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NFASL Super Bowl XXI Season 4


           23                       XXI                            17

Detroit Lions (15-1)                 Buffalo Bills (13-3)

Coach: Nickcena88                                   Coach: Offensivedom

Team Leaders:

  • M. Stafford 240yds, 1td, 1intT. Taylor 195yds, 1td, 4ints
  • T. Gurley II 13tt, 28yds, 0td  D. Wadsworth 10att, 38yds, 0td

  • T. Lindsay 6rec, 89yds, 0td   C. Core 3rec, 78yds, 1td



                    King of the Jungle!

           Super Bowl XXI. Miami Fl. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXI The Detroit Lions incredible run ended with a Super Bowl Title defeating the Buffalo Bills 23-17 in Overtime! The Coach of the Lions was a relatively new owner in NickCena88 who joined the league around the ending stages of last Season. Being new makes his season that even more special as he not only joined the NFASL he also joined the NFC North with some of the toughest teams in the League there. It did not matter however as the Lions finished the regular season with a 15-1 record sweeping the North. He also avenged his only loss of the Regular season by ending the Playoff run of the Washington Redskins. This Lions team will go down as an all time great as they took on all comers, and when the Smoke cleared it was the Lions Roaring and will be hanging their first and Only Banner in the Hall of Champions! 20 Seasons have come and gone and the Lions were no closer than we are to the Moon of hanging a Banner. Well that is no longer the case as they are forever immortalized.

        The Lions Dominated this game from the start of the 1st quarter to the beginning of the 4th quarter when things took a turn in favor of the Buffalo Bills. I had already started developing headlines for the Lions imminent Super Bowl Victory however jumping to conclusions before the game was over turned out to be a mistake. The After literally holding the Bills to zero points for the first three quarters the Lions Defense fell apart allowing the Bills to score 17 unanswered. Those 17 unanswered points allowed the Bills to force the game into overtime. Once they were in overtime all bets were off as the Bills won the toss and received first. I can tell you from first hand experience that I thought for certain that the Bills would go down the field and score the game winning Touchdown and finishing the greatest comeback in NFASL Super Bowl history. Like I said earlier however the best plaid plans don't always work out the way you want them to. This time however it wasn't fate that intervened it was MLB Tahir Whitehead making one of the biggest plays in Super Bowl history! Whitehead was johnny on the spot as D. Wadsworth the Bills Running back began a run toward the sideline on a Motion play. Whiteheads gameplanning paid off as he followed that back toward the sideline, and jumped the route before anyone on the Lions knew what happened. Not only did he read the play like a boook, but he made it intercepting Tyrod Taylor for the second time in the game and high stepping into the Endzone to win Super Bowl XXI!

         Tahir Whitehead was named MVP of Super Bowl XXI and the Lions are world Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXI, and 1st time winner Coach NickCena88!:


  • You Just won Super Bowl XXI! Howe does it feel?

It's a huge relief, that 4th quarter of 8 minutes felt like a whole other game.... I felt I outplayed them at every facet but we came out of the 4th quarter tied. Just glad i faced adversity head on and made the play to win in Overtime.



  • You're new to the League, not much is known about you. Did you expect these results?

I honestly expected a result like this. Coming in it was Super Bowl or Bust. Not just getting to the dance, winning it all to. The First game i ever played in the league was agianst the Bills, and we said we'd both meet in the Super Bowl next Year, fitting it ended this way.



  • What was your gameplan coming into the Season?

Coming into the season I knew I had my work cut out for me, the Squad needed a lot of work. my first priority was to get pass rush, hence signing Calais Campbell, and Drafting London Slaughter. After that just had to plat to my teams strengths.



  • With it being the 4th and final season there will be naysayers. They will say asterisk! what do you say to that?

I'd Say this is legitimate as it gets, the great players in this league will always be great and make it to the big games. But I'll be around for Madden 18 to prove them wrong.


  • You're the Champ! Do you have any words for the division, or the resot of the league going forward into Madden 18?

I respect this League and the Players in it . I had many great Battles, and classics. I'm looking forward to Madden 18. However..... you best pray i'm not in your Divsion!



                   There you have it Folks. Coach NickCena88 called out the League for next Madden, and the Lions will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions before the Start of Next Madden. The Lions were 15-1 and won the Super Bowl to Boot! None can say that they are not one of the all time greatest teams in NFASL history. I will say however we have seen it before that new owners are able to win but not keep it up as the league catches up with you. Will this Lions team be different. Only the Future knows what's in store and all we can do is witness. Once again congratulations Nickcena88, and the Detroit Lions for your Super Bowl XXI win! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!



NFASL Super Bowl XXI Preview



            The NFASL Super Bowl is here! The 15-1 Detroit Lions will take on the Equally as potent 13-3 Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXI. These were two of the best teams in their respective Conferences with the Lions having the Leagues best record. It's no Surprise to see these two teams here after such a dominant regular season. With the Bills defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game we will have a new Super Bowl Champion. We will also hang a new banner in the Hall of Champions as both these owners will have won their first Super Bowl in the NFASL. The Game should tip off at approximatel 11:00am EST so make sure you are ready to sit back and watch these two Titans square off!  Congratulations to both these coaches, and teams. To the Victor goes the spoils!





  Detroit Lions (15-1)            Buffalo Bills (13-3)

    Coach: NickCena88                                               Coach: OffensiveDom

Team Leaders:

  • M. Stafford 4439yds, 26td, 14int T. Taylor 3800yds, 29td, 14ints
  • T. Gurley II 259att, 1329, 21td    D. Wadsworth 266att, 1174yds, 12td

  • B. Lindsay 85rec, 1190yds, 6td  S. Watkins 71rec, 1138yds, 10td


Lions Tale of the Tape Bills
5378 Off Total Yards  5603
4775 Def. Yards Allowed 3931
52 3rd Down Conversion % 55
49 Sacks 64
6 Fumbles Recovered 15
31 Interceptions 28


          Preview: Super Bowl, XXI. is where the NFASL is and the two teams are the 15-1 Detroit Lions taking on the 13-3 Buffalo Bills. These two teams are very evenly matched with supreme talent on both sides of the ball. The Bills have a perennial MVP Candidate in Tyrod Taylor whereas the Lions have gunslinger Matthew Stafford behind center. in the Tale of the tape not many yards separate the two teams except in one thing where the Bills led the league in Sacks with a mind numbing 64. they will need plenty of hits on the Quarterback as that will be the only way to slow down this high powered Lions offense. The Lions are not a one hit wonder however as there defense has shown up all season long.

              The Bills and Lions should make for a hell of a game and both these teams will look to break the tie as the conferences are tied with 10 Banners apiece hanging in the Hall of Champions. The Conference that hangs the 21st will have a long offseason to poke their chest out as this is the 4th and Final Season in this Rendition of Madden. With 3 Super Bowls already won 2 by the Chicago Bears, and one by the Baltimore Ravens which team will forever be remembered as a champion? The Pressure is on as this is the biggest game of the Season and the entire world will be watching.

      The Hall of Champions is the prize, with the Coaches trying to hang their First banner in the Hall of Champions forever being known as Champion! Good Luck to you Both in Super Bowl XVIII! 

NFASL AFC/NFC title Game Preview

     The NFASL AFC Championship Match is set, which means we are one games away from Super Bowl XXI! Which of these remaining four teams will be the one to hang the twenty first banner in the Hall of Champions and break the 10 all tie between the two conferences. The Baltimore Ravens are the Defending Champions and look like they are primed and ready to go back to back. However the Buffalo Bills are standing in their way. The Ravens and Bills played in the regular season and it was an instant classic with the Bills coming away with the win in the final moments. They also played in the first round of the Playoffs a year ago in which the Ravens barely pulled out the Victory. Blake Bortles of the Baltimore Ravens was the Leagues MVP, and will look to cement himself as one of the games best. The only way to do that is to win in the big games. Well whoever wins this one is headed to the Super Bowl so it doesn't get much bigger than this!  

            Over in the NFC the stars the Detroit Lions and their New Head Coach Nick Cena88 posted a 15-1 record on the Season and are hands down the Favorite to win Super Bowl XXI. They first have to take on the Coach Newmoon and the Washington Redskins and their dynamic Receiver Kevin Holecek. The Redskins played the Lions early in the Year and was the only team to be able to put that one blemish on the record of the Lions. The Lions will be looking for revenge as Todd Gurley II, and Matthew Stafford both had amazing seasons, and they would like nothing more than to avenge that earlier loss. Both These teams are built for success, let's see which one will get to the finish line first!



American Football Conference



  Baltimore Ravens (13-3)                    Buffalo Bills (13-3)

Coach: Tommanowns                               Coach: OffensiveDom

Team Leaders:

  • B. Bortles 4667yds, 41td, 21int   T. Taylor 3800yds, 29td, 14ints
  • D. Murray 254att, 836yds, 8td     D.  Wadsworth 266att, 1174yds, 12td

  • B. Perriman 91rec, 1722yds, 22tdS. Watkins 71rec, 1138yds, 10td


Ravens Tale of the Tape Bills
6045 Off Total Yards  5603
4617 Def. Yards Allowed 3931
57 3rd Down Conversion % 55
38 Sacks 64
10 Fumbles Recovered 15
28 Interceptions 28


Preview: Buffalo, NY.  The Two teams playing for a chance at immortality are not Divisional Rivals but definitely Rivals none the less. when these two teams get together the games always come down to the wire, and a big play made by either team seals the game. Last Years Eric Weddle interception in the Endzone was one of the biggest plays in the history of the League. Well we get to see it all over again as it will be the Leagues MVP Blake Bortles squaring off against Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills. If you look at the Tale of the tape you can see these two teams are even in almost everything and we should be in store for a all time great Match up!


National Football Conference



  Washington Redskins (13-3)              Detroit Lions (15-1)

Coach: Newmoon001                               Coach: NickCena88

Team Leaders:

  • K. Cousins 3829yds, 32td, 16int M. Stafford 4439yds, 26td, 14ints
  • D. Samuel 315att, 1446yds,16td T. Gurley II.259att, 1329yds, 21td

  • K. Holecek 64rec, 1880yds, 21td B. Lindsay 85rec, 1190yds, 6td


Redskins Tale of the Tape Lions
5499 Off Total Yards  5378
5295 Def. Yards Allowed 4775
48 3rd Down Conversion % 52
38 Sacks 49
6 Fumbles Recovered 6
36 Interceptions 31


Preview: Detroit, MI. The NFC Championship game will see two teams who played each other earlier in the season one in which the Redskins walked away with the win. However this Lions teams looks to be battle hardened and pulled out a tough game in the Divisional Round vs the Panthers. The Lions were 15-1 and had the best record in the entire league. Winnning the Super Bowl would make this Lions team one of the greatest in History. They Swept the NFC North which is no easy feat as the Bears, and Vikings play there. Their opponent will be none other than Coach Newmoon and the Washington Redskins. A team that was once feared in the NFASL has now become nothing more than an afterthought. Coach Moon has openly stated that the times for games is over! Coaches Shooter, and Raw were the first to find out, and in the Playoffs the Poser Joey was next! The Skins are on a mission, and only hanging another Banner in the Hall of Champions will mean success!!

NFASL Divisional Round

     The NFASL Divisional Round of the Playoffs are here! Things pretty much went as planned in the Wild Card Round as there were no big upsets. The Carolina Panthers however did defeat their bitter rival the New Orleans Saints behind Luke Kuechlys Game changing interceptions late in the 4th quarter. However it is hard pressed to call that game an upset as they are division rivals, and split the season series. Also in the NFC the Seattle Seahawks dispatched the Dallas Cowboys on a game winning Field goal late in the 4th quarter. The Pundits will be debating for years if the Cowboys planned on trying that fake Field Goal, or did their coach just have a mental Lapse.

       In the AFC it was the Defending Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens Defense that held the High Scoring offense of the Tennessee Titans to just 10 points. The Titans head coach in their news Conference stated that they over thought and had the worst game of the season. The final game of the Wild Card weekend saw the San Diego Chargers up end the Pittsburgh Steelers however the Chargers did not play well even in a win, which most likely will spell Doom in the Divisional round. In any regard Lets take a look at the Divisional Round Match Ups!



 American Football Conference



  San Diego Chargers (9-7)       Buffalo Bills (13-3)

Preview:Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo Bills are one step closer to finishing what they started a year ago as they easily defeated the Chargers 30-3. The Bills were losers of Super Bowl XX, and their coach Offensive Dom vowed to return to the the big show and get the Job Done! the first round bye did the team some good as they were the more fresh team from the start to finish of the game. The Chargers struggled in their win over the Pittsburgh Steelers and not many game them a chance in this match up and it looked like they were right. The Bills Defense held the Chargers to their lowest scoring output of the Season and the Chargers are once again the Bridesmaid, but not the Bride!



  Baltimore Ravens (13-3)         Cleveland Browns (14-2)

Preview: Cleveland, OH. The Cleveland Browns will have a tough task in front of them as they will be taking on the Defending Super Bowl Champs. The Browns a year ago had the Ravens on the ropes but some inexplicable playcalling down the stretch gave the Ravens a chance and the rest as they say is history. These two division rivals will be locked in a duel for the third time this season, but this time the loser goes home wondering what could have been.  Will it be the New face of the NFL Tony Amaya, or the Leagues MVP Blake Bortles at the end of the match up headed to the AFC Championship game? Only one way to tell and that is to play the game! Good Luck to both of these Coaches, and teams!



National Football Conference



  Seattle Seahawks (12-4)     Washington Redskins (13-3)

Preview: Landover, MD. FedEx Field will be the scene for these two bitter rivals Joey Peanuts Bockus vs Newmoon aka the Pussy whisperer...... This rivalry was forged on the pitch of Fifa in 2015, and the battle still rages to this day. Coach Jockus Loves Cockus had the last laugh last year eliminating coach Moon from the playoffs but now the stars have alligned and the much better looking, and 100 times cooler Moon will have an opportunity at revenge! The Starks vs the Lannisters, the Hatfield Vs the McCoys, hell the Palestinians vs the Jews will look like a playground fight when the Redskins slaughter the Seahawks of Seattle! be there at 330pm est on February 22nd 2017 for Josephs execution!!!




Carolina Panthers (10-6)            Detroit Lions (15-1)

Preview: Detroit, MI. The Detroit Lions seemingly came out of no where to @!$%# slap the entire NFC North easily dispatching the fraud Vikings, and the the asterisks filled Chicago Bears sweeping the North. The Lions then went on to ratte off 15 more wins only losing 1 game on the season. They now find themselves playing in the post season against one of the leagues best coaches Ice Cube and the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers already made sinners out of the Saints, and they will be looking to skin these Lions. It won't be an easy feat as the Lions look like they are legit, and are the favorite to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XXI. However winning in the playoffs is a completely different experience than winning in the regular season. Lets see if the moment is too big for the Coach Nickcena and the Lions Franchise!

NFASL Wild Card Weekend

The NFASL Wild Card Weekend is here! The Playoffs are underway and this being the Final Season in Madden 17 and with Super Bowl XXI on the line things could get interesting. The Defending Super Bowl Champs Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens have already taken care of business in the Wild Card Round dispatching somewhat easily the Tennessee Titans. That Means the in order for a team to win taking on the Ravens will be no easy feat.  The Others team that are in Wild Card Match ups are the San Diego Chargers who took on and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over in the NFC it was Joey Peanuts, and the Seattle Seahawks hanging on to win vs against Coach Raw, and the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys poor playcalling down the stretch did them in which in turn sent coach raw into a tailspin . The Final Match up that has yet to be played will be a 3rd time is the Charm pairing against the New Orleans Saints, who will take on their Division Rival the Carolina Panthers.

             We have some great match ups to start the Playoffs so make sure you don't miss a moment!  It's begun folks, pull up a chair, charge your phone, and get ready because the NFASL Playoffs are underway!



 American Football Conference



  Baltimore Ravens (13-3) 41                    Tennessee Titans (9-7) 10

Preview: Memphis, TN. The Titans fought tooth and nail to get into the Playoffs not securing their entry until the last game of the season. Good Job! Unfortunately the Door prize was none other than Tommanowns, and the Baltimore Ravens waiting for you in the Wild Card Round. The Titans coach all season long stated that his offense is unstoppable, and that he averages 40 points a game! Well turns out he was about 30 points short of that as Marcus Mariota had a day to forget as he threw 5 interceptions in the Loss. It was the Ravens Defense who lead the way, and when the Smoke Cleared the Ravens posted 41, and the Titans will have to mull over what could have been until  Madden 18! 



  Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) 17                 San Diego Chargers (9-7) 20


Preview: San Diego, CA. The San Diego Chargers won the AFC West of course on the last day of the regular season, and then went out and took out the Pittsburgh Steelers whom for the 3rd time in this Madden was unable to get past the Wild Card Round. Coach Chugga has been little more than an afterthought and will be in the Same boat as the Titans wondering. The Chargers on the Other hand have spoke little this 4th and final season, and so far it has boded well. They will move on to the Divisional Round, and take on the next Challenger. The Chargers have quietly been in a rebuild with 2nd year Back Randall Perryman posting 121 yards in this game, and Rookie B. Boothe struggling in the win throwing 4 interceptions.  These are the playoffs, and this is the Wild Card Round, so expect something Wild to happen!



National Football Conference



  Carolina Panthers (10-6)                      New Orleans Saints (13-3)

Wrap Up: New Orleans, LO. The 3rd time is the Charm as the Carolina Panthers will travel to New Orleans Louisiana to take on their Division Rival Coach Bam and the Saints. Once again the South belonged to the Saints as they finished with a 13-3 season. This time however they will be looking to take care of business and bring home the Hardware which is none other than Super Bowl XXI. The Hall of Champions is beckoning and the Saints, or Panthers would love nothing More than to break the 10 all tie that is between the NFC, and AFC!


  Dallas Cowboys (11-5) 17                     Seattle Seahawks (12-4) 20

Preview: Seattle, WA. This was easily the best match up so far of the Wild Card Weekend as the Seattle Seahawks won with a fg in the fourth qtr. the Play of the game was the Dallas Cowboys Headcoach tying the game up late in the 3rd qtrr, and then with a chance to take the lead on goalline decided to run a fake FG that the Seattle Seahawks seemingly new was coming, and the rest as they say is History. The Seahawks stopped the Brash move, and then went down the field, and kicked the Ball, and the Cowboys out of the playoffs!

ESPN Match Up Week 15 Race for the playoffs



         NFL Match Up week 15

* if your game is on this page it has playoff signifigance so it must be played.*


       Away                                        Home

- (6-7)       @          (7-6)

Preview: the Raiders are in a battle for a playoff spot as they are one game behind the Division leading San Diego Chargers. The Bears still have an outside shot at the playoffs but word is the Bears have shut it down.

 (7-6)      @          (11-2)

Preview: The Chargers are trying to sew up the AFC West but have the Tough as nails Cleveland Browns standing in front of them. The Browns have a first round bye and home field advantage on their mind so nothing is going to be easy.

 (7-6)       @           (9-4)

Preview: Unfortunately the Jaguars have found themselves in a 2 way tie with the Titans and the Titans have an assured win this week. That means Coach Stew will need to play his best to beat a dangerous Falcons team.

 (8-5)       @           (7-6)

Preview: Don't look now but the Cowboys have taken over the final Willd Card Spot in the NFC and are a Dark Horse to win it all if they are able to get into the Playoffs. They have already defeated the Vikings 17-7 so the last two weeks should be interesting .


ESPN Match Up Week 13


         NFL Match Up week 13


       Away                                        Home

(6-5) @   (8-3)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!! The Seahawks have a two game lead over the Niners in the NFC West, and they are looking to extend. if the Seahawks can pull of the win here it will be nigh impossible for the Niners to overtake them!

 (6-5)      @          (5-6)

Preview: The Jaguars are looking to overtake the Texans in the Division and beating the Raiders is imperative to getting it done. The Raiders are also in the thick of things in the West so expect this to be a hard fought game!

 (5-6)      @           (7-4)

Preview: The Steelers season is all but over and a loss here to the Texans will put the Death nail in it. The Texans are trying to hold off the Jaguars but it will be hard to do.

 (2-9)       @           (2-9)

Preview: Nothing to see here as both these teams are ot of the playoff race. with this being the final season they will be looking for the NBA Season.

 (11-1)       @           (9-3)

Preview: The Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens had a tough as nails game that the Bills won 20-19. That could possibly be a preview of the AFC Title game if so we can expect the same type of game.

 (6-5)       @           (3-8)

Preview: !

 (9-2)       @           (7-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The Asterisk filled Bears have bitten off more than he can chew in calling out Coach Moon and the Washington Redskins. When this game is over the Bears will be decimated, and the Skins coach will be suspended for sportsmanship Violations!! no 1/4 Given!!!

 (5-7)       @           (9-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game!!!! the Saints have already taken care of business 27-19. that loss just might have ended the season of the Buccaneers who came on strong. 

 (3-8)       @           (1-10)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game!! both these teams season are over but they are divisional rivals so they will still put it on th line!

 (8-3)       @           (5-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Divisiona Game!!! The Panthers season is on the line in this one. Lose this one and it will be close to impossible for the Panthers to make it. The Falcons would like nothing more than for that to happen!

 (5-6)       @           (6-5)

Preview: The Chiefs and Vikings tried to get their game in and had a glitch in the matrix. Hopefully they will get the game in as it has importance to both of their season!

 (1-10)       @           (9-2)

Preview: The Browns are now in the lead in the AFC North as the Ravens have already lost to the Bills in week 13. If the Browns take care of business they will be in line for a first round bye.

 (3-8)       @           (1-10)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game!!! The Giants are trash and the Eagles can make his year with a win over them. If Melblaze wins the whole League will celebrate!!

 (10-1)       @           (3-8)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game!!!!!The Lions are seemingly unstoppable and look to grab a first round bye in the playoffs. The Packers are 3-8 and their season is over.

 (6-6)       @           (6-6)

Preview: The Chargers are in the lead in the West with their win over the Titans already overataking the Chiefs. The Chargers will be eagerly looking to see the Chiefs game against the Vikings!

 (6-5)       @           (6-5)

Preview: The Cowboys are still trying to make a move into the playoffs and the Jets are next up to be knocked down. The Cowboys are one of the most complete teams in the league and could be dangerous in the postseason.

NFASL Game of the Week 12


Game of the Week 12



   Washington Redskins (9-2)48                     San Francisco 49ers (6-5)26

Team Leaders:

  • K. Cousins 339yds, 5td, 1int     R. Sunshine 330yds, 2td, 1int
  • D. Samuels 18att, 72yds, 0td   Y. Duqmaq 13att, 52yds, 1td
  • K. Holecek 5rec, 253yds, 4td    T. Smith 6rec, 118yds, 1td



                 The Redskins rock the 49ers!!!!

          Santa Clara, CA.  In the NFASL Game of the Week 12 the Washington Redskins defeated the San Francisco 49ers in blowout fashion 48-26. The Redskins used the right arm of Kirk Cousins to eviscerate the Niners Secondary with Standout Wide receiver Kevin Holecek dealing the most damage catching 4 touchdowns. The Niners had no answer for Holecek even though they kept the game close in the first half but a 17-0 3rd quarter by the Redskins sealed the deal on the Niners. The Niners will be in another primetime game next week against their Division rival in a game that could make or break their season. The Seahawks have a 2 game lead over the 49ers, and if the Niners find themselves on the wrong side of the win column their season could be over. A Hiatus by Niners coach kaliko has put his team in a precarious situation, and the Seahawks would like nothing more than to bury them

            The  Washington Redskins wil take on the Chicago Bears in week 13 which was a candidate for game of the week however the aforementioned Niners vs Seahawks won the popular vote.   Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.



ESPN Match Ups Week 12
ESPN Breaking News The NBASL will begin at the outset of the NFASL playoffs that means if you want in the league please let me know so I can formulate the logistics of the league.


         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the NFC Race for the Playoffs. The NFC is being dominated by the Detroit Lions who seemingly cannot not be stopped as they have the best record in the League at 10-1. The North has normally be won by the Chicago Bears however they have found themselves in a race for their playoff lives barely holding on to a Wild Card Spot. There are several teams in the NFC who still have an outside shot at making the playoffs however their chances are starting to get slimmer and slimmer. Those teams are the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Dallas Cowboys. Those teams not only have to overtake their Division Leaders, but also teams that are ahead of them in the Wild Card Race. Not an impossible task, but an improbable one as a few of these teams have much easier schedules down the stretch. In any regard lets take a look at the Divisions in the NFC, and see where a few teams stand..

NFC West:

  • Seattle Seahawks 7-3 Record, key remaining games: 49ers, Rams, 49ers, Falcons, Buccaneers
  • San Francisco 49ers 6-4 Record, key remaining games: Seahawks, Saints, Seahawks, Raven, Panthers
  • Arizona Cardinals 6-5 Record, key remaining games: Bengals, Falcons, Steelers, Buccaneers, Ravens 

      Overview: The Seattle Seahawks have a slight lead in the Division but have the Rams twice down the stretch which should be enough to win the West. That means the Battle will be for second place, and a Wild Card Spot for the Niners, and the Cardinals. both teams have 6 wins however the Cardinals have the extra loss as it stands right now. The Niners still have to play the Redskins in week 12 so things could get a lot more interesting if they are somehow able to win that game. With several teams languishing around .500 IE the Cowboys, Panthers the Race for the Wild Card should be a photo Finish. 

NFC North:

  • Detroit Lions 10-1 Record, key remaining games: Packers, Raiders, Packers, Broncos, Vikings
  • Chicago Bears 7-4 Record, key remaining games: Redskins, Giants, Raiders, Packers, Eagles,
  • Minnesota Vikings 6-5 Record, key remaining games: Chiefs, Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, Lions

      Overview: The NFC North n away with by an unlikely team in the Detroit Lions. Coach NickCena is a new owner so him coming into the Best division in football, and dominating it is somewhat of a surprise. With a 10-1 record the Lions have pretty much sewn up the Division which means those coveted Wild Card is once again front and center. As it stands right now the Bears would own one of those, meaning that the Vikings have some work to do. The Vikings have a tough stretch down the where as the Bears only have one more game with a team in playoff contention. The Vikings will need some help to get into the post season but taking care of their business is paramount.

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints 8-3 Key remaining games: Buccaneers, 49ers, Texans, Colts, Falcons
  • Atlanta Falcons 7-3 Key remaining games: Panthers, Cardinals, Jaguars, Seahawks, Saints

      Overview: The New Orleans Saints leads the Division by only one game over the Atlanta Falcon. Depending how things work out they could be playing for the Division come week 17. Until then however if things stay where they are now the Falcons would be the participant of the Second, and final Wild Card spot. At 7-3 however they have several teams nipping at their heels, with an honorable mention to the Buccaneers at 5-6 has the narrow possibility of sneaking into the playoffs however it is very improbable. The Panthers are also 5-6 and are hoping against hope that they pick up some steam and make a push for the post season.

NFC East:

  • Washington Redskins 8-2 Record, key remaining games: 49ers, Bears, Bills, Vikings, Dolphins, Cowboys

      Overview: Things are back to the way they are supposed to be with the absolute Trash Giants with 1 win more than Melblaze, and The Cowboys looking up at the superior organization in every way Washington Redskins. At 8-2 the Redskins have all but locked up the Division but has a murderers row down the stretch of the Niners,Bears, Bills, Vikings, and a week 17 match up with the Dallas Cowboys. With a schedule like that the Cowboys could overtake the Skins if they get on a roll down the stretch, but one loss and things will be nigh impossible for the Big D. At 5-5 they still have an outsiders shot at making the Wild Card but once again them winning their remaining games is paramount . 

Playoff Seeding as of now:

  • Detroit Lions 10-1
  • Washington Redskins 8-2
  • New Orleans Saints 8-3
  • Seattle Seahawks 7-3
  • Atlanta Falcons 7-3 (Wildcard)
  • Chicago Bears 7-4 (Wildcard)





ESPN Match Up Week 12


         NFL Match Up week 12


       Away                                        Home

(8-2)  @      (6-3)

Preview: Game of the Week! Coach Kaliko should be returning from his Hiatus only to find the Washington Redskins standing in hs way. The Skins are running away with the NFC East, whereas the Niners will be scrapping against the Seahawks, and the Cardinals in the NFC West!

 (3-7)      @          (7-3)

Preview: This North vs South Match up has a ton of relevance for the Faloncs, but not soo much for the Packers. The Packers at this point are just playing for pride, and the role of Spoiler. 

 (7-2)     @           (2-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game! The Ravens are absolutely on a roll presently which is bad news for the Bengals. Coach Lunaroxic has found out that the NFC North is a Murerers row, and expect the Medical examiner to be called in this match up!

 (5-5)       @           (7-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! Divisional Game!!! The Panthers have hit a midseason swoon and will need desperately to win this game. With the Saints tied up with the Falcons in the Division and the Buccaneers on a come up this match up has taken on a whole other level of importance!

 (5-5)       @           (5-5)

Preview: Don't look now but the Buccaneers have begun stringing wins together and are back from the trash heap to get themselves in the Thick of the playoff race. They take on the Titans who themselves are fighting tooth and nail in the AFC South. every game matters and so does this one!

 (6-3)       @           (5-4)

Preview:  Rivalry Game!!! Divisional Game! The Texans have let a seemingly every team back into the thick of things in the AFC South after losing a few games. one of those teams Just happens to be the Jaguars who has a chance to make some ground up in the Division. Look for things to get testy in this Match up.

 (4-6)       @           (2-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game!!! the Chiefs have someone how found themselves in first place in the AFC West with a 4-6 record. They look to extend their lead over the Broncos who has given up on the season.

 (6-3)       @           (1-8)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Divisional Game!!!! These two owners just don't like one another and the Rams would love nothing more than to upset Joey Peanuts and the Seahawks. Unfortunately The Rams no Holds barred offense means that he takes chances with the ball, and the Seahawks are too disciplined in coverage. Expect 4-5 interceptions. 

 (8-1)       @           (4-5)

Preview: The Browns are tied with the Best record in the conference and will look to flex their muscles against the surging Cardinals. The Cardinals after a nightmare start to the season have Clawed themselves back into the Playoff Race. Winning this game will go a long wayto helping their chances!

 (6-4)       @           (2-6)

Preview: After two straight wins the Vikings may have just saved their season after having languished at the start of the season. they now take on a Raiders team who has basically imploded, but they are ever dangerous. The Vikings can ill afford a slip up here!

 (6-3)       @           (4-5)

Preview: The Jets have strung a few wins together and find themselves in the thick of things in the AFC. It might be impossible to overtake the Bills but the Wild Card is in sight. The Steelers after a playoff appearance a year ago will need to get on a major roll if they expect to make it again.

 (4-6)       @           (2-7)

Preview: The Colts are one of the most disappointing teams in the league at 2-7 and will just be playing for self respect from this point on. They take on the equally disappointing 4-6 Chargers however only find themselves a 1/2 game out of first place in the West.

 (6-3)       @           (9-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! Divisional Game!!!! The last time these two teams met the Bears thoroughly announced to the Lions that this is his division and he would take care or business. However Mike Tyson said it best everyone has a plan til they get hit in the mouth!

 (1-8)       @           (5-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Divisional Game!!! The Cowboys with the loss to the Lions have found themselves with a .500 record, and will need to absolutely string some wins together down the stretch. With Melblaze on the schedule you should be able to mark this one in the win column, you hope....

 (2-7)       @           (8-1)

Preview: Rivalry game!!!! Divisional Game!!!! The Patriots are limping down the stretch having only won 2 games out of 9. Bad news when you look up and you see the 8-1 Bills on your schedule. Good Luck!

 (2-8)       @           (1-8)

Preview: The Giants are mired in a a all time bad season and I want to see just how far the Rabbit Hole goes! They take on Coach Finzfan who already upset the Cowboys several weeks back, could we be in store for an encore!


NFASL Game of the Week 11


Game of the Week 11



   New Orleans Saints (7-3)37                       Atlanta Falcons (7-3)16

Team Leaders:

  • J. Flacco 211yds, 1td, 0int       B. Kendall 203yds, 1td, 3int
  • J. Aikens 6att, 65yds, 2td         D. Freeman 7att, 3yds, 0td
  • G. Blackburn 4rec, 137yds, 1tdJ. Jones 6rec, 118yds, 1td



                 The Saints Bless the Falcons!!!!!

          Atlanta, GA. In the NFASL Game of the Week 11 it was the New Orleans Saints Being road warriots blowing out the Falcons 37-16. With the real life Falcons losing in Super Bowl LI it was no surprise that the coach of the Falcons ATLorDIE404 lost all his Mojo and took a beating in this game. Turnovers, and a lack of a run game did in the Dirty Birds as Devonta Freeman had his worst game of the season only garnering 3 yards on 7 carries. That lack of a run game did a rookie Quarterback no favors as B.Kendall struggled in this outing throwing 3 interceptions. The Lone bright Spot for the Falcons was future Hall of Famer in the making Julio Jones catching 6 passes for 118 yards and a touchdown. 

       On the other side of the field the Saints were clicking on all cylinders as they did it on the air and the ground. Little used running back Aikens had 2 touchdown on only 6 carries. G. Blackburn had 4 receptions for 137 yards and a touchdown, and Veteran Quarterback Joe Flacco Managed the game throwing 1 touchdown, and no interceptions. Avoiding the turnover the Saints were able to tie themselves in the Division with the Falcons which will have huge implications come playoff time.

 The Atlanta Falcons will look to get back on track in week 12 as they face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The New Orleans Saints on the other hand will look to get rolling as they will take on another Division Rival the Carolina Panthers  Until Next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.


ESPN Match Up Week 11


         NFL Match Up week 11


       Away                                        Home

(6-3)  @      (7-2)

Preview: Game of the Week! Divisional Game!!!! The Falcons lead the NFC South by a game and will look to extend. coming off a blowout win over the Colts the Falcons are dangerous. However the Saints are starting to take form after a win over the Panthers in week 10!

 (7-2)      @          (3-5)

Preview: The Redskins are coming off their bye week, and are still reeling from an overtime loss to the Panthers. The take on an aging Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau, a place the Skins have not had much success.

 (2-6)     @           (1-7)

Preview: Two of the newer owners in the league are squared off in this match up. The Dolphins are flying high after a upset win right before the bye week Can they make it two in a row against Lunaroxic, and the Bengals!

 (6-2)       @           (5-3)

Preview: The Ravens have been clicking on all cylinders lately, with a special note to their red zone defense being some of the leagues best. They take on a Jets team that is looking to keep pace with the Bills in the AFC East!

 (3-5)       @           (5-4)

Preview: Rivalry game!! Divisional Game! The Last time these two teams met it was the Buccaneers with the upset win, so expect revenge to be on the menu in this one. The Panthers can ill afford another Divisional game after coming up short against the Saints in week 10!

 (1-8)       @           (2-6)

Preview: Melblaze has once again been a disappointment, but they might be able to get a win against the Patriots. The Patriots after the retirement of Tom Brady turned to Jimmy G, and the experiment has blown up in their faces.

 (5-4)       @           (8-1)

Preview: The Cowboys came up short on prime time against the Bears, and will have to take on another NFC North opponent. This time it's the 8-1 Detroit Lions. Look for the Cowboys to get back to the Basics, and avoid the costly turnover if they want to win this game.

 (4-4)       @           (8-1)

Preview: The Buffalo Bills look to be on a mission this year, and the next team to stand in their way are the Jaguars. No easy task for the New head coach of the Jaguars, but coach Stew has been up to the challenge. 

 (6-3)       @           (7-1)

Preview: Coach Kaliko should be back just in time for this match up, which will be no easy feat as the Browns look to be a Legit Super Bowl Contender. Expect Niners to be a bit rusty which should play into the favor of the Browns coach!

 (6-3)       @           (2-6)

Preview: Coach Kameron and the Broncos is the biggest nightmare in the league, but still only find themselves 1 game out of first place in the West. They have no shot of beating the Bears however!

 (2-7)       @           (6-2)

Preview: Rivalry game! The Colts season has plummeted into the Depths of ill repair. They take on their Divisional Rival the Texans who has hit a bit of a mid season swoon. Look for them to get back on track this week!

 (4-4)       @           (6-3)

Preview: Don't look now but the Seahawks are back atop the NFC West as the Niners have come back to Earth with the hiatus of their Coach Kaliko. With the Steelers coming to the great North west the Ferocious pass rush just might be to much for them.

 (1-8)       @           (3-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Coach of the Cardinals has already stated that he is taking the Rams Lightly which just might be their undoing. The Rams were a few plays away from upsetting the Niners in week 10, and they have been known to ruin a plan of two.

 (2-7)       @           (4-4)

Preview: The Trash Can Giants are in for what looks like to be an all time bad of a season with double digit losses being an absolute certainty. The Vikings will look to deliver the killing blow this week!

 (3-5)       @           (4-4)

Preview: The Titans offense has been absolutely on fire as of late, however their defense has left a lot to be desired. They will try to slow down the Raiders and Derek Carr in this Match up. With the Pass rush of the Raiders being lethal slowing down the Raiders offense is a must for the Titans!

 (3-6)       @           (3-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Divisional Game! There is pretty much a three way tie in the AFC West with most likely the only team to make the playoffs will be the Division winner. We are now in double digit weeks so these games take on that much more meaning!



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