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ESPN Match Ups Week 9


         NFL Match Up week 9


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(6-1) @   (6-1)

Preview: Game of the Week! Two teams atop their respective divisions are paired up in this Match up in Week 9. The Cowboys, and the Ravens are trying to make amends for less than stellar seasons a year ago, and the Winner of this game will have a major lead on the playoff race!

 (6-1)      @          (1-6)

Preview: The Browns are in for another tough game as they take on the Titans who has perenially been one of the leagues best teams over the past 4 seasons.

 (5-2)      @           (1-6)

Preview: The Jets season of discontent continues for the Jets as a 1-6 start has pretty much ended their season. They take on the Cardinals who are looking to keep pace with both the Seahawks, and the Niners in the West! 

 (4-4)       @           (3-4)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!!!! The last time these two teams the Washington Redskins took a step in balancing the scales as the Giants have had their way with the Redskins over the last few seasons. This 2nd Game should be one for the record Books!

 (4-3)       @           (1-6)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! This AFC South match up will see the Texans look to get back on track, and the Jaguars to take a step toward the Playoffs that has eluded him since his Super Bowl loss.

 (4-3)       @           (0-7)

Preview: Rivalry Game!!! The NFC North is home of the Defending Super Bowl Champs Chicago Bears. They take on the winless Lions. The Lions won't be playing for anything but pride, but Pride is all you have sometimes .

 (1-6)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivarly Game!! The Dolphins are taking on the Patriots a team who is coming off a 62 point blowout win in week 8. With the Patriots hitting their stride this mountain might just be too great for the team from South Florida.

 (4-3)       @           (1-6)

Preview: Rivalry game!!! The Panthers got a much needed win a week ago against the AFC West Division leading Chargers. They will look to make it two in a row as they take on the Buccaneers a team who has struggled so far in the early Season!

 (1-6)       @           (0-7)

Preview: As things Change, they Remain the same as the Rams with a new owner has zero wins, just like you expect when the Eagles roll around they have 1 win themselves.

 (5-2)       @           (6-1)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! this NFC West match up will see the Seahawks look to extend their lead in the division as they will take on San Francisco 49ers. no love lost between these two teams and I expect this to be blood sport!

 (3-5)       @           (5-3)

Preview: Rivalry Game!! The Chargers took a loss to the Panthers in week 8, and wll look to take on their Divisional Rival the Kansas City Chiefs who lost in specatcular fashion to the Patriots!

 (3-4)       @           (4-3)

Preview: The Raiders are trying to track down the Chargers for the lead in the AFC West. They take on the Steelers who are still reeling from the loss to the Ravens!

 (8-0)       @           (3-5)

Preview: The Atlanta Falcons are the leagues best teams, and undefeated team in the league at 8-0. They will look to take it to 9, however they will have to get it done in Lambeau field!


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