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ESPN Match Ups Week 12



         NFL Match Up week 12

Justin Downs Edition!

With Commissioner Moon busy directing traffic, handing out parking tickets, and lasting 2 seconds in bed, he asked the 4x Champ and NFASL goat to fill in for him. With that being said, lets get to these week 12 matchups.



       Away                               Home

(5-5) @   (4-5)

Preview: Game of the Week! Rivalry Game!!!! Expectations were high for the AFC South going into this season but these teams have fallen more short of that than ATK's cheerleading skirt. Somebody will have to win this division and it will be a close race to the end but just in a different way than we thought. For the Colts its been a problem of offense and putting enough scoring drives together as they rank 24th in offense. Their defense isn't good enough to make up for a bottom 10 offense. The Jags just need to be consistent and they can turn their season around. They are up and down which shows in their 5-5 record and middle of the pack offense and defense. That all being said I expect this one to be a close game until the end with whoever has the ball last winning. Jags come into this game with momentum after a 3 point win against their division rival, hothead coach Dom and his underperforming Titans. 

 (6-4)      @          (8-1)

Preview: This could easily be the GOTW as well. These 2 are true rivals and there will be no shortage of madden trash talking, along with fat jokes and gay jokes before and after this game is done. Young trash talking ATK backed up his talk last Madden when he took his earned place into the Hall of Champions shutting up his biggest naysayers like Hunter,Shooter and Tom. But that was last Madden, this madden he couldn't capitalize in the playoffs on his lone season with Brady, as he got more chewed up in the Dawg Pound by RedskinsWahoo then one of Michael Vick's dogs. The Giants come into this game with the 3rd raned offense led by argubably the best duo in the league, Odell and Saquon. These 2 have looked unstobbable and it will be up to ATK's 13th ranked defense to contain them because their offense has been nothing special. The Giants also have a top 10 defense to go along with Kaliko's type of explosive, offense. However, one thing Coach ATK has over Coach Shooter, besides being able to do a lab around a track, is that all so real chapionship pedigre. He will need it here or it could get ugly.  

 (1-9)      @           (6-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! With the Bills eyeying the playoffs this is a game they have to just take care of business. Dolphins are in the midst of a rebuilding process and are looking foward to the offseason. If Bills let Dolphins hang around the Phins wouldn't mind hurting their division foe's playoff chances. That being said, I doubt it. Bills win pretty easily here.  

 (2-8)       @           (4-6)

Preview:The Texans are coming off a shocking upset and dismantling of the then hot of Coach Zack's Oakland Raiders soon to be Vegas Gamblers. They still need a Doug Flutie hail Mary to pull off a playoff bid but at least they are taking momentum into next year for youmg upcoming star Qb Deshaun Watson. The Bengals had an impressive against the Patriots early in the season but thats about it. They don't have much to gain by winning this one. Expect the starters to be "resting." 

 (6-4)       @           (10-0)

Preview:This game is bigger for the Cardinals than the scorching hot undefeated Saints. The Cardinals are bringing in their highflying number 1 offense to the Superdome to challenge the Saints number 6 ranked defense. A lot of eyes will be on this one as we witness an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Something has got to give here and the Cards Coach hopes it’s not them as they have little margin for error in the crowded NFC. The Cards lost the 49ers last week and to make things worse, photos of Coach Collins drinking habits were leaked after the game. This brought back shades of draft bust and playboy Matt Leinhart for Cardinals fans. I can't blame coach for having a good time, hell, coach Dom hasn't been the same user since he stopped hearing the all so frequent sound of "chugg, chugg,chugg" so its PEDs for some users but Coach Collins will need a loud win this week to go with his loud lifestyle. Coach Hendrixx is the latest first year coach to have success in NFASL as we coach Kelly's Seahawks hang up a banner last season. Will these Saints do the same? Certainly on track too.


(2-7)       @           (5-5)

Preview: NFASL great Coach Tom has not reached his level of play that he is used this Madden so far as he is having a hard time figuring out how to utilize playmaker,Heisman winner and possibly the next Mike Vick, Lamar Jackson. When Coach Tom figures it out the AFC should look out because there are not many more dangerous players than Jackson. Coach Kelly has had to take a leave of absence this season and could not defend his title. Will he be another coach like Kaliko and Dom? A one hit wonder who has to dig up their 1 ring, to show the last time they were relevant in a Superbowl conversation. We will have to wait and see. 

 (0-9)       @           (4-6)

Preview: Speaking of coach Dom, he is coming off a devastating loss in OT to Coach Stew and the Jaguars. Coach Dom will have to figure out how to defend the deep ball if the Titans are going to make a run. Coach Dom has talked about benching safety Kenny Vaccaro so thats something to watch going foward. Good thing going for the Titans is they have a balanced attack that led them to a top 10 offense. The Buccs are another team looking foward to the offseason expect no resistance for the Titans here.  

 (3-7)       @           (7-2)

Preview: Coach Traylon and the Jets are no rollover but this is a game coach Moon and the suprising Skins have to take care of to keep pace with the Cowboys and Giants. The skins are coming off a tough loss to the Bears with Alex Smith throwing a game ending pick at the end with the Skins having a chance to win. The Skins have a team built for the playoffs with leagues' number 1 defense and a balanced attack on offense. The only problem is that even at 7-2 the skins have a rough road to making the playoffs.   

 (3-6)       @           (7-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! After a controversial offseason Coach Kaliko has responded to the critics by having a 7-3 record and looking like a strong superbowl contender. Kaliko's defense has so far been a dissapointment as they are filled with talent but haven't been on the same level as this Niner offense led by Jimmy G and Leveon Bell in the backfield with speedster Tyreke Hill preventing teams from stacking the box on Bell. If Coach Kaliko can get his defense to match the offense the 49ers have a good as shot as anybody to get Kaliko his covented second Superbowl. With the owner spending big money in the offseason for players (allegedly under on the table) the pressure is on for the 49ers to produce. Coach Vin took a step back this season after having a dominant season last year but was upset by Dino and the Packers. With a great team still on the roster and high picks coming up look for the Rams to have a bounce back year next season. Can't underestimate the mental toll being upset can have on a team especially when you lose on a pick six. 

(5-4)       @           (5-5)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! This game would usually be a game we are saying is for the division lead but with the Saints undefeated this game has been reduced to a game just to stay alive for the wildcard. The Falcons have returned back to form as of late after a dreadful start to the season. The Panthers however have been up and down all season not being able to string wins together. Both these teams would need a lot to bounce their way but they got to win this game for them to even have that chance.  

 (8-2)       @           (2-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Coach Dino has picked up right where he left off last season when he got to the NFC Championship game and lost to the enventual championship Seahawks. Coach Dino has put to rest the doubts that he is a legit contender and that it was just had a fluke run last season. Coach MrT did not take the step he was looking for this season but still has plenty of talent on the team too try again next season. 

 (7-3)       @           (9-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! Coach Hunter has seemed to of found his rythm after being the best REGULAR SEASON coach last season. The caps on regular season is not a typo as Coach Hunter wasn't able to get it done in the playoffs time after time. Most memorably missing a wide open wr to win by hitting the wrong button. You could say nerves got to him but coach Hunter swears he has found the soloution and thats a bag of Cali Kush. Steelers star Bell was suprsingly traded and now is smoking Cali Kush with Coack Kaliko. Coach Wahoo might want to try this strategy because he has also choked on the biggest stage multiple times in dramatic fashion. Wahoo has taken on the villian role at times but he doesn't care as he continues to win. Only a matter of time before he breaks through and wins it all. I can see Coach Hunter pulling an upset here.

(This league does not encourage smoking for the younger coaches) 

 (4-6)       @           (8-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! Probably the most underachieving coach this madden so far, coach Bockus just hasn't been able to figure it out. Rumor has it that Coach Bockus has been selling players under the table but there is nothing concrete to confirm that story. Coach Bockus and the Chiefs were expected to be a strong superbowl contender but just hasn't panned out. Coach Zack has been looking like one of the best teams all year. Attacking the opposing the qbs with a deadly blitz, the Raiders lead league in sacks and interceptions. Even tough the Raiders had an uncharateristic loss last week against the Texans I expect Zack and the Raiders to bounce back here. Rumors are starting to spread that Coach Bockus is stepping down after this madden. I can speak for the rest of the league when I say, we don't want that to happen.        

 (7-2)       @           (3-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Bears squeaked out a win last week against Coach Moon and tough Skins and look to keep rolling as the Bears and Packers are neck and neck. Coach JD hasn't backed up his prediction that he will go undefeated but still in a good spot none the less. The Lions and Coach Hitskah aren't where they wanted to be when they made the blockbuster deal for star runningback David Johnson. Coach Hitskah is going to have go back to lab and figure out an offense to utilize their star.

 (0-9)       @           (8-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!!! The Cowboys are back and rolling this year. Even though the Cowboys are not at the top in any specific category, they win games playing smart football and capitalizing on other teams mistakes as they are second in turnover diifferental. Then we have the opposite with coach Melblaze, who according to conspiracist might be Moon's 7 year old daughter, and one of the most dissapointing teams in nfasl's history, the Eagles. Up until last year that would of applied in the NFASL and the NFL, but with the momentum of rapper Meek Mills wrongful imprisonment the Eagles captured their 1st superbowl. Now expectations are higher for coach Melblaze who makes Marvin Lewis look like Bill Belichek. If it was a race between the next Hailey's commet (predicted to happen in 2061) Bockus getting into the sweet honey pot (also predicted to happen in 2061), and melblaze making the playoffs the Comet has a sure win with Bockus finishing in second. Safe to say Eagles don't seem to be going anywhere under this coaching staff. 

 (5-5)       @           (1-9)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! Coach Jerms switched to the Chargers this season and it seemed to have paid off as he made a step foward this year. The Chargers are in the hunt for the wildcard playoff spot and should be able to keep rolling against the 1-9 Broncos. Look for the Chargers to go on a run, and be a real threat next season. The Broncos are looking to plug new draft pieces into some holes on offense and try to compete in the 3rd and 4th season.   

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