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NFASL Wild Card Round

The NFASL Wild Card Weekend is here! The Playoffs are underway and the excitement has just begun! With only the Chicago Bears being the only team left who is a past super Bowl winner if the new blood can take him out there will be a new member memoralizing himself for alltime in the Hall of Champions! Add in the fact that Coach Kaliko has promised one Million Madden Ultimate Team coins to Super Bowl XXII winner things have never been more exciting!  As usual there are some great match ups with rivalries being forged from past seasons such as the Cleveland Browns, and their headcoach Redskinswahoo, taking on the Tommanowns and the Baltimore Ravens. In the NFC you have the Dallas Cowboys, and Raw_Diaw, taking on Joey Peanuts, and the Seattle Seahawks for the second year in a row, and in the Wild Card Round. Will the Cowboys smell the sweet scent of victory, or will they taste the bitterness of defeat again! More of that in the upcoming previews. The Big story this year however are the 16-0 Tennessee Titans who are a force of nature and could cement themselves as one of the greatest franchises of all time. However they have a headcoach in Hunter who has not had much post season success, so that looms large over the Franchise.



 American Football Conference



  Cleveland Browns (10-6) 31                    Baltimore Ravens (13-3) 19

Preview: Baltimore, MD. Down goes the Baltimore Ravens as the Cleveland Browns got a measure of revenge for past transgressions. The Browns made the plays down the stretch, and with the biggest play of the game coming from the right arm of Deshon Kizer! The Browns are moving on to the next round, and they will face another formidable foe in the 16-0 Tennessee Titans! 



  Jacksonvile Jaguars (11-5)                         Oakland Raiders (8-8)


Preview: Oakland, CA. The Oakland Raiders won the AFC West basically by osmosis, but that doesn't matter now as they are now in the second season. It starts anew when you hit the playoffs so the Raiders chances are just as good as the Titans. With an 8-8 record to ad insult to injury they get to play at home in what is commonly known as the Black hole! The Jackconville Jaguars should be up to the task however as they turned it on strong down the stretch in the final weeks of the season!



National Football Conference



  Minnesota Vikings (11-5) 13                Atlanta Falcons (12-4) 16

Wrap Up: Atlanta, GA. Heart break in Georgia for the Minnesota Vikings as this instant classic of the game came down to the refs. A holding call on a big 1st down gain by the vikings who was moving in to score after the Falcons put up 3 with their first possession in Overtime. That holding penalty erased a 30 yard gain, and the rest as they say was history. A sack, and two dropped passes meant that the Vikings will be wondering all offseason what could have been!


  Dallas Cowboys (14-2) 12                     Seattle Seahawks (12-4) 16

Wrap Up: Seattle, WA. This is the second time in a row that the Cowboys, and Seahawks squared off in the post season, and with similar results. Last season the Seahawks won by 3 points, and it seems as though they have just gotten a smidgeon better winning this one by 4. The Cowboys with easily one of the most dominant teams in the game has yet to hang a banner in the Hall of Champions, and another season will go by without it happening again!


How to Get the Madden Ultimate Team Coins! .

All one has to do is win the NFASL Season 1 Super Bowl XXII, and Coach Kaliko of the San Francisco 49ers will supply you with the Loot!  The heat is officially on as a Million Madden Ultimate Teams coins is nothing to shake a stick at! Good Luck to all the Participants of this Year in Madden, lets make this the Best season yet!


ESPN Breaking News The Draft is rapidly approaching us as we are headed into the NFASL Playoffs. Please Check here daily for information regarding offseason activities


         On this edition of ESPNEWS we are at the point in the season where it is imperative for you to know what our Off-season activities will be. This is where your bones are made, and franchises futures either go up, or spiral down the rabbit hole. As you can see on the top of the page the Draft will be held at a time yet to be determined, however once we get into the crux of the offseason we will be able to narrow it down.  On this rendition of Madden they actually have a workable draft board so you do not have to be present to get the players you want in the draft. If you are unawares, I will try to explain it to you here.

  • Go to scouting in the League,
  • once you target a player that you like you have to press the (Triangle) button to add them to your draft board. *Please note it can be as many players as you want
  • Once you have added the players to your draft board, you can move them up and down based in order of priority to draft.
  • If the #1 player on your list to draft is there when your franchise comes up to bat, it will auto-draft that player for you.

. That means we no longer have to wait for a set time for the Draft which will allow us to get in a 5th season this Madden. If you have any questions please text me, and I will explain it further. Lets take a look at the stages of the Off-Season after the Super Bowl, Those stages are:

  • Stage I - Sign your own players -  You will have 16 hours from the time the Super Bowl ends before we advance to this stage of the Offseason. This will be your final chance to get your Draft board set up, and to sign your own free agents.
  • Stage II - Free Agent signings - There are 3 stages to this period, and this is the first. We will be skipping this stage to expedite the Offseason.
  • Stage III - Free Agent signings, and Combine Stats - This will be your 1st of 2 chances to bid on the Players you want in the free agency Pool. This and stage 4 of the Offseason will be the only 24 hour periods off advancement.
  • Stage IV - Sign Free Agents - This will be your Final chance to bid on players in the free agency pool, so make sure you get your best bids in for the players you want. Also the Combine stats for all players will be released so this is your final chance to get your bids in.
  • Stage V - NFASL Rookie Draft - ! I hope you got your draft boards ready because the moment Free agency ends we will advance through to the draft. Whoever is online at the time will be able to participate in it. I will send a Mailer once I figure out the time however so everyone will have a chance to attend the annual Draft!
  • Stage VI - Adjust your rosters -. At the End of the Draft there is an adjust your players segment which I will skip, and head right into Regular season 2, week 1. That means make damn sure you have enough space on your team for the rookies you sign, or someone you may want to keep will be subject to being cut.


Free Agents - You may only sign 1 free agent until week 3 which will allow every single member in the league to pick up a player, instead of a few league members picking up all the best players.

Trades - You may only make 3 trades per team including Draft picks. We have gotten rid of the trade committee which means we are going back to the trade value system which can be found in the league rules section of the website. If you have are unaware of the players on the no trade list you can find them here. <--- NFC - AFC ---> Be sure to adhere to all the rules or you may find yourself on the outside looking in next season.




How to Get the Madden Ultimate Team Coins! .

All one has to do is win the NFASL Season 1 Super Bowl XXII, and Coach Kaliko of the San Francisco 49ers will supply you with the Loot!  The heat is officially on as a Million Madden Ultimate Teams coins is nothing to shake a stick at! Good Luck to all the Participants of this Year in Madden, lets make this the Best season yet!




ESPN Breaking News The Draft is rapidly approaching us as we are headed into the NFASL Playoffs. Please Check here daily for information regarding offseason activities!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS The Playoffs are nearly upon us as the long season is coming to an end! In the NFC the best team right now looks to be Either the Dallas Cowboys at 12-2, or the New York Giants also at 12-2. The Giants had a major injury with Damon Harrison being out for several weeks. That injury could not have come at a worse time, as they will need all the help they can with stopping the run. The other Teams making moves in the NFC are the Chicago Bears at 11-3, and the Atlanta Falcons also with an 11-3 record. The Minnesota Vikings are 10-4, and the Seattle Seahawks coming off of a overtime win over the Dallas Cowboys are 11-4. The Playoff seeding in the NFC as far as I can tell is this:

  • New York Giants 12-2 -Leads the The NFC East
  • Chicago Bears 11-3 - Leads the NFC North
  • Atlanta Falcons 11-3 - Leads the NFC South
  • Seattle Seahawks 11-4 - Leads the NFC West
  • Minnesota Vikings 10-4 - Wildcard
  • Arizona Cardinals 8-6 - Wildcard

     In the AFC it's going to be a Battle Royale with Cheese when these teams get into the Playoffs. Right now the Team on top of the Mountain are the undefeated Tennessee Titans with a perfect 14-0 record. They have a strangle hold on their Division, and will have homefield advantage no matter what happens in the 2 weeks. The New England Patriots have the next best record at 13-2, however a loss this week against the Buffalo Bills means that if they face the Titans it will be on the road. The Baltimore Ravens are 11-3, and with 4 super Bowl Titles under coach Tommanowns belt he should be a hard team to put out of the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars are virtual unknowns and have been dwarfed by their conference mate the Titans. The Cleveland Browns have also put together a decent season at 9-5, with the woeful NFC West sending their Division winner the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs with a losing record at 6-8. Let's take a look at the seeding as it stands right now:

  • Tennessee Titans 14-0 - Homefield advantage
  • New England Patriots 13-2 - Leads the AFC East
  • Baltimore Ravens 11-3 - Leads the AFC North
  • Oakland Raiders 6-8 - Leads the AFC West
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 11-4 - Wildcard
  • Cleveland Browns 9-5 - Wildcard

 As you can see the League is Top heavy this year, and their will be some serious match ups come playoff time. Here's hoping its a good one! Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production!!



How to Get the Madden Ultimate Team Coins! .

All one has to do is win the NFASL Season 1 Super Bowl XXII, and Coach Kaliko of the San Francisco 49ers will supply you with the Loot!  The heat is officially on as a Million Madden Ultimate Teams coins is nothing to shake a stick at! Good Luck to all the Participants of this Year in Madden, lets make this the Best season yet!



ESPN Match Ups Week 15


         NFL Match Up week 15


       Away                                        Home

(10-3) @   (9-4)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! The AFC North is once again coming down to the Wire with the Browns a game behind the Baltimore Ravens. Both these teams will be participants in the Post Season but winning the Division definitely has it's privileges .

 (3-10)      @          (3-10)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The AFC West has definitely been the most disappointing Division in the League. This Division looks like it will be won by a sub .500 team which is mind boggling to say the least!

 (5-8)      @           (1-12)

Preview:King Lye is finding things difficult with his first few games in the league. However using these last few weeks as a learning curve could be beneficial in season 2. 

 (10-3)       @           (7-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! This is pretty much put up or shut up time for the Defending Super Bowl champs Detroit Lions. At 7-6 a Loss here and a post season berth will be near impossible.

 (6-7)       @           (7-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! These two teams still have a shot at making the post season, with the Bills having the best chance right now. However the Dolphins are a prideful bunch, and if they can string 3 wins together they have a shot, and a shot is all you need .

 (2-11)       @           (5-8)

Preview: This has been the worst season on record for the once feared Carolina Panthers headman criticalnews. Hitting the reset button in the offseason will be a new experience.

 (5-8)       @           (9-4)

Preview: with a win here the Vikings should pretty much wrap up a Post season spot, and are still in contention for a Division title if the Bears slip up. 

 (3-10)       @           (2-11)

Preview: Draft picks are on the line as these two teams only have 5 wins between them. Look for both teams to try to give this game away.

 (2-11)       @           (12-1)

Preview: Rivlary Game!!!! Melblaze was on a hot streak a few weeks back, however the brakes have been applied at 100 mph and he will now be slamming into the Angry Giants at full speed after their loss to the Cowboys a week ago.

 (6-7)       @           (6-7)

Preview: Coach Dominator thinks he will be another team to rush for 200 plus yards against the Redskins. However the Skins have a secret weapon this week!!!.

 (4-9)       @           (9-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Rams pitched a shut out a week ago in what was a defensive battle against the Eagles that ended in a 6-0 score. They will look to put the clamps down on the 9-4 seahawks this week!.

 (12-1)       @           (6-7)

Preview: The AFC Looks to be the Conference that could win it all this year as they have two power house teams and the Patriots are one of them. the Steelers took a major hit to their post season hopes with a loss to the Ravens.

 (14-0)       @           (4-10)

Preview: The only undefeated team resides in Memphis, and their head coach is on a mission for a Super Bowl Title. The 49ers should do very little to stand in coach Hunters way.

 (12-1)       @           (6-7)

Preview: The Cowboys are the hottest team in the NFC as they have now won 12 games in a row, and slayed the Giants a week ago. They now look to avoid a trap game in the Blackhole.

 (10-3)       @           (6-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Buccaneers loss last week has put a major crimp into their post season plans. It's still an outside chance, and they already defeated the Falcons once in Atlanta.

 (4-9)       @           (9-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! thee Texans season is over, however when you play a Division Rival nothing is to be taken for granted. A winning culture starts with every game played.

NFASL Game of the Week 14


Game of the Week 14



   Dallas Cowboys (12-1)31                       New York Giants (12-1)24

Team Leaders:

  • D. Prescott 188yds, 1td, 1intE. Manning 120yds, 1td, 1int
  • E. Elliott 22att, 134yds, 2td  O. Darkwa 22att, 177yds, 1td
  • D. Bryant 2rec, 73yds, 1td    O. Beckham Jr. 1rec, 80yds, 1td



                 The Big D settles the Score!!

         New York, NY. In the NFASL Game of the Week 14 the Dallas Cowboys made it 12 in a row as they took out their bitter rival the New York Giants 31-24. The Giants were a game ahead of them in the standings as they took it to the Cowboys in week 1 in blowout fashion! The Cowboys then went on a tear behind the games best offensive line, and have been decimating teams ever since. The Cowboys circled week 14 on their calendars the moment they lost the opening game of the season. It was the New big 3 that got the job done as Ezekiel Elliott rushed for over 100 yards, Dez Bryant scored a Touchdown, and Dax Prescott managed the game as though he were a 5 year vet. When the smoke cleared it was the Cowboys sitting pretty, with their head coach Raw_Diaw saying "This is my Mood right here ---------->". Nothing better than victory cigar after a hard fought game.

        The Dallas Cowboys will take on the hapless Oakland Raiders in Week 15, and will look to keep the streak going. The New York Giants have just lost their perfect record and will look to get things back on track against Melblaze, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Battle in the NFC East should come down to the Wire!  Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.

Watch the Game of the Week here:


ESPN Match Up Week 14


         NFL Match Up week 14


       Away                                        Home

(12-1) @   (12-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game Week kicks off with the Biggest game of the year for both teams as the NFC's Best records are on the Line!! When things Settle the Giants could have a commanding lead, or the Cowboys just might throw a Monkey wrench into the whole program.

 (2-10)      @          (9-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! Rivalry week continue with this NFC South Match up. The Falcons have lost 2 games in a row, and have found themselves slipping down the League Standings. They have the South Wrapped up, but the Saints would like nothing more than to put another blemish on that record!

 (1-11)      @           (6-6)

Preview: The New Colts Headcoach Lye debut was not a success, and things will not get much easier as Tyrod Taylor, and the Bills still have a punchers chance at the Post Season. 

 (8-4)       @           (5-7)

Preview: The Vikings are looking for the NFC North Lead as they are a game behind the Bears. They will take on a defeated Panthers Team whose Post Season hopes have been dashed with a loss to their rival the Saints a week ago.

 (9-3)       @           (5-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! These two Chicago Natives Square off with JD, and Champagne being natural rivals. Will the Bengals be widow makers or will the Bears Maul the Tigers.

 (2-10)       @           (8-4)

Preview: The Browns still have designs on the AFC North Crown, and will need to take care of things against the 2-10 Packers. Should be easy work, as  Aaron Rodgers has been a shell of his former self.

 (3-9)       @           (4-8)

Preview: Both these teams have been a disappointment with none bigger than the Niners who has lost to both Melblaze, and Braff.. The season was over before it began. 

 (9-4)       @           (9-4)

Preview: These two teams are preparing for deep playoff runs and quite possibly Super Bowl Bids. Look for this game to be played at a high level.

 (5-7)       @           (3-9)

Preview: Rivlary Game!!!! the Chiefs got themselves a huge win a week ago, and still has more than a good chance at winning this division even though he joined the league 2 weeks ago.

 (6-6)       @           (6-6)

Preview: Two teams going in the opposite direction, but both teams vying for a coveted Wild Card Spot. Look for this game to be won by the team which makes the least amount of mistakes .

 (12-0)       @           (6-6)

Preview: The Cardinals get a shock a week ago with a divisional loss to the Rams, and that was supposed to be the Easy game. This week they face Demarco Murray, and the undefeated Tennessee Titans!.

 (3-9)       @           (4-8)

Preview: The Jets have not thrown in the towel on the season, however the same cannot be said for one of the Leagues Bad Guys Kameron. Look for the Jets to win this game easily.

 (5-7)       @           (3-9)

Preview: The Washington Redskins have failed to make the playoffs , and are 2 games below .500  They will look for a modicum of respect as they travel to Los Angeles to take on the Chargers.

 (2-10)       @           (3-9)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! the unconventional Rivalry that these two owners have developed has been the stuff of Legends. However this game sees both teams with their stock on the rise, so this should be a good one.

 (9-3)       @           (6-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Steelers shocked the Ravens the last time these two teams played, and that was in Baltimore!! At home with the Steeler faithful waving their Terrible towels look for a clean sweep.

 (11-1)       @           (6-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! the Patriots have wrapped up the NFC East, but still find the Dolphins in their wake. The Dolphins are a prideful team, and will not lay down for anyone.

ESPN Match Up Week 13


         NFL Match Up week 13


       Away                                        Home

(1-10) @   (8-3)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! Debut Game for Kinglye2323 and it just so happens to be a Divisional Game. Welcome to the League, and Good Luck.

 (5-6)      @          (10-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Last time these two teams met the Cowboys ran through the Redskins like a hot knife through butter. Don't look for anything to change as the Redskins have the leagues worst rushing defense!

 (6-5)      @           (8-3)

Preview: This is as close as you can get to a must win for the Detroit Lions as they are desperately trying to make the playoffs. With both the Vikings, and Bears catching fire the Lions can ill afford a loss here. 

 (10-1)       @           (6-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Patriots look to be unstoppable, and the first time they played the Bills it was no contest. Well the Bills have won 3 in a row, and are out for revenge.

 (3-8)       @           (8-3)

Preview: The Bears have quietly won 5 games in a row, and the Niners have lost 5 in a row....Expect that trend to stay the same. Bears win in a rout.

 (5-6)       @           (2-9)

Preview: The Buccaneers had a huge win a week ago and will look to back it up in Lambeau. No Easy task but if they can limit the mistakes they should win it easily.

 (5-6)       @           (1-10)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Panthers are still in the Hunt but can ill afford any more losses this season. The Saints are in double digit losses so the Draft is their concern now. 

 (4-7)       @           (5-6)

Preview: Coach Hitskah and the Dolphins started the season strong but has since faded. The AFC is wide open however and if he can string a few wins together it's not too late.

 (2-9)       @           (3-8)

Preview: Coach Dino represented himself well in his opening game a week ago, however there are no moral victories in Football. Either you win or you don't.

 (4-7)       @           (11-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Texans shocked the Football world by defeating the Ravens last week, and will look to do the same against their rival the undefeated Tennessee Titans .

 (7-4)       @           (3-8)

Preview: The Browns are on the Heels of the Ravens in the North, and can ill afford a slip up against the 3-8 Chargers. The Chargers still have a shot at winning the West, so a home win would be huge.

 (11-0)       @           (5-6)

Preview: The Giants are stil perfect, and will travel to Oakland to take on the Raiders. at 5-6 the Raiders just might be in the Lead in the Division by some miracle. One of these weeks the Raiders wil get it together, but likely not this one.

 (5-6)       @           (5-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! the Steelers were down 21-0 in the 1st qtr a week ago, however pulled victory from the Jaws of defeat. Winning the North for either one of these teams is out of he realm, but a WildCard can still be had.

NFASL Game of the Week 12


Game of the Week 12



   Miami Dolphins (7-2)00                                  New England Patriots (7-3)38

Team Leaders:

  • R. Tannehill 76yds, 0td, 6intT. Brady 212yds, 4td, 0int
  • J. Ajayi 3att, 25yds, 0td       J. White 10att, 55yds, 1td
  • K. Stills 3rec, 43yds, 0td     B. Cooks 4rec, 113yds, 1td



                 The Patriot Way!!!!!

             Foxborough, Ma. In the NFASL Game of the Week 12 the New England Patriots flexed their Muscles defeating the Miami Dolphins 38-0 The Patriots have a strangle hold on the Division with them having a 5 game lead over the Dolphins, and a 4 game lead over their next closest competitor the Buffalo Bills. The Patriots offense as always came to play, but not many expexcted the Defense to pitch a shut out. The Patriots held the Dolphins to less than a 100 yards passing, and rushing. Bad News for the Dolphins whose Season started so positively could find themselves out of the playoffs if they don't get things going soon. The Patriots were led by all World Quarterback Tom Brady who threw for 4 touchdowns in the win, with his Favorite Target being Newly acquired in the Offseason Brandin Cooks. Cooks speed adds an element this offense sorely needed and now jut might be imposible to defeat. Look for the Patriots and their Coach ATK to look to hang a banner in the Hall of Champions this Season.

      Next up for the New England Patriots are the suddenly surging, 3 win in a row Buffalo Bills who are scrambling to make the Playoffs. The Dolphins who need every game from this point out will play the Denver Broncos and their coach kameron. Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.




ESPN Breaking News The NFASL is nearing the end of the season. That means trades will be cranking up for season 2. The No Trade list is upcoming, so check back in the coming days.


        On this edition of ESPNEWS We will Discuss the state of the league as there have been a few changes to the league Settings. The League is always a work in progress especially with each rendition of Madden Football. Guess what, Madden 18 is no different. I have made several adjustments to the playstyle the first starting with time. With Nearly 99% carry over rate I thought it was time to up the minutes from 9, to 10 to give us more time to institute our X's and O's. However this Madden is no different, as only a few plays are useful, and defenses to include entire playsets are useless. That Means the games have become mundane, and either you have the horses to get the job done or you don't. That means moving the minutes has been a mistake, and one that I have rectified. The Second change has been to Interception rating. I took at a look at the league stats, and the interceptions are in the hundreds, 634 to be exact in week 12..... With the Change in Madden, and Pass Defense reaction time being good this year the Interceptions became unrealistic. The rememdy was to scale Back the Interception rating from 50, to 39. 39 is the number we always have played on in past Maddens, so you should be used to it.

AFC Non-Tradeable Players List ------>

NFC Non-Tradeable Players List ------>



Off Season Plans:

  • Sign your own Free Agent Period will only be 15 hours. (Sign your free agents now, do not wait or you may miss out).
  • Free agency period #1 will be skipped
  • Free agency Period #2 will be 24 hours
  • Free agency Period #3 will be 24 hours
  • The Rookie Draft will begin 30 Mins after free agency Period. (That means please set your Draft board as we will not be waiting for Sunday night, 8pm est as we no longer need to. Once again the onus is on you to square your draft board away, we will not wait).
  • If a team owes you draft picks please be sure to submit the trade



Don't Forget the Million Coin Giveaway goes to the NFASL Super Bowl winner courtesy of Coach Kaliko!


NFASL Season 1 Official Power Rankings




  • 32  (1-9)[Strk-L9] This spot usually reserved for the Rams, or Eagles is now occupied by the Colts. However With Goldpwn taking over the coaching duties  I highly expect things to turn around, of course after dinner......
  • 31  (2-9)[Strk-L7] Bad time to take over a team which is Power Rankings Week. Especially when you are cleaning up the mess that Mrt made. Mrt has gone missing, and It would be National News if he were a 12 year old girl, and was black!
  • 30  (1-9)[Strk-L6] The Saints have been known to wear bags on their heads. This is the first time however they filled them with poo before putting them on....
  • 29  (3-9)[StrkW2] Coach Itzbraff is so inaccurate with the Ball that when he passes the salt at Dinner it's intercepted.
  • 28  (3-7)[Strk-L3] The Chargers have about as much juice in them as a prune. Watching them however produces the same results!
  • 27  (2-9)[Strk-L4] Jade Tiger is so incognito, that if you put him in a line up not even his mother could pick him out.... 
  • 26  (3-8)[Strk-L1] Things are not going smoothly in Gotham City as the Jets have gotten off to a rocky start. At 3-8 and the season all but over the Draft is all they can look forward to! 
  • 25  (3-8)[Strk-L5] Kaliko has lost to both Melblaze, and Braff in the same calendar year... Let me say it one more time for Emphasis. Kaliko has lost to Melblaze, and Braff in the Same calendar year.......
  • 24  (4-7)[Strk-W1]  Coach DjJerryJay and the Texans have been anything but good this season. Howeer with a huge win over the Ravens could this be the start of something new?
  • 23  (4-6)[Strk-L2] In the Depths of space a black hole is Swallowing the Milky Way galaxy, and one day it will obliterate everything we know. In Oakland the Black hole is Porcelain, and drains Counter Clockwise.......
  • 22  (4-6)[Strk-W3] Coach Kameron has so many personalities that when he sings it sounds like a Choir........
  • 21  (2-8)[Strk-L2] No your eyes are not deceiving you. Melblaze is #21 on the Power rankings......The only thing more surprising would be if Aliens landed on the White House Lawn.
  • 20  (5-6)[Strk-L1] As Always if you're in the Woods and you see Moon figthing a Bear, don't help Moon Help the Bear!!!! I will Be Back!!!!
  • 19  (5-5)[Strk-W1] the Vikings battle ship is sinking! It's sinking right into a pool of Bong Water! #notlegalyet!
  • 18  (5-5)[Strk-W1] The Inventor of Clamps Defense has given up 313 points this year! The only place you'd score easier is in a 5 dollar whore house with a 100 dollar bill!!
  • 17  (5-5)[Strk-W1] These broncos are middle of the road, and about as exciting to.........!
  • 16  (4-6)[Strk-W1] Coach Kameron days of dominace are behind him, but of course many sessions in front of a therapist are ahead of him......
  • 15  (4-6)[Strk-L2] The Dallas Cowboys have every single thing you need to win Multiple Championships except a Capable User! #shots Fired!!
  • 14  (5-6)[Str-L1] Coach DjJerryJay has the best name in all of the NFASL, and one of the best teams. a .500 record just isn't getting it done!
  • 13  (6-5)[Strk-L1] The Green Bay Packers are peaking at just the right time! Winners of three in a row, and doing the impossible beating moon a week before the power rankings have not gone unnoticed!
  • 12  (6-5)[Strk-W3] 2 losses in a row for the 2 time defending Champ!!! It's only a matter of time before he gives someone his address to meet them to fight!
  • 11  (7-4)[Strk-W1] If I were in a room with Joey Peanuts, and Adolph Hitler, and I had a gun with 2 bullets in it, I would shoot Joey Bockus twice!
  • 10  (8-3)[Strk-L1] I really thought that sweet nectar Tomman somehow miraculously got ahold of would mean an O-fer season. well he did start 0-4, so I'm guessing that girl he was bumping uglies with woke up from her coma.......!
  • 09  (7-4)[Strk-W2] Coach Hunter scrambles soo much that Marcus Mariota has signal lights embedded into his Jersey.......
  • 08  (9-3)[Strk-L2] Don't look now the Falcons are atop the NFC South. Winners of three in a row is this the season that we finally see the Falcons in the playoff.
  • 07  (8-4)[Strk-W3] The Vikings have everything they need to make a run at a Super Bowl. One play on Defense.....
  • 06  (8-3)[Strk-W1] At #7 in the Power Rankings the Raiders are in striking position. They have one task, and that's win it all this year!
  • 05  (8-3)[Strk-W5] The Bears are #5 in the Power Rankings    !
  • 04  (10-1)[Strk-W4] The Patriots can't be stopped as they do everything Overboard. Including their Headcoach who didn't stop at 1 part in his hair, he added a second, and a third!
  • 03  (9-1)[Strk-W9]  The Cowboys O-line Blocks so well that President Donald Trump is thinking of Putting them on the Mexican Border.....
  • 02  (11-0)[Strk-W11] I was This close to putting the Giants in the #1 spot.....Alas I could not do it, because I know that when the Playoffs roll around the Giants will Fold Faster than a Lawn chair!
  • 01  (10-0)[Strk-W10] Queue up the trap music!! Coach Hunter is #1 in the Power Rankings! Does me proud to see Hunter grow up from a little kid Ginger with no soul, to now a Teenager with no soul......  Congratulations on your #1 Spot!!!!
The NFC Non-Tradeable List Madden 18


 These are the list of players that cannot be traded from particular franchises. The purpose of this list is to ensure the integrity of the league, because I have learned over trial and error some league members can not help themselves when it comes to trades. Please be sure to adhere to the list before attempting to make a trade. This is a salary cap league, so making trades, then undoing trades can reek havoc on your ability to function moving forward. Also any player on this list may not be released, however the caveat is that if a players is on their last year of their contract you may trade them. *Tomman Owns, came up with this list. If you have a problem with a player on the No trade list make your case with him. Until I hear otherwise, this list is Ironclad*

*This is for Madden 17*


 National Football Conference




Chicago Bears:

  • HB Jordan Howard
  • LE Pernell McPhee
  • DT Akiem Hicks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • WR Mike Evans
  • DT Gerald McCoy
  • ROLB Lavonte David
  • QB Jameis Winston

Arizona Cardinals:

  • CB Patrick Peterson
  • HB David Johnson
  • RE Chandler Jones

Dallas Cowboys:

  • WR Dez Bryant
  • QB Dak Prescott
  • HB Ezekiel Elliott

Philadelphia Eagles:

  • TE Zach Ertz
  • LOLB Nigel Bradham
  • DT Fletcher Cox
  • ROLB Brandon Graham
  • MLB Mychal Kendricks
  • QB Carson Wentz

Atlanta Falcons:

  • WR Julio Jones
  • CB Desmond Trufant
  • RE Vic Beasley Jr.
  • HB Devont’a Freeman

San Francisco 49ers:

  • MLB Navorro Bowman

New York Giants:

  • WR Odell Beckham Jr.
  • RE Jason Pierre-Paul
  • FS Landon Collins
  • CB Janoris Jenkins
  • LE Olivier Vernon

Detroit Lions:

  • QB Matthew Stafford
  • WR Golden Tate
  • CB Darius Slay
  • RE Ziggy Ansah

Green Bay Packers:

  • WR Randall Cobb
  • RE Mike Daniels
  • ROLB Nick Perry

Carolina Panthers:

  • QB Cam Newton
  • WR Kelvin Benjamin
  • MLB Luke Keuchly
  • DT Kawann Short
  • ROLB Shaq Thompson

Los Angeles Rams:

  • DT Aaron Donald
  • WR Sammy Watkins
  • HB Todd Gurley II

New Orleans Saints:

  • RE Cameron Jordan
  • HB Mark Ingram

Seattle Seahawks:

  • FS Earl Thomas III
  • CB Richard Sherman
  • QB Russell Wilson
  • SS Kam Chancellor
  • MLB Bobby Wagner
  • LOLB K.J. Wright
  • WR Doug Baldwin
  • RE Sheldon Richardson

Minnesota Vikings:

  • DT Linval Joseph
  • FS Harrison Smith
  • TE Kyle Rudolph
  • LOLB Anthony Barr
  • CB Xavier Rhodes
  • WR Stephon Diggs
  • RE Everson Griffen
  • LE Danielle Hunter
The AFC Non-Tradeable List Madden 18

 These are the list of players that cannot be traded from particular franchises. The purpose of this list is to ensure the integrity of the league, because I have learned over trial and error some league members can not help themselves when it comes to trades. Please be sure to adhere to the list before attempting to make a trade. This is a salary cap league, so making trades, then undoing trades can reek havoc on your ability to function moving forward. Also any player on this list may not be released, however the caveat is that if a player is on the last year of their contract you made trade them. *Tommanowns came up with this list. if you have a problem with a player on the No Trade List  make your case with him. Until I hear otherwise this list is Ironclad*

*This is for Madden 18*


 American Football Conference



Cincinatti Bengals:

  • WR A.J. Green
  • DT Geno Atkins
  • TE Tyler Eifert
  • LE Carlos Dunlap
  • OLB Vontaze Burfict

Buffalo Bills:

  • HB LeSean McCoy
  • TE Charles Clay
  • CB Tre’Davious White

Denver Broncos:

  • LOLB Von Miller
  • CB Chris Harris Jr.
  • WR Demariyus Thomas
  • MLB Brandon Marshall
  • HB CJ Anderson

Cleveland Browns:

  • HB Isaiah Crowell
  • TE David Njoku
  • RE Myles Garrett
  • LOLB Jamie Collins Sr.

Los Angeles Chargers:

  • WR Keenan Allen
  • HB Melvin Gordon
  • TE Hunter Henry
  • LE Joey Bosa
  • RE Melvin Ingram

Kansas City Chiefs:

  • LOLB Justin Houston
  • SS Eric Berry
  • WR Tyreek Hill
  • TE Travis Kelce
  • CB Marcus Peters

Indianapolis Colts:

  • QB Andrew Luck
  • WR T.Y. Hilton
  • CB Vonte Davis

Miami Dolphins:

  • SS Reshad Jones
  • HB Jay Ajayi
  • WR Jarvis Landry

Jacksonville Jaguars:

  • HB Leonard Fournette
  • WR Allen Robinson
  • CB AJ Bouye
  • CB Jalen Ramsey

New York Jets:

  • LE Leonard Williams

New England Patriots:

  • TE Rob Gronkowski
  • ROLB Dont’a Hightower
  • WR Brandin Cooks
  • CB Malcolm Butler

Oakland Raiders:

  • QB Derek Carr
  • ROLB Khalil Mack
  • WR Amari Cooper

Baltimore Ravens:

  • MLB C.J. Mosley
  • CB Jimmy Smith
  • K Justin Tucker

Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • HB Le’veon Bell
  • WR Antonio Brown
  • MLB Ryan Shazier

Houston Texans:

  • LE J.J. Watt
  • RE Jadaveon Clowney
  • HB Lamar Miller
  • WR De’Andre Hopkins

Tennessee Titans:

  • HB DeMarco Murray
  • RE Jurrell Casey
  • CB Logan Ryan
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