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ESPN Match Ups Week 05


         NFL Match Up week 5

*New rule, Weekend 2 Day advance*




       Away                               Home

(4-0) @ (3-1)

Preview: Game of week!!! Rivalry Game!!!! The Atlanta Falcons under the tutelage of PistolBill gets a shot at his first Primetime Match up in the NFASL. Not only is it primetime, but they play the Defending Super Bowl XXIX champions the Highly favored New Orleans Saints!    

 (1-3)      @           (2-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Bengals will take on the Steelers in this AFC North match up. The Bengals at 1-3 can ill afford a loss here and will find themselves doing all they can to win. 

 (4-0)       @           (2-2)

Preview: The Dallas Cowboys at 4-0 look like a team possessed, and are playing to hang a Banner in the Hall of Champions this year. Bad News for the Vikings who are coming off an impressive win over the Dolphins a week ago.    

 (2-2)       @           (0-4)

Preview: The Washington Redskins take on a struggling Redskins team who at 0-4 are backed into a corner. However there is no more a dangerous animal than one that is trapped!

(2-2)       @           (1-2)

Preview: These Two teams will be switching ownership next year, what better way than to start a rivalry than to play it on the field. Dominator Vs Melblaze!  

 (2-2)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The AFC West is on display, and the Broncos are coming off a huge win, and huge confidence builder. The Broncos feel they have the team to get things done, so the Raiders can ill afford to overlook them!  

(2-2)       @           (1-3)
Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Another AFC West match up should be a good one, with the Chiefs and Chargers,hell the entirety of this division feeling like they have a shot. Look for this one to be played angrily!

(1-3)       @           (3-0)
Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The Dolphins New headcoach Regjay1324 is finding out that the NFASL is not for the feint of heart. They take on one of it's best members in a AFC East Rival the Buffalo Bills. If the Dolphins are not careful this can go bad Quickly.

(3-1)       @           (2-2)
Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! with each win the Seahawks confidence builds! They take on the San Francisco 49ers, however the Seahawks will have the 12 firmly affixed on their side at home. this is a statement Game for Coach Icyya!

(1-3)       @           (3-1)
Preview: The Detroit lions got a much needed win over the Hapless Washington Redskins a week ago, and will face what many believe are the best Giants team in their long illustriouts History. The Lions will have to do everything to slow down Barkley, but not many have been able to do it!

NFASL Banner Ceremony New Orleans Saints

ESPN Breaking News It's a Banner Season in the NFASL! Lets make it the best one yet!


        On this edition of ESPNEWS The New Orleans Saints are honored, and their headcoach will be inducted into the Hall of Champions where his New Orleans Saints with a 15-1 record, and a 41-13 win in the Super Bowl will be memoralized for all time. The Saints headcoach SilentCloudX has thrown his hat into the ring as one of the best coaches of all time, and will be hard pressed to have an argument against it. Coach Kaliko will forever be linked to Coach SilentCloudx as many believe that his win in the Playoffs a year ago is the only thing that stopped this Juggernaught of a team from winning 3 in a row!  The Saints were one of the best teams all season long ranking in at #10 on Offense logging in 5,539 yards of Total Offense. However the Saints Made their Bones on Defense ranking in @ #2 only allowing 4,123 yards. No Small feat in the league as Teams are racking up 4000 yard passers, and 2000 yard rushers like it's going out of style. The Saints got after the Quarterback bringing in 57, and got their hands on the ball a mind dumbing 39 times. The Saints also lengthed the NFC's lead in terms of Titles in the Hall of Champions making the number 17 NFC, to 12 AFC. Once again The New Orleans Saints are the Super Bowl XXIX Champions, and have squarley affixed on their backs a Target. The Rest of the league has a log of catching up to do, and with 1 more season of Madden left in this rendition, The Chance for a New Orleans Dynasty is real. Congratulations SilentCloudx on your Newest entry into the Hall of Champions!

        The League is all about community, and making sure that we are a close knit group. It is required that if you're the home team that you stream your game. So that means 8 games a year, you should be streaming, and of course if you get home field advantage in the playoffs.  Make sure you vote on the new poll to your right every Madden week to see who you want to see be the Game of the Week. Also for the New members be sure to check the updated rules, in the Rules Link at the top of the page as there is a standard that we apply to in this League. Now that you have taken the solemn vow to join this great league please be sure you know how to stay here.                                                                              




SilentCloudx   XXIX


           On February 8th, 2019 the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XXIX Madden 19 PS4! The Coach of the Team SilentCloudx won his second Super Bowl, and did it in near amazing fashion as he did his first one. The Saints finished the season 15-1, going 37-1 in his two winning seasons! The New Orleans Saints defeated the Cleveland Browns in blowout fashion 41-13. The Coach of the Browns was RedskinsWAHOOOO Now going 0-4 in Super Bowls. The MVP of the game was Saints 3rd year Star now Corner Back Jacon Crutchfield who intercepted Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield twice. The New Orleans Saints are on pace to be one of the best teams in NFASL History, and their coach has already stated that Super Bowl XXX is the next Goal!  Congratulations on your Super Bowl Win!


Meet the Members Champagnepapi

      On the 2019 First edition of Meet the Members I will introduce the Leagues Honorary member, and League Mascot Champagnepapi aka, AHAB, aka, Whale Hunter. Champagnepapi came into the league about the same time that Coach Justin "Just Dicks" Downs did. And as good as JD was, heavy emphasis on "Was" ChampagnePapi has been absolutely Awful. He has used Several teams, The Minnesota Vikings, The Cincinatti Bengals, and I believe in the Chicago Bears for a short while when JD went cold Turkey on his Medication. However His Madden Skills are below Parr, making Melblaze look like SilentCloundx (Saints Headcoach) in comparison. However ChampagnePapis contribution to the league cannot be quantified in Wins, and Losses in a meaningless game of Madden. His Memes, and Random Attacks on Rian the Browns headcoach is the stuff of Legend. Most Recently being " @Low Credit Score Do you and your Girl ever get Y'all titties mixed up in the Dark??"  Even though it's rude as hell, you can't do nothing but laugh. Champagne's attacks on his Best buddy JD are also Legendary with any slip up from Coach JD, Champagne will be sure to post in the Chat, and Make sure that we all get a good Laugh. That's a good Introduction to one of the Leagues most beloved Members making this the best League on the planet. Without Further adieu, lets meet the Member.

Tale of the Tape:

  • Age 23
  • Hails from Chicago Illinois.... I'll smack you if you say "Chiraq".
  • ChampagnePapi states "I played Quarterback until I got too fat in PeeWee. Only collegiate Athlete in the League".
  • Favorite Teams: Go Vols!
  • Favorite Type of Music: I'm a Kanyebutt dude, with Drake Feelings!

Question: If there was one thing the league should know about you what would it be?

ChampagnePapi: I'd say they need to know, if they didn't know already, that I'm the funniest, realist, and best looking honorary member of the league. In other words, in the face of this league. A Icon, A Legend. A Rockstar!

Question: Describe your time in the Sim Athletics Network.

QB11KC: My time in the League has had it's ups and downs. Laughs, and Cries. I think about a third of these dudes are cool, but for the most part I them all. My Squad, 708 Boyz, and I took the league by storm, and although some of us are no longer in teh League.....I feel like we're the New Death Row. Call me Suge Knight!

Question: If you could Kill one person in history, who would it be and why?

QB11KC: No One. I love everyone; Good, and Bad, but probably myself. *Can I have your Stuff?*

Question: What is your Favorite food?

Newmoon: Rians Girlfriend.




Commssioners Thoughts:  The Madden Skills are horrible, but the Personality, and quick wit is second to none. I have to say Champagnepapi keeps the Chat going when he is in there, and is one of the better guys in there who talks crap, but not maliciously. It's all about fun and Games in the end. I will go to my grave saying if it a'int Fun what's the F-ing Point! Champagne follows that very path, and I appreciate him for that. JD is unquestionably his best Mate in the League, and lobs several insults at him daily. However if anyone else attacks Coach JD, Papi protects him like a Momma Bear does her Cubs. Does Coach ChampagnePapi closesly resemble Magic Johnsons Son? Yes he does. Is he Magic Johnsons Son? Most Likely. Google, and do a side by side comparison, and you be the Judge. In Closing I'd like to say Champagne is, and will always be welcome in the league Chat unless he continues to drop those Random N-Bombs which are strictly prohibited. Also if we get one more side profile of them Naps Laid down with several layers of Blue Magic Hair Grease ......... As always I will say that the NFASL is about the Journey, not the destination Thanks to Members like Champagnepapi, that Journey is a whole lot funnier! Thanks for reading Meet the Members, ChampagnePapi Edition. 

NFASL AFC Preview Season 2023

         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the AFC and preview every team in the Conference. With the AFC losing in the Super Bowl they have now fell behind 18-11 in total Championship Banners hanging in the Hall of Champions. They have now lost 4 in a row, and will look to stop the Bleeding in a banner season. That heavy burden has fallen on the Cleveland Browns being the most recent team to have that dubious honor of losing in the Super Bowl. The Browns are the heavy favorite to make it back to the Big Game as their Team, and coach are battle Hardened. However at 0-4 in Super Bowls on the Watchful eye of headcoach  RedskinsWAHOOOO The Browns might have lost a little Mojo, and make a early playoff exit. If the Browns do fall off look to the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, or the New England Patriots to carry the Banner into the 30th Super Bowl of the NFASL 7 yeas in the Making! The AFC has been a disappointment in the past 4 seasons but winning in a banner year can pick up the Entire Conferences Mojo. The Miami Dolphins have a new headcoach, and many believe he has what it takes gameplay wise, and most importantly attitudinal to become another long term member of the NFASL. This is the 30th Season of the NFASL, lets make it a Good one!. Without further adieu lets take a indepth look at all the Divisions in the AFC.

AFC North:

  • Baltimore Ravens 10-6 Coach of the Team: Tomman_Owns
  • Cleveland Browns 14-2 Coach of the Team: RedskinsWAHOOOO
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 4-12 Coach of the Team: Hac_3443  
  • Cincinatti Bengals 6-10 Coach of the Team: B_L_Great

      Overview: The AFC North has been a two team race between the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cleveland Browns for several seasons now. The Browns ruled the roost, making it all the way to the Super Bowl representing the Conference in the biggest game of the year eventually falling to the Super Bowl Champions the New Orleans Saints. The Browns Have one of the best teams in the league with Pro Bowlers on every level of the team. With the Browns being stacked Super Bowl XXX is the goal, as 0-4 is a bitter pill that most have not swallowed. Their Rival is the Baltimore Ravens who after their head coach had to miss the Playoffs for personal reasons were eliminated in the Wildcard round. The Ravens won the Last Banner Super Bowl XX so I give them a slight edge in terms of been their done that. However the Ravens have a young team, and many believe they are a few years away. The Cincinatti Bengals, and the Pittsburgh Steelers round out the Division. The Bengals have found their answer at QB with Freddie Holmes cementing himself as one of the leagues rising stars. However the Bengals need to start winning a few more of the winnable games that they have been losing. The Pittsburgh Steelers were an abysmal 4-12 a year ago, and may be headed for another season of discontent if they don't get their act together

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Cleveland Browns
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Cincinatti Bengals
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 


AFC West:

  • Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 Coach of the Team: JBoc27
  • Oakland Raiders 13-3 Coach of the Team: e30zack
  • San Diego Chargers 3-13 Coach of the Team: I757IMonster
  • Denver Broncos 6-10 Coach of the Team: Kevin3447

      Overview: The AFC west very similar to the AFC North has been a two team race. Those two teams are the Oakland Raiders, and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders won the Division easily but once again faltered in the playoffs losing to the Cinderella Story Jacksonville Jaguars. The Raiders are built to win, and should be a dangerous team once again this year. The Kansas City Chiefs second place in the Division will lean heavily on their teams veteran leadership fielding one of the older teams in the league. The Chiefs in the XXXth season would love to hang their second Banner in the Hall of Champions, but 1st under the tutelage of Coach Joey Peanuts Bockus. The Broncos, and the Chargers were the other two teams in the Division, and I half expected the Broncos to take a major step forward last season. They might actually do it this year as the Broncos have put together a team that can compete. The Final Team in the Division are the San Diego Chargers and their Headcoach Jerms who has not been the normally tough opponent. The Chargers for the second time in a row finished last in the Division, and will need to get back to the Run game and Defense if they don't want it to happen again.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Oakland Raiders
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Denver Broncos
  4. San Diego Chargers

AFC South:

  • Houston Texans 8-8 Coach of the Team: BigRY8
  • Tennessee Titans 8-8 Coach of the Team: Dominator1373
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5 Coach of the Team: PacificCowboy
  • Indianapolis Colts 8-8 Coach of the Team: Gaberooni54

      Overview: The NFC South for the first time since I can remember was wrapped up early by the Jacksonville Jaguars who came out the Gates swinging with a 11-5 record a year ago. However just like every other year the entire Division was 8-8. I have to say with this being the Final season with Dominator going to the Eagles in Madden 20 I will miss the make up of this Division. The Jaguars were one of the most dangerous teams going into the Playoffs but their cinderalla story ended before they could make it to the big game. They have one of the most complete teams in the League however I expect them to take a step back this year as they will have to contend with a 1st place schedule. The Colts, Titans, and Texans all finished with 8-8 records and I fully expect this to be the case this year. The Combined records of these coaches in Madden 19 are as follows. Tyler Stewart (Jags 38-28), Gabe BIGDICK......(Colts 34-32), Meek Milly (Titans 33-32), and Ryan Long Johnson (Texans 29-37). Now that I see their coaches names the most annoying division in all of football! 

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars
  3. Houston Texans
  4. Tennessee Titans

AFC East:

  • Buffalo Bills 11-5 Coach of the Team: OffensiveDom
  • New England Patriots 8-8 Coach of the Team: ATK133
  • New York Jets 6-10 Coach of the Team: TraylonKanana
  • Miami Dolphins 1-15 Coach of the Team: Kokotea33

      Overview: The Familiar theme for this XXXth season of the NFASL has been two team races, and this Division has been no different. The Bufffalo Bills, and the New England Patriots. Last year however the Patriots fell off just a bit missing the playoffs making the  Buffalo Bills the only team to represent the Division in the Playoffs. The Bills didn't make much noise however and will look to get back to the post season this year. The Bills are lead by one of the best young arms in the league in Josh Allen who can make every throw in the game. Allen is among the elite in the league, and had the second best Touchdown to interception ratio in the league. The New England Patriots at 8-8 were perplexed with their play a year ago, and has made a vow to not miss the playoffs again. The Patriots will be a tough team to face as a focused headcoach ATK has already won a Super Bowl and will be looking to win another. The Jets at 6-10 has yet to get a full handle on this years version of Madden, but he is danger close. I keep thinking he will make that next step, but a 6-10 record has been the outcome. With the Dolphins adding a new Head coach, and from what I can tell a decent one will be playing for 3rd place in the Division, and maybe even over take the Patriots. However I think the Young Coach still needs more seasoning.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. New England Patriots
  3. New York Jets
  4. Miami Dolphins

         On this edition of ESPNEWS We will focus in on the NFC and preview every team in the Conference. The New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XXIX under the tutelage of coach silentcloudx. The Saints won their secpnd super bowl in 3 seasons. The NFC has dominated the the League in past seasons and have now won the past 4. With this being a Banner season 30 seasons of the NFASL a huge, huge milestone that is seven years in the Making. I want to thank all the members who have come and gone, but especially some of the long time founding members such as Joey Peanuts Bockus, Active Eater Shooter, Tom pass the Bong Jones, e30 let me hit it first Zack, and any other members that I may have forgot. The League has and always will be better because of you jokers. If I missed anyone I apologize but I'm in my 40's and I'm getting old. The NFC is on the lineup today as we will do a mock preview. We had a very fast offseason so things are moving quick, so this preview will be quick. Without further adieu lets look at the NFC. 

NFC North:

  • Green Bay Packers 5-11 Coach of the Team: DinoHontos
  • Chicago Bears 14-2 Coach of the Team: The--BEST-EVER
  • Detroit Lions 6-10 Coach of the Team: King_Musa722  
  • Minnesota Vikings 2-14 Coach of the Team: Kokotea33

      Overview: The Chicago Bears were back on thop in the North last season easily winning the division. The Bears were the only team in the Division to make the Playoffs, and it's no wonder. The addition of Le'Veon Bell was huge as it took a lot of the pressure off of bonafide star Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears added Cameron Meredith back on the team for a second time giving them one of the most lethal receiving corps in the league. The Detroit Lions were the next best team in the league, hoever at 6-10 they have a long way to go if they expect to make any moves this year. Lamar Jackson has to do more than run, although his breakaway speed makes him a match up many are not ready for. The Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings all were sub .500 and will need to figure out things that work. The Coach of the Vikings feels with a beloved franchise his love for the team will lead him to more than two victories this year

Commissioners Moons predictions:

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Minnesota Vikings 


NFC West:

  • San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Coach of the Team: Kaliko_420
  • Arizona Cardinals 14-2 Coach of the Team: QB11KC
  • Los Angeles Rams 1-15 Coach of the Team: The_Vin_360
  • Seattle Seahawks 6-10 Coach of the Team: IccyCA

      Overview: The NFC west was won for the first time by the Arizona Cardinals and their head coach QB11KC. The mantle may have passed from the Niners to the Cardinals with the Cardinals having the conferences second best record. The Cardinals will lean heavily on the leagues reigning MVP Joe Mixon for a second year in a row, and the playaction pass that it gives to kyler Murray. The San Francisco 49ders however will not stand idly by and let the Cardinals do what they want. However the Niners major moves made in years 1, are aging and they have not drafted well enough to replace them. Will the Niners take a step back allowing for the Seahawks, and the Rams to move forward. both those franchises have players, but their records have been less than stellar especially the Rams. However in the 30th, and final season of Madden this year there is no more drafts, no more building for the future. This is it!

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Arizona Cardinals
  3. Seattle Seahawks
  4. Los Angeles Rams

NFC South:

  • New Orleans Saints 15-1 Coach of the Team: SilentCloudx
  • Atlanta Falcons 3-13 Coach of the Team: ATLorDIE404
  • Carolina Panthers 13-3 Coach of the Team: criticalnews2
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Coach of the Team: JoeMoney405

      Overview: The NFC South is the Domain of the New Orleans Saints who finished the regular season with 3 losses in 3 years and now their second Super Bowl Title, and boasting of a 3rd. The Saints did it with Vets in their first run, and rookies in their second. They will be a tough out for any team that faces them. The Saints Closest competition was the Carolina Panthers who at 13-3 had a season many thought they should have been having seasons ago. They will look to complete the process this year however. The Buccaneers, and the Falcons both looked like they could use a little more seasoning. I do expect however the Falcons to take a major step forward this year, and be in the league for years to come.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. Carolina Panthers
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. New Orleans Saints

NFC East:

  • New York Giants 14-2 Coach of the Team: Active-_Shooter
  • Dallas Cowboys 11-5 Coach of the Team: DynesTrio33
  • Washington Redskins 9-7 Coach of the Team: Newmoon001
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1-15 Coach of the Team: MelBlaze3521

      Overview: The NFC East was won by the New York Giants as they have dominated the East in this rendition of Madden. Saquon Barkley, and Odell Beckhams 1-2 punch has been too much for teams and nothing should change this year. The Giants want more than anything to hang a banner, however that has eluded them for 30 seasons. They will once again look to the Dallas Cowboys to be their most staunch competition in the league. however the Redskins have vowed to do some damage this year. The Cowboys have not played well in their match ups against the Giants, and will need to cross that hurdle if they want to be taken seriously. The Redskins have gone 9-7 in 3 straight years, and will hope that this year is the one. Melblazes Eagles the last time he will use them this Madden as he has sold them to dominator should play this season as a cherished one.

Commissioner Moons Predictions:

  1. New York Giants
  2. Washington Redskins
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. Philadelphia Eagles


           41                       XXIX                            13

New Orleans Saints (15-1)             Cleveland Browns (14-2)

Coach: SilentCloudx                                    Coach: RedskinsWAHOOOO

Team Leaders:

  • N. St.Clair 265yds, 2td, 0int   B. Mayfield 260yds, 1td, 4ints
  • A. Kamara 21att, 81yds, 2td  D. Johnson Jr 13att, 45yds, 1td

  • T. Smith 5rec, 104yds, 2td     D. Pendleton 4rec, 83yds, 1td



Saints Deny Browns at Pearly Gate!

           Super Bowl XXIX. Los Angeles, CA. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXIX The New Orleans Saints did it again winning their second Super Bowl in 3 seasons blowing out the Cleveland Browns 41-13. The New Orleans Saints wasted no time jumping all over the Browns from the word go. Before the smoke settled from the pyrotechnics the Browns found themselves down 17-0. The Saints didn't stop there however as they continued the drubbing scoring 14 more points in the 2nd quarter. The Saints took a 31 point lead into halftime subsequently ending Super Bowl XXIX before it truly got started.  The New Orleans Saints were clicking on all cylinders on both offense, and defense. Rising star Nate St. Clair nearly had a perfect game throwing for 256 yards, 2 touchdowns, without no interceptions. Dynamic Running Back Alvin Kamara rushed for 93 yards on 21 carries, and plunged across the Endzone twice. Trequan Smith added 30 more yards, and another Touchdown from the last time he was in the Super Bowl. Smith finished the game with 5 receptions, 2 touchdowns, and 104 receiving Yards. All likely Candidates for the Games Most Valuable Player. 

 The Saints however had a groundhog theme going on as now 3rd year star Jason Crutchfield in his Second Super Bowl was nominated the games MVP. Crutchfield had two more game changing interceptions, and a sack. with the Defense pitching a shut out in the first half the Saints were able to do whatever they wanted. The Saints Front 7 shut down Duke Johnson Jr to a mediocre 45 yards on 13 carries. They also sacked Baker Mayfield 6 times, and forced 4 interceptions in the win. . Not to mention a Sack

         The Cleveland Browns came into the game as a underdog but many gave coach RedskinsWaHOOOO a better than decent Chance to hang his first banner in the Hall of Champions. That was not to be the case however as the Browns headcoach knows all to well what it feels like to be the bridesmaid but not the Bride. The Browns have lost their second Super Bowl in a row, which has to eat at the confidence of the Browns. Winning regular season games lose it's luster if you are unable to seal the Deal. The Browns will look to reload in the offSeason, and finally plant their flag in a banner year. 30 of the NFASL!         

The New Orleans Saints were coached by SilentCloudx, who is writing his names as one of the best in the leagues history Books. Congratulations on winning Super Bowl XXIX, and hanging your second banner in the Hall of Champions!

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXIX winner Coach SilentCloudx:


  • You did it! You won Super Bowl XXIX, what was your gameplan going in?

My Gameplan was to stay balanced throughout the game, don't get one dimensional. Keep pushing the run to keep the Defense honest.


  • This is your second win in 3 seasons. How does this one compare to your first one?

Compared to the first one this one is a little better because fools (49ers) thought I slacked up and lost last season. All that did was wake the Sleeping G.O.A.T.


  • Cornerback Jason Crutchfield should be named Jason CLUTCHFIELD. 2 Super Bowls, 2 MVP's. Can you talk about him and the defense?

What Can I say about Crutch that his game doesn't say? Dudes a young stud. Championship DNA for sure!



  • People have been throwing the around Dynasty, do you think you can win another one next year? Also the Floor is yours, do you have anything you want to say to the league?

Hopefully. If I can keep the same intensity, Next season we will be having this Interview again! What I have to say to the league is .... REPEAT Season approaching!



Commissioners Newmoons thoughts:

  Coach SilentCloudx has once again made his mark in the NFASL winning his Second Super Bowl in 3 years. This Run reminds me of The Chicago Bears early run, creating what can not be argued the most notable dynasty in the league to date. Next season is a banner year, and the Saints have only gotten better. If there was a year to beat them this was it, and he only went 15-1. The Saints headcoach SilentCloudx is the big dog on the block no one can deny it. The Entirety of the league knows that if you want to get through the NFC you will have to face the Saints, and it ain't gonna be easy. The NFC South used to be a toss up for who would win it, where as now it's firmly in the Grasps of the WhoDAT nation. The League members will have to step up to take down this Sleeping G.O.A.T. his words not mine!

        The New Orleans Saints will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXIX, On February 7th, of our Lord 2019.  The New Orlenas Saints were 15-1 on the season, under the Tutelage of coach SilentCloudx, whom has hung his 2nd banner, in his 3rd season of the NFASL. Once again Congratulations on your Super Bowl Victory! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season the 5th, and final one on Madden 19!


NFASL Championship round

The NFASL has readhed the Championship Round, and the match ups are fierce.

 In the NFC the Two best teams in the conference will square off against one another as the New Orleans will host the New York Giants in what will be a battle of total teams. The Giants will rely on their All world back Saquon Barkley, and the Saints will lean heavily on their Defense which just might be the best unit ever constructed in leagues History. The New York Giants are feeling the pressure of hanging a banner in the Hall of Champions, and will take that pressure in this match up. With unrivaled offensive Talent the Giants feel as though they can outscore any team, and will need points to win in the Super Dome. 

   In the AFC The Upstart Jacksonville Jaguars are a cinderella story and they have captured the Heart, and Minds of the Football World. The Jaguars Rallying cry is trending and "Full Throttle" is on the Throats of every member of the Jaguar Nation! Another upset win over the Oakland Raiders in the Divisional Round, and the Jaguars find themselves one game away from Super Bowl XXIX. Their Next opponent however can not be taken lightly as the Cleveland Browns and their headcoach Roffman is on a Mission that ends with a banner hanging in the Hall of Champions. If the Giants headcoach feels the pressure, Roffman is creating diamonds. The Browns are loaded from the bottom to the top, and nothing but victory will suffice. 



 American Football Conference



  Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)      Cleveland Browns (14-2)

Preview: Cleveland, OH.  The AFC Championship round will be played in Cleveland Ohio with one thing on the minds of all the Believeland Fans. Will this coach finally bring a title home? Coach Roffman has been the Bridesmaid, but never the Bride. However before they start thinking about Super Bowls, they have to get through the Jacksonville Jaguars who are not playing like a team who is a Wildcard, and supposed to be out of the playoffs by now. The Jaguars played Giant slayer as they upset the Oakland Raiders 45-21, and for the door prize will have the biggest bully on block. The Cleveland Browns have the 5th overall offense, and the 6th overall rated Defense. All that spells is dominant, and the Jaguars will have to play out of their minds to beat them. The Browns are lead by Baker Mayfield, and Duke Johnson Jr. on offense giving them the edge in terms of talent. However No player in the playoffs has been better than Jameis Winston who is single Handedly changing the narrative on his career in these playoffs. A Chance to play in this years Super Bowl is on the line in this game, so expect no 1/4 given, and no half Measures. The winner moves on, the loser goes home


National Football Conference



  New York Giants (14-2)      New Orleans Saints (15-1)

Wrap up: New Orleans, LO.  In the NFC Championship Game the Blood was spilled, and the battle ensued as these two teams played for the right to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XXIX when the Game ended it was the New Orleans Saints standing, and the Giants wondering once again what could have been. The Saints used a second half explosion of 32 points to defeat the Giants 41-16. The Gods are cruel however as the Giants headcoach called out the Arizona Cardinals running back Joe Mixon after his MVP year, but 10 yards on 10 carries in their match up. Well the Gods are not to be trifled with as they Giants All Pro Back Saquon Barkley was held to just 18 yards on 10 carries living the heavy lifting to Kyle Luetta who wilted under the pressure throwing 3 interceptions. Two of those interceptions were hauled in by FS Marcus Williams whose Defense was nothing short of Dominant. The Defense sacked Kyle Luetta 3 times, intercepted him three times, forcing a Fumble and scoring once. The Saints will take that momentum and wait on the Winner of the AFC. The Hall of Champion is the prize, and they Saints are one game away.  

NFASL Divisional Round

The NFASL Divisonal Round is underway, and we can only hope the games were as good as the Wild Card Round! The Wildcard round was just that, Wild. The San Francisco jumped out on the Chicago Bears and never looked back easily winning the game 41-20. Many thought this was the Season the Bears would hang their 5th banner this year, but alas Coach JD will have to wait another season. The Panthers fell to the Cardinals behind a MVP performance rushing for 175 yards on just 21 carries. The Cardinals won the Game 34-24. In the AFC the Chiefs looked less than lethal as they were systematically blown out by the Jacksonville Jaguars behind Quarterback Jameis Winstons big right arm throwing for 3 touchdowns. The Ravens did not get a chance to Play the Bills, meaning that whoever wins this years Super Bowl will be assigned an asterisk at least in my mind. The Ravens are always dangerous in the Playoffs, however a work schedule did the job many could not. We will now divert our attention to the Divisional round and let the Excitement build to a crescendo! We all know what the Prize is, that is a chance to put your name into the Hall of Champions as the 29th year Champion, there to hang for all eternity. The prize is there, all one has to do it is just grab it!.



 American Football Conference



  Buffalo Bills (11-5)                  Cleveland Browns (14-2)

Preview: Cleveland, OH. The Cleveland Browns finished with the Conferences best record, impressive coming off a Super Bowl Defeat a year ago. They did not let the let down disway them from doing what they need to do, and that's shut up all the Naysayers and hang that Banner Coach RedskinsWAHOOOOO desperately wants. His First test however will come against one of the toughest owners in all of Sports. Coach Offensivedom and his Buffalo Bills. The Bills are led by Josh Allen (KYS!) and will take on one of the premier defenses in the League lead one of the best Sack Masters in teh game Myles Garrett. The Browns bring in the Leagues 6th ranked Defense, and ferocious run game. Many a Championships have been won with that formula, and the Browns are looking to add their names to them. The Bills have the Leagues 4th overall Offense which means this game should be a one for the ages. Defense, or Offense.... We will soon find out. 



  Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)          Oakland Raiders (13-3)


Preview: Oakland, CA. Thje Raiders have quietly put together one of the Best seasons in the league with their owner/coach e30zack dropping L's next to anyone who dared step up. The Raiders will come into this game as the proverbial favorite and will relish the point that they get to play a game in front of the Raider Nation faithful. They can ill afford to overlook the Jacksonville Jaguars however as they have looked like a different team all season long. Coach Stew qouted after the blowout win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wildcard round "Full Throttle" That means the Jaguars are not playing for the Silver Medal, only Gold will do. They will have their hands full with the likes of Derek Carr who threw for 3724 yards, 42 touchdowns, and only 19 interceptions. In a league of 30+ sack leaders, and linebackers with Double Digit interceptions that's nothing to sneeze at.


National Football Conference



  Arizona Cardinalsnts (13-3)          New York Giants (14-2)

Wrap Up: Seattle, WA. The New York Giants showed the world who the Real MVP was with a blowout win over the Arizona Cardinals 23-14. The Final score was not indicative of this game truly was as the Giants handed the ball of the Saquon Barkley the runner up in the MVP ballot to Joe Mixon who had a miserable Game. Mixon carried the Ball for 10 yards, on 10 carries. Even though I'm not a Math wizard it's going to be hard to win a game in the Divisional round grabbing 1 yard a carry. Coach Shooter from the Podium mocked in the postgame after saying "Is this your MVP!" holding up a stat sheet after the game. The Giants did it on all fronts intercepting Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray twice, and sacking him 3 times. The Cardinals will go into the offseason wondering if his aging team will be ready next year or will a few players retire leaving them to turn to younger players to get things done next season. The Giants are awaiting the AFC to get their games played, and know that if they want to get to the Super Bowl they will have to face the New Orleans Saints!!!



  San Francisco 49ers (10-6)          New Orleans Saints (15-1)

Wrap Up: New Orleans, LO. The New Orleans Saints kinda had a feeling that they would face the San Francisco 49ers in the Playoffs this year, and they relished the opportunity. After a shocking defeat to the Niners a year ago, who eventually went on to win the Super Bowl the Saints have been biding their time to strike, and strike they did! The Saints put up a W, and are now one game away from the Super Bowl! The Saints Defense was the story as they intercepted the Niners Star Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo Five times, and Sacked him four. SS Kentrell Brice got his ghands on two of them, and when it was all said and done it was the Saints Prayers that were answered. The Niners were valiant in their defense of their title holding the Saints to Zero Points in the Second half. However the Damage was too great for the Niners to overcome them, and the Saints prevailed in the End. The Entirety of the Football world is waiting for the Saints Vs Giants whose overtime game a few weeks back was the stuff of Legends. 

NFASL Wild Card Round

The NFASL Wild Card Weekend is here! This 29th season of the NFASL will be one for the Record books! The Match ups are all set, the Players, coaches, and Fans are all excited to see who will hang their Banner in the Rafters of the Hall of Champions for all time! There is no greater honor in all of Sports than to see your name go up for all eternity in the greatest league in the world. Well it all starts here as the Wildcard Weekend is underway! This is by far the most stacked Wildcard weekend in history as their are no less than 12 banners hanging in this match up. The Baltimore Ravens have 4, the Chicago Bears have 4, the San Francisco 49ers have 2, the Carolina Panthers, and the Buffalo Bills have 1 apiece. Not to mention the Kansas City Chiefs have all been to the Super Bowl on multiple occasions. Lets take a look at the participants.  In the NFC the Field of champions consists of:

  1. New Orleans Saints
  2. New York Giants
  3. Chicago Bears
  4. Arizona Cardinals
  5. Carolina Panthers
  6. San Francisco 49ers

In the AFC the Teams are :

  1. Cleveland Browsn
  2. Oakland Raiders
  3. Buffalo Bills
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. Baltimore Ravens
  6. Kansas City Chiefs

With a collection of talent like that you can see why many believe this will be the best Post Season in NFASL history. However before we start talking about Super Bowls, and banners we first have to get through the Wildcard Round. There are some great Match ups, the with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars, The Baltimore Ravens taking on the Buffalo Bills in the AFC. In the NFC the San Francisco 49ers will square off against the Chicago Bears, and the Carolina Panthers will take on the Arizona Cardinals.



 American Football Conference



  Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)      Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)

Preview: Jacksonville, FL. The Kansas City Chiefs will be headed to Florida to take on the Jaguars in this Wildcard match up. The Jaguars ran away with the South, and will want to make some noise in the playoffs. Jameis Winston will battle up and coming Quarterback Patric Mahomes in what should be a battle of the Chiefs Wide Receivers vs the Defensive Backs of the Jaguars. The Jaguars have one of the best defensive Backfields in the league, and if they want to win this game they will have to be clicking on all cylinders! 



  Baltimore Ravens (10-6)           Buffalo Bills (11-5)


Preview: Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo Bills know full well the potential of Tommanowns and the Baltimore Ravens. Not many years have gone by in the AFC where in order to get to the Super Bowl you had to make your way through Charm City. These two teams have had some epic matchups in the past, and this one looks like it will be just as good. The Bills will take their super Star Quarterback Chosen Rosen against the Raiders Rookie Everett James. The Rookie made a name for himself this year with a 90 QBR rating, and a Trip to the Playoffs. The Bills are lead by Josh Rosen who made a bid for MVP throwing for 4426 yards, 37 touchdowns, and only 11 interceptions. This game might be the best of the weekend!



National Football Conference



  San Francisco 49ers (12-4)            Chicago Bears (14-2)

Wrap Up: Chicago, IL. The San Francisco 49ers begin their Title Defense in the Windy City as they will take on 4 time Super Bowl Champion Coach JC, and the Chicago Bears. After missing the playoffs a year ago the Bears vowed to not let it happen again. They did just that as they kicked in the door of the North winning 14 games, and are once again considered among the elite. This game will be won in the trenches however as the Bears have a running back that must be feared, to go along with the right arm of Mitchell Trubisky. The Niners have talent on every level, and will look to overwhelm the Bears with speed. Deion Sanders Jr, the Z brothers, and the unbridled speed on offense makes this Niners team very Dangerous.



  Carolina Panthers (13-3)           Arizona Cardinals (13-3)

Preview: Tempe, AZ. The Panthers are hoping their playoff push down the stretch gives them the edge over the Cardinals who hasn't truly played a meaningful game in weeks. The Cardinals did however make sure they gave the Leagues newlly Crowned MVP Joe Mixon the Ball early and often Mixon finished with a mind numbing 2607 yards on the ground, 42 touchdowns, on 360 attempts shattering the previous record. The Cardinals will most likely use that same formula in the playoffs, meaning the Panthers better be ready to tackle. The Cardinals are not a one trick pony however as There second year player Kyler Murray threw for 4000 yards making this team one of the greatest offenses in leagues history!

ESPN Match Ups Week 13


         NFL Match Up week 13

*Playoff Push*




       Away                               Home

(10-1) @ (8-3)

Preview: Game of week!!! The Arizona Cardinals are on a mission, and right now the team that is standing in their way is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have looked mediocre in recent weeks, and would love a win in primetime to get their mojo back!   

 (5-6)      @          (8-3)

Preview: The New England Patriots are in foreign territory, adn that's in danger of missing the playoffs. The Jaguars with a win here will dice the Patriots faithful dreams, and be one step closer to winning the AFC South. 

 (9-2)      @           (2-9)

Preview: The Oakland Raiders only competition in the Division is the Kansas City Chiefs. they have a 3 game lead over those Chiefs, so winning this game here could give the Raiders the West title. 

 (5-6)       @           (6-5)

Preview: Both these two teams are hoping to make a playoff run, making this match up a must win! The Chiefs at 6-5 have a better chance at getting in but not by much.    

 (7-4)       @           (5-6)

Preview: The Niners are suffering from a Super Bowl Hangover and may slump themselves right out of making the playoffs without a chance at defending the Title. They can ill afford to sleep on a dangerous titans team who seemingly plays their best, against the best!

(6-5)       @           (4-7)

Preview: The Indianapolis Colts take on a Dangerous Seahawks team in week 13. the Colts see how they what they have to do to make the playoffs however these Seahawks have looked like a different beast lately!  

 (6-5)       @           (10-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The New York Giants can end their bitter rivals season with a win here, and all but clich a playoff spot. The Washington Redskins are on a 2 game winning streak, but the Giants have had their number for several seasons.

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