get a chance to prove it was not a fluke. The pressure is on Head coach RedskinsWahoo as he has done everything in this league except Hang a banner. Is this the year with a young stand out Quarterback in Baker Mayfield, one of the leagues best defenses, and all the talent you can ask for. They will be taking on a upstart Jacksonville Jaguars team that might have the best Defense in the league. Couple that with a strong run game, deep threats all throughout , and you can see they can be a problem for any team that they come across. These two teams are evenly matched with  a slight edge going to the Browns playing in front of a raucous crowd who will be in full throat screaming BELIEVELAND!! 



  Oakland Raiders (10-6)               New England Patriots (14-2)


Preview: Foxborough, MA. When you have Tom Brady on one side of the field you know that points will be scored, he will sit in the pocket and pick you apart, and throws that no mortal man should throw will be done with ease. That's what the Oakland Raiders will be taking on when they take the field in this game! The Raiders were hit withg turmoil early in the season with the team sending their best player Khalil Mack to the Bears in a trade that baffled the mind. However the Raiders didn't cry in their milk, they rallied, and are now 2 games away from playing in the Super Bowl. They have already taken out the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXV winner, and will find their next AFC East opponent just as tough!



National Football Conference



  New York Giants (13-3)                   Seattle Seahawks (15-1)

Wrap Up: Seattle, WA. The Seattle Seahawks have the leagues MVP in Russell Wilson, the leagues best record at 15-1, and the pressure of being the new guy looking to make his mark in the NFASL. No problem says new head coach Papashaga who has made a mockery of the league so far, and doesn't see anything standing in his way. However when he looks across the field he will see Kyle Luetta, and the Offensive Rookie of the year in Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants explosive offense. The Giants pulled Victory from defeat against the 4 time Super Bowl winning coach JD, and now have to feel like it's their year! They will have to travel to Seattle Washington some 3000 miles away to play the game, The Giants don't care however they'd play on the surface of the sun as long as Shooters gets snacks afterwards! KYS! Lets go Seattle ! *No Bias*....



  Green Bay Packers (10-6)             Atlanta Falcons (15-1)

Preview: Atlanta, GA. The Atlanta Falcons know what defeat feels like losing in the Biggest game a season ago to the Buffalo Bills. Well with a 15-1 record, kicking down any door that stood in their way! However they have one more dooor in front of them, and this time behind it is none other than Aaron Rodgers a gun slinger in the old vein of quarterbacks. The Packer faithful will take those odds, but it's not a sure thing. Asl long as Matty Ice has Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, and one of the leagues most fearsome pass rush. This is a pickem game if there ever was one, and since I get first billing The Falcons may be too much for the Packers in this one!

NFASL Wild Card Round

The NFASL Wild Card Weekend is here! The Playoffs are underway and the Fans cannot be more excited. The Field is set with the leagues best teams making it for a chance to win Super Bowl XXVI, and to hang a banner in the prestigious Hall of Champions! In the AFC the Field of champions consists of:

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Indianapolis Colts
  4. Oakland Raiders
  5. Buffalo Bills
  6. Jacksonville Jaguars

In the NFC the Teams are :

  1. Atlanta Falcons
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. New York Giants
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Los Angeles Rams
  6. Chicago Bears

With a collection of talent like that you can see why many believe this will be the best Post Season in NFASL history. However before we start talking about Super Bowls, and banners we first have to get through the Wildcard Round. There are some great Match ups, with the Jaguars taking on their Division Rival Indianapois Colts, or Coach JD, and the Chicago Bears taking on Shooter, and the New York Giants. Without Further adieu lets take a look at the match ups.



 American Football Conference



  Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)           Indianapolis Colts (12-4)

Preview: Indianapolis, IN. The Indianapolis Colts were one of the most feared teams in football to start the season jumping out to a 8-0 start, dominating the Divison, and looking like they were on a crash course to Super Bowl XXVI. However a late season swoon, and the league figuring out how to slow down their two headed attack of Nick Hines, and Marlon Mack the Colts had to fight to make sure they made the playoffs. In the long run it could be a blessing in disguise however as they are now battle tested. Good thing, because the Jacksonville Jaguars ferocious defense will be looking to cause havoc all throughout this game. The Jaguars are made to win with arguably the best offensive line in Football, a great, possibly all time great defense, and a solid running game.  The AFC South was easily the best Division in Football, and this Match up should be one to watch! 



  Buffalo Bills (12-4)                 Oakland Raiders (10-6)


Preview: Oakland, CA. The Oakland Raiders were taken over by home town hero e30zack in the offseason, and things finally felt right in the Black Hole. The only thing that is left now is to bring home the one thing that has eluded the fan base for so long, and that is the Lombardi Trophy. They will have a hard time of it, because as of right now they are going to have to wrestle it from the Hands  of the defending Super Bowl Champions Buffalo Bills. The Bills if they want to win back to Back championships will have to do it from a Wild Card spot. No problem as the coach of the Bills Offensive Dom has been through it all, and seen it all. Look for the Bills to have a hard time howver in Oakland as these are some of the Rowdiest fans in the world!



National Football Conference



  Chicago Bears (10-6)                      New York Giants (13-3)

Wrap Up: New York, NY. The New York Football Giants ran away with the NFC East, and are now looking to make their mark in the Post season. The Giants headcoach turned to a rookies in Saquan Barkley, and Kyle Lauletta to finally bring home a Lombardi Trophy. Well they are half way home as making the playoffs is the first step to the quest. They will take on 4 time Super Bowl Winning headcoach JD, and the Chicago Bears. I can tell you right now that nobody wanted this Bears team in the Playoffs. At the start of the season it looked like it would not happen, however Mitchell Trubisky and company turned things around and went on a win streak that has got them one step closer to 5!



  Los Angeles Rams (14-2)             Green Bay Packers (10-6)

Preview: Green Bay, WI. The Green Bay Packers fought tooth and Nail to make the playoffs and for their reward they take on one of the leagues best teams, playing in it's best divison the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are road warriors after having only lost 2 games the entire season. tough break, but what can you do when their bitter rival the Seattle Seahawks only lost once. Aaron Rodgers vs Jared Goff should be worth the price of admission however,  but this game should be won in the Trenches. Can the interior of Green Bays line contend with Aaron Donald, and Ndomkung Suh who will be looking to collapse the pocket all afternoon on the Packers Quarterback. If the Packers can keep Rodgers upright they might have a shot at winning this game at home!

ESPN Match Ups Week 16


         NFL Match Up week 16

*If your has no playoff relevance it could be simmed. So quickly contact your opponent if you want to play*


       Away                               Home

(11-4) @   (13-2)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! The Patriots have won the Division, however at the time of this article they just put a creep of doubt into the mind of The Patriots head Coach ATK with a blowout victory 38-13. A Sun Tzu quote would be appropriate right now. 

 (9-5)      @          (2-12)

Preview:The Jaguars had a chance to win the Division but a loss last week to the Washington Redskins has relegated them to fighting solely for a Wild Card Spot. They should easily dispatch the Dolphins who are having a all time terrible season!

 (9-5)      @           (5-9)

Preview: THe Packers had their biggest game of the season a week ago defeating their arch rivals the Chicago Bears. They are now 1 win away from clinching the Division, lets see if they can avoid playing down to their opponents. 

 (7-7)       @           (8-6)

Preview: The Dallas Cowboys playoff chances just get a little more tough as they fell to the Indianapolis Colts last week. They now take on a Buccaneers team that looks like they have hit their stride at just the right time. The Cowboys could clinch a spot with a win here, but it will not be easy . 

 (9-5)       @           (2-12)

Preview: The Theme in week 15 was let down as the Ravens lost to the Buccaneers and will find themselves battling it out for one of the Coveted Wild Card Spots. They have a pushover opponent, but you can never count anyone as an auto win in this league. Stranger things have happened.

(8-6)       @           (3-11)

Preview: The Chicago Bears put up a Valiant effort a week ago, but came up just a bit short. THey now will take on Jimmy G, and the San Francisco 49ers who has nothing to play for but pride. THey are looking for at least a signature win to salvage at least a little something from the season. I don't expect it to be this game however!

 (13-2)       @           (8-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Cardinals have the absolute toughest schedule remaining for all the teams vying for a playoff spot. They got another dose of that schedule but fell to one of the best teams in the league 10-9. They are not out of it yet, but their chances have become grim !

 (8-6)       @           (1-13)

Preview: The Steelers are in a fight for their post season lives and could have made some hay as every team lost that they needed to lose a week ago. unfortunately so did they. they take on a 1 win Saints team who has thrown their hat in on the season.



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