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ESPNEWS half Way Point

ESPN Breaking News The 2nd episode SportIVation aired produced and distributed Tom Jones (Tommanowns - Baltimore Ravens).


        On this edition of ESPNEWS It's Week 8, the 1/2 mark of the Season and it's time to look at what's going on in the NFASL. With Major changes this year to personell, and major moves in terms of coaches going from one team to another things could not be more interesting. The Houston Texans are are the Defending Super Bowl Champions winner of Super Bowl XXXIV, and so far they have been less than stellar posting a 4-4 record at the halfway point. The Super Bowl Hangover is in full effect for the Defending Champion, but they are not out of the race by far.   At the Half way point teams are starting to separate themselves with a few teams showing they are the creme of the Crop. Some of those teams are the New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers who are the only two undefeated teams in the league at 6-0. The New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs are all 6-1. The Buffalo Bills are 5-1, and look like their Super Bowl Winning coach is back!   Of Course for every yen, there is a yang with some of the teams struggling mightily in this season. The Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans, and Tampa Buccaneers are all winless at the halfway point. The Titans are looking for a headcoach, and the Buccaneers just welcomed S6ixringy7 as their head honcho. The Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and surprisingly the Chicago Bears, and Los Angeles Rams all have 1 win.  It's still early however, so if these teams want to have any post season success they have to turn things around now. The other option is these teams will have to get into the War Room and work on their draft boards, and Free agency to make sure they don't have a season like this again in the future! 

  Lets take a look at the Conferences in the NFASL, and see how things are shaking out.



American Football Conference






    AFC North

  • Cincinatti Bengals 5-2
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2
  • Baltimore Ravens 5-2
  • Cleveland Browns 3-4

AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts 5-2
  • Houston Texans 4-4
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 2-4
  • Tennessee Titans 0-7

AFC East

  • New England Patriots 6-1
  • Buffalo Bills 5-1
  • New York Jets 3-4
  • Miami Dolphins 1-6

AFC West

  • Los Angeles Chargers 6-1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 6-1
  • Oakland Raiders 3-3
  • Denver Broncos 2-5


    In the AFC The Battle rages as it seems every team is in contention. The AFC North is a three way tie, the AFC West is a 2 way tie, and the East, and South are battling it out with teams right behind one another in the standings.

In the North Jacob Burreaux of the Cincinatti Bengals leads all passers with 1937 yards passing and 16 touchdowns. Lamar Jacksons Dual Threat ability still puts him in the lead as he has 1603 yards passing, and is 5th in the Division in rushing with 390 yards. The Pittsburgh Steelers with their scoring defense, and penchant for big plays on offense could put their long time headcoach in line for his first super Bowl Appearance. The Browns are looking for consistency out of their Star QB Kyler Murray, but have modeled their team after the Baltimore Ravens. This Division is pretty much up for grabs, and the Browns feel as though it's theirs to win .

    In the AFC South the QBs are struggling wit the Defending Super Bowl Champs Houston Texans finding life difficult without one of the leagues Best DeSean Watson as Feleipe Franks has struggled since taking over for the Traded Watson. In the South no QB has more Touchdowns than Interceptions so if any of these teams want to go on a run, they will have to rectify that immediately. 

  In the AFC East it's no wonder that both the New England Patriots, and Buffalo Bills only have 1 loss between them. Both Quarterbacks Jake Fromm, and Justin Fields are playing at a high level. They have been getting the ball to their big play receivers Curtis Samuel, and CeeDee Lamb which has been a boon for their offenses. The Jets are still in the mix as Dwayne Haskins is looking for a second life in the Big apple. The Miami Dolphis have been openly talking about trading their young QB Tua Tagovlailoa which can't bode well for the future of their franchise.

  In the AFC West the Patrick Mahomes has been playing like a MVP with 20tds, to only 4 ints and has the Chiefs out to a 6-1 record. They find themselves behind the Los Angeles Chargers in the the Division as a big time win in primetime put this loaded team on the top. Sammy Baugh J.R. and the pure unadulterated Speeded of Jerrion Ealy has been to much for opposing Defenses. The Raiders are not far behind but will need to close the gap before they find themselves out of the playoffs. The Denver Broncos has the leagues best offense, and the leagues worst defense. If they can put up a little resistance they could be a team in the future to watch out for. 


National Football Conference






NFC South

  • New Orleans Saints 6-0
  • Atlanta Falcons 2-4
  • Carolina Panthers 1-6
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-6

NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers 6-0
  • Minnesota Vikings 5-2
  • Detroit Lions 2-4
  • Chicago Bears 1-6

NFC East

  • Washington Redskins 5-2
  • New York Giants 4-3
  • Dallas Cowboys 4-3
  • Philadelphia Eagles 0-8

NFC West

  • Arizona Cardinals 4-2
  • Seattle Seahawks 4-3
  • San Francisco 49ers 2-5
  • Los Angeles Rams 1-5

  In the NFC the conference is top heavy with 8 teams below .500 never a good sign for a division as Competition breeds champions. With 5 teams with 1 or fewer wins, things are looking bleak in the Once mighty NFC.

  In the NFC North the Baker Mayfield Lead Green Bay Packers have been on a tear as their all or none offense has wreaked havoc on opposing secondaries. Baker Mayfield is in line for Leagues MVP, and their coach could be up for a second banner hanging in the Hall of Champions. The Minnesota Vikings are 2 games behind the Packers with Justin Love playing well, but will need to get the two headed monster of Dalvin Cook, and D'Andre Swift across the goalline if they want to pound teams into submission. The 4 time Super Bowl Winning Bears headcoach has found himself in a rebuilding year and at 1-6 have found himself in a situation that many didn't believe could happen. The Coach of the Lions has the arguably the best young QB prospect in recent years, but he has yet to figure out the complex Defenses of the NFL. If Trevor Lawrence is unable to reverse his penchant for throwing the Intserception his career may be short lived.

in the NFC South the New Orleans Saints are rolling with a 6-0 record, Joey Burreaux has cemented himself as one of the leagues Best, and Alvin Kamara is building on his already Hall of Fame career. unfortunately for the rest of the Division they only have 3 wins between them, and that lack of competition for the Saints could come back to bite them in the playoffs. Poor QB Play has been the Culprit as DeSean Watson was supposed to change the fortunes in Atlanta. He has played well, but no where close to the MVP caliber seasons that he had in Houston. The Panthers Have Kellen Mond, and the Buccaneers have Jack Miller both Young inexperienced QBs which is always a learning process. Their success may come in the future, but as of now they need to find a offense that fits them.

In the NFC West the Arizona Cardinals lead the division Isaiah Spiller making his bid for MVP. The Cardinals are doing it the old fashioned way with Defense, and a strong run game as their second year Quarterback Carson Beck is the lowest rated. The Seahawks are hot on their heels behind a dominant season from D.K. Metcalf, and Taulia Tagovailoa brother of Tua. With the Niners having another down year the Seahawks have to feel as though this is their Division to win. The Niners headcoach, two time Super Bowl winning headcoach Kaliko should be back from his hiatus, to only find his niners 3 games back, and a half a season to catch up. The Rams under the tutelage of coach Dino has been pedestrian, but with arguably the best collection of talent in the league, they cannot be counted out no matter what their record is. 

  In the NFC East the Washington Redskins lead the Division at 5-2 but it has been smoke and mirrors. Bryce Young has struggled in his second season as QB, and will need to get control his penchant for the Turnover if they want to hold off both the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Giants. The Giants are a game behind the Redskins, and with Saquon Barkley, leading the Division in Rushing they will always have a chance. The Giants have been trying to turn the team over to 5 year pro Jalen Hurts, however if they want success they may have to go by the way of Strong Defense, good rushing game. The Dallas Cowboys also find themselves  1 game behind the Redskins, and tied with the Giants. The Cowboys have Justin Herbert whose arm strength is second to none. being ablt to hit any throw makes this Cowboys team extremely dangerous, especially with the addition of Chris Tyree home run running ability.  The Final team in the East are the Winless Eagles and all of his losses can be squarely placed on the right arm of Carson Wentz who has thrown a 2nd worse in the league 26 interceptions. 





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
3259 1343 2377
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
1394 41 30


ESPNEWS JD's 1st qtr All pro team

ESPN Breaking News The debut of Unnecessary Roughness was aired to a rousing success, produced by Tom Jones (Tommanowns - Baltimore Ravens).


        On this edition of ESPNEWS It's the 1st quarter of the season so that's means it's time for JD's 1st Quarter All Pro Team! The Youth Movement is underway as the League has begun the transition from the stars you used to know, to the young Guns taking up all the air time on ESPN! There are 3 undefeated teams early on such as the Kansas City Chiefs, so it's no surprise to See Patrick Mahomes, and MeCole Hardman On that list. However the leagues reigning MVP Baker Mayfield is on pace to break his All time record of 81 touchdown Passes a year ago, and after his Primetime performance earlier in the week it's no wonder why. The Packers are a league best 5-0, and with their offense nearly unstoppable they could be in line for a Deep playoff run. Be Careful however as you win, the Magnifying glass gets focused in on you, and there have already been some rumblings. The Running Backs are lead by Chargers breakout player Jerrion Ealy who leads the league in rushing at the moment. However Jermar Jefferson with 30 fewer carries is right on his heels. The Giants have Darius Slayton leading the the Roost, but if they are a team lead with the run. Look for Saquon to get more carries, and Slaytons Catching totals to drop.

  In the AFC North it has officially become a dog fight as the Ravens, Bengals, and the Steelers all have only 1 loss and a healthy dislike for one another. Bodes well for a Rivalry that should last for an EON. In the AFC South The Colts and Texans are tied, with the Tennessee Titans headcoach shaming himself quitting a game in progress, then fell on the sword retiring from the league. The Jaguars are struggling mightily, but it's still early. The AFC East is being won by the Patriots at 4-1, however the Bills and Jets look like they may put up some resistance this year. In the West it's a 3 way race between the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders, with the Broncos having finally got 1 win under their belt. With their offense if they can get any defense, the Broncos could be the next big thing.

    In the NFC North the Packers are lead, but the Vikings are only a game behind, and the Bears are a 4 time Super Bowl Champ so to see them at 1-3 is a little surprising. The Lions have been in flux, but they have a good young core, and are building. The South has become the New North with so much change, with only the constant being The New Orleans Saints. The Buccaneers just landed a new headcoach, will he be able to compete? The Panthers are in the process of interviewing a replacement with the sudden retirement of Anthonyisfat69, and the Falcons headcoach ChampagnePapi is too busy with his unattainable music career to put up any sort of resistance. The NFC East is being run by the Redskins early, however the Cowboys, and Giants both have incredible teams, and good users. They just have to string some wins together, and any kind of lull by the Redskins could spell disaster. Finally in the NFC West the Cardinals are on top with a 3-1 recordd. Coach JBOC27 left a huge power Vacuum, but the League never misses a beat. Coach Dino took over the Rams, and got their first win under their belt, with many more in sight. The Niners at 2-3 is a 2 time Super Bowl Champ, but with Marriage, child birth, and a full time Job, no Super Bowls can be seen for the forseeable Future. and.



Player Completetion % Yards Touchdowns QBR
Baker Mayfield - Packers 61% 1991 23 128.6
Joe Burreaux - Saints 65% 1114 15 127.4
Pat Mahomes - Chiefs 82% 1133 9 156.2
Jake Fromm - Patriots 65% 1745 13 96.2
Dwayne Haskins Jr. - Jets 65% 1054 11 94.0

Honorable Mentions

  • Johnny Manziel - Denver Broncos
  • Jacob Burreaux - Cincinatti Bengals



Running Backs

Player Attempts Yards Touchdowns YPC
Jerrion Ealy - Chargers 104 822 9 7.9
Jermar Jefferson - Packers 68 628 10 9.2
Lamar Jackson - Ravens 22 288 4 13.1
Isaiah Spiller - Cardinals 82 621 7 7.6
Saquon Barkley - Giants 75 458 7 6.1

Honorable Mentions

  • Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints
  • Reginald Bush - Denver Broncos


Wide Receivers

Player Receptions Yards Touchdowns YPC
Darius Slayton - Giants 31 566 7 18.3
Jameson Williams - Packers 21 759 7 36.1
Norman Young - Saints 27 410 10 25.2
JuJu Smith-Schuster - Chargers 23 464 6 20.2
John Ross III - Dolphins 19 552 6 29.1

Honorable Mentions

  • D.J. Moore - Cincinatti Bengals
  • Mecole Hardman - Kansas City Chiefs





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
2548 889 1869
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
823 30 21


NFASL Stated of the League

of the NFASL!

        On this edition of ESPNEWS Commissioner Newmoon will speak about the state of the league in it's Now 35th Season of Madden, of the NFASL!  This Madden, Madden 20 in my opinion is one of the best Maddens ever made, however it's not without it's flaws. One of the major issues is that we are officially in the YouTube age, and that means every single flaw that is found in the game can be disseminated easily, and readily. That means, that even though this game is a giant step in the right direction, the flaws that it does have are magnified because you see them more often. It behooves us as a community to make sure that we adhere to the mission statement of the League at all times. Is it corny, no doubt, but it is very much spot on. Calling someone cheese, pooting on the game constantly, quitting on opponents, running up the score, Giving up in game, playing in a unrealistic manner, etc..... I literally could go on and on. One of my my most famous sayings is; "If a videogame isn't fun, what's the F-ing point"? I truly believe that. So when someone leaves I don't get mad, and when they get a itch to comeback I take it all into consideration. However I don't yank people from their teams, I don't play favorites, etc.... I do work on the Credit System. Some members credit score is in the High 700's, and some are very low. That isn't called playing favorites, that just good fiscal responsibility.




A question was raised yesterday about how far the league is going, and I answered Madden to Madden. However after speaking with my two lieutenants, we have decided on a nice even 10 seasons. This will give us a 2 month break for the summer, and getting out juices flowing for Madden 21. We are in week 4 of Season 6, so we are on the provervial roll. Fast is good, but I always caution not to miss the scenerey on the way. I love doing stories, and when I have free time I try to do as many as possible. However there were so many fires to be put out last season, coupled with my busy work schedule I didn't have time to do what separates this league from the rest of the dreck that is out there. That's Website stories, and Blurbs via Gort. So if you ask yourself why that was, now you know the answer. The league had become a job for me, and my Hourly wage is pretty high. So to have the league feel like work, and not get paid for it, becomes a major problem.


Commissioners of the NFASL:

  • Newmoon001 - League Commissioner
  • Jady_Tru - AFC Commissioner
  • THE-KiiD-Kenny - NFC Commissioner



Commissioner of the AFC, Jady_Tru

  • JD- I have much distain for your play styles on the AFC side if we being honest call it a NFC bias. From ATKs playmaking to Roffman to Hunters 1 coverage. But I've talked to you guys a lot mostly since Texans joined in PMs. I just want yall know to know the same things you guys complained about him doing you have said similar things about each other at times. I remember I used to get messages and hear about how Tom's offense is a youtube offense. Same with OffensiveDom's cover 2 defense, Stew's blitzes, list goes on and on. But they started to not be as dominant and that rumbling stopped. So you have to ask yourselves do you dislike Texans style because he the only one who seems like a cheesy style or is it because his cheese is just better than yours at the moment? Lets finish these last 4 seasons strong and with the new rules I think the AFC will be able to maintain balance. 



Commissioner of the NFC, The-KiiD-Kenny

  • Shooter - it’s Been 8 Years since Joining NFASL and I’ve never felt more at home in any other league. I have no idea why maybe it’s because my Division is as easy as 123. Playing the Crippled Eagles and Diabetic Redskins helps and then doesn’t help. I Have a lot of respect for the NFC ever since bringing in JD , the Addition of Eddie Hendrix and as much I hate to say it Toby, the NFC looks better then ever and I don’t see it getting worse even with the peppa out we can all still live as he didn’t really do much.  I have a lot of Respect for the AFC but theres some changes we need to make to make this league Great again and I know we are heading in that Direction ! Meanwhile Let’s keep having Fun and enjoying the best lg in madden. As a Commish I respect everyone and their opinions and suggestions on making this league great again , as for Toby stop snitching on people for breaking the Rules. I Get not a lot of people respect me as a commish  but  Guess what.... The day of reckoning Will come ! 











.                          .


NFASL Hall Of Champion Inductees!


Team Name Super Bowl Date
Dramaman728 I Nov 14, 2012
Mightysims II Jan 8, 2014
Newmoon001 III Mar 15, 2013
Demmitt IV June 14, 2013
Tommanowns V Aug 7, 2013
Newmoon001 VI Oct 28, 2013
ThePwnStar49 VII Jan 21, 2014
Wigs23 VIII Mar 12, 2014
Newmoon001 IX Apr 30, 2014
Tommanowns X Jun 26, 2014
Tommanowns XI Oct 27, 2014
Dominator1373 XII Dec 21, 2014
e30zack XIII Feb 1, 2015
criticalnews XIV Mar 14, 2015
Kaliko_420 XV Oct 27, 2015
xJbeast2396X XVI Dec 15, 2015
xJbeast2396x XVII Feb 2, 2016
The_Best_Ever XVIII Oct 27, 2016
The_Best_Ever XIX Dec 7, 2016
Tommanowns XX Jan 16, 2017
NickCena88 XXI Mar 1, 2017
ATK133 XXII Oct 15, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIII Nov 24, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIV

Jan 4, 2018

OffensiveDom XXV Mar 3, 2018
PapaShaga XXVI Oct 4, 2018
SilentCloudx XXVII Nov 17, 2018
Kaliko_420 XXVIII

Jan 2, 2019

SilentCloudx XXIX Feb 8, 2019
Tommanowns XXX Sept 13, 2019
ThePacificCowboy XXXI Oct 20, 2019
EddieHendriix XXXII Nov 20, 2019
spyversusspy XXXIII Dec 22, 2019
Maddenrox9 XXXIV Jan 21, 2020

NFASL Kickoff Game 2024

        The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have, a chance at winning the Next big game. Of course we all know that in the end there is only one team, that gets to hang their banner in the most glorious Hall of Champions!  Last season it was the Houston Texans, and their Much Maligned headcoach Maddenrox9 ! Their headcoach Maddenrox9 hung his first banner, and only in his third season in the Worlds Greatest League! Coach Maddenrox9 after losing Super Bowl XXXIII took care of unfinished business getting thie Texans their first Super Bowl Win. In a Season marred by Controversy, and bitterness the Texans managed to go beyond all the hate, and hang their name for all time in the Hall of Champions. It was a season that saw some long time members leave the league, but as I always say if it ain't fun what's the point. Madden has a long way to go, but in the meantime we have to do our best to take the enjoyment that we can.  Congratulations on getting the Job done! 

    Now that we have Last season out of the way lets welcome the New Members of the league MaddenGoat35 (Cardinals), Anthonyisfat69 (Panthers), YungPedialyte47 (Falcons), & Hirschyyy (Broncos). I hope you enjoy your time in the worlds greatest league!  With The new Season Big moves are made, and this season was no different. The Colts are going for the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson getting the playcalling duties, The Falcons traded for Deshaun Watson as he is moved after winning a Super Bowl for the Texans franchise, The Giants have moved on from Daniel Jones instead giving the ball to 4th year pro Jalen Hurts, and The Dwayne Haskins Era will begin anew in Gotham city as he will be throwing passes in a Jets Uniform.

   The NFL Rookie Draft went on without a Hitch as The Cincinatti Bengals took Deion Sanders clone C.J. Foote constructing the Best Secondary in the league which consists of Super Stars Jeffrey Okudah, Troy Pride, Jessie Bates III, & Strong Safety Darnell Savage. They look to create their very own legion of Boom, and could be a dark horse coming out of the AFC North this season. Good luck to all, and let's have a great season as usual!.




Kick Off Game




   Green Bay Packers (1-0)52             San Francisco 49ers (0-1)24

Team Leaders:

  • B. Mayfield 416yds, 6td, 1int C. Fitzpatrick 151yds, 2td, 3ints
  • J. JEfferson 6att, 24yds, 0td Z. Evans 22att, 148yds, 0td
  • E. Engram 4rec, 115yds, 3td T. Higgins 7rec, 51yds, 0td


                               .Packers Strike Gold!.

              Santa Clara, CA. In the NFASL Kick Off Game the Green Bay Packers traveled clear across the nation to take on the San Francisco 49ers in a game that saw total domination from the opening kick off. The Packers won the game Easily by a score of 52-24, with the final tally not showing the utter humiliation of a once proud Niners franchise. The Niners are mired in a losing streak that dates back to last season, and their is no end in site. Coach Kaliko has become unhinged as his Post game News Conference spoke spy gate, YouTube gate, and any other numbers of Gates to deflect the poor play by the team by the bay. The Packers got 6 touchdown passes from Baker Mayfield in a long list of Quarterbacks to dominate wearing the Green and Gold of the packers. From Brett Favre, to Aaron Rodgers, to now Baker Mayfield the Packers have been rich at the QB position of over two decades.

The Niners highly Touted defense coming into the Season forgot you actually have to play the games before you beging counting your wins. You also have to cover one of the fastest tightends in the league in Evan Engrams who grabbed three touchdown passes in the win. In a night that saw the banner of the Houston Texans be hung into the Hall of Champions the Niners can't help but feel that they are a long way from hanging their third.

The Niners will look to get back on the winning side of things as they will take on a divisional opponent in week 2 in the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers will look to will have a AFC South Champion the Jacksonville Jaguars over for dinner as they will host them in Lambeau!

     The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!  Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.






Maddenrox9   XXXIV


           On January 21st, 2020 the Houston Texans won Super Bowl XXXIV Madden 20 PS4! The Coach of the Team was Maddenrox9 who won his first Super Bowl, and did it in dominating fashion going 15-1 on the season. The Houston Texans after losing Super Bowl XXXIII got their unfinished business done, and are now Super Bowl Champions! The Texans defeated the 13-3 Los Angeles Rams coached by now 4 time Super Bowl loser Jboc27 by a score of 28-14. The MVP was Cornerback Derion Kendrick who finished with 2 tackles, 3 interceptions, and a touchdown.  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!




           14                       XXXIV                            28

Los Angeles Rams (13-3)         Houston Texans (15-1)

Coach: Jboc27                                    Coach: Maddenrox9

Team Leaders:

  • J. Daniels 342yds, 2td, 6intD. Watson 426yds, 1td, 3ints
  • J .Emery Jr. 2att, -6yds, 0tdP. Lindsay 5att, 14yds, 0td

  • N.Collins 7rec, 102yds, 0tdB. McCoy 10rec, 162yds, 0td



Unfinished Business!

           Super Bowl XXXIV. Glendale, AZ. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXIV The Houston Texans cemented themselves as one of the NFASL's best teasm of all time winning Super Bowl XXXIV by a score of 28-14 over the Los Angeles Rams! They went trough the season beating teams by a margin of 16 ppg. No team came within single points of beating them besides except the Colts week 17 and an upset win by the Chiefs in week 14 which if not for that the Texans would have joined the 72' Dolphins as the only team to go undefeated. The Texans were dominant on both sides this season averaging 33 ppg and a only giving up 18. They were led by Deshaun Watson who might have made his exclamation point for his HOF resume, as he has been one of the dominant qbs in the league for some years now. After Coach MaddenRox fell short of winning a bowl last year to the Packers, he came out focused on avenging that loss this season. Blowing out the Ravens then the Steelers on his way to the superbowl. The Texans had a shaky start to this Superbowl as well.  

 The Rams Jumped out to a early 7-0 lead, on two interceptions of DeShaun Watson. However they were unable to capitalize on it as 2nd year starter 

Jayden Daniels had a game to forget in the biggest game of his short career so far!

The Rams had their Chances Texans Had their Chances but a pick 6 on a dump off to Emery late in the game spelled GAME OVER for the Rams !

Big news came after the game as Coach Jboc announced his retirement  leaving NFASL with 4 superbowl appearanced, multiple division titles, and a bunch of great teams. Called "The Peppa" by many Coach Jboc is a HOF coach and pulled off masterful trades keeping his teams in the hunt but a huge mark on his resume is going 0-4 in superbowls. He joins coaches OffensiveDom, Don Shula, Bud Grant, Marv Leavy and Dan Reeves as only coaches to lose 4 superbowls. 



      The Houston Texans were coached by Maddenrox9, and hs now become the next member to write their names in the prestigious Hall of Champions to be forever remembered as the Team to win Super Bowl XXXIV !


                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXXIV winner Coach Maddenrox9:


  • You won Super Bowl XXXIV! What was your gameplan Going in??

My Gameplan was to play the same game I had all year, and that's to have a lockdown defense. Force my opponents to make mistakes, then have a offense to take advantage of that.


  • The Rams had you on the ropes early with two picks, but when the smoke cleared you were only down 7-3 What changed in your gameplan?

I just needed to stay calm, stop making stupid reads, and play my game.


  • Late in the game you decided to go for the touchdown, instead of putting points on the board. That move almost cost you. Looking back would you do it differently? 

I probably would have still gone for it, but not that play. I probably would have came out in the same formation, and run inside zone. 


  • It seemed like the whole league was against you, yet through it all you prevailed. How did you get it done?

I turned the chat on mute, and didn't worry about their complaining until the clock hit triple Zero!


  • You're the Super Bowl XXXIV Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

I appreciate the dedication everyone has to this league, and I hope everyone comes back better than ever next season.



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

      Wrapping up a season is always bitter sweet, and this one is no different. This 34th season has been a lot more bitter than previous years, but as I like to say you have to take the good, with the great when it comes to Moon. The NFASL has been around since 2012, and has seen it's fair share of ups, and downs. This season however when you talk about the 34th Houston Texans 15-1 Super Bowl run you can't take anything away from the lad. This is the YouTube age, we are smack dab in the middle of it. Is it annoying as all get out? You better believe it is. However I learned long ago that you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. The Coach of the Houston Texans has become the best at learning the joke of Maddens subpar programming. However did you know that Houston had to play all season long with a permanent playcall rule specifically designed for him. That was he could not run the same formation more than 3 times at anytime, in any drive. Still went 15-1. He had to stream all his games to YouTube so I could go back and watch all his games to make sure that he followed the rules laid out for him which I did. Still went 15-1. So when the league is screaming Boot, boot, Cheese, Cheese, I scratched my head. There have at least been a hundred or more people booted in the 9 years of the NFASL, and all with good cause. So when members act like the sky is falling, I just laugh. One of my sayings is I'm only married to my wife, and even she can be replaced. When a member says boot someone because they're too good, you know the league is becoming rotten at the core. I could languish on this all day, but a new Season is nearly upon us. As always thanks to my Two Lieutenants Coach JD, and Shooter for all their help this season. Special Thanks to JD for picking up my slack, as my work life got kicked up a notch, so I haven't been able to be as hands on as I would have liked this past Season. However it still speaks to my credit that I can put guys in charge, who can run the league in a good fashion in my absence. So at the end of the day I deserve all the Credit, KYS!   



         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the NFC and preview every team in the Conference. The Green Bay Packers coached by Spyversusspy is the leagues reigning Super Bowl Champion winner of Super Bowl XXXIII. Coach Spy hung his first Banner in the Hall of Champions, and it has not been a day that has gone by that he hasn't let someone know it!  This is certain to be one of the leagues best as it is the 34th season of the NFASL, and it has been a wild ride to get here! The league is moving at a light speed pace, which is good and bad, but should never ever lose sight of the mission. "It's the Journey, not the Destination". What better day is it than to play a game with friends, and colleagues, talk a little smack, and hopefully win more than you lose. However if winning means playing in a unrealistic Manner, or hell even a manner that isn't fun, what is the Point. It's a videogame, and the Day a Videogame stops being fun, then really what the hell are we even doing here.  However like stated earlier each Madden Season brings forth a new hope for all, and this Madden Season is no different. Without further adieu lets take a indepth look at all the Divisions in the NFC!


NFC North:

  • Chicago Bears 12-4 Coach of the Team: Jady_Tru
  • Green Bay Packers 10-6 Coach of the Team: spyversusspy
  • Minnesota Vikings 4-12 Coach of the Team: Kevin_3447 
  • Detroit Lions 2-14 Coach of the Team: ChubbzTheGolfer

      Overview: The Green Bay Packers start the new Season as the Leagues reigning MVP as stroke of luck last season allowed Coach spyversusspy to take over his beloved franchise, and as they say the rest is history. The Packers ended the regular season 10-6, but are now Champs! With the pretty much the entire NFC North being overhauled this could be one of the better divisions in the league. Of Course with the top dog being the Packers. However you can't rule out the Chicago Bears who won the Division a year ago but had a disappointing display in the post season. The Bears added Ezekiel Elliott to their offense in the off-season to help the carry the load for Josh Allen. However the Bears traded their vocal leader Khalil Mack which could have major ramifications on their defense. The Vikings came in 3rd in the division a year ago, however with their New Coach Kevin_3447 leaving from Denver to take over the loaded offense of the Vikings that has Jordan Love 3rd year standout Quarterback, Dalvin Cook, Jerry Jeudy, and Budding Star Tight End Brevin Jordan the Vikings could move up in a major way this year.The Final team in the Division was none other than the Detroit Lions who found themselves for the second time in 3 years with the Number one pick in the Draft, and a new head coach. ChubbzTheGolfer hired in the off-season used that Number 1 pick to select 6'2" Julian Fleming who has all the measurements. The Fans in the motor city are looking for a Lawrence, to Fleming connection for several years to come!

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Chicago Bears
  3. Minnesota Vikings
  4. Detroit Lions


NFC West:

  • Los Angeles Rams 12-4 Coach of the Team: Jboc27
  • San Francisco 49ers 9-7 Coach of the Team: kaliko_420
  • Arizona Cardinals 7-9 Coach of the Team: Dominator1373
  • Seattle Seahawks 2-14 Coach of the Team: IcyyCA

      Overview: The NFC west was won by the Los Angeles Rams as JBoc27 built himself one of the best teams in the league. The Rams finished the Season 12-4, and only got better in the off-season. The time to win is now for the Rams as they have a few aging stars, and a offensive line that will have to be rebuilt shortly. Speaking of rebuil the San Francisco 49ers have managed to find themselves rebuilding on the fly as they have systematically traded their entire team it seems like. The Niners have been named the Executive of the year of two franchises, but so far the moves made have not added up to Super Bowl Success. The Niners traded the farm to move into the 1st round as they had the 2nd, and 3rd round picks in the draft. They selected Bryan Bresee a transformative D Tackle, and Paris Johnson Jr. a Left Tackle to protect the blind side of Quarterback Claude Fitzpatrick for the next 15 years. The Arizona Cardinals at 7-9 had more to do with the Packers winning the Super Bowl with a cluthc win late in the season that vaulted the Packers into the Post season. However only time will tell if that good deed goes unpunished. The Cardianls completely transformed their team last season trading Kyler Murray to the Browns in place for Defense, and a more run oriented approach to the their game. They traded for Khalil Mack, and hope his dominance on the Defensive side of the ball is enough to help them overtake the Rams in the Division. The Final team in the West are the Seahawks who pulled if you can't beat them, trade for them as they seemingly depleted the Niners of all their talent with a traded that landed them Deforrest Buckner, and Super Star Tight End George Kittle. Russell Wilson has the most weapons he has ever had, so the Seahawks are looking to get back to the post season like they had a few seasons back.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Los Angeles Rams
  2. San Francisco 49ers
  3. Arizona Cardinals
  4. Seattle Seahawks

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints 15-1 Coach of the Team: EddieHendriix
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 Coach of the Team: DHontos
  • Atlanta Falcons 6-10 Coach of the Team: KingofCaesars
  • Carolina Panthers 3-13 Coach of the Team: TyBond22

      Overview: The NFC South is home to three time  Champ EddieHendriix and the New orleans Saints winners of Super Bowl XXVII, XXIX, and XXXII. At 15-1 a year ago the Saints feel as though they should have had their 4th, but failed to do so in the Postseason. The Saints have retooled their Defense which is still lead by Cameron Jordan, and Marshon Lattimore so expect them to be a tough out again this year. Coach Dino and the Buccaneers have taken a step back after being a legitimate Super Bowl Contender for several seasons. However a revolving door at Quarterback has not done them well, and are now relying on rookie Jack Miller out of Ohio State to get things done. With aging players at a few key positions many are wondering if the Buccaneers are going to make a in season trade to shake things up. The Atlanta Falcons came in 3rd in the division at 6-10, and did not sit idly by in the off-season. They brought in Melvin Gordon III to take over the Rushing duties as they move on from Devonta Freeman. They have arguably one of the best receiving corps in the league lead by 2nd year standout Jaylen Waddle, the Falcons will look to attack defenses from every level. The Final team in the NFC South are the Carolina Panthers who struggled a year ago finishing up with a 3-13 record. however the Panthers made several moves in the draft as they had several draft picks to change the fortune of their team. Quarterback Kellen Mond will look to take the next step without Christian McCaffrey who they have moved on from. Only time will tell if the moves they made are the correct ones. 

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. Carolina Panthers

NFC East:

  • New York Giants 10-6 Coach of the Team: Active-_Shooter
  • Washington Redskins 8-8 Coach of the Team: Newmoon001
  • Dallas Cowboys 5-11 Coach of the Team: DynesTrio33
  • Philadelphia Eagles 4-12 Coach of the Team: MelBlaze3521

      Overview: The NFC East, or Beast as like to call them will be a wait and see approach as the Giants once again won the Division, but with a large asterisk. The Giants made several moves to win now, and they did no such thing. They still have one of the best teams in the Division, but without a proven Quarterback their offense has been one dimensional. The Washington Redskins came in 2nd at 8-8, but made a major move in the off-season moving on from Dwayne Haskins opting to trade him to the Jacksonville jaguars, and taking a major gamble on unproven Bryce Young. The Redskins are now in development mode at QB, which could mean a long year for the team in the Nations Capitol. The Dallas Cowboys at 5-11 are a head scratching of a organization as they have arguably the best talent in the entire league. However unable to capitalize on it the Cowboys have stated it's time for a new look. They Traded Ezekiel Elliott in the off-season as he has not lived up to the Contract that was given to him. With Justin Herbert, to Cooper, and adding Chris Tyree the Cowboys could be in for a rebirth! The Final team in the east are none other than the Philadelphia Eagles who has put together a great collection of talent, but once again failed to win many games on the Field. The Eagles Drafted Theo Johnson to replace Zach Ertz who is in the twilight of his career, but still serviceable this year. Expect the Eagles to throw the ball around, and if they can stop the turnovers they could surprise more than a few teams.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New York Giants
  2. Washington Redskins
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
NFASL 2023 Kick Off Game

        The NFASL is Back!!!!! The New Season is upon us, and right now there are 32 teams all feeling like they have, a chance at winning the Next big game. Of course we all know that in the end there is only one team, that gets to hang their banner in the most glorious Hall of Champions!  Last season it was none other than the Green Bay Packers! Their headcoach spyversusspy hung his first banner, and only in his second season in the Worlds Greatest League! Coach Spy took a weird road to get there, but when he did get control of his most beloved franchise, he made the most out of his opportunity. On his way to to his Super Bowl Title he defeated some of the leagues best teams. The New Orleans Saints were 15-1, and the Houston Texans who he defeated in the Super Bowl was an incredible 16-0!   Congratulations on getting the Job done! 

    Now that we have Last season out of the way the Leagues Reigning MVP Oakland Raiders Rookie Wandale Robinson will look to duplicate his Historic Season, and avoid the ever looming Sophomore Slump. With the  Youth Movement in full swing as observed by Offensive, and Defensive Leaders from Last season the NFASL looks bright as usual.  The next Generation of players will look to fill the large shoes left by the retirements of Lock first ballot Hall of Famer Wide Receiver Julio Jones, Defensive Tackle Kawann Short and Defensive Tackle Geno Atkinson Just to name a few.  With The new Season Big moves are made, and this season was no different. The Jets traded for Odell Beckham Jr. to keep up with the Firepower that is in the AFC East. Melvin Gordon has been traded to the Falcons, as the Falcons moved on from Devonta Freeman. JuJu Smith-Schuster will now be catching passes from 2nd year player Dylan McCaffrey in Denver.  The Dwayne Haskins Era is over in Washington as they move him to the Jacksonville Jaguars to lead their Franchise.

   The NFL Rookie Draft went on without a Hitch as The Detroit Lions for the Second time in 3 years had the #1 pick, and went with Wide Receiver 6'2" Julian Fleming out of Ohio State, to Pair him up with Trevor Lawrence for the next 10 years. The Lions future is bright, and with a new headcoach ChubbztheGolfer only time will tell if he can stick, or will this Lions Franchise continue to have a revolving door at the Helm.  Good luck to all, and let's have a great season as usual!.




Kick Off Game




   Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)22                Oakland Raiders (0-1)18

Team Leaders:

  • P. Mahomes 284yds, 0td, 0int T. Jackson 196yds, 1td, 3ints
  • R. Jones II 23att, 122yds, 2td  W. Robinson 19att, 108yds, 0td
  • T. Hill 5rec, 113yds, 0td           D. Hopkins 2rec, 91yds, 1td


                                        Chiefs Scalp Raiders!

              Oakland, CA. In the NFASL Kick Off Game the Kansas City Chiefs traveled to Oakland to take on the Raiders in a AFC West match up that should have Playoff implications down the road! These two franchises have been the creme of the crop in the West, so they have bad blood, and more than just the win to play for. The Leagues MVP Rondale Robinson wears Silver and Black, and wanted to show that he was no fluke. Robinson played well, rushing 19 times for 108 yards, and scoring a Touchdown. With the Addition of Free agent DeAndre Hopkins the Raiders expect to have a lot more running lanes, which should boost their offense up another notch. Hopkins had a impact play in this game, but did not leave his stamp as the Raiders fall by 4 to the Hated Chiefs in primetime.

The Chiefs were lead by Patrick Mahomes who 284yards, but left the scoring duties to Ronald Jones II who scored twice in the win. The Chiefs Defense also got in on the act as they Intercepted Tyrell Jackson 3 times in the win. The Chiefs got production from their litany of Stars with Tyreek Hill Hauling in 5 receptions for 113yards, Tarik Black had 3 catches for 84 yards, and arguably the best Tight End in the Game Travis Kelce Grabbed two balls for 45 yards.

The Chiefs will look to keep things as they take on the Buffalo Bills who won their first game of the year. The Oakland Raiders will try to turn things around, but will have their hands full as they take on the Defending Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers!

     The new season is upon us, every team has a chance to win, and optimism is renewed!  Until next time this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production.






spyversusspy   XXXIII


           On December 22nd, 2019 the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XXXIII Madden 20 PS4! The Coach of the Team was Spyversusspy who won his first Super Bowl, and did it from the Wildcard spot with a record of 10-6. The Green Bay Packers were constructed by Yell_2, but gave up the team in the middle of the season to take over the Miami Dolphins. That move allowed coach spyversusspy to take over his favorite team, and from there as they say the rest is History, The Packers defeated the previously undefeated Houston Texans, and their headcoach Maddenrox9 by a score of 31-27, with the MVP being Corner Back Kevin King who intercepted two passes to include a Pick 6.  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!




           27                       XXXIII                            31

Houston Texans (16-0)         Green Bay Packers (10-6)

Coach: Maddenrox9                                    Coach: spyversusspy

Team Leaders:

  • D. Watson 349yds, 0td, 5int  B. Mayfield 204yds, 2td, 1ints
  • D . Watson 8att, 35yds, 0td   J. Jefferson 10att, 67yds, 1td

  • W. Fuller IV 4rec, 84yds, 0td E. Engram 3rec, 48yds, 0td



Cinderella Gets her Wish!

           Super Bowl XXXIII. Glendale, AZ. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXIII The Improbable, the Incredible, the Cinderlla Green Bay Packers did what no one thought they could, and that was defeat the Juggernaut that was the Houston Texans 31-27! It took a Herculean Effort by this Packers team bookended by a MVP Performance from #20 Corner Back Kevin King whose Pick 6 was critical in the Packers win! The Packers got contributions from all over as Baker Mayfield played Game Manager with a 115.8 Total QBR, 2 touchdowns, 1 interceptions, and only 204 yards passing. Baker however played well enough, and made big play after big play down the stretch to secure the win. The Packers also got a huge Contribution from Jemar Jefferson a unlikely source as the Aaron Jones, could not get the motor running this game. Jefferson took over the duties to the tune of 67yards, on only 10 carries, even finding Pay dirt.  

 The Packers jumped out to a Early 10-0 lead in the First quarter, however the Texans came battling back like they have done all season long Taking a 14-10 Second quarter lead behind Baker Mayfields only mistake on the day. Both teams were up to the Challenge as the Packers took a 24-21 lead before the half. At 24-21 a mere 3 points separating these two teams at the Start of the Second half it was clear that we would be in for a great game. In the #rd quarter only the Texans could muster points squaring up the teams 24-24 pushing it to a a tie at the start of the 4th quarter. With 9 mins remaning between two teams looking to be immortalized for all time in the Hall of Champions it was the Texans who struck first scoring 3 points behind a Luke Logan 36 yard FG. With the Texans taking the Lead it was a championship drive from Baker Mayfield and the Packers as they moved the length of the field to score a 1 yard Touchdown Plunge by Jemar Jefferson to give the Packers a 31-27 lead that would turn out to be our final score. 

   The Texans Had their Chances but two bad interceptions from DeShaun Watson in the closing moments to include one in the Endzone late in the game with a Chance to win was how the Texans came up 1 game short of a Season of Perfection. The Packers were able to take the Victory Formation, and Coach spyversusspy Screamed as he and his Packers became the Super Bowl XXXIII Champions!  

    The Green Bay Packers were coached by spyversusspy, and the Team was Constructed by Yell_2. These two owners will write their names into the Hall of Champions to be forever remembered as the Team to win Super Bowl XXXIII a Season of Faiths perfection!


                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXIX winner Coach EddieHendrixx:


  • You won Super Bowl XXXIII! What was your gameplan Going in??

We went into with woodbey, and the D-Line gonna have to make plays, we wanted him to pass it. That Cover 6, and Cover 9 was good all game, as well as cover 2 in the Redzone. I can't believe my players did out! Our Linebackers came through when needed, and MVP Kevin King with the user Pic Six outta Cover 6


  • This has been dubbed the YouTube Bowl. Do you think that is a fair comparsion?

I think it's fair as he's ran YouTube offensive, and Defensive plays all seaons long. But me I don't need YouTube. I got Practice, We Talking about Practice!


  • You Jumped out to a quick lead, and saw the Undefeated Texans comeback were you ever worried? 

I was worried but I knew it would be a Dog Fight! I kept my cool, and worked the game in my favor. We forced errors, in the Redzone, I knew I couldn't make any more mistakes as he was lethal on Offense. 


  • At the start of the 4th Quarter with the Game tied, did you feel the pressure Mounting, or were you able to control your emotions?

I Felt some but not much it all came naturally to me. I knew what he was gonna do, and What I wanted to do is, I did it! If I was gonna Lose it was gonna be him making an insane play, and I wasn't gonna let it be me!


  • You're the Super Bowl XXXIII Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

ATK you Bastard saying I would be out of the league after week 1! Well it looks like im the Champ! I would like to than the Dolphins User (YELL_2) for giving me my favorite team the Packer! There's no Back2KcaB champion in the NFC so I new I had to take down the Saints, and I kew I couldn't let someone get a 19-0 record!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

      It Seems fairy Tales sometimes do come true as the Green Bay Packers coached by SpyversusSpy by Way of the Miami Dolphins has become the Leagues Newest Member of the Hall of Champions! Life sometimes imitates art, and I think this is one of those through the looking glass moments. We are heading into the 5th season of the NFASL at a fever pitch, so fast in fact I can't keep up with the league sometimes. Only time will tell if this pace is for the better, or the worse, but as of now it's been fun. Of course with every new edition of Madden there are problems found and as commissioners of the league it is our job to do what's best for the overall health of the league. I will always stand by the saying no man comes before the league. We JD, Shooter, and Myself put too much effort into the league to allow anyone to run amuck. whether it be cursing in the chat, not scheduling games on time, or being as bad as Melblaze of which there can be only one. It's Christmas time as I write this December 22nd, 2019 and i'm hoping everyone has a Happy Holiday! Congratulations to Kaliko for the Birth of his son, and Jockus, and EddieHendrixx for Finishing up school. If I forgot anyone it's not on purpose, as I'm officially old.  


NFASL Power Rankings Season iV




  • 32 (1-10)[Strk-L8] Word is the Seahawks made a deal with the Niners, and have somehow started losing games in glorious fashion. However it's real hard to make a trade if  you're out the league! Which is where this coach will be if it's found out they're losing games on purpose to facilitate a trade with the Niners. Lie down with dogs, you get fleas.....
  • 31 (1-9)[Strk-L3] Super Bowl XIII Winning coach Wigs took back over his beloved franchise the Minnesota Vikings and after a 5 year Hiatus he went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse.
  • 30 (0-10)[Strk-L10] In Africa the Lion is known as the King of the Jungle! In The NFASL these Lions are the Kings of Whoppers......
  • 29 (2-8)[Strk -L-2] The Buffalo Bills have been so Terrible that Bills Legend, and Double murderer O.J. Simpson doesn't seem half bad anymore.....
  • 28 (2-8)[Strk-W1] I knew it was too good to be true after seeing MRT make some noise upon his return to the league. Now the only noise he makes comes from between his butt cheeks, and much like his Madden game it stinks!
  • 27 (2-8)[Strk-L1] Coach Melblaze surveys the field, The Winds blowing. He reads the Defense, the Cameras are flashing.  He Audibles to a play after dissecting it, the Crowd Cheers. He Drops back to pass, Then Throws a Pick 6....... 
  • 26 (2-8)[Strk-L1] The Los Angeles Chargers have about as much juice as you would get from Squeezing Rocks. 
  • 25 (4-7)[Strk-W1] The J-E-T-S, are Trash, Trash, Trash!.
  • 24 (3-7)[Strk-L3]  The Carolina Panthers have moved on to the Draft, and are in full rebuild mode.
  • 23  (4-6)[Strk-L1] With the Trade of Kyler Murray the Cardinals have thrown in the towel of a unconventinal offense, and are making the move back to Ground and pound.
  • 22  (4-6)[Strk-W1] Coach Caesar has a love hate, relationship with the Falcons. loves the Team, Hates that he loses with them!.
  • 21 (5-5)[Strk-W1] The Steelers are still in the playoff race like Im still a Afro pick toting, Dasheeki Wearing member of the African American Community.....
  • 20  (6-4)[Strk-L1] The Browns are looking to make the playoffs  under the Tutelage of Papalon.  The Browns are so close they can taste it!
  • 19  (5-5)[Strk-L2] It seems like every team in the Power Rankings is .500 or worse. The Colts are in the same boat.
  • 18  (5-5)[Strk-W4] The Broncos have won 4 in a row, and has put himself back in the ruinning to make the Playoffs.
  • 17  (5-5)[Strk-L1] The Tradition continues as the Dolphins look as though they will miss another playoff run. Coach Spyversuspy will need to go on a run now if he hopes to reverse the curse!
  • 16  (5-5)[Strk-W1] Word is Coach Kaliko was the Native American Indians General Manager when they traded Nebraska for a bag of Magic Beans.......
  • 15  (5-5)[Strk-L1] Looks like without PA Crossers working like nobodies business that the Chiefs under the tutelage of CapnClutch are somewhat ordinary!
  • 14 (5-6)[Str-L1] I won't lie the Demise of the Dallas Cowboys brings joy to my heart in both Madden, and in real life. Of Course them sucking just means in Madden 21 the Developers will just have to rate them 99 overall......
  • 13 (5-5)[Strk-L1] The Packers might as well pack it in as they have begun a firesale of their entire team. Also note trading players into my division will get you squarely on the LIST!
  • 12 (5-5)[Strk-W1] Coach Shooter is back where he belongs after miracling his way to the top of the Power Rankings a year ago. Where is that you ask? out to lunch!
  • 11 (7-4)[Strk-W5] The Bengals have won 5 in a row, and are looking like they are going to push the Ravens for the Divisional Lead.!
  • 10 (6-4)[Strk-L3] The Buccaneers have lost 3 in a row, and will look to get back on track in their next game. And with the Saints 11-0 Seems Maury Povich was wrong, he is not the Father...
  • 09 (7-3)[Strk-L1] Coach Moon called it before this Madden Season. 1% Madden 99% pimpin, and Voila Atop the NFC East, and hands down favorite for pimp of the year!
  • 08 (8-3)[Strk-W1] Coach Tommanwons team is so fast that when they speed walk, they break records!
  • 07 (8-3)[Strk-L1] The Bears have one of the most complete teams in the league, but are feeling the pressure to win it all this year with the Looming trade of Khalil Mack!
  • 06 (8-3)[Strk-L1] Bad news for the rest of the league as they let Coach e30zack get a fast back. He'll be juking, and spinning all the way to the Super Bowl if you're not careful!
  • 05 (9-2)[Strk-W2] The Jaguars unorthodox playstyle gives them an advantage in most games, and has won them a Super Bowl in recent memory. At 9-2, they could be in line for another one.
  • 04 (9-2)[Strk-W1] The New England Patriots are on a mission after losing Super Bowl XXXII. At 9-2, The Patriots have all but wrapped up the AFC East, and are looking forward to the Playoffs!
  • 03 (9-2)[Strk-W2]  The Rams are among the Leagues elite, and look to be on a crash course with the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Title game! With this be the Season Joey Peanuts breaks through?
  • 02 (11-0)[Strk-W11] It's been awhile since a more controversial owner has come into the league then MaddenRox9. He looks like he's up to the task though!
  • 01 (10-0)[Strk-W10] It's only fitting that the leagues Defending Super Bowl Champ comes in at the #1 spot on the Power Rankings. No small feat as He is the hunted, and the Hardware he has we all Want! Congratulations on your #1 Spot!
ESPNEWS Mid season report

ESPN Breaking News Kyler Murray has been traded in a mega deal to the Cleveland Browns!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS It's Week 8, the 1/2 mark of the Season and it's time to look at what's going on in the NFASL. With Major changes this year to personell, and major moves in terms of coaches going from one team to another things could not be more interesting. The league is rolling at a fever pitch and this season has been no different. The New Orleans Saints are the Defending Super Bowl Champions winner of Super Bowl XXXII, and so far he is a perfect 6-0 on the season.  At the Half way point teams are starting to separate themselves with a few teams showing they are the creme of the Crop. Some of those teams are of course the Defending Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints who we just talked about. The Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all with 1, or no losses on the season. Of Course for every yen, there is a yang with some of the teams struggling mightily in this season. The Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, just to name a few are not having the seasons that they thought they would. It's still early however, so if these teams want to have any post season success they have to turn things around now. The other option is these teams will have to get into the War Room and work on their draft boards, and Free agency to make sure they don't have a season like this again in the future! 

  Lets take a look at the Conferences in the NFASL, and see how things are shaking out.



American Football Conference






    AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens 7-0
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3
  • Cincinatti Bengals 2-4
  • Cleveland Browns 2-5

AFC South

  • Houston Texans 7-0
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 6-0
  • Indianapolis Colts 3-4
  • Tennessee Titans 1-6

AFC East

  • New England Patriots 5-1
  • New York Jets 3-4
  • Miami Dolphins 2-4
  • Buffalo Bills 1-6

AFC West

  • Oakland Raiders 6-1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 3-4
  • Denver Broncos 2-4
  • San Diego Chargers 1-5


    In the AFC the eams are absolutely loaded at the top with several teams being undefeated, or only have one loss at the start of week 8. In the North the Ravens are running away with the Division, the same way Lamar Jackson, Hollywood Brown, Anthony McFarland, and newly acquired Todd Gurley is running away from defenders. The Browns made a major trade for Kyler Murray after trading Baker Mayfield last season. The Browns are looking to mimic the Ravens offense, which could only help his offense. In the South The Texans, and Jaguars are both undefeated and are haeading for a crash landing for which one of these teams will win the Division. Both have solid teams with the Texans salary cap forcing him to move his best player DeAndre Hopkins Leaving the ball catching duties up to KeKe Coutee, and Will Fuller V . Not having to Deal with Hopkins should make things much easier for the Jaguars as Jalen Ramsey will surely take away one receiver for the game. The Colts have NyHeim Hines averaging 8 yards per carry, and 2nd in the league division in rushing but has struggled with Mitchell Trubisky as Quarterback. In the East the Patriots seemingly can't be stopped as they are making mince meat out of their divisional foes. they have pretty much ended the Dolphins season, and will be looking to make another appearance in the Title Game. The Jets are the closest compeititor but after having released Jameis Winston are left with a unproven QB to carry the Franchise forward. In the West the Raiders are heads and shoulders above everyone else in the Division with a near flawless record. Last season they lost Josh Jacobs to a near career ending injury, and saw their season dereail. They Drafted Wandale Robinson who not only leads the Division, but leads the league in rushing with 1515 yards, and 18 touchdows. He is well on his way to the best rookie season in history, and if that occurs the rest of this division is history. 


National Football Conference






NFC South

  • New Orleans Saints 6-0
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-1
  • Atlanta Falcons 3-4
  • Carolina Panthers 2-4

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears 5-1
  • Green Bay Packers 3-3
  • Detroit Lions 1-6
  • Minnesota Vikings 0-6

NFC East

  • Washington Redskins 5-1
  • New York Giants 3-4
  • Dallas Cowboys 3-4
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1-5

NFC West

  • Los Angeles Rams 6-1
  • San Francisco 49ers 3-3
  • Arizona Cardinal 3-4
  • Seattle Seahawks 0-6

  In the NFC this conference is home of the Defending Super Champions the New Orleans Saints, and they look like they are apt to win it again. Their offense hasn't been as explosive this year, but their Defense is picking up the slack. They play in the South, Tampa Bay Buccaneers being their closest competition. The Saints and Buccaneers have a primetime match in week 8 that could really separate these two teams in terms of position. In the North the Bears are back on top, and look like they could once again be in the running for a Super Bowl Win. The arrival of Josh Allen has taken the Bears offense to the next level, and with their Defense being what it is they will be a tough out. The Packers are still figuring out if they are rebuilding, or going for the playoffs but you can't do both effectively. The West has been taken over by the Rams as they have a commanding lead over the Division. They have built several seasons adding to their defense, and now have one of the leagues best. The Rams have a 3 game lead over the Niners their closest competitor but a series of bad moves has caught up to them. The Final Division in the Conference is the NFC East which is lead by the Washington Redskins with a 5-1 record. They have the leagues top ranked defense, but a loss to the Giants has taken the shine off of their #1 ranking in the Division. The Giants and Cowboys find themselves with the same record at 3-4, however both are making moves to better their teams. 





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
3100 1606 2478
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
1452 43 26




           37                       XXXII                            17

New Orleans Saints (12-4)             New England Patriots (13-3)

Coach: EddieHendrixx                                    Coach: Atk133

Team Leaders:

  • J. Burow 242yds, 2td, 0int     J. Fromm 222yds, 1td, 3ints
  • A. Kamara 18att, 90yds, 0td  N. Chubb 6att, 11yds, 0td

  • J. Doctson 6rec, 90yds, 0td   N. Harry 4rec, 92yds, 0td



Saints are Holier, than thou!

           Super Bowl XXXII. Los Angeles, CA. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXXII The New Orleans Saints won their 3rd Super Bowl in 6 years! They defeated the New England Patriots 37-17 behind a MVP performance from Quarterback Joe Burrow (242yds, 2tds, 19/23, and a QBR 139.4).  The New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots felt each other out in the first few drives with punts by both teams. However it was Joe Burrow to Michael Thomas for a 30 yard reception that got them into the redzone, and James Cook got the first points for the Saints with a 3 yard touchdown run. The Saints Defense held the Patriots to a 3, and out behind a sack of Jake Fromm. James Cook then took the ensuing punt 29yards to put the Saints back into scoring position. 3 points later, and a 10-0 lead the Saints Defense wasted no time in putting the offense back in scoring position as MLB Josh Ross intercepted the 1st, of 3 Jake Fromm interceptions in the game. Ross's interception put the Saints at the 30yard line, and the Offense jumped out to a 17-0 lead behind a 15 yard strike to Michael Thomas!

 With the Patriots down 17-0, the fat lady began warming up, however this Patriots team has been scrappy all year long. Jake Fromm (222yds, 1td, 3ints, 16/26 QBR 62.1) began to heat up as he marched the Offense down the field, and finished off the Drive with a 1 yard touchdown run. The Saints answered with a score of their own as Joe Burrow threw his second touchdown in the half to Tightend Josh Hill, giving the Saints a 24-10 halftime lead after a Stephen Gostkowski 30 yard Field Goal.

   After the Half the Saints got the ball back however the Patriots Defense finally showed up in the biggest game of the season forcing a punt. Jake Fromm then orchestrated a 80 yard touchdown capped off with a TightEnd Jordan Humphrey 11 yard catch cutting the lead to 24-17. The Saints Championship DNA kicked in as they marched right down the field and got a 32 yard Field Goal, with 8 minutes to go pushing the lead up to 10. Feeling the pressure to score quickly the Patriots found themselves in a 4th, and 20 that they did not convert which was pretty much the end of the game. The Saints then added another Fieldgoal, and 7 more points after Jake Fromms 3rd, and final interception of the game. Halfback latavious Murray scored on a 4th down run with a minute remaining, and the Saints began to celebrate!        

The New Orleans Saints were coached by EddieHEndrixx, who is writing his names as one of the best in the leagues history Books. Congratulations on winning Super Bowl XXXII, and hanging your Third banner in the Hall of Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXIX winner Coach EddieHendrixx:


  • You did it! You won Super Bowl XXXII, what was your gameplan going in?

My Gameplan was to get the defense off the field early. Quick stops on defense to me ruffles the opposing offense and switches up their gameplans


  • You Jumped out to a quick lead, but the Patriots battled back. How did you keep your cool?

Staying consistent on defense helped me keep cool. Don't let a few drives knock me off my rhythm. I know he wasn't gonna give up, so as long as I could keep him off the fied, I could hold onto the lead.


  • You Wanted to get rid of Joe Burrow as your starting quarterback last season, and now he has lead your team to a Super Bowl victory, while garnering MVP no less. What was the change?

Burrow was always the franchise QB, I just had to stir up the Quarterbacks room to get his mind right. He finished the season strong, and it carried over into the Playoffs.


  • You have won Super Bowls XXVII, XXIX, and now XXXII, How does this one compare to those?

This one feels like the first one all over again. Underdog SZN like I said before the game. Almost everyone counted me out, but we pushed through #WhoDat!


  • You're the Super Bowl XXXII Champ, the floor is yours. Is there anything you want to say to the rest of the League?

This one's for the NFC. Shoutout to the Buccs, and Panthers. They gave me a lil Morale Boost, especially the Panthers. He saw that Burrow was heating up, and he called it before I could.




Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

  Coach EddieHendrixx has once again made his mark in the NFASL winning his Third Supebowl! After finding life difficult the past few Seasons the Saints dusted off his boots, and refocused his energy into becoming a Champion once again.  As Commissioner I keep my eye on the entirety of the league, and I have to say this is the most competitive the League has ever been. That's a good thing, as playing against good competition only brings out the best in you. I feel as though the Saints headcoach has found that out as witnessed by his own words above. The complaints about Madden, or the Bullpoo that happens in the game in my opinion only help with the realness of the game. Is the game perfect; no, but what game is? We all play under the same rules, and guidelines, and Madden is no different. My dad used to say Chicken Dinner, or Chicken Shit, which is Madden in a Nutshell. Sometimes the Madden Gods smile down upon thee, and some times they as I like to say kick you in the Dick, then make you apologize...... In Closing I'd like to say Special Thanks to Justin Downs, and Kenny Hernandez for all their Help (JD, More than Shooter). I have been very busy at work, and I would not be able to run the league to the Standards we have set without their help.


JD's All-Pro First Half Team


JD’s 1st Half All-Pro Team

         Half the season is wrapped up and the offense has dominated so far. There are so many players to choose from that have been ballin out this season but I narrowed it down to this group of guys who have put their offense on their shoulder pads. Dehaun Watson is having a season for the record books, literally, he is on pace to throw for the most yards ever in a single season. His performance makes the other qbs look like they are having a down year. Rookie Rondale Moore is flying all over the field and is the front runner for ROY. Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley are neck and neck for the rushing grown this season as Gurley wants to make sure fans know how good he is after Saquon dominated the league last season. 




Comp %

Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Deshaun Watson - Texans





Patrick Mahomes- Chiefs





Jacoby Brissett- Bears





Sam Darnold- Jets





Lamar Jackson - Ravens





Honorable Mentions

  • Jared Goff- Los Angeles Rams
  • Tua Tagovailoa- Miami Dolphins



Running Backs 



Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Todd Gurley- Rams





Saquon Barkley- Giants





Leonard Fournette- Jaguars





Alvin Kamara- Saints





Josh Jacobs- Raiders





Honorable Mentions

  • Melvin Gordon- Los Angeles Chargers
  • Joe Mixon- Cincinnati Bengals




Wide Receivers 






D.J Chark Jr.- Jaguars





Rondale Moore- Bears





Brandin Cooks- Rams





Tyreke Hill- Chiefs





Michael Thomas- Saints





Honorable Mentions

  • Jalen Reagor- Oakland Raiders
  • Corey Davis- Tennessee Titans


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