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ESPN Match Ups Week 4


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(3-0) @   (2-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! In the NFASL Game of the week ttwo power houses will square off in prime time. The Browns are 3-0, and the Raiders are 2-1 and looking to make a splash. The turnover battle will play a huge roll in this game.

 (1-2)      @          (2-0-1)

Preview: They say tying a game is like kissing your sister. Well at 2-0-1 the Rams will look to get back in the swing of things as they take on the dangerous Minnesota Vikings.

 (2-1)      @           (1-2)

Preview: The Jets are coming off a blowout loss and will look to take out their frustrations on the AFC Souths Jacksonville Jaguars. Look for the Jags to lean on a tough run game to get a win at home however . 

 (1-3)       @           (4-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The New England Patriots pushed their record to 4-0, letting the struggling dolphins know that they still have a ways to go. Tom Brady threw for 383 yds, and 3 touchdowns in the win. 

 (1-2)       @           (0-4)

Preview: The Tennessee Titans should be back just in time for this game as their coach Dominator will be ready to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Don't count out the Eagles however this is not your average Melblaze.

(1-2)       @           (3-0)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Colts are suprisingly undefeated, and boasts the leagues top running game. However they will find it harder to get loose against one of the leagues great defenses in the Texans.

 (3-1)       @           (4-0)

Preview: Don't Look now but Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are 4-0, and the Defending Super Bowl Champs Buffalo Bills know why. Rodgers threw for nearly 400 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions in the win.

 (1-3)       @           (3-1)

Preview: The Detroit Lions looked overmatched as Ezekiel Elliott, and the Dallas Cowboys shut out the Lions. Coach Hitskah unhappy with his teams performance had a blow up at the Teams news conference!

 (1-3)       @           (1-3)

Preview: The journey of a thousand Miles starts with one step, and the once winless Bears looked to get things back on track against the Buccaneers. The Bears held the Buccs to 26 yards passing in a 20-7 win.

 (0-3)       @           (3-0)

Preview: The Falcons disappointing Super bowl Loss of a year ago seems to have no effect on them so far. At 3-0 they will take on a winless Bengals team who is just looking to have a competitive game at this point!

 (3-0)       @           (2-0-1)

Preview: Riivalry Game!! This could have easily been the game of the week as these two teams look like they will be battling all the way down the stretch. The Seahawks look good, and the Cardinals are always in the mix of things!

 (0-4)       @           (3-1)

Preview: Coach Raw was welcomed back to the league in the most unwelcomed way as the Giants dropped the hammer on the Saints 41-6. Drew Brees was intercepted 4 times, and ended the game with only 88 yards of total offense!

 (1-2)       @           (0-3)

Preview: The San Diego Chargers will take on another California team as they will square off against the 49ers. Both teams have struggled out of the gate, however the Niners look like they may have figured some things out last week!

 (2-1)       @           (1-2)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! These Two AFC North teams have bad blood that goes years back. From Chugga, to Hunter and the one constant is Tomman, 4 time Hall of Fame Champion! Hunter got what he asked for now he takes on these Ravens twice a year.

 (2-1)       @           (0-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!! The Chiefs flexed their muscles shaming a coach out of the league. Enter realcoachdrew interim head coach trying to make a name for him  self. No better way than to take out the hated Chiefs in your first game as coach!


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