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Meet the Members Champagnepapi

      On the 2019 First edition of Meet the Members I will introduce the Leagues Honorary member, and League Mascot Champagnepapi aka, AHAB, aka, Whale Hunter. Champagnepapi came into the league about the same time that Coach Justin "Just Dicks" Downs did. And as good as JD was, heavy emphasis on "Was" ChampagnePapi has been absolutely Awful. He has used Several teams, The Minnesota Vikings, The Cincinatti Bengals, and I believe in the Chicago Bears for a short while when JD went cold Turkey on his Medication. However His Madden Skills are below Parr, making Melblaze look like SilentCloundx (Saints Headcoach) in comparison. However ChampagnePapis contribution to the league cannot be quantified in Wins, and Losses in a meaningless game of Madden. His Memes, and Random Attacks on Rian the Browns headcoach is the stuff of Legend. Most Recently being " @Low Credit Score Do you and your Girl ever get Y'all titties mixed up in the Dark??"  Even though it's rude as hell, you can't do nothing but laugh. Champagne's attacks on his Best buddy JD are also Legendary with any slip up from Coach JD, Champagne will be sure to post in the Chat, and Make sure that we all get a good Laugh. That's a good Introduction to one of the Leagues most beloved Members making this the best League on the planet. Without Further adieu, lets meet the Member.

Tale of the Tape:

  • Age 23
  • Hails from Chicago Illinois.... I'll smack you if you say "Chiraq".
  • ChampagnePapi states "I played Quarterback until I got too fat in PeeWee. Only collegiate Athlete in the League".
  • Favorite Teams: Go Vols!
  • Favorite Type of Music: I'm a Kanyebutt dude, with Drake Feelings!

Question: If there was one thing the league should know about you what would it be?

ChampagnePapi: I'd say they need to know, if they didn't know already, that I'm the funniest, realist, and best looking honorary member of the league. In other words, in the face of this league. A Icon, A Legend. A Rockstar!

Question: Describe your time in the Sim Athletics Network.

QB11KC: My time in the League has had it's ups and downs. Laughs, and Cries. I think about a third of these dudes are cool, but for the most part I them all. My Squad, 708 Boyz, and I took the league by storm, and although some of us are no longer in teh League.....I feel like we're the New Death Row. Call me Suge Knight!

Question: If you could Kill one person in history, who would it be and why?

QB11KC: No One. I love everyone; Good, and Bad, but probably myself. *Can I have your Stuff?*

Question: What is your Favorite food?

Newmoon: Rians Girlfriend.




Commssioners Thoughts:  The Madden Skills are horrible, but the Personality, and quick wit is second to none. I have to say Champagnepapi keeps the Chat going when he is in there, and is one of the better guys in there who talks crap, but not maliciously. It's all about fun and Games in the end. I will go to my grave saying if it a'int Fun what's the F-ing Point! Champagne follows that very path, and I appreciate him for that. JD is unquestionably his best Mate in the League, and lobs several insults at him daily. However if anyone else attacks Coach JD, Papi protects him like a Momma Bear does her Cubs. Does Coach ChampagnePapi closesly resemble Magic Johnsons Son? Yes he does. Is he Magic Johnsons Son? Most Likely. Google, and do a side by side comparison, and you be the Judge. In Closing I'd like to say Champagne is, and will always be welcome in the league Chat unless he continues to drop those Random N-Bombs which are strictly prohibited. Also if we get one more side profile of them Naps Laid down with several layers of Blue Magic Hair Grease ......... As always I will say that the NFASL is about the Journey, not the destination Thanks to Members like Champagnepapi, that Journey is a whole lot funnier! Thanks for reading Meet the Members, ChampagnePapi Edition. 

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