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NFASL Trades Madden 17 season 1


Trade Center:

Seattle Seahawks   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2017 1st Rounder (80pts)   Kwon Alexander (82pts)
80 Approved 82


Miami Dolphins   Houston Texans
2017 2nd Round (60pts)   Brian Cushing (82pts)
2017 7th Round (10pts)   Kevin Johnson (74pts)
Jordan Cameron (84pts)    
154 Approved 156


New York Giants   Cincinnati Bengals
2017 1st round (80pts)   Jeremy Hill (88pts)
2017 3rd round (50pts)   Andrew Sendejo (64pts)
2017 7th round (10pts) <---add 7th rd pick  
150 Approved 152


Philadelphia Eagles   Washington Redskins
Grugier Hill (67pts)   Quinton Dunbar (72pts)
Aziz pootu (67pts)   Tevin McDonald (63pts)
134 Approved 135


Philadelphia Eagles   Dallas Cowboys
Lane Johnson (83pts)   Doug Free (76pts)
Terrence Brooks (71pts)    2017 1st round (80pts)
2017 2nd round (50pts)   2018 1st round (80pts)
2017 5th round (30pts)    
234 Approved 236


Kansas City Chiefs   Miami Dolphins
Dee Ford (72pts)   Kiko Alonso (79pts)
2017 7th round (10pts)    
82 Approved 79


Kansas City Chiefs   Cincinnati Bengals
2017 1st round (80pts)   George Ioka (85pts)
2017 3rd round (50pts)   P.J. Dawson (74pts)
2017 5th round (30pts)    
160 Approved 159


Seattle Seahawks   Arizona Cardinals
K.J. Wright (90pts)   Veldheer (90pts)
90 Approved 90


Cleveland Browns   Denver Broncos
Joe Thomas (99pts)   Russel Okung (78pts)
Jennings (61pts)   2017 1st round (80pts)
Orchard (68pts) 7th round (10pts) --> 2017 2nd round (60pts)
228 Approved 228


Carolina Panthers   Chicago Bears
Greg Olsen (96pts)   2017 1st round (80pts)
2017 4th round (40pts)   2017 3rd round (50pts)
136 Approved 130


Chicago Bears   New York Jets
 Marquess Wilson (64pts)   Brandon Marshall (87pts)
 Ka'deem Carey (75pts)   Matt Forte (82pts)
Christian Jones (72pts)   David Harris (79pts)
2017 2nd round (60pts) <---add 7th rd (10pts) 2017 5th round (30pts)
271 Approved 278


Chicago Bears   Denver Broncos
Kyle Long (82pts)   Bradley Robey (81pts)
Sam Acho (76pts)   Max Garcia (75pts)
158 Approved 156


New England Patriots   Denver Broncos
Shaq Mason (79pts)   Shaqui Barrett (83pts)
Barkvious Mingo (79pts)   2017 3rd round (50pts)
Eric Rowe (72pts)   2 2017 4th round (80pts)
Martellus Bennett (82pts  add 7th rd --> 2018 1st round (80pts)
312 Approved 293


Seattle Seahawks   San Diego Chargers
Jimmy Graham (92pts)   Shane Verrett (89pts)
Richardson (71pts)   Inman (73pts)
2017 2nd round (60pts)   Jones (68pts)
2017 3rd round (50pts)  add 7th round ---> 2017 5th round (30pts)
273 Approved 270


Houston Texans   New York Jets
2017 1st round (80pts)   Sheldon Richardson (87pts)
C.J. Fiedorowicz (78pts)   Robby Anderson (68pts)
Braxton Miller (76pts)   Ellis (76pts)
234 Approved 231


New England Patriots   Green Bay Packers
Dion Lewis (79pts)   Jordy Nelson (87pts)
2017 1st round (80pts)    
159 Denied 87


Houston Texans   San Diego Chargers
2017 2nd round (60pts)   Casey Hayward (83pts)
2017 2nd round (60pts)   Manti Teo (79pts)
2018 2nd round (60pts)   Orlando Franklin (72pts)
Ufomba Kamalu (62pts)   2017 7th round (10pts)
242 Approved 244


Washington Redskins   San Francisco 49ers
2017 2nd round (60pts)   Joe staley (88pts)
2017 4th round (40pts)   2017 7th round (10pts)
100 Approved 98


Dallas Cowboys   San Francisco 49ers
2017 1st round (80pts)   Eric Reid (78pts)
80 Approved 78


New York Giants   New England Patriots
2017 2nd Round (60pts)   Sebastian Vollmer (75pts)
2017 6th Round (20pts)    
80 Approved 75


Tennessee Titans   Carolina Panthers
2017 1st round (125pts) <--rams pick Kwann Short (92pts)
2017 2nd round (60pts)   Devin Funchess (76pts)
2017 3rd round (50pts)   David Mayo (67pts)
235 Approved 235


New York Giants   California Rams
2018 1st round (80pts)   Mark Barron (76pts)
80 Approved 76


Washington Redskins   Arizona Cardinals
2017 1st round (100)   Mike Iupati (90pts)
Louis Nix III (67pts)   Tyvon Branch (80pts)
167 Approved 170



Kansas City Chiefs   Washington Redskins
2017 2nd Round (60pts)   Spencer Long (72)
2018 7th round (10pts)    
70 Approved 72


Tennessee Titans   Baltimore Ravens
Demarco Murray (82)   Ronnie stanley (83pts)
2017 1st round (80pts)   Maxx Williams (76pts)
162 Approved 159


Miami Dolphins   San Francisco 49ers
2017 1st round (80pts)   Ahmad Brooks (84pts)
2017 3rd round (50pts)   Aaron Lynch (72pts)
2017 3rd round (50pts)   Fahn Cooper (66pts)
2017 4th round (40pts)    
220 Approved 222


Baltimore Ravens   Jacksonville Jaguars
2017 1st round pick (80)   Blake Bortles (84pts)
Kamalei Correa (75pts)   Aaron Colvin (76pts)
Willie Henry (66pts)   Deandrew White (64pts)
221 Approved 224


Miami Dolphins   Baltimore Ravens
Kiko Alonso (79pts)   Dennis Pitta (78pts)
79 Approved 78


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