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Madden 21 Season 5 Playoffs

The NFASL Playoffs are here! The Baltimore Ravens are the Defending Super Bowl Champs, and will look to make it back to back as they added Saquon Barkley, and Aaron Donald this season. Many will be taking the Ravens versus the Field as the Kansas City Chiefs with their dynamic team will look to run any team out of the building. Pooka Williams, Tyreek Hill, and Mecole hardman can all take any touch of the football house. There will be a few teams looking to make some noise, and to hang their teams colors in the Hall of Champions. The Colts, Bengals, Vikings, Falcons, and Steelers would love to see their names showcased for all time. They have the talent from Feleipe Franks, Jamie Newman, Joe Burrow, & Sam Howell a few of the Young Guns all are ready to take the next step from Super Star, to Super Bowl winner.  The NFC was a all out Thunder Dome as if you had anything other than double digit wins you were not sniffing these playoffs. The Seahawks have the conferences best record, and will look to show that no Russell Wilson, no problem. We will miss the worst Giants User in History THE-KiiD-Kenny, who traded Saquon Barkley, then missed the playoffs, then stated he's better off for it....... There were a few more teams who were very recent Playoff Representatives like e30zack, Deuce4975, and OffensiveDom. These users have found out that the competition in the NFASL has been stepped up, and either they rise to the challenge, or settle for being 2nd fiddle. The playoffs are here, Super Bowl XLI is the Destination, Good Luck to all combatants!

In the NFC the Teams are:

  1. West - Seattle Seahawks 14-2
  2. North - Minnesota Vikings 12-4
  3. South - Carolina Panthers 12-4
  4. East - Washington Redskins 10-6
  5. Wildcard - San Francisco 49ers 11-5
  6. Wildcard - Chicago Bears 11-5
  7. Wildcard - Atlanta Falcons 10-6



In the AFC the Teams are :

  1. North - Baltimore Ravens 15-1
  2. West - Kansas City Chiefs 14-2
  3. South - Indianapolis Colts 13-3
  4. East - New England Patriots 10-6
  5. Wildcard - Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
  6. Wildcard - Cincinnati Bengals 9-7
  7. Wildcard - Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8

The stage is set, and the Hall of Champions is the prize! Good luck to all participants in the Leagues 41st season!Lets take a look at the strengths of each Conference



American Football Conference



 Team Record Coach Team Notes
15-1 Tommanowns The Ravens are the Defending Super Bowl Champions and only got better as they added Saquon Barkley to go along with Lamar Jackson on Offense. They have been simply spectacular which leads many people scratching their heads as to why in the world the Giants traded him to a Defending Super Bowl Champion in the first place. That's before we get to the genius who also traded Aaron Donald to the team in Charm City! 15-1 is the outcome.
Kansas City Chiefs 14-2 CapnClutchKC The Kansas City Chiefs is the only team in the AFC that can contend with the Baltimore Ravens talent for Talent. They also happen to be the one distinction on their record at 15-1. That 1 just so happens to be the Chiefs. The Chiefs were 14-2 on the season but have not had post season success. They are hoping this is the year that they finally break through.
Indianapolis Colts 13-3 Gaberooni54 The Big Names in the 2021 Draft were Justin Fields, and Trevor Lawrence. However Jamie Newman has made a name for himself and that name is Franchise Quarterback. With a team with one of the best offensive lines in football The leagues leading rusher, and only back to eclipse 2000 yards Jonathan Taylor the Colts could be the team to come out of the AFC!
New England Patriots 10-6 SleepinKnapp The Patriots will be leaning heavily on their coaches Playoff experience as they just don't have the firepower to match the teams in the playoffs. However ATK has been known to play his best football in the Postseason. Look for Drew Lock, and Courtland Suttons connections to continue for as long as they play in the 2nd season.
Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5 HAC_3443 The Steelers found their guy at QB Feleipe Franks, and are now back in business. Unfortunately they play in the Same Division as the Baltimore Ravens but that should help them this time of year as they will be battle tested against the leagues best.
Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 bgreat238 The Cincinnati Bengals may have the most talented team in the league with something to the tune of 22 Superstar players. They will hand the ball to Joe Burrow who will be looking to bring this franchise to their first appearance in the Super Bowl in NFASL history.
Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 ThePacificCowboy The Jacksonville Jaguars are a Super Bowl Winning Team, and have a blitz heavy playstyle that many people are not used to. However with a rookie signal Caller in Sam Huard it may be too much to ask for them to go to far in these playoffs. Stranger things have happened however.





National Football Conference


Teams Record Coaches Team Notes
14-2 IcyyCA The Seattle Seahawks were supposed to take a step back with the trade of Russell Wilson, and giving the keys over to Spencer Rattler. However the Seahawks doubled down on their defense lead by Jamal Adams, and they have the best record in the conference and the very valuable First Round Bye.
12-4 ThyPeppa The Bears won the North a season ago, but the leagues legendary GM did what he does best which is fleece users for his old players, for their young and up and comers. ThyPeppa as he goes by these days has once again made his presence felt. The Question is does he have enough on the roster to make a deep run
12-4 conkQB12 The Carolinal Panthers has the leagues MVP shattering pretty much every passing record. Justin Herbert once languishing in Los Angeles under the woeful Chargers franchise has found new life. Could another Super Bowl be in the running for the team from Carolina?
10-6 Newmoon001 The Washington Football Team came on late winning the NFC Beast on the final game of the season. With 4 first round draft picks on the Defensive line, and a RGIII clone in D'Eriq King could coach moon add a 4th banner to his trophy case this year.
11-5 kaliko_420 The highly controversial San Francisco 49ers has the leagues highest overall team, thanks to a few shrewd moves, and the Development of Kedon Slovis. They will be looking to ad a 3rd Super Bowl to the display case, and this time one without a asterisk as his moves were guarded closer than gold in fort knox
11-5 THE--BEST-EVER-2 The Bears live, and die on the golden right arm of Trevor Lawrence. The most dynamic young QB since Andrew Luck Lawrence has a buffet of players to throw the ball to headlined by Jerry Jeudy, and Allen Robinson. The Playoffs are built for the best players to shine and the legend of Lawrence will not grow until his name is in the rafters
10-6 Primtivemind The Atlanta Falcons are ready to take the next step in the league as their coach has built this team in his image. The Young Players drafted have hit with Caleb Williams throwing for 5095 yards, and 48 touchdowns leading the way. Look for the Falcons to make some noise this post season







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